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Scrubs: Part 1 - My Lucky Day (MF,MMF,inc,anal,drugs,mc)
by Murcielago

Ever since he'd come to Sacred Heart Hospital over four years ago, Dr. John
"JD" Dorian had hated two things. One was the unrelenting crap he took from
his boss and mentor, Dr. Perry Cox, a man so cynical he could drive anyone
insane with his ranting. And the other was the number of unbelievable hotties
he worked with and saw every day. He'd managed to sleep with a couple of
them, but still, seeing them every day looking so fine was unfair on so many

These two things crossed JD's mind as he entered Sacred Heart on this
morning, a Monday. Ordinarily he hated Mondays, but this one was different.
He was carrying something inside of his backpack that he figured would change
the way he looked at this hospital and at all of the women he saw on a daily
basis. He was now in possession of something that every man on earth would
want something he had finally finished developing just the night before. He
was carrying a vial inside of which was a liquid with the capacity to allow
him complete control over the mind of anyone who ingested it.

JD had always been a little smarter than his peers, much smarter to be
honest, and as such was less than sociable most of the time. He hated
conversing with lesser minds and it wasn't until he got to college and
met Chris Turk, his roommate for now over ten years and best friend,
that he learned to really talk to people. But his intelligence and lack
of social life gave him the smarts and the time to study, and he found
an aptitude for the physical sciences, which is what led him to medicine
in the first place.

As a child, being so unpopular caused him to fantasize endlessly, sometimes
erotic ones, like any other adolescent male, sometimes off-the-wall but
sexless ones. In the more sexual fantasies, there had always been one
recurring theme. The ability to make women do whatever he wanted. Obviously,
being so smart, he knew that this desire stemmed from his inability to so
much as talk to women, let alone seduce them. The few sexual experiences he
had in high school, college, and med school had always been with very drunk,
very slutty girls.

When JD entered medical school and began studying the human body in detail,
all his fantasies about having power over women came to have new meaning. If
he could just find a scientific way to alter a person's mind, then he could
bring those fantasies to life. Of course, med school is so hectic he didn't
have time to research this idea at all, at least not until after he graduated
and began work at the hospital. His weekends have since been filled with
endless formulas and thick textbooks. His colleagues believed his desire to
always be the best doctor came from a desperate need for attention and
validation, but the truth was that he was simply trying to learn enough to
complete his epic formula. And last night, he believed he had succeeded. The
only thing he had left to do, like any good doctor, was test his new

Chapter 2

Walking through the sliding double doors of Sacred Heart Hospital, JD
grinned stupidly when he saw Carla, Chris Turk's new wife, standing at the
triage station wearing her pink scrubs. JD had always lusted after the
gorgeous Latina from the Dominican Republic, and at first he hated it when
Turk had hooked up with her, but then realized it wasn't so terrible after
he discovered he could spy on her in their shower and other such places
from time to time. Turk and Carla had been trying to have a baby recently,
and JD figured that she'd make a good test subject, as soon as he could
get her to sit down for a cup of coffee with him.

"Good morning Bambi," she chirped. JD grimaced at the use of her nickname
for him. But at least it was better than Dr. Cox's endless stream of girl's
names that he threw at JD.

"Morning Carla. Didn't hear you and Turk leave this morning," JD said.

"Yeah, well we left early so we could go out to breakfast at Denny's. You
know how Turk loves his pancakes."

"Oh, did Turk get Pancake Man?" JD asked, referring to his best friend's
fascination with pancakes that had whipped cream on them to make them look
like a smiley face. Carla sighed and nodded, clearly not amused with her
surgeon husband's childish antics. "By the way, I was in a hurry, so I
didn't have time for coffee. You want to go take a break and have some with

Carla shook her head. "Can't, Bambi. Dr. Kelso fired another nurse yesterday
so I'm doing double duty today. Maybe when the next nurse comes on in a few

`Damnit,' thought JD. Dr Kelso, their Chief of Medicine, was always trying
to find new ways of cutting costs at the hospital, and lately, it seemed as
though all of his ideas involved layoffs. Clearly, talented a doctor though
he may be, he didn't pay much attention in economics class. `So Carla is out
for now, who the hell else can I get?'

