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Contains MF, F-solo, b-solo, voy

Simpsons: Bart The Pervert Part 1
by Gwentbishop

'Bart! Get down stairs now mister.' Marge yelled at the top of her voice, while sliding pancakes over to Homer and Lisa. Spinning round she started to feed Maggie her milk, then grabbed the pet's food and filled up the bowls.

Bart pulled his pajamas on; he hated Thursdays, he had math and could never finish his homework, even when he tried, which was a rarity. Instead he would be daydreaming about seeing Homer pound Marge later that night. He'd stumbled upon this hot sex show about two weeks before, when feeling ill and going to get a cookie from downstairs. On his way back up he had heard groans coming from his parent's room. He couldn't resist a quick peak. He pushed the door so he could just see in, and the sight he saw made him hard as a rock.

Marge was on all fours with Homer behind her, driving his cock into her visibly wet snatch. The smell of Marge's pussy caught in Bart's nose and he had to start jacking off. He was so turned on watching his mom get fucked hard; he was close to cumming in next to no time.

Suddenly Homer pulled out of his wife and flipped her over so her face was by his throbbing cock. Jets of cum shot over her face and into her hungry, open mouth. It was too much for Bart, watching his innocent mother gobble up cum, trying to wipe it off her face so she could swallow more of the hot liquid. He jizzed all over his hand. Quickly he closed the door and crept back to his room, but not before he saw Homer fall asleep and Marge suck the remaining cum from his shrinking cock. He wanked again that night before finally going to sleep.

The next day Marge getting fucked was all he could think about. The only distraction he got from Marge was when Miss Krabappel bent down beside him looking over Milhouse's work. Her tight arse had always been an object of his dreams, along with her busty chest. He longed to get held behind one day and fucked raw. Again today he was held behind, but much to his disappointment he had no sex, just more math homework to catch up on by the next day or he'd have Saturday detention.

He went home dreaming of Marge and Edna fucking each other with strap-ons while sucking him off. As soon as he got home, he ran to his room, pulled out his cock and started wanking. Seconds later he shot his load.

After tidying up, he got on with his homework, until Marge called him for supper. All through-out supper he kept staring at Marge's tits trying to escape from her dress, he longed for one to pop out and him to start sucking on it.


Homer's yell tore Bart's eyes away from his moms breasts, luckily no one noticed where he'd been looking as Homer was too busy shoving food in his mouth and Lisa and Marge where having their own conversation.

"Have you got a game this weekend?" Homer asked again.

"Yeah, Homer, you gonna come along?"

"No, boy, I've got an important meeting with Lenny and Carl. Next time I'll come," Homer replied, day dreaming about having a pint in his "meeting".

Bart on the other hand was dreaming about next time Homer would cum. He hoped tonight he would be able to film his parents fucking. He was going to place a camera in their room and record the whole night, then watch it back tomorrow, so as not to get caught.

Later that night after Bart had set up the camera, he was in bed trying to listen out for sounds of his parents fucking. He gave up soon though and had a wank dreaming about the tape he would get the next day.

For the next week Bart left the camera in his parents room, checking it each day, but to his disappointment the only good footage he got was his mom getting dressed and undressed each morning, which although he wanked over it daily, wasn't what he'd hoped for.

It wasn't until the next Thursday that Bart got what he wanted. The footage he got wasn't the best, but it showed Marge sucking Homer's cock like a pro, then riding it for all she is worth with her tits bouncing up and down and Homer pull and pinching her nipples. The grand finale was the same as before, with Marge trying to swallow as much or Homer's cum as possible, and him falling asleep. Only this time Bart was able to see Marge finger fucking herself to an orgasm after drinking all of Homer's jizz. He wanked more over that the Homer fucking her.

For the next week he kept on re-watching the footage, and plotting how to get more after realising they only shagged once a week. He was also thinking about Edna and how if it was so easy to get his parents on camera, would he be able to get her on camera?


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