Last story was about Scout and Bongani watching two zebras mating which got
them both fucking for the first time. Bongani's nice teenage cock popped
Scout's sweet young cherry and brought her to her first orgasm from other
than her own fingers. Well, they were supposed to be watching for poachers
and report back to camp on their findings.. but unfortunately, the poachers
were watching both the zebra herd, and Bongani fucking Scout from behind.

Scout's Safari: Part 2 - The Poachers (M+mf,inter,ncon)
by Tankman ([email protected])

"OOOhhhhh Scout... god Scout... I have NEVER felt anything like that...never
imagined how it could ever be that good. I had no idea sex could feel so
delicious." Bongani said.

Scout had completely surrendered to her best friend and she indeed, loved it.
Even though just a young 13 year old girl, she felt loved... she felt sexy...
she felt older... more mature... more ready to grow up. "I love you, I love
your big black cock, and I want to fuck you again," Scout cried to her best
friend, and now lover, Bongani.

Just then they were quickly surrounded by a small group of men, by the looks
of them, poachers. Two of them were large and rowdy looking Australians and
with them, 3 native tribesmen. To the young teens, these men looked big and
they felt completely unable to fight them off. Scout still had her kahki
pants down and cum covering her sweet young ass. Bongani was also left with
his pants to his knees and was weak from his orgasm that Scout's tiny virgin
pussy just fucked out of him. He wanted to protect his friend Scout, but was
just not able to.

The men quickly grabbed them, blindfolded them and threw them in their
Hummer. The road was rough but they arrived at a camp site and were dragged
to a large tent. Still blindfolded, Scout and Bongani were at the mercy of
these poachers. Bongani was tied by his hands and they were pulled over the
headboard of a large cot-like bed. Scout was pulled to her hands and knees
directly in front of Bongani, her friend. One of the Australian men ordered
Scout to unzip her friend's pants, and while still blindfolded she reached
forward and did so. Bongani was left blindfolded but immediately felt his
dick begin to swell by just the soft touch of his young friend. Scout's face
was even with Bongani's nice-sized black cock. Scout screamed at the men to
leave them alone and let them go. The men just laughed and continued to drop
their pants and line up behind young Scout. She couldn't tell how many men
were there, but she guessed 3 or 4 and with the blindfold, she couldn't get
a look at them.

The younger of the two Australian men moved forward with his hard 8 inch dick
and rubbed the head up and down Scout's freshly fucked, yet still VERY tight
pussy. She screamed, "NO!! Please don't do this, please just let us go and we
won't tell anyone."

The men just laughed and the first one up pushed his dick in halfway. "Suck
your young friend's cock there little girl," said one of the men with a
strong Australian accent.

She had never had sex before today, but she understood what they wanted.
Scout opened her innocent sweet mouth and Bongani felt her lips on his
cock-head. The man in her pussy pushed the other 4 inches into her which
also forced Bongani's dick into her mouth. She screamed at the man's thick
dick filling her pussy, but was muffled with her mouth full of cock. Once
the first man buried himself till his full balls brushed Scout's little
pussy lips, he pulled all the way to the tip and fucked deep again.
Pounding her, she was soon helpless and her body was just used by the man.
His forceful fucking also forced her young body and her mouth, to accept
all of Bongani's dick. She choked and gagged when she felt her friend's
cock push down her throat. Bongani tried to resist, but he was just
overwhelmed with both fear of the captors as well as the incredible
pleasure of Scout's little mouth.

The leader ordered the first man to pull out and cum in her face and in
just a few more pumps, the first guy did just that. He slipped out of her
cunt with a pop, quickly moved to the bed and grabbed her head. He pulled
her mouth off of Bongani and blasted a full shot of cum all over her
gorgously young face. Spurt after spurt shot all over her face, her nose,
and some hit her in her mouth... dripping off her chin.. Before he
finished, he released her head and the second man took his place in her
pussy, quickly shoving all 9 inches of hot sweaty cock all the way in. She
jumped forward and screamed out as the man seemed to hit her inside with
his big dick. Scout didn't think she could take it all but he just fucked
her hard and fast. Her lips opened again and took in the comfort of her
best friend's gentle cock as this second man violently fucked her from

