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Summary: Will wants forgiveness from Emma for his role in filming their first time then having it leaked. Feeling more sexually liberated and wanting to forgive in case Will dies due to the serial killer, Emma agrees for his atonement. His punishment...thinking he gets to fuck her only to be subbed out at the last minute and replaced with Kieran.

Pairing: Emma/Will, Emma/Kieran

Codes: MF, F-solo, Anal, Oral, Voyeur

Scream: Atonement
by The Chemist

"I see you had no trouble getting a camera," Emma Duval told her boyfriend.

"Nope. It helps when your girlfriend is friends with hardcore film buffs," Will Belmont replied, referring to Emma's friends Aubrey and Noah.

Emma looked over her shoulder and found that the blond-haired man not only was holding the borrowed camcorder, but that the record light was on. The high school senior was in the washroom of the on-suite that connected to her bedroom in her mother's house. Wearing nothing but a bright green shirt that cut off just under her perky, medium sized tits and a tight fitting thong, she was a vision to behold.

The high school girl had a naturally toned body, honed from years of cheerleading that shaped her to be one that had no equal. Her small but rounded boobs were the perfect size for her frame and her long blonde hair framed her incredibly beautiful face, the pouty lips drawing many gazes. Meanwhile, the real prizewinner when it came to her great body was her perfect ass, which was thick so that it stuck a good deal away from her back, but muscular in a marriage that made it soft to squeeze but held it's shape excellently.

"So you're gonna film me as I put on some make-up," the blonde asked, though she barely had to apply any, only some mascara to give her eyes that smoky look to make them pop even more.

"I'm just so happy we are doing this," Will replied, focusing the lens on her exquisite ass.

Emma didn't know which part he was the happiest about. It could have been the fact that she had not only forgiven him for hooking up with her ex-friend Nina while they were on a break. Or it could have been for getting over the fact he filmed her losing her virginity to him months ago...then having it leaked online. Or it could have been her not-so-cryptic hinting that tonight Emma was giving up the last of her virgin holes.

"Well I figured that with all this death in the air, there is no point holding onto grudges because there may not be a tomorrow," Emma answered honestly. "And it made me realize how much I miss you."

"I missed you too...and I'm happy we could move past all that shit," the farmer's son replied. "And may I say you look amazing."

"I guess I'll allow the compliment," Emma replied, her smile reflecting back to him in the mirror.

"Wiggle that ass for me a little bit," he instructed.

Emma gave him a mock annoyed look back over her shoulder, though it just made her look hotter. Bending one knee at a time, she swayed her hip to the side of the bent leg before straightening up and doing the same to the other side. She did this a few times, Will's groans enough approval for her to know it was having the desired effect.

"I can't even keep my hands off you right now," he said, his free hand palming the teen's large ass cheek.

"Maybe I don't want you too," she moaned, his hand crossing over to rub the other cheek now.

"Hold that thought. I'm gonna go set this up in the bedroom," Will explained, eager to get started.

"Okay. I'm almost ready. I'll be right there."

Will disappeared out the door, hearing it close behind him as Emma finished up her beauty routine. She was naturally beautiful so didn't require much if any work, especially since she preferred a more natural look that he was also a big fan of. Setting the camcorder on the tripod that was also lent to him, Will played around with the zoom and focus to get it just right.

The basketball star had just finished turning it around to face the bathroom door when it slowly swung open and his girlfriend appeared in the frame. She made sure to turn around to seal the doorway behind her, giving him another long look of her ass while she twerked it seductively for the camera.

"Your ass looks amazing," his gruff voice complimented.

Knowing what was in store for the evening, Emma wanted to make it good even if it meant doing things she normally never twerking. However, she gave him a real show, using the wall to lean on to dance and flaunt her tight body and thick rump, though still keeping all her minimal clothes on.

"And it's all yours," she replied, reading the teen's mind as he licked his lips.

"So what are you going to do to me," Will asked, his mind racing in excitement.

"Whatever you want me to do," Emma replied, biting her lip teasingly.

"Who are you," he questioned before recovering. "Bend over and shake your ass."

Emma consented without thought, stepping away far enough from the wall to bend in half, using her impressive flexibility. With her ass facing him, she swung her hips quickly back and forth as Will capture her cheeks shaking between the thin pink garment separating them. When he told her to pull them apart, she did so for him, the very outer edge of her pink pussy and asshole just visible.

"And I have another surprise for you tonight," Emma finally spoke.

"Oh, and what's that?"

"What do you think it is," the blonde asked, climbing onto the bed.

