By Graham Wilson Jr ([email protected])

It was a sunny day in Springfield, the birds were singing and the school class
rooms where full of joy. Young Bart was setting at his desk middle row, just
studding his teacher Mrs K. Bart seemed to do this often, he really had no
interested in teaching style it was more of an interested in her plump shapely
bottom. He had a real thing for his teacher and as she went about the job as a
educator Bart become more aroused. By watching his teacher, the hours simply
seemed to glide by and in no time at all the final bell rang and he was able to
rush home.

Bart loved this time, he would run home with a boner as hard as could be just
waiting until he could be alone in his room and wank himself silly with the
sweet vision of his sexy teacher. That night, Bart was awaken by the sound of
moans coming somewhere from the house. He got up and went to investigate, upon a
closer look he found the moaning to be building and coming straight from his
mother mouth. In his parents room he was able to see his parents in full flight
of a very fast sexual activity. This got Bart hornier than hell and all though
he never though of his mother as a sex symbol he was wanking over her now. The
action was all over with in a few mins as he could see his father Homer pull his
cock out and squirt his love seed all over Marge's well shaped ass. He could see
the cum just rolling down her ass as he shot his wad all over the wall, creating
a large mess.

This vision stayed with Bart for a long time and it was a source for Bart to
wank over. Until one day Homer was asked to take a try for work, he told Marge
who seemed fine with the idea of Homer taking off, even if it was just for one
Night. Bart new better, he though to himself this could be his big chance to get
into Marges panties. That night Bart was being constantly bugged by his sister
Lisa. Marge was making dinner when Bart finally got away from his noisy sister
just in time to catch Marge bending over to get the roast out of the oven. As
Bart watched he could see the fine lines of his mother panties as she strained
with that nights dinner. Many thoughts raced though his head at that time, he
would just loved to grab Marge a screw her as she bent over that stove. With his
thoughts getting the better of him, Bart moved over behind his mother as lightly
started to feel her up, gently squizzing her round beautiful bum, before
pressing his boner right against his mother bottom. Mar ge looked around to see
her son with his eyes closed grabbing hand fulls of her meaty ass. Just as Marge
was going to yell at Bart, Lisa raced in and asked if tea was ready, lucky for
Marge it was and Bart sat down at the dinner table ready for the tasty roast

All though dinner Bart stared at his mother, thinking that tonight may be the
chance of a life time for him, all he had to do was get ride of his troublesome
sister Lisa. After tea that night Bart and Lisa where seating down on the couch
watching the TV, when Bart tuned to Lisa and Said Lisa, can you do me a favour
tonight? Like what? came Lisa's reply. Well, um, well I have to have a chat with
mom tonight about something. Oh, what is it Bart, girls? Beer? or Drugs? asked
Lisa. Shut Up! said Bart, It's none of those things, Its ah about school, yer
about school. Ah sure Bart, If you and mom have to talk about school I there is
no doubt that Mr Skinner would be involved said Lisa. Bart could see that
getting ride of his sister would be a harder task than he first though.

A few hours later, Lisa was in her room with her door wide open just waiting for
when Bart would start his talk with there mother, she though to her self that if
Bart didnít want her around it must be pretty important and should be something
of great interested to know. With in a few seconds Bart was at the door, he
waled over to Lisa and looked her straight in the face, but before he could say
a word Lisa butted in saying What is it Bart, ready for you secret talk with
mom? Yes as a matter of fact I am Lisa, and you are gonna stay here and shut up.
With that Bart reached down into his sister crouch, feeling her young pussy.
Lisa looked at her brother in amazement. What are you going Bart?? I'm giving
you a quick feel, and I will do it again later if you here and wait for me. What
makes you think I even want you to come back her later on? asked Lisa. Don't
Bull shit me little sis, I have been watching you and I know you want a piece of
me, and I am only happy to give it to yo u if you just wait here! Oh Bart, Oh Ok
Bart I'll wait but you had better come back!.