At that moment, in through the double doors walked Dr. Elliot Reed. JD and
Elliot had hit it off when they both started at Sacred Heart, and had tried
dating on several occasions, but one of them would always over think it and
want to go back to "just friends." Lately, Elliot had been dating some
monotonous doober named Jake. JD knew for a fact that the hadn't slept
together yet, because for some reason, Elliot like to brag about that. JD
considered Elliot as a potential guinea pig. `She's beautiful, she's great
in bed, and I haven't slept with her in. going on a year now. Besides,
whenever we slept together in the past, she was always so neurotic that it
was rarely even enjoyable. I wonder what she's like when she isn't so

"Elliot," JD said as she approached him. "And how are you on this beautiful
morning?" `Crap,' he thought. `That was smooth.'

"What the hell is wrong with you?" she asked.

"I don't know. What's going on?"

"Had the most amazing time with Jake last night. We went out to a nice dinner
then back to my place for. you know," she winked at him.

"You guys watch Legally Blonde?" JD asked, knowing Elliot's routine far too

"Both of them," she responded, giggling like an idiot. She was very much the
stereotypical Southern California type; blonde, big breasts, airheaded. The
only thing that kept her from being a total idiot was the nice genes of her
parents (both doctors also). "So I was just thinking of getting a cup of
coffee, feel like one before we clock in?"

`Score' thought JD. "Yes, a cup of coffee sounds nice." `Damnit, I have got
to stop talking like that. Just then an image flashed in his head of him
being reprimanded by his boss, Dr. Cox, for talking like an idiot. In his
mind, Dr. Cox kept slapping his wrists with a ruler. Suddenly, JD snapped
out it, yelling "Stop hitting me, it really hurts!" Elliot looked at him
peculiarly, but not too surprised, since he was prone to random daydreams.
"Shall we go?" he asked her.

Together they walked towards the elevator, got in, and took it up to the
third floor. Walking out, they headed towards the doctors lounge, a small
little room with a couple vending machines, two couches, and a table.
Grabbing two foam cups, JD poured them each a cup of coffee, and as Elliot
sat down, he carefully slipped the vial from his backpack, uncorked it,
and poured in a small amount of the liquid inside. He dropped the vial
into his pocket, picked up the cups, and walked to the table to join Elliot.
As he sat down, he handed her the cup with the added liquid.

Over the next several minutes, as they each sipped their drinks and made
small talk, JD noticed Elliot squirming a bit. He figured that he would go
for it, start off slow and see how she reacted to his demands. "Elliot, you
ok? Can't seem to sit still." She paused a second and then looked over at
him and nodded.

"You sure? I can tell something is wrong. You want to tell me the truth,
don't you?" He spoke slowly, emphasizing the important words, hoping to God
that his formula was correct.

"I don't know what's going on, JD, but all of a sudden I'm, like, really
horny," she answered.

`Sweet,' JD thought. "Maybe it's because you and Jake haven't had sex yet.
Do you think it's because of that?"

"Maybe," she said. She finished off her coffee and set the cup down.

"Or maybe it's because you want to have sex with me. That's the real reason,
isn't it Elliot?" JD demanded. She looked hesitantly at him, then stood up
and walked towards the door. JD was certain he'd blown it, that there was a
problem with his design. At the last moment, she stopped and turned her head
back to him.

"Well?" she asked. "I'm going to the supply closet, are you coming?"

JD jumped up, ran over to her, grabbed her hand, and took off down the hall
to the closet they both knew so well. Opening it up, they slipped inside. JD
locked the door, and when he turned back to face Elliot, she grabbed his face
and started kissing him. This wasn't the slow, tender kisses he remembered
her being so fond of, this was rough, passionate kissing with only one
subtext. `Fuck me!'

He reached down and grabbed her cute butt through her scrubs as they
continued making out. As he did, she reached out and put her hand on his
crotch, rubbing frantically. He pulled back long enough to take off her
shirt, and she his, and then they started kissing again. He moved his
hands back to her ass, then up to unhook her bra. Once he discarded that,
he pulled away and moved his mouth down to her gorgeous breasts. He sucked
hard on her right nipple and she moaned and leaned back against the wall.