"Well is it the other thing I've been asking you forever to try," Will asked, piecing it together quickly from her rather slutty comments over the past day.

Emma nodded her head in agreement before speaking. "Anal."

The word alone was enough to get Will hard, his cock beginning to throb against the jeans he chose to wear. Though he never disclosed it to his girlfriend, one of the main draws with sleeping with the now deceased Nina was the promise of sodomizing the whorish redhead. It gave him a sick thrill to humiliate and degrade the consenting women, but he had no success convincing Emma Duval...until tonight.

"Really," he asked, trying to keep the boyish excitement from his voice.

"Totally. I feel like your actions of late have deserved me...taking it in the bum," Emma disclosed.

"I do, don't I. I've been a good boyfriend," Will agreed.

"The best. Now, lay down on this bed with me so I can suck your cock," the blonde demanded.

There was no way Will could argue with that request so he quickly undid his pants and pulled them from his powerful legs. He had long ago shed his shirt so he was naked now, his cock already rock hard from her revelation seconds before. Sliding onto the mattress, the farmer's son made sure to situate himself within arms reach of the camera in case he wanted to pull it free.

As Emma moved in position between his outstretched legs, Will asked her to remove her underwear. Emma gave him a naughty grin then propped herself on her knees into a tall kneel and pulled them down. Her bald pussy, freshly shaven specifically for tonight, made her pink pussy stand out especially since it was already glistening with wetness.

"That looks so fucking tasty," Will commented.

"This is your night killer so say the word and it's an all-you-can-eat buffet," Emma told him. She had remembered when they watched porn together when still together that he always loved bald twats, so she shaved her normally trimmed bush for him.

"Okay...I want you to play with yourself," Will said after a moment's thought.

Emma Duval gave him another of her crooked smiles before leaning back and resting on her thick bottom. She spread her legs out and pulled the undergarments from her athletic legs, tossing them somewhere to the floor below. Any observer, Will included, would have thought Emma was a frequent masturbater given her lack of hesitation, but the opposite was true...she had never actually brought herself to orgasm.

Keeping eye contact with her basketball playing boyfriend the whole time, Emma brought her hand down between her milky white thighs and felt the heat radiating from her sex. Giving it a rub, she felt how wet she was then dipped a solo finger into her opening, disappearing it completely.

Will watched on as Emma moaned while slowly and repeatedly fingering herself. Holding their gaze, the blonde woman brought the digit she was using on herself to her mouth, placing it on her lips and closing her lips around it. With an audible sucking noise, she tasted herself, making Will's cock stiffen even harder.

"Now do me a favor and finger your own ass," the horny boy told her.

"So naughty...but whatever you say," Emma replied.

Getting back to her knees, Emma turned around to give him and the camera lens a perfect view of her amazing ass. She licked her fingers and transferred a large amount of spit onto them before reaching back behind her and proceeded to rub the saliva over her exposed asshole. Will saw the crinkled starfish wink tighter with the first exposure to being touched, but it soon relaxed with the more Emma rubbed it gently.

Emma was prepared for this, having done much reading on the topic in preparation for tonight. Lube was essential, as was confidence. Given that the lube was across the bed in her drawer and that her finger was pretty slim, she risked it and only used her own spit, allow she was generous in its application.

"Ugh," Emma groaned as the first inch of her middle finger dipped into her rear.

"How is it? Good and tight," Will asked.

"Mhmm...and warm. I love it," the anal virgin updated him truthfully, her finger venturing deeper inside.

"I think it's starting to dry up, better wet your finger again," the basketball star instructed.

Emma knew what he was playing at, especially since she had watched a lot of anal sex porn in advance of this evening to prepare herself. She knew it was a common theme for ass men to love watching a girl take something right from their ass into their mouth, taste tasting their rectum in the process. Plus Will had done it all the time to her in the past as the boy always loved tossing her salad, getting his tongue good and deep inside her ass.

The blonde humored him, pulling her middle finger from her asshole and bringing it to her mouth. She felt her backdoor tighten back up to its initial grip as her digit was placed on her tongue and she closed her lips around it. It didn't really have much of a taste or flavor, so Emma's apprehension melted away and she sucked long and hard before returning it to her rear.

"It feels kinda good," the high school girl announced between moans.

"Add another then," Will told her.

Emma didn't waste time and instead pressed her index finger next to the other and pushed it inside. She groaned as the extra thickness caused some discomfort at first, but Will took care of that. Using his fingers, Will reached over and began to rub the blonde's clit, changing her grunts of mild pain into moans of pleasure.