She couldn't see him but she guessed that it was the leader, the older
Australian man. He was mesmerized by this little girls bald pussy, her
ultra-tight pussy... and the cutest little puckered up anus that he ever
saw. He just knew no one has ever been in there before. As he fucked her,
he slowed just a bit as he watched his 9 inch dick stretch her open. Scout
was disgusted with being violated by these men, but with her friend there
with her and his warm dick gently slipping in and out of her mouth, she
started to feel an orgasm inside her build. She didn't want to cum, she
just wanted it all to be over. She just couldn't help it though, even
though the man was rough, his cock did feel real good now that he slowed
down inside her. As he pushed in one more time slowly, her body froze and
she came hard and deep. Her pussy began pulsing from deep inside. Her
stomach tingled and tightened, and her body gave up in the biggest orgasm
she had ever felt or imagined.

The man felt it too and that almost made him cum inside her pussy. He wanted
that little butthole though. He just imagined his white cum dripping from it.
He pulled his big dick out of her, as it glistened from her pussy juices and
he pushed his cock into her butt. She froze again and then moaned long and
hard. It didn't really hurt, it just felt full, very full. He didn't last
anytime at all. He fucked her ass a few good long strokes and then filled her
rectum full of spunk. She felt him cum. She felt his dick swell up and pulse
and then that warm sperm flood her ass. Scout knew the last man would be

As the leader popped out of Scout's anus, the third man, the large African
man, moved into place. He teased her with his 12 inch dick. Looking down,
even though she had been fucked by two of his friends, her pussy was closed
and looked way too tiny for his tool. He wanted this little white girl
though. He had fucked young girls in his own tribe, but no one like little
Scout. He looked down at her little petite body as he guided his foot long
cock into her cunt. She was tight... but she couldn't fight anymore. Scout
was completely weak from this gang fuck and her orgasm that she still hadn't
recovered from. She tried to relax even more so this huge African cock
wouldn't hurt too much. It worked too. He fucked her slow at first, gently
pushing in inch by inch... teasing her pussy and slowly stretching it to all
12 inches. Scout began sucking Bongani's sweet dick as she got reamed from
behind. The man fucked her good, grabbed her narrow hips and held her tight
as he forced a foot of thick black cock into this little young white girl.

Both blindfolded, Scout and Bongani just tried to forget about what was going
on and enjoy one another. Scout's mouth was delicious and his cock was ready
to bust. His balls tightened and he warned his friend that he was about to
cum... "ohhoohh... god Scout... oohhh you're making me cum...oh please...."

Scout just kept sucking him as he exploded inside her mouth. Bongani came
so much and so hard that cum squirted out of her nose and her lips even as
she tried to hold it all in. She gagged and choked but then let him back
in to finish cumming. She liked it... she liked how salty it was, warm it
was... and it tasted great. Scout started swallowing as much as she could.
She almost forgot about the big cock fucking her, but that was only a short
lapse. The last man fucked her good and he was ready to cum.

He pulled his huge dick out of her warm pussy and shot cum over her back.
He launched several shots of sperm all over her ass, her back, and a few
shots even went into her hair. When his cock stopped cumming he pushed his
dick one more time into Scout and held it deep. He fucked her again with
just short deep strokes never pulling out more than a few inches. As he
held his 12 inch dick deep inside her, Scout came again. She shuddered hard
and screamed out as a second orgasm washed over her little innocent body.

The men were finished with their captives finally. Leaving them still
blindfolded, the leader ordered Scout and Bongani to put on their clothes and
took them to the Hummer. Quietly and fearfully, they rode the rough trail to
somewhere, they didn't know. They didn't know what was going to happen next
and all of a sudden, the vehicle stopped. Two of the poachers roughly pulled
Bongani and Scout from their seat and threatened them if they told anyone
what happened.. they wouldn't be so "nice" next time.

As Bongani heard the Hummer leaving... he fought out of his bindings and
removed his blindfold. He then freed his friend Scout. He looked around and
realized that the poachers had returned them to the same spot where they had
been before. He knew the way back to the game reserve headquarters. He felt
so sorry for Scout and he felt so guilty for not being able to protect her.
Scout however, was okay... and as she started crying... she wrapped her arms
around her best friend, Bongani.

The End


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