After a moment, JD decided to move further in this little tryst and pulled
away from her chest. As he did, he saw Elliot looking at him. `Wow,' he
thought, `the neurotic bitch has finally stopped whining. Hm. Maybe I should
put her mouth to some better use.' JD put his hand on the back of Elliot's
blonde head and pushed her, somewhere between forcefully and gently, to her
knees. She grabbed his pants in her hands and pulled down, freeing his
painfully hard dick. Immediately, she took it into her mouth, sucking like
a true pro.

JD threw his head back as his beautiful ex-girlfriend gave him incredible
head. She had never done this while they were dating. Briefly he wondered if
her change of heart was because of his medicine or if she was just growing up
finally. After a moment, though, he realized that he didn't really care. He
kept his hand on the back of her head and started pulling it towards him,
pushing his dick further into her mouth. After a small amount of effort, she
was able to get the whole thing, all seven inches, into her mouth and down
her throat, and continued sucking him off.

This deepthroating continued for several minutes more before JD realized
he only had about ten minutes before nine, and at nine, Dr. Cox would come
looking for him. He pulled Elliot up by her arms, yanked down her scrubs
bottoms and panties in one motion, and turned her around. Sensing what was
about to happen, Elliot bent over and put her hands against the wall for
support. JD moved in closer behind her, grabbed his still-wet dick, and
positioned himself. He slowly slid into her, and as he did, he grasped her
hips and rammed himself forward. Elliot moaned loudly as he pounded into

Over and over, JD slammed his dick into her tight and very wet pussy, and
with each thrust, she moaned a little louder. Losing all inhibitions (if he
had any to begin with) he slapped her ass once. She groaned very loudly and
came hard. JD noted her reaction and smacked her sexy butt twice more as he
continued to fuck her with all his energy. It seemed to him that this sort
of rough treatment was exactly what this prim little conservative girl from
Connecticut craved deep down inside. He leaned forward and with one hand
grabbed her blonde hair and pulled back slightly. She came again as he
rode her like an animal.

Suddenly, JD let go of her hair, pulled out her pussy, and spun her around
to face him. He pushed her down onto her knees again and shoved his cock
into her mouth. A few seconds later, he came, thick streams of cum unloading
into her mouth, one after another. He kept coming for nearly ten seconds,
and being the true slut she was at heart, she swallowed every bit of it. JD
collapsed onto his ass as she finished swallowing his sperm. After resting
a moment, he stood back up, got redressed, helped Elliot do the same, and
then together they walked out of the supply room. JD turned and walked to
the left, Elliot to the right, and as they walked their separate ways, JD
had only one thought on his mind. `Jackpot!' His mind was overwhelmed with
thoughts of what he would do with the little vial in his pocket.

Chapter 3

"Good morning Gloria," Dr. Cox said cheerfully as he approached JD at the
third floor nurses station. For the second time that morning, JD grimaced at
the use of a nickname aimed at him.

"Good morning Dr. Cox. How's little Jack?" JD asked, without really caring
what the answer was. All he wanted was for Cox to acknowledge that he was

"New rule, Newbie. I know that your ovaries quiver every time my son comes
up, but from now on, you are not allowed to ask about him. Swear to God,
every time you do, I become honestly afraid that you're going to sneak into
my apartment in the middle of the night and kidnap him to raise as your own.
But here's the problem with that newbie. He already has a mother in his life,
and he doesn't need another. Now if you're done with your yapper, we can try
taking care of some sick people today."

JD sighed. He should've seen something like that coming. After all, it'd
been four years now. He should really know to not ask about Dr. Cox's
personal life. But of course, he'd just gotten laid not five minutes before.
So despite Cox's ramblings, JD knew that it was going to be a good day.