"You like watching as a move them in and out of my ass," Emma asked after a minute.

"Just as much as I enjoy watching you suck on them after," he retorted.

Taking his hint, the former cheerleader pulled her two fingers free from her snug feeling asshole and brought them to her mouth. Once more, Emma opened her mouth, placed them inside and sucked on them all for his viewing pleasure. She was a little surprised to taste more of a flavor on her skin, not unpleasant, almost metallic and earthy.

"You're a bad boy, you know that," Emma told him after her oral theatrics.

"You know, I kinda forget if you are any good on your knees...could use a reminder," Will played.

"Another reason you must hate basketball season ending," she mentioned. "I used to give you a good luck blowjob before each and every game."

Her playful smile came back on her face as she swung around to sink deep onto her hands and knees in front of his crotch. His cock was already at full length, an impressive 9 inches and thick. He was circumcised, the type of cock that Emma loved to blow, with it's purple colored head.

She bent down even lower to run her tongue along the main vein running on the underside of his massive cock, which was resting on his ripped stomach. Her hand closed around the base when she neared the top, angling it upwards to suck on the tip before descending lower. She bobbed on the first several inches, swirling her skilled tongue at his pee slit when she reached the top to elicit extra groans from the muscular man.

"God I missed this dick," she commented before swallowing half his length.

The basketball star was still a little surprised with the situation. He was shocked that Emma had gotten over their leaked sex tape so quickly and invited him into her bed once more. However, it was her performance thus far that was truly questionable. No longer the insecure girl from half a year ago, the new Emma was confident and very skilled.

"Feels so good," Will grunted as she put her pouty lips to good service.

Will could only grunt his approval as the hot blonde continuously sank and rose on his member, taking 5 inches between her lips at a time before coming to have only the tip remained inside her wet mouth. Whatever she couldn't get in her mouth, Emma would use her hand to stroke, working in perfect unity with her mouth.

Emma had heard that variety was the key to a truly great blowjob so she took the advice. After bouncing her mouth on his cock for upwards of 30 seconds, she would slow it right down and force as much cock between her plump as she could, suppressing her gag reflex in the process to swallow 7 inches.

"Glllcckkk," she coughed before repeating the feat.

"Fuck," Will swore.

Pulling him out to get a quick lungful of oxygen, Emma went back to her quicker pace but taking only half his length in her mouth. Her hand worked with her mouth, but after another half minute she stopped that to run her tongue from his tip down to his base, first on one side of his wet cock then the other.

"Need to get it nice and juicy for it to go in my ass," Emma commented.

Will noted that she was doing exactly what she had suggested, as thick strings of saliva were decorating his shaft, not to mention a strand was still contacting her lips to his tip though the two were 6 inches apart. She descended back down, deep-throating him as best she could and spitting more saliva up onto his member as she did so.

Emma had just descended back down onto his cock after another breath of air and looked up at her boyfriend. Will had the camcorder back in his hand so that the lens was less than a foot away from where she was giving him an expert blowjob. Emma rose her eyebrows at the camera and held her gaze with it, pretending to be looking into his eyes as he filmed her.

"Stroke it," he ordered.

Will realized that he didn't actually care what caused his girlfriend to get over the fact that he had done some pretty shitty things to her. Maybe it was due to the mass murderer on the loose killing her friends and acquaintances, or maybe she was just a soft-hearted girl, either way it didn't matter to him since he was on the business end of an amazing blowjob.

Emma smiled before spitting onto her hand to get that wet as well. Taking his soaked cock in her palm, she made a fist around him then did as he asked. After a few seconds to get coordinated, her hand was a pink blur as it sped up and down his dick, working in the saliva she coughed up onto it within every pore.

"Just like that," she asked, knowing the answer.

Sensing that her spit was starting to be worked off, Emma stopped her blurring handjob and got her mouth back onto him. It was sloppy head, with her being able to feel spit on her lips and even the sides of her mouth, but it would serve its purpose later.

"Now suck my balls," he said, embracing the master-slave relationship she wanted. "And keep that ass high up in the air."

He watched through the camera as she sank herself low, her modest chest resting on the mattress while behind her the plump ass he loved so much was still visible. She even gave it a sway for him all while taking his right nut between her lips and sucking on the oval. Being sure not to forget about the left, she switched balls and gave it a good sucking, even using her suction to pull it away from sack and giving it a good view for the camera.

" back in your mouth," Will explained.

She did as she was told, running her tongue along the underside just like she had done to start proceedings. When at the tip she took him inside her warm wet mouth, bathing him in spit as she only worked the first several inches while her hands slowly yet surely stroked the rest.