With that Bart left his sister room closing the door behind him. A big smile on
his face for the fact that he know knew that his own sister had the hots for him
and that at some stage he would be able to fuck he hard and fast. As he come
down the stairs he saw his mother setting on the couch watching the Late Nightly
News program. Bart sat down beside her wanting to take off from where that left
on in the kitchen. Bart reached over and put his hand right on his mother
breast. Marge looked at his and decided that it was time to set he little man
straight. Bart, stop that right now! We can't do that sort of thing, I'm you
mother for god sake and just think what you father would do if he saw you doing
that! But mom? Bart peeped up before Marge fired her second round with I love
your father only in that way, besides you are still only a little boy!. Bart
though to himself, little boy? little boy, he was 12 years old and more than
horny enough to take care of that type of business. He said to himself, I will
show her who is a little boy! Bart then jumped right on top of his mother,
grabbing at here breast and bum, as he pulled down his shorts freeing his hard
penis. Marge was more than powerful enough to push Bart off and she did.

As he landed on the floor she got a real good look at her sons cock, it was only
of a normal size but just looking at it just turned he on no end! Marge closed
her mind and stoped thinking about actually loving her son as she run upstairs
in tears, locking her door behind her. Bart tuned off al the lights and when
upstairs, thinking that his chance had gone he though of Lisa, well she still
wants me I had mid as well fuck her. As he approved his sisters room, he noticed
the key that locks his mother door had some how fallen on the floor, Bart picked
it up and took it back to his room. He waited in his room for a few hours before
he quietly when down the hall way into his mothers room, he unlocked the door
and went in. He could see his mother sleeping quietly in the middle of his
parents double bed. He approached her and lightly lifted the bed sheet revelling
here partly clothed body. He though of the time a few weeks earlier when he saw
his father Fucking his mother, he could see this cock going in and out as he
pounded her with all his might. Bart gently started to feel his mother behind.
her skin was so soft, and he started to kiss it and lick her left ass check all
over as he lifted his hand up over to her left tit. Bart believed that he was in
heaven, as his mother started to moan a little. Bart was too pump to stop now
and didn't care if she woke up or not.

He gently started to lick at his mother sweet pussy, it tasted so good as he
munched away licking up all the sweet juices that started to flow freely. Marge
started to shift he could then feel the pleasure that her son was giving. Marge
moaned out allowed as she looked down to see her son between her legs. She
started to yell out Bart Stop that, I'm your mother Stop!!! But it was much to
late as Bart continued to eat away at his mother tasty snatch. Oh god Bart, you
must stop it, oh god I think I'm cumming, oh my little man eat me eat you mother
all up, her it come baby! As Marge started to cum Bart keeped eating away at
her, tasting and roaming around the place of his birth. As Marges Orgasm
subsided she pulled Bart up and started Kissing him full on the mouth, there
tongues met and the explored each others mouths. Marge could taste her own pussy
juice in Barts mouth and she loved it. When they broke of the kiss Marge said
Bart, that was great, oh my god, I never though it coul d be that good, oh my
little man do you want to fuck your mommy? Bart nodded his head as his mommy
grabbed his penis and put it right up her pussy. Bart got on top of his mother
and started to fuck her good and hard. He could feel his cum rising as his
mother called out his name, telling him she needed it faster as Bart said Mommy,
I'm going to cum, Here it comes Oh shot it baby, shot your load into me Bart,
shot all your hot seed into me, oh Bart, give me your seed I want your fucking
baby, lets make a baby Bart, oh I want you cum in my hot pussy. With that Bart
fired off filling his mothers pussy full with hot love cream, It started to over
flow, so Bart pulled out his cock and shoved it into his mothers face. Marge had
never sucked a cock before, not even Homers, but when she saw the sticky hot cum
flowing from it she needed to taste his hot sticky seed. Barts cock fitted into
his mother mouth perfectly, Marge sucked like a vacuum as she eat all the cock
that he had left to giv e. The cum flowed from her mouth all over her face and
tits, it was so think and sticky that it was dripping like hot wax.

As Barts penis deflated, Bart started to kiss his Mommy tasting his and her
mixture of love. They fell in a heap on here bed. Marge grabbed her panties and
put them on, puling them right over her plump ass, with two fingers she pushed
the silky material into her cunt and soaked it withe Barts love juice and her
own, she then took them off and handed them to Bart to sniff and feel. Just
licking her Panties got Bart horny again and his grabbed his penis and stuck
right up his mother again, once again entering the place of his birth. About
that baby mom, he is some more sticky seed for you! Bart said as he started
pumping again, thinking to himself, oh shit I still have to fuck Lisa tonight,
ahh, to be a Simpson.



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