A few hours later, JD was in the room of one of his patients, Mr. Thompson.
Nothing too serious, but he was recovering from a bad case of pneumonia.
Luckily for JD, most of his new admits today were the hands-off kind, his
favorite. Especially now that he had more important (to him at least) things
to be doing. Presently, he was focused on modifying Mr. Thompson's drip when
Carla walked in the room. "Hey Bambi, can I take you up on that coffee break
now?" she asked in her incredibly sexy Latin accent.

"Sure," JD replied. "Head on over to the lounge and I'll be there in a
sec." Carla smiled and walked out of the room. JD was overjoyed at this new
possibility. Whereas he'd had sex with Elliot before, Carla was a new one
for him. So fine, and yet she'd always been so unattainable. `Not anymore.'

When JD finished with his patient, he walked towards the lounge, nearly
skipping like a little girl. Although he hated it when Cox referred to him as
a girl, he had to admit, he could be a little feminine sometimes, especially
when he was excited. When he got to the doctor's lounge, he saw Carla sitting
there, sipping on a soda. She smiled at him as he sat down next to her. For a
few minutes they talked about patients, Turk, Elliot, or whatever else came
into their heads. She seemed to be about to finish her soda, and JD was
nervous. He hadn't gotten an opportunity to add his potion to it yet. But
luck was on his side.

"I'll be right back, Bambi," Carla said suddenly. "I've gotta go to the
bathroom. Save my seat." She giggled as she walked out the door and towards
the ladies room. JD hurriedly pulled the vial from his pocket, and after
making sure there was no one else who could see him, he poured a bit of the
liquid into her soda. He swirled the can around, making sure the liquid
homogenized with the rest of the beverage. Done, he sat still and waited
for Carla to rejoin him. It seemed an eternity before she came back in and
sat down. But to his enjoyment, she immediately went for her soda.

They continued making small talk for a few more minutes, and again, JD
noticed subtle changes in her body language. Apparently, the initial effects
were much like imbibing a moderate amount of alcohol. At the right time, JD
took Carla's hand and looked her straight in the eyes. "Carla, I know you're
getting horny. And I know that I'm the reason. Now, let's head on over to
the on-call room and do something about it, because we both know that we
want to." Without a moments hesitation Carla got up and, followed by her
friend, started hurriedly walking towards on-call room.

During a typical night, there were usually one or two doctors on call, in
case of an emergency, and these doctors would wait or sleep in the on-call
room. Luckily, it was only a little after noon, so no one was in the room
sleeping when JD and Carla got there. Anyone who may have been on call would
probably be walking around talking to their friends. No one would need the
room for a while. So as they walked in, JD locked the door as Carla started
taking off her clothes. She was fast, and in just a few seconds her scrubs,
bra, and thong were in a pile on the floor. JD was fast behind her though.

After he finished undressing, JD put his arms around Carla's waist and kissed
her deeply. Carla was a short girl, so she had to stand on her tip toes just
to kiss him. As their tongues explored each others mouths, his hands grabbed
her nicely sized ass and pulled her closer to him. He could feel the heat of
her cunt against his thigh, and she could likewise feel his rock-hard cock
against her flat stomach.

After a few more moments of kissing, JD picked her up by her butt and moved
them towards the wall. Leaning her back against the wall and supporting her
with one arm, he used his other hand to take his dick and slide it into her
pussy. He couldn't believe the feeling as he slowly moved all the way inside
of her. It was without question the nicest pussy he'd ever been inside in
his whole life. As he continued to hold her small body up against the wall,
he began moving his hips back and forth, sawing his cock in and out of her.
She was in heaven too, it seemed, as her mouth was agape, and every now and
then small sounds like quiet screams of passion came forth.

After a minute of that, JD's arms became tired, and so he lifted her off of
him and set her down of her feet. He looked at the bed in the center of the
room, moved to it, and lay down. A second later, she joined him on the bed,
straddling his hips and positioning her cunt above his dick. Very slowly,
much too slowly for JD, Carla lowered herself down onto him. Once she was
resting on his hips, she started moving up and down. Watching Carla ride
him was a thrill JD had been dreaming of for far too long. But, as fantastic
as it was, there were so many other thrills he wanted to try, and now wasn't
the time for vanilla sex.