She didn't reserve all her attention to the blowjob, instead she would lick down the top part of his shaft then take his balls back into her mouth. Once satisfied with that she would move back up and suck his cock, but it wouldn't be long before her lips found his sack once again.

Needing to change things up or else fall victim to her blowjob before getting to the fun stuff, Will spoke up. "Turn around, let me see that ass."

Emma compiled, much like she had been doing all evening and spun around to face him with her immense ass. For a girl still in high school, the blonde really did have an ass that defied the laws of normal aging. At 18 years old, Emma already possessed a booty that most full-grown adults would have been proud of, and it still was going to grow and get even better.

Without needing an instructions, Emma sat her booty right onto his lap, straddling his waist but not taking him inside her. Instead, the blonde teen began to grind her ass back and forth with his dick stuck pinned between his rock hard abs and her pussy, her wetness gliding along his shaft.

"Like the tease," Emma asked with a look over her shoulder.

"I prefer this," Will said.

His words became clear when with his lightning quick movements, he angled his cock upwards and penetrated her pussy the next time she rocked back. It was so fast that it took Emma a moment to realize that she had just sat on his tool, however the tightness of her lips only allowed less than half his length inside her, despite how wet she was.

"Mhmm...YES," she screamed, rocking her hips and taking him deeper now.

It was the first time that Emma had ever cum the moment that a man or woman had entered her. She felt a little embarrassed at first, but the look on Will's face was that of pride. She rode out her surprised orgasm, brought on by longing and the teasing build-up, going faster and faster to milk her climax as long as she could.

Her cumming almost immediately was a shock for Will as well, but he was both proud and excited about it. Most of the time in their past he had brought her to orgasm, but never this quick. Also, her cumming served as a distraction to Emma as this marked the first time he had ever fucked her without a condom on.

" slow down," he ordered.

With some effort, Emma reigned herself back and eased up and down his shaft. It occurred to her that the combination of her intense blowjob and super fast riding probably was ebbing away too quickly at his stamina, despite how sexually active the teenage boy was.

Will grunted his approval of her slower speed, and told her not only through primal wordless groans but also physically. As she descended to the end of his rod, he would thrust his hips off the bed, plowing into her pussy deeper then ever. She would scream in response as his bulbous head rubbed places that were hard to reach but very pleasurable.

"Yes Will," Emma moaned.

Of course, the advantage of having her ride him in reverse cowgirl was the fact that he and the camera got to capture her ass. With each time his hips spiked into her, his lap smacked her rear, causing the cheeks to ripple bounce. It looked good as he recorded it, but nothing beat seeing it with his own eyes.

Needing to touch it, the muscular teen did just that, reaching out his chiseled arm in order to palm the left cheek. It was weighty in his hand, but when he squeezed his fingers, the digits bit into her flesh and the firm yet soft ass beneath molded around him. He did the same with her other side, but changing tact and swatting at it lightly at first before going hard. It caused her backside to quake and soon two identical red marks formed on her lovely canvas.

"Such an ass man," Emma groaned.

"Faster now," accentuating his point by grabbing one side of her womanly hips and motioning her to the speed he wanted.

"Like this," she asked, her large ass swaying up and down with the much faster pace she was bouncing at.

"Oh yeah...just like that," Will cooed.

"You love that view, don't you," she asked, knowing how her ass must look with it bouncing up and down so fast.

" I'm gonna put a finger in your ass," he told her, switching gears.

Emma was a little nervous, yet she reminded herself that this was the whole point of her plan, it wouldn't work without this crucial step. Nodding her head in agreement, Will wet his thumb before placing his hand onto her low back with his fingers facing downward. When she didn't react negatively to his thumbpad making concentric circles overtop her crinkled starfish, he placed it in the center and applied enough pressure until it popped inside.

"Oh fuck, that is tight," Will agreed with his thumb firmly planted in her ass.

"Yup...really is," she replied, noting how his digit was thicker then hers from earlier.

"Now spread your ass apart as I finger it. Give your backdoor a great view for my camera," he wanted.

Emma got into a good position so that she held her weight all with her right hand in front of herself while her left hand reached behind her. Hooking her fingers into the soft flesh nearly the crack, the blonde did as her boyfriend commanded and pulled her muscle away from the center. Will did likewise, turning his hand with the thumb in her ass to the side, the result of their combined effort equalling a perfect view of her spread asshole.

