Scout's Safari: The First Time For Friends (mf,inter,exhib)
by Tankman ([email protected])

Young Scout and Bongani are riding horseback through the brush, enjoying
everything around them. Scout, a very independent and VERY cute little 13
year old daughter of the director of the wildlife center, looks off to the
left of some trees and catches her eye on a small herd of zebra. Bongani,
the young teen friend of Scout, who also will become the chief of his
father's tribe when he comes of age... he and Scout spend time everyday
together. Scout pulls up her horse and Bongani immediately follows her
lead. They dismount and tie off their horses. Walking quietly to a spot
hidden from the zebra herd, they quietly observe. Right away, they see
some very restless males aggressively trying to get the attention of a
young female zebra. Biting and kicking at one another to show who is
stronger, the males try to weed out the weaker males... two of them fight
more aggressively until one eventually backs down. Scout and Bongani,
still quietly hidden and watching what happens next, witnesses the male
now moving closer to the young female.

What they see next, is the male and female moving the faces back and forth
with one another... almost as if they were intimately touching. Suddenly
Scout notices that the male's penis is beginning to poke out from it's
sheath. Within a minute, she sees that it is about a foot long now. Bongani
watches but says nothing. Actually he becomes a bit uncomfortable witnessing
this with his best friend, Scout.

The female then moves forward as the male slips up behind her. He leaps up
on his hind legs and rides up behind the female, resting his chest on her
backside. By now, the male's exposed cock is about 2 feet long and very
dark, almost black. The male rides up higher on the female zebra's backside
and with a few animalistic grunts, pushes it into the young female. Scout
is fascinated and has never witnessed the sex act at all, even though she
has spent many years around animals. She looks back at Bongani and quietly
giggles, shy but is just trying to keep it from being uncomfortable for her
best friend.

Bongani is watching the zebra's sex act and looks at Scout as she is
observing the zebras. He starts imagining Scout... her young body... her
very sweet face, and her innocence. His erection has started showing and his
breathing is getting a bit ragged. He notices Scout's arm... she looks like
she is actually rubbing her arm across her young small breasts and she also
seems to be locked in on the zebras. Like she is hypnotized by what they are
doing. The male is stroking the female with his giant black cock and she
submissively holds her position. The male is taking long strokes now...
pulling his rod almost out and then pushing hard till it nearly disappears
inside the female.

Scout's attention is broken as Bongani reaches out and simply touches her
face. She's been quietly rubbing her small tits till her nipples are hard and
sensitive. Scout's breathing is as ragged as Bongani. She looks down his body
and notices his hard erection pushing to get released. They don't say a word,
they seem like they can't speak at all. Scout simply unbuttons her shirt to
show Bongani her uncovered breasts with nipples as hard as erasers. He
brushes his hand across them as she reaches down to unbutton her pants.
Quickly and quietly she pulls them down just to her knees and leans forward.
She glances at the zebras as they fuck and then back to Bongani. He quickly
unfastens his clothing covering his now very hard cock. Both virgins, they
seem to know what to do next. Scout's eyes widen as she sees Bongani's solid
8 inch dick and smiles... lustfully and returns her attention to the zebras.
She's on her knees leaning forward against a large rock. Bongani slips behind
her and pulls her panties down just enough to see her sweet hairless virgin
pussy. He slips his fingers along her slit and is surprised how wet and warm
Scout feels. As his fingers touch her little pussy... she jumps a bit and
braces herself for what she hopes, will be Bongani fucking her like the male
zebra is fucking the young female.

Bongani moves behind his friend and presses his long thick dick along her
pussy lips.. Spreading them and then slipping in just an inch. Scout jumps,
not surprised, but just very aroused and wanting him to take her. They both
know that they must be very quiet and not disturb the herd of zebra. They
both look back at the male zebra still hammering away at his young mate. His
thick black 2-foot long horse cock is filling her with every stroke. The
female is still, and quiet, but obviously braced for the male's fucking.

Scout reaches back to pull her sweet sweet ass-cheeks apart and offers
herself to Bongani. He's been so patient and so close to Scout, that he
gently pushes more... deeper into her till he hits her hymen. Scout jumps
abit and leans forward so that her head is resting on her arm. She bits her
lower lip and Bongani pushes hard. Very quickly breaking her and burying
his long dick into his friend. Scout moans out but still tries to stay quiet.
She looks back at Bongani and lustfully smiles. The pain is gone quick and
she just wants fucked... like the female zebra is getting fucked. Bongani
starts long strokes into Scout, pushing in very deep and then pulling out to
the edge. The mushroom head of his dick stretches Scout's small hairless
cunt. She is so tight.. He struggles with each push and as he pulls back, her
tight pussy pulls back with him. Like a suction, he looks down and sees her
pussy push and pull with his cock. They then get into a steady fucking pace
and return to watching the zebras fuck. In no time at all, Scout starts to
lose control.. She's struggling to be quiet but unable to. She's groaning
long and slow as she gets fucked good by her best friend. Bongani's also
struggling to remain quiet as he forcefully fucks his young friend. He never
thought it would feel this good and was struggling not to cum just yet.
Scout's simply unable to control her body as she starts to cum. She's
fingered her pussy before and felt tightness and a quick pulsing of pleasure
as she rubbed her hard button, her clit, while she is lying in bed or in the
shower. Riding her horse, as she loves to do, has also given her a small
orgasm at times... but nothing like what she was feeling now. As she watched
the male zebra with his giant black cock.. It felt like Bongani was the same
size. She felt as though her body was full of cock, Bongani's cock. She
grunted hard and bit her lower lip again as her body exploded at the exact
time that Bongani shoved his dick all the way in. His full balls were pushing
against her bald cuntlips, pressing against her hard clit. Scout came hard,
her entire body exploded inside. She went rigid and even raised her body up
off her knees as she kept cumming. This orgasm was like no other and seemed
to completely take over her body.

The male zebra began cumming too. Filling his young mate with probably a pint
of cum. The female jumped but just remained braced and still. The male kept
pumping and pumping until he just held still. His huge cock buried.. In
another minute, as Scout submissively took her friend's big dick and her
orgasm ending... Bongani pushed too more times and could no longer hold back.
He pushed hard and deep and literally screamed out in a very male tone, as he
came hard. He too had stroked his own body at night alone, but NEVER had he
felt like this. His cock seemed to grow another inch as his balls started
emptying into Scout. Scout started ramping up for another cum as Bongani
began fucking her hard again. His giant hard cock still pumping hot cum into
her little pussy. He grabbed her hips, looked down at her puckered little
butt hole and that just sent him into a small orgasm to empty his balls. The
zebras were all now aware of the young teens as they began to move on.
Bongani just fell back as he pulled his satisfied cock from Scout. White cum
flooded out of Scout's small pussy. Her puffy, bald cunt could not hold all
of his cum. They both collapsed for what seemed like an hour, but was only a
few minutes. Still, not speaking, Bongani gently pulled Scout's panties back
up and helped her to her feet. They both kissed, for the first time. And
held one another. Getting fully dressed again they then walked hand in hand
back to where they tied their horses. Not knowing what or how this would
change them, they slowly rode back to the Wildlife Center.. Hoping that
Scout's parents would not have a clue of what happened in the brush today...


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