JD grabbed Carla's hips and rolled her off of him. From there, he got to
his knees, and continued rolling her until she was flat on her stomach,
that incredible ass facing him. He pulled back on her hips then, and
finally getting the clue, she raised herself up onto all fours. Once she
was in the correct position, JD slid his dick into her again. This time,
she was vocal. "Fuck me hard, JD" were the first words out of her mouth,
and JD was not one to deny a request like that. He pounded into her from
behind harder and harder. She kept making noise, but mostly they were

With his hands on her hips, he was pulling her back towards him as he fucked
forward towards her. His hips made a very loud, very distinctive sound as
they impacted her butt cheeks. Like he did with Elliot, he began spanking
her. hard. His palm came down, hit her butt, made a thwaping sound, and she
squealed. It was beautiful. But before he finished with this Latin beauty
for the moment, there was one more thing he had to do. "Carla?" he began.

"Oh fuck yes! Yes, JD? Oh God, harder!" came her response.

"Have you ever let Turk fuck you in the ass?" JD asked. At the mention of
Turk, Carla came, and came hard. After a few moments, she slowed down and
looked back at JD.

"Yeah. Not very often, but a few times. He really likes it, but I'm not so
into it."

"But you want me to fuck your ass, don't you Carla?" JD asked slowly, knowing
that when he phrased it like that, she would think it was something she'd
always wanted.

"Oh God, yes I do. Go ahead, I think your big dick is already lubed up
enough. And don't worry about going slow; I can take it." JD pulled his dick
from her cunt quickly, eliciting another moan from Carla. He moved it up a
bit so it was at her asshole and slowly, despite her instructions, pushed. It
took a few seconds as it opened up for the head, but eventually his dick was
slipping inside. He kept pushing, and he could hear Carla take a deep breath
and he sensed that she was in a bit of pain. But still, he kept pushing

After about a minute, JD had his entire cock inside Carla's ass. He paused,
though, waiting for her to be ready. Once she turned to look at him, he knew
that she was. He grabbed her hips and slid slowly out, and then deftly shoved
his prick back in. She screamed, a good scream though, and he kept going. "Oh
fuck yes!" she yelled. "Fuck my ass hard, you bastard!"

JD pounded her ass for all he was worth, loving not only her lewd cries but
the sight of his dick sliding in and out of this girl's tight anus. The pause
when he got all the way inside had given him enough of a rest to know that he
wouldn't cum too soon, even with how unbelievably good it felt butt-fucking
his best friend's wife. "Come on baby, fuck my ass!" she screamed again. He
continued the anal fucking for a couple more minutes, but then he felt that
he was about to come. He was tempted to try more of the things he had planned
with her, but decided to wait for another time for that. He squeezed her hips
and shoved his dick forward, all the way up her butt, and let loose with a
full load of cum. She orgasmed as she felt it flow into her asshole,
continuing her yelling of profanities. With a groan, JD pulled out of her
butt and lay down on the bed, where Carla curled up next to him.

After laying there a few minutes, JD figured that they should get back to
work, so he got up and got dressed. Carla stood up and reached for her
panties. As soon as she was also dressed, they kissed one last time, and
left the room together, leaving behind the unforgettable smell of passionate

Chapter 4

Today was shaping up better than JD ever could have imagined during all that
time he spent developing his medicine. As he continued his day, taking care
of patients, getting ragged on by Dr. Cox every few minutes or so, he tried
to think of who he would be taking next. Jordan, Dr. Cox's ex-wife and
current girlfriend came to mind. She was a very assertive person, on a good
day. On a bad one, she was a raging bitch. But damnit, she was hot! Taking
Elliot or Carla again also occurred to him. Or maybe that cute psychiatrist
who traveled between their hospital and one in Milwaukee, Dr. Molly Clock.
She was a cute little number. `What does it matter?' JD thought. `I'm gonna
fuck them all sooner or later.

As he was pondering these things, Elliot came into the room he was in and
looked at his comatose patient. "Hey there buddy," she said. JD looked her,
first directly in the face, and then down at her chest, pushing out her top.
He greeted her in kind.