Will noticed that though at first she struggled with his thick thumb, she was warming up to its size. Changing gears, he pulled his cock from her twat, which she was slowly riding on, and wet his index finger. It was smaller than his thumb and thus slid inside her ass with greater ease. She seemed to enjoy it more as a result, even reaching back to stroke his cock with her hand as he probed her backdoor.

"Good, now you fuck it," Will instructed.

Emma understood his comment and hoped that she was loosened up enough for his wish. She was deferring to Will's knowledge for tonight because her knowledge on anal sex was limited to the porn she watched as research the past week while she knew for a fact that Will had real world experience with that super slut Nina.

Steadying herself with both arms under her once again, the striking blonde used her strength to push her body backwards. Instantly she felt her asshole pushed open as his wet digit embedded itself fully into her backdoor. She gasped, more out of fear then anything, but as she rocked back forward she realized it didn't actually hurt. Testing it again, she pushed back, penetrating herself on his pointer finger and found that her ass eased open without pain.

"See," Will commented, as if reading her mind. "Now faster."

This time Emma felt more at peace and really began rocking her thick ass backwards. Repeatedly she willingly impaled his finger in her ass and not only did it not hurt, but it felt good. It was actually feeling so good that she was disappointed when on her last time pitching forward, that the finger in her ass was gone when she reared back.

"What gives...awwhh...ohh," Emma began to argue before moaning in delight.

Quick like a mongoose, Will had rolled to his knees, taken his cock in hand and thrust it deep into Emma's soaking wet pussy. Just like he had done tens if not hundreds of times in the past 6 months, the high schooler pushed his dick into his girlfriend. Knowing her so well, Will knew she could take a real pounding and that was exactly what he paced himself for.

However, before to longer Will had the scare of his life. Luckily it wasn't the killer that came bursting in through the bedroom door, but it still made his heart nearly pound out of his chest as Kieran stood in the doorway. The new kid at school who had been flirting and kissing with his girlfriend while they were broken up now stood with camera in hand.

Emma knew that her new boy was going to interrupt them, but she was still startled based on all the murder that was plaguing their tiny town of late. However, her pulse slowed when she saw her co-conspirator standing in the doorway with another of Aubrey's camcorders in his hands, already recording.

"What the fuck! What are you doing here," Will said, sitting on his bare ass with one of Emma's pillows blocking his cock from view.

"Hi Will," Kieran said with a cocky smile.

"Emma! Seriously, what's going on," the shocked boy cried.

"You didn't think it was gonna be that easy to get back in my good books, did you," the girl-next-door asked. "You cheated on me with a friend and filmed me losing my virginity! Then it ended up on the internet with everyone at school seeing me get fucked."

"Payback is a bitch," Kieran added, keeping a close eye on Will in case he decided to get violent.

"So you bring me here to fuck me, have this asshole interrupt us before we get to anal and send me home with blue-balls," Will asked, trying to understand their plan.

"Nope. Sit back down because you are gonna watch as Kieran fucks my ass," Emma said.

Will's head was spinning, he had no idea what was actually going on. One minute he was fucking his girlfriend who he had believed had forgiven him and now he was blindsided by Emma and her new guy. And apparently her plan was actually to get him close to orgasm with the further promise of anal, his favorite kink, only to have it withdrawn and forced to watch as his bitter rival from school reached that summit instead.

"Fuck this shit," Will said, getting back up. One problem was that he had no idea where his clothes got up to and another was that Kieran showed no signs of moving from the doorway.

"Sit down," the sheriff's son ordered.

"Do it," Emma echoed. "This is the last of your atonement. Watch as Kieran takes my anal virginity and then we will be cool. Not back together, but I'll actively be friends with you again. From there, who knows."

"This is so messed up," Will exclaimed, though with less fire then before.

"It's pretty simple, it combines two of the big slights you did to me. You fucked Nina's ass so now you watch him fuck mine. You filmed us having you film me and Kieran having sex."

When it was clear that Will was not gonna leave, Kieran left his post at the door and made his way further into the room. Shedding his shorts, the pantless boy got up onto the bed and laid on his back while Emma instantly filled the space between his spread legs.

"So I'm gonna watch as you suck his dick," Will asked, already knowing the answer.

"That's right, watch me blow him," Emma answered.

On her knees in front of Kieran's cock was essentially second home for Emma Duval for the past several weeks. Wanting to show her ex-boyfriend what he was missing, as well as get Kieran rock hard, the blonde wasted no time in bobbing her head along half his length while her hand worked in perfect unison to stroke the remaining portion.

