Scout's Safari: Part Of The Clan (f-best)
by Hamster

Scout was a 13-year-old American girl living in South Africa on her parents'
lodge in a wildlife preserve. She was starting to get used to living in South
Africa major weirdness entered her life when she finds out that she has a
psychic connection to animals that lets her feel what they want.

She had been hiking about the preserve on her own when she spotted a big
female hyena. Scout looked the Hyena in the eyes and knew right away it
wasn't intent on hurting her she KNEW that it wanted her to join her clan.
It was a big female and it wanted to find new clan mates, the old clan
broken apart by lions. Scout noticed the Hyena's large false penis. It was
a little known fact that female Hyenas had false penis that they used to
establish dominance over other females.

Scout was terrified, she knew exactly what the Hyena wanted and was too
afraid to not do it and antagonize the predator. She rolled up her skirt to
her waist she then slowly knelt down to the ground and positioned her ass to
face the beast. Then things happened very quickly. She felt a rough tongue
slap against her ass cheek and the sound of the Hyena moving close. The big
hyena could smell her arousal. She was aroused, but was scared shitless too.
This big hyena that was sniffing her juicy young cunt was twice her weight
and dangerous to boot.

Then she felt heavy beast atop her back and braced herself. She'd already
pulled her panties down and had been wiggling her ass in the Hyena's face,
so when Scout felt her moving up over her back Scout knew what to expect.
The beast mounted her and the next thing Scout felt was something slimy
pushing against her hole. Scout reached down and felt a long hard shaft
and positioned it at her opening.

Scout continued to kneel on all fours as her spotted Hyena began to thrust
in and out of her painfully destroying her virginity. Tears welled from the
pain and she bit back a scream so as not to startle the Hyena. Soon the pain
gave way to pleasure. She could feel the Hyena's arousal which fueled her
own. Its length was amazing; it was extremely long and thick. The Hyena was
slipping in and out of her faster and faster now, and Scout felt herself
getting ready to cum. The beast's rhythm was intense, and his Hyena dick was
pushing deeply into her, hitting places in her virgin teenaged cunt that she
had never hit before when she'd pleasured herself. Scout was starting to get
into it now; the feelings of lust and excitement were overpowering her.

"More, more harder!!" Scout was screaming at the beast, urging it on to fuck
her harder.

Her knees were now at least 6 Inches into the dirt and Scout couldn't even
see her hands. Scout thought it was going to drive her into the ground as it
humped her faster and faster. Scout could feel her cunt contracting again and
again as she came hard on the Hyena's thrusting cock. Scout was not sure if
it could tell that she was cumming, but it didn't last much longer either.
Before Scout was completely down from her own orgasm, her hyena mate came. It
was shivering and shaking and jerking above her, making growling and whining
noises, and it's toenails dug in cruelly on both sides of her body she humped
her. Then it was over and the beast collapsed on top of her, pushing her face
first into the ground. Everything was about to go black when suddenly the
weight was gone from above and Scout could raise herself out of the dirt onto
her hands and knees. The Hyena licked her face lovingly as it welcomed her to
the clan.
_ _ _

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