"What're you doing in here, Mrs. Kamp is my patient. isn't she?" he asked.

Elliot moved a little closer to him. "Well, yes she is, and you're doing
such a good job with her. But I was just passing by in the hall and saw you
standing in here all alone, staring off into space like you do so often."
With that she moved to the doorway, shut and locked the door and turned to
face him. "I've been thinking about what happened this morning and I've been
so horny. I've masturbated twice in the bathroom so far thinking of you, and
I guess I was just hoping for a repeat of it." Without saying another word
she took off her clothes and stood before him, naked.

JD hesitated for just a moment and rushed to her, embracing her and kissing
her wildly. She broke away after a second and pulled his clothes off. Not
surprisingly, his dick was hard again already. She dropped to her knees and
began her second blowjob of the day, noticing a very unusual taste. JD put
his hands on her head and helped guide her mouth on his dick. He let her do
this for a while, just relaxing and enjoying the feel of her wet mouth moving
up and down on his hard cock. As she did this, he moved a hand from her head
down to her breast, squeezing and kneading it. Suddenly he got an idea.
"Elliot, I want you to tit-fuck me. Squeeze those amazing jugs around my
dick, you fucking little slut." She took his dick out of her mouth and smiled
big at his new pet name for her.

She raised herself up just a bit, took one big breast in each hand and
mashed them together around his cock. The saliva from her mouth still
coating JD's dick, there was no painful friction as she began moving her
boobs up and down, just pure bliss. It felt so good, in fact, that after
just half a minute, he knew he was about to cum. He pushed her down onto
her back, straddled her waist, and started jerking himself off over her.
She moaned as she knew what was coming, and before long, he started
shooting. A fairly small amount of sperm shot out of his prick and onto
her boobs. He kept jerking, faster and faster, and soon enough, was
coaxing the last few drops out onto her nipples. She moaned again, and
started rubbing his cum into her skin.

As he stood up to get dressed again, she licked her fingers clean of his
juice. She too stood up, and proceeded to pull on her panties and scrubs.
As she put on her top, JD looked at her quizzically. "What?" she asked.

"Well," JD said, "aren't you going to clean yourself up?"

She giggled and shook her head. "I think it'll be really sexy to work the
rest of the day with your cum drying on my tits. Nobody will be able to see
it, but I'll feel it and know it's there. Mmmm. It makes me feel so slutty
just thinking about it."

JD laughed. "God. You know, I think I've turned you into a whore."

She walked over to him and kissed him deeply. "I am a whore," she said. "You
just bring it out in me." Hearing her say this caused JD's penis to rise to
half-mast again, despite three orgasms that day so far. And considering how
little had come out that last time, he decided to wait until tomorrow before
having any more sex. They kissed again and left the room together.

Chapter 5

JD arrived home at seven that evening, fairly early by a doctors standards.
When he got in, Carla was sitting on the couch watching TV. On the floor
beside the couch was their stuffed dog Rowdy. Carla couldn't stand Rowdy, but
JD and Turk just loved to use him in practical jokes. "Hey Carla, where's
Turk?" JD asked.

Carla looked at him with a seductive glean in her eye. "Stuck in surgery. He
probably won't be home for a few hours." JD gulped. Ordinarily he would love
to hear that, especially given what happened between them earlier. But he was
so tired, there wasn't much chance he could fuck her again.

"Hm. Well, I guess it's just you and me, sexy. By the way, how's your ass?"

Carla laughed out loud. "Doesn't hurt. I told you that it wasn't my first
time doing anal."

"Yeah, I know. I just wanted to be the nice guy, you know." JD sat down
beside Carla on the couch, and as he did, she turned toward him. "Look,
Carla, I'm sorry but I'm really tired. As much as I'd love to do stuff
with you, I really don't think I'm up for it." He heard a drum somewhere
in his head. Duh duh dum tsch.