"Yes. Suck it babe," Kieran moaned in delight, being a bit more vocal for the camera.

"Mmmmm," Emma moaned as she noisily slobbered on his meat stick.

Already into her stride, Emma would thrust her head towards his groin with speed. On the return trip she would stop for a moment before applying even more suction, causing her cheeks to hollow. By the tightness of his hand in her shiny golden hair and the groans emitted from his lips she figured he was enjoying himself handsomely.

"You like watching me suck dick," the normally reserved girl asked. "Is this how that skank Nina sucked your dick?"

Wanting to show off her full bag of tricks for her viewing audience, Emma pull back one final time and swirled her talented tongue sloppily around the head of his cock. With loads of spit already supply she beat his entire length with her fist as she tilted it skyward while crouching lower. Opening her mouth she captured the first of his nuts between her lips while never missing a beat with her hand.

"Mhmm...yes take turns sucking on my nuts," the sheriff's son grunted while Will squirmed in his seat.

Kieran enjoyed while Will filmed the sexually liberated blonde take her time wrapping her plump lips around each nut as she sucked while using her skilled tongue to caress. But as much as she loved the reaction she got from fondling the balls, Emma simply loved the feel of a dick in her mouth. Getting him back in her mouth was the goal and she accomplished it in one swoop, feeling the bulbous head poke against the back of her throat and holding him there for good effect.

"Glllcckkk," she gagged while spitting up extra saliva onto his prick.

Wanting to really show Will what he was missing, Emma really turned up the intensity of the blowjob. She would plunge her head down towards his groin repeatedly, the poking that his bulbous tip did against the back of her throat hurting a little but will work it. She could hear the loud sloshing noise her mouth emitted as the muscles in her neck bulged from the effort.

"That's right babe! Show him what he's missing," Kieran commented.

Just like before, Emma felt Kieran's hand tighten in her golden hair, his audible moan caught by her ears as well. Remembering to torture Will at the same time, Emma gave her throat a brief break, using her hand to blur up and down his pole while she crawled a little further up to kiss her new man deeply on the lips.

"I love making your cock all wet in my spit," the horny girl spoke.

"And this will make us even," Will said, catching the action on his camera.

"Just stay quiet and watch as I fuck her," Kieran spat at the boy.

"And make yourself useful," Emma added before barking a command at her ex. "Get me the lube from the drawer Will."

Emma moved from between Kieran's long legs and crawled her perfect body over to the edge of the bed. With Will's seat no more than 5 feet from her, Emma turned her ass around so she was kneeling barely on the edge of the mattress. Kieran was already on his feet and took up the space directly behind the large-booty girl, his cock shimmering in her spit.

"I want you to fuck me in the ass now," Emma said, looking over her shoulder at the standing man. Turning back forward, she looked at Will. "And you are gonna watch every second of it."

"Come on Em, I don't want to do this," Will groaned in dissent though continuing to film as Kieran poured the clear liquid all over her thick ass as well as rub more into his own manhood.

"Should have thought of that before you sodomized my best friend," she said without remorse.

With his hand slick from greasing up his cock and her rosebud, Kieran went about giving the girl a warm-up. With his 4 fingertips resting on the shelf her large ass made, he placed his thumb at her anal entrance then pushed forward. Her sphincter gave with little fight, allowing him to implant his thick thumb as deep into her backdoor that it could reach before pulling out.

"God that is one tight virgin asshole," Kieran commented as his lubed-up finger slid in and out. "And now I'm gonna be the first one to break it in."

Of course Emma and Kieran weren't being 100% honest with the farmboy. Emma was no longer an anal virgin, in fact she hadn't been for a week now and within that timespan she had nearly been sodomized each day. Once they formulated the plan, Emma decided she wanted to be more experienced for her film debut, plus the harder she could take him then it would just make Will that much more jealous.

"Remember to relax," Kieran told the girl with the angelic face.

As the words were being spoken, Kieran had placed the tip of his purple head against her asshole. It instinctively winked closed out of reflex, but once he started up flicking her clit once more, the tension was lost. Knowing now was the perfect time, the brown-haired boy leaned forward until his force surpassed the tone in her sphincter and he sank the first 2 inches into her not-quite virgin backdoor.

"Fuck," the trio all grunted at the same time but for three very different reasons.

"Want me to..."

"No. Don't stop or pull out. I'm better," Emma groaned, now accustomed to the initial pain anal sex always began with.

