The Sentinel: Female War (FFF,anal,rape,viol)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Jim Ellison is a detective with the Major Crimes unit of the Cascade Police
Department. He is a tall, good-looking Anglo-saxon man in his early thirties
with black hair and pale blue eyes. He is not exactly an ordinary man. He was
genetically different from just about every other human being on the Planet.
He was a Sentinel.

The Sentinels were rumored to be a myth. In all tribal cultures there were
tales of Sentinels. Men and women born with superhuman abilities that came in
the form of extremely sharp senses. These Sentinels were often the protectors
of their tribes. Jim Ellison was one of them. He was a regular guy - until he
discovered his Sentinel powers. He could see a tiny dot on a white board
across a distance of a hundred feet. He could smell shampoo on someone's hair
across a distance of a mile and hear a tiny heartbeat over great distances.
His reflexes were far better than the average person and he had high levels
of stamina. Jim Ellison was once an Army Ranger. He did special ops for the
government. One day, he was stranded in Peru, right in the middle of the
Jungle after all the men and women of his unit had been killed. Jim Ellison
was the sole survivor. He survived and eventually made it back to
civilization. He retired from the Army and became a cop. He worked hard at
becoming a detective with the Cascade Police Department. He moved to Cascade.

That's where he met Blair Sandburg.

Blair Sandburg was a college graduate. He was also an anthropologist and he
had written a thesis on Sentinels. He discovered Jim Ellison was one of those
Sentinels. They became friends and Blair took a job with the Cascade Police
Department, albeit not in an official capacity. The two of them worked for
Simon Banks. Simon Banks is the captain of the Cascade Police Department. He
and Ellison didn't get along at first but they became pals. Simon Banks is
the only person on the force who knows about Jim Ellison's special powers.
These days, he trusts Ellison and usually goes along on his hunches, often
bending the rules. Banks is divorced and had a teenaged son, Daryl.

Today, Blair Sandburg was gone to the university. Jim Ellison went Subway and
ordered a sandwich and a coke. He sat down and ate. He did so while reading a
book, the Illiad. The man was unaware that he was being watched. He was being
watched very closely by someone. The woman sat in a car a couple hundred feet
away and she looked at Jim Ellison through binoculars. Her name was Megan
Connor. She was a detective at the Cascade Police Department. She originally
came to Cascade from Australia through the officer exchange program and came
on the trail of a dangerous criminal named Scott Burnell. She had come to
Cascade under false pretenses and Simon Banks almost sent her back where she
came from but he showed leniency and allowed her to remain. Now, she worked
with Jim Ellison. She looked at him as he ate. He was taking his time. Such a
handsome man. She could not figure him out. He was a good-looking man and he
had money, lots of it. He was also the best damn cop she knew. So, why was he
single? She asked around and learned that he was once married to a woman
named Carolyn Plummer. She tried to find out as much as she could about him.
Jim had a brother named Steven and a father, William Ellison. There was not
much to be said about his personal life. He had to have one, though. It would
be a shame if such a handsome and gifted man were alone.

Sheila Irwin walked out of McDonalds. She was full and felt content after a
good meal. She was a good-looking and tall lady with alabaster skin and red
hair. She saw someone familiar sitting in a car not far from Subway. She
recognized Megan Connor, the Australian slut who thought she was all that.
She followed Megan's field of vision and saw who she was looking at so
intently. Jim Ellison, the mystery man of Cascade. The unattainable handsome
hunk of a man. The rogue's rogue no one seemed to get to. Sheila looked at
Megan Connor. She couldn't believe the bitch was stalking Jim Ellison. Sheila
no longer cared for Jim - or so she said to others and to herself. But the
sight of Megan Connor stalking her man or rather the man she once felt
something for was too much for her. She was seriously pissed. She called her
friend Samantha and they set up a plan. Samantha was Blair Sandburg's on and
off girlfriend. A member of Cascade's forensic staff who once tried to burn
off Sandburg's eyebrows.

Sheila Irwin followed Megan Connor to the apartment where she lived. She was
rejoined by Samantha. Samantha was a young woman with black hair and dark
eyes in her early twenties. Samantha and Sheila had been friends for a long
time and neither of them cared for Megan Connor aka the evil Australian slut
from Hell.

"We need to make the bitch pay." said Samantha.

"I agree." said Sheila. She smiled as she peered at Megan Connor inside the
apartment with the aid of special police binoculars. "She will pay. Here's
what we are going to need."


Megan Connor lay in bed, sleeping. Night had fallen and she wanted to rest.
It had been a most difficult day. She was still asleep when two female
intruders crept into her house. They bound and gagged her. She found herself
wrapped up like a gift on a cold stone bench in a dark basement somewhere.
Sheila loved watching Megan Connor squirm. She was gonna make the little
bitch pay. Samantha grabbed Megan's sexy butt cheeks and spread them wide
open. Megan struggled but could do nothing against her bonds. Sheila rubbed
the dildo against Megan's puckered asshole. Megan suddenly went stiff. Sheila
plunged the dildo deep into her ass. Megan thrashed about wildly in her
bonds. Samantha kept the bound woman's ass cheeks wide open as Sheila banged
her ass with the strap-on. Sheila pumped the dildo into Megan's butt, loving
the feeling of power she felt when fucking the shit out of her sworn enemy.

She fucked Megan good for the better part of a half hour, thrusting the dildo
deep into her ass. She plunged it as far as it could go. Megan had put up a
fight for as long as she could but now she was tired of fighting. She didn't
know who those two were but she was gonna make them pay. Oh, yeah. They were
gonna pay for what they were doing to her.

For the moment, her torture stopped and the dildo was removed from her anus.
Little did she know that her punishment wasn't over, but her punisher was
about to change. Samantha took the dildo that Sheila offered and strapped it
on around her waist. She was gonna have a go with Megan Connor's ass. Sheila
stood back and watched as Samantha began to fuck Megan with the dildo.

Samantha's thrusts were a lot deeper and more forceful than those of
Sheila's. Samantha was a vengeful woman out to destroy the ass of the bitch
who had scorned her. She pumped the dildo into Megan's ass. Megan felt as if
her backdoor was being torn apart. The impossibly huge dildo was ripping up
her ass. Even through the gag, she screamed in pain. Only then did Samantha
remove the dildo from Megan's asshole.

A few moments later, the two female co-conspirators took out their guns and
put silencers on them. They each shot Megan five times. They didn't kill her.
They simply ensured that she would never walk again. Then, they beat her
face with all the fury they could summon, and that was a lot. They left her
bruised, broken and battered. Nothing could save her now. She was no longer
a threat to them. They had broken her. She would never even know who they
were. She might suspect two men of doing that to her. Samantha and Sheila
knew that they were gonna need a couple of male scapegoats to take the rap
for their crime. Before they left, they expertly removed all evidence of
their arrival, save for Megan Connor, who lay bleeding on the floor. The two
women exited the house. Nothing would get in their way now.

The End


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