"Oh, poor Bambi. Well you just sit there and watch then. I'll try to make you
be `up for it,' but even if I can't, I think we'll both have a bit of fun."
With that, she stripped off her clothes and turned off the TV. With her hand,
she traced her nipples ever so slowly, and once they were erect, began
pinching them rather hard. Keeping one hand busy with her tits, she moved the
other down her stomach past her thick pubic hair and into her pussy. Both
hands moved, each caressing or massaging it's respective body part.

She continued to masturbate for several minutes, soft moans and gasps
escaping her lips every so often. But try though she might, she couldn't
raise JD's penis, not after three orgasms that day. So she continued to
enjoy her own touch, with JD watching intently. He watched her slim
fingers move quickly in and out of her furry little snatch. He noted that
though she had started with just one finger inside her pussy and her other
hand playing with her nipples, she now had three fingers pumping in and
out with her other hand going to town on her clit. As he watched, she
added a fourth finger, now really moving them inside herself.

In a matter of moments, she came, crying out, juices drenching her fingers.
`Simply beautiful,' JD thought to himself. It took her a moment to come down
off of her orgasm, and when she did, she just sort of lay there on the couch
recovering. Once she had her breath back, she got redressed and together
they sat on the couch watching TV until Turk came home. As soon as he walked
through the door, sometime around 9:30, Carla jumped up and ran to him,
embracing him in a strong, passionate kiss. She then whispered something into
his ear, after which he grabbed her hand and ran with her into their bedroom.
The sounds of her moaning began a few seconds later.

Listening to this, JD chuckled to himself. He stood up, turned off the TV,
and walked into his own room. Now that he'd fucked Carla, there didn't seem
to be a need for him to listen to her having sex with Turk anymore. As he
reflected on his extraordinary day, he pondered possibly getting his friends
on board with him. After all, someone was bound to notice what was going on
sooner or later. So why risk having people get mad at him when he could get
them to just go along with him. `If I just offer my friends the chance to be
with any girl they want, I don't think they'd mind it when I had a go at
their girls.' He climbed into bed, thinking about who the first guy he would
try recruiting would be.

Chapter 6

JD woke up to an interesting sensation. He'd just had the most wonderful
dream. In it, he'd been at the hospital, in the office he and Elliot shared.
He was sitting on the desk and Jordan, Dr. Cox's girlfriend and ex-wife, had
been giving him a most passionate blowjob. But it had felt so real. And as
he thought about that, he noticed movement underneath the covers. Lifting up
the blankets, he saw Carla laying between his legs, his dick between her
full, sensuous lips. Realizing that this wasn't a terrible way to wake up,
he decided to let her continue for a minute.

So she continued bobbing her head up and down in his lap, his big dick
sliding in and out her wet mouth. He reached out and took hold of her very
full, very curly hair and used it to help guide her head up and down on his
cock. "Oh God, Carla. That feels so good. You know, you're a very talented
cocksucker." He could sense she was happy that he approved.

But he decided this wasn't the best time, what with Carla's husband Turk in
the next room. So he reluctantly pulled her off of his pole and shooed her
out of his room. As he watched her sexy ass walk away, barely covered by a
tiny purple thong underneath her short t-shirt, he smiled and once again
thanked God for his recent discovery of what he now was calling The Medicine.
As he stood up and got clean underwear and a towel for his shower, he had an
epiphany. Turk was the answer.

With the sexy Carla living in his apartment, there was no way JD could keep
his hands off her now that he'd sampled her Latin treats. And Turk was a
smart man; he couldn't keep it secret for long, that much JD knew. So if he
wanted to continue his fun without interruption, he needed to get Turk on
board. And he knew just how to do that.

Turk had long ago expressed to JD the one fantasy he had that he knew Carla
wouldn't go for; he knew because he'd tried, and the best he'd gotten was a
sarcastic joke from her once. Turk wanted to have a threesome with Carla and
another girl. If JD could convince him to share Carla, in exchange for having
any girl of his choice, then Turk might just go with the program. JD headed
to the bathroom considering just how to breech the subject with Turk.

After he showered, JD got dressed and joined his best friend in the kitchen
for breakfast as Carla headed to the bathroom for her morning ritual. Turk
poured them both bowls of Fruity Pebbles as JD sat at the table, thinking.
Finally, Turk finished and, after retrieving the hidden prize from the cereal
box, sat down beside JD to begin eating. `Now or never,' JD decided.