Kieran was pleased by her words and did as she wanted. He tested the waters by pushing further into his girlfriend and found that he could get another 3 inches into her ass before she tightened up. He rubbed harder and pulled back, leaving only his tip in. For the next minute he slowly worked only half his length into what Will believed to be her virgin ass, but he knew in short order she'd be loose enough to have some real fun.

"Oh..getting easier," the girl with the thick booty informed.

Right on cue, Kieran could feel come of the stiff of her anal ring relent, allowing him to work most of his length into her with growing speed. Another idea struck him after catching the red glow of the camera in his peripheral vision. With his free hand, the other still feverishly flicking the sodomized girl's clit, he tangled his fist in her air. Knowing that seeing his girlfriend getting ass fucked in front of him was already rough, but seeing him do it harder would really grind Will's gears, Kieran tightened his grip and pulled back on her golden locks, forcing her head to tilt back.

"You like it when I pull your hair while I fuck your ass," he asked in a sterner voice.

"So much," Emma replied, impressing herself with how hard she was able to be fucked.

He wondered if she meant it but when he found himself starting to stroke into her anus with more speed, he imagined she was telling the truth. Testing her further, Kieran pushed further inside her ass without complaint so he stayed at that distance for a minute then went in a further inch...then another...then another.

She still whimpered and squealed on occasion, but now her moans of pleasure were just as likely. Despite the occasional wave of discomfort, Emma made sure to composure her face so that the camera by which Will was viewing the action was a picture of pure elation. Though her and Kieran had never tried fucking this hard before, the endorphin rush she was getting for the performance was more than compensating for it.

"Just think...this could have been you if you didn't fuck things up," Kieran taunted.

"You enjoying watching my tight little teen ass get fucked," Emma added, twisting the metaphorical knife into Will even more. "Seeing me take him so deep in my little ass."

"That ass is a lot of things but little isn't one of them," Will replied.

"So far in that booty," Kieran agreed, slapping her ass to make his point. "Are you my butt slut?"

"Yes," Emma grunted.

Apparently not satisfied by her response, the sheriff's son pulled violently back on her shiny gold hair, forcing not only her head back but her body as well. Getting her hands back underneath her to be back on all fours, Kieran released the vicious grip at that point.

"Say it," he hissed.

"I'm your butt slut," the blonde replied without hesitation.

Emma was a little disappointed, which surprised her, when his tight grip on her hair stopped, allowing her to drop her head back between her shoulders. However, she found herself happy when his hand came crashing down on her right ass cheek, stinging the flesh without causing the brown-haired boy to slow his thrusting deep in her ass.

"God yes," Kieran grunted, slapping her other cheek afterwards.

As if only realizing at that point that she was still donning her cut-off shirt and bra, Will used his hands to pull the material over her head, Emma doing the rest to remove it from her body altogether. He went to unclasp her matching bra, but fumbled with it, causing the tight band to snap against the blonde's back with a loud slap. On his second attempt he unhooked it and pulled it away, his large hands finding her healthy sized tits for the first time that day.

" feels so good," Emma found herself saying. "Yes...ohh....yes."

"How about we shift for a more camera-friendly view," Kieran proposed.

Emma nodded her head in accent and before long the taller man was pulling out of her rump. At the same time his slick cock exited her backdoor, the gorgeous blonde rolled over onto her side with only her ample booty hanging barely off the bed. With a fresh application of lube to his length pole, Kieran was back inside her before her gaping bum had a chance to seal up again.

"Much better," Kieran grunted, working back up to pace. "I think your shitty ex has an improved view of your tight ass getting fucked."

"Just shut up and get this over with," Will said under his breath, not wanting to draw the fornicating couple's wrath.

As Kieran spoke he placed his tip at the entrance, and this time when he penetrated her she didn't tighten up and give resistance whatsoever. Within a few strokes he was back to his hard pumping, stroking his entire 9-inch member deep within her bowels. To Emma's credit, she was handling it well, her moans far outnumbering any groans, which were few and far between.

After gripping onto her upturned hip and relentless fucking her for close to a minute with half his shaft, he slowed to half that speed and used his entire length. Next was keeping with that same depth but with much more power. The result made both her ass quake and tits jiggle, though his hand groping her closest boob stopped most of that.

"I bet you wish you didn't cheat right about now," Emma asked her ex between moans.

"Here...suck," Kieran ordered, presenting her with a finger as Will stayed silent.

Emma maintained eye contact as she wrapped her plump lips around his digit, twirling her head as she pushed it in and out of her wet mouth. Her tongue almost tickled the thick skin, but after a minute he pulled it free and brought it to her sex. While slowing his sodomy of her, Kieran stuck the wettened finger deep into her twat, immediately finding her G-spot with practiced efficiency.

This was much more like the Kieran who had spent the past week fucking her ass to prepare for tonight. Much like an live performance, there was always improvisation and their show for Will was no different. Kieran was more wrapped up in the occasion and going harder then ever before, but now with his slower, long strokes into her backdoor combined with his finger diddling her clit, it was back to their practiced habits.

"Good God...fuck," Emma screamed, the heat from her clitoris spreading through her body.

Going off script and trying something new, Kieran slid his down from the top of her slit, pressed middle and index finger and slipped them inside Emma's cunt. It was slightly odd feeling to be double penetrated, but she was definitely a fan. It felt so sexy to have both holes used at once, in fact she longed to have something stuffed in her mouth while her asshole and pussy were fucked.

"Baby...gonna cum soon," Emma warned, his hand simultaneously fingering her snatch while his palm frictioned her clit.

"Yeah? You're gonna cum with a big cock in your ass," he asked, mockingly. "What type of girl does that?"

"Huge sluts," she responded without missing a beat. "Your huge slut," Emma corrected herself, not wanting to pass up the chance to stick it to Will once more.

The angle for his wrist was awkward so moving swiftly Kieran flipped her upper leg around his torso, causing her body to follow. The result was Emma laying flat on her back with her legs spread as wide as possible, giving him and the chagrinned Will the best view possible of his dick ramming into her teen ass.

"That's it, cum for me," he instructed.

From this new vantage point, Kieran was able to piston two fingers into her snatch while the blonde rubbed madly away at her sensitive nub. It took no time at all for Emma to heave in uncontrollable spasm, her mouth going wide as no sound was emitted for several seconds. Both past and current lover knew she was about to release a hell of a scream, and sure enough she did as she came hard once again, coating Kieran's fingers in the process.

"HOOOLLLLYY GGGGOOOOODDDDDDD," Emma finally erupted, all while Kieran continued his relentless jackhammering.

Her orgasm, Emma's second of the night, seemed to be the type that made her whole body not only relax, but shut down. Unable to even hold her head up, Emma laid motionless on the bed, the only signs she was conscious was her constant humming of pleasure. With the relaxed nature of his girlfriend, Kieran found that he could fuck her as fast and hard as he could without any resistance, an opportunity he gladly took.

Of course, the only downside to this new change was that he couldn't control himself. Over and over he pounded deep inside the teen's asshole, ignoring his mental checks to slow down. He was like an animal at that point and nothing was going to stop him...except his quickly approaching orgasm.

"Need to cum," Kieran claimed hurriedly.

"Anywhere," Emma moaned, her ass jiggling and tits bouncing from fucking. "No face. Cum on my face."

Her statement made it to his ears in time, as he was still aware enough to listen to her request. Though Emma normally hated the mere idea of letting someone paste your face in their cum due to the degrading nature of the act, tonight she would make an exception. Mainly because she had remembered countless times Will tried to do it, so it would really hurt to see another man's cum covering her insanely beautiful face.

Knowing it was seconds away and no amount of slowing down would help, Kieran pulled out of her asshole for the last time that evening. It remained open to him as he climbed up onto the bed, Will staying out of the naked man's way, and hovered his cock above her face. The second he stroked it one time, his load came oozing out, dripping right down into Emma's waiting face.

"Holy fuck," Will finally said after several streaks of cum had left his cock.

"Awww," Emma cooed once she felt his warm fluid start to ooze out onto her pretty face.

Kieran held his cock steady and focused as much as possible to guide the rest of his load with more force onto the girl, coating the rest of her face. After several streams had landed on Emma, Kieran turned to the camera and Will to give a smirk, though Will only had eyes on the sight of his ex-girlfriend with cum splattered on her forehead, nose, cheeks and lips.

Seeing that Emma wasn't merely lying back and resting, instead she was using her fingers to push the cum into her mouth. Instead of swallowing right away, the lovely blonde was playing with his jizz, closing her lips before displaying his white goo on her tongue. Putting on a real display, the normally reserved teenager began blowing bubble with the thick liquid, followed by gurgling it with a smile on her lips.

"Man you're cum is tasty," Emma said with a smile. "Way better then yours Will."

"Okay, now you can get the fuck out," Kieran said, pulling his pants up to cover his softening cock.

"You heard the man Will. Leave...I can't see you right now," Emma added.

"What about my blue balls," the farm boy complained, but based on the looks on their faces, he knew that argument wasn't going to go anywhere. "Fine, I'm leaving. Just remember the deal."


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