"Hey, Chocolate Bear?" he started.

"Yeah," Turk answered.

"You know how you're always talking about how much you'd like to get Carla to
go along with the idea of a threesome with another girl?" Turk nodded, so JD
continued. "Well, what would you say if I told you that I had a way to
guarantee that she would?"

"I'd say state your terms and keep talking!"

"Well, let's just say I've come into possession of a medicine to get women to
do anything. Turn them into your very own sex slaves, if you will. And since
you're my very best friend, I might be willing to let you in on it. Get Carla
to go along with anything you want, plus get any other woman to do the same.
And since we are such good friends, I wouldn't ask for money or anything.
Just one tiny, insignificant little favor."

"Ok, assuming that you're telling the truth, what tiny little favor would you
want in return?" Turk pressed.

"Rights to Carla. You let me have her anytime I want, I let you have ANY
woman you want anytime you want. I mean think about it. It'd be just like
that time I let you cheat off me for that test on myocardial infarctions
in our third year and you hooked me up with that slutty girl from Romania,

Turk looked stunned, and for a moment he just sat and stared at JD. Finally,
he spoke. "Yeah, but dawg, that was totally different. Carla is my wife.
Daniella was just a foreign exchange student I was tapping." He looked like
he was about to say something else, but he closed his mouth and continued to
think. "Besides, how do you know you can even get her to go along with it?"
he asked. JD just laughed.

"Because, dude, I already had her. And Elliot twice. But don't think about
that. Look, let's get all the cards out on the table. I know that you only
married Carla because you want to be able to fuck her anytime you want for
the rest of your life. And I know that as much as you don't want to admit
it, you don't really care who bangs her beside you, as long as you still
have her at the end of the day to satisfy you. All I'm saying is that you
can have your cake and eat it too. Who would you want to fuck first?"

Turk thought long and hard on that question. But finally, he said "Elliot.
I've wanted to bend that little blonde girl over a table for a long time.
Ever since I had that daydream about her and I doing it. And Jordan. That
bitch has got a fine fucking body, for being like 40."

`Bingo,' JD thought. `I've got him on board.' "So what do you say," he said
aloud. "You with me?" Turk nodded emphatically. "Well I'll tell you what.
How about I tell Elliot to come on over tonight and you can do her all night.
Don't worry, I already have her under my control. And I'll tell her and Carla
that they'll both do anything you say. So if you want to fuck them both
tonight, they'll be ready and willing to do that."

"Well what about you?" Turk asked, now somewhat worried he was stealing his
best friends harem (it was the only word Turk could think of) away from him.

"Of I have plans of my own tonight. I'm gonna find Jordan sometime today,
slip her my Medicine, and spend all night with her. I know I fucked her once
before, but that was a long time ago. And it was before I knew who she was.
And if you've seen her amazing ass, I think you know what I have in mind for
her." JD laughed loudly at that, and Turk joined him.

A moment later, Carla came out of the bathroom, towel wrapped around her
body, hair already dry. She walked over to Turk and gave him a kiss. Turk
whispered in her ear, and her eyes simply lit up. Leaning back, she let her
towel drop to the ground and stood before them naked and beautiful. She got
down on her knees and pulled down Turk's scrubs bottoms, and within a second
was sucking his cock. "Well," Turk said. "You gonna step up to bat, or what?"

JD smiled, dropped his own bottoms, got down on his knees, and eased his
dick into Carla's tight cunt. Without giving her time to get used to him, he
grabbed hold of her hips and started fucking her hard. He could hear soft
squeals coming from her lips, but Turk's big black dick in her mouth muffled
them somewhat. After fucking her for a while, JD decided that he didn't want
to waste an orgasm on a slut he'd already fucked just the day before. He
pulled out, spanked her once, and got redressed and left, just as Turk was
blowing his load into his wife's mouth. JD got on his scooter and headed to
the hospital, his mind already filled with images of taking that gorgeous
bitch Jordan down a peg or two that night.

To be continued...


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