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Everyone knows that Bart Simpsonís character is mischievous and unruly. No one knows why this is; all that we do know is that Marge, Bartís mom, has a hard time keeping her boy in check.

Bart is aged 15 years; he is beginning to go trough puberty. School is out, and itís the middle of summerÖBart is spending more time at home.

Marge is aged 35 years; she is a housewife, very perky. Her green dress hides a slender womanly body.

Marge came to realize that her boy was misbehaving and doing poorly in school becauseÖhe was sexually frustrated! This epiphany came to her while she was cleaning up Bartís room, and stumbled upon some pornographic magazines, hidden under the mattress. In the following weeks, Marge noticed a change in Bartís behavior, he was admiring her body; from her legs, to her thighs, and her breasts. She also noticed that he wanted to spend more time with her. Marge figured he had a harmless crush on her, but she still felt uneasy about Bart looking at her other than in a motherly fashion. Marge being a prude was uneasy about the feeling of her boy beginning the process of manhood.

One day Marge caught Bart going through her underwear drawer. Bart had snuck into her room while she was doing the laundry downstairs. He was infatuated with his motherís bra and panties. She saw him caress them, smell them, rub them on his face and kiss them. Marge was shocked, worried and embarrassed all at the same time, but didnít know what to do. Being the shy person she is, she decided to forget that the whole thing happened.

Marge began reading up on how to deal with children who are making the leap to adolescence and sexuality. She then understood that she should have to find the courage to sit down with Bart and talk to him about what was going on, and talk to him about sex, to help him understand that he was no longer going to be a boy, and that he was on his way to becoming a young man. But before Marge could have the "sex talk" with Bart, something happenedÖ.

Margeís bedroom. Lisa is at the library, homer is at Moeís, and Maggie is asleep in the babyís room.

While Marge was in her room beginning to undress to be able to take a shower, she heard heavy breathing coming from the closet. She figured the dog had gotten locked in somehow. Having taken off her trademark green dress, Marge was in her bra and panties, as she made her way to the closet door which was ajar, only to discoverÖ. Bart hiding in the closet short of breath. She screamed out: " Bart! What in Godís name are you doing there!", as she noticed that his pants were down, his penis fully erect and dripping with semen, which had been soaked up by one of her panties that he had taken.

Marge was clutching her breasts and her crotch in a futile attempt to hide her delicate body and her undergarments, from the boyís eyes. She was beginning to freak out, and was about to scold him when Bart with tears in his eyes said: "Please donít be mad mom, I couldnít help myself. I know Iím a bad boy, and I do bad things, but I love you mom, and I know I shouldnít be here, but I really wanted to see your body, itís all I can think about."

Marge, not wanting to traumatize the boy by screaming at him, took this opportunity to talk to the boy. She said: "You mean to tell me that you do bad things, and are failing in school because all you can do is think about my body?"

Bart: "Yes, I know, and Iím really sorry, but when I look at your titsÖ"

Marge: "Bart! Theyíre called breasts, for heavens sake, where did you pick up such filth?"

Bart: "Ok, sorry, your breasts and that ass of yoursÖ"

Marge: "That would be buttocks."

Bart: "Right, buttocks. Anyhow, I get these overwhelming urges that are stronger than me. Thatís why I was in here, playing with my dick..."

Marge: " Your penis, dear."

Bart: "Right, my penis. So, I was in here and it got so big and hard that it hurt, and I wanted it to go away. But it felt good when I touched it, so I rubbed it. But then I felt an explosion, like I was going to die or something, and then this white piss came out."

Marge: " Thatís called semen Bart, and what you were doing is called masturbating. Itís perfectly natural to feel the way you doÖmaybe not necessarily towards your motherÖbut after all I am the only woman in the house, and itís your hormones that are responsible for making you notice my body. As for masturbating, itís a normal human activity, but no one really talks about it. If it makes you feel better, your father and I do masturbate when the other is away."

Bart: "So, Iím not a freak! Thanks or not scolding me. Iíve been worried these past few months that something was wrong with me."

Marge: "I know. Iíve noticed the changes. Well, lets get you cleaned up, then we can have a little talk, you an I."

Scene: Marge, still in her underwear, takes Bartís pants off and takes them along with the semen stained panties to the hamper. She then leads Bart by the hand into the bathroom. She finishes undressing him, and directs him into the tub. They both feel awkward, but are trying to act normal. No one wants to make the other feel uncomfortable. Meanwhile, as Marge washes him, Bart stares at his motherís breasts underneath the bra, and he can see that her nipples are popping.

Bart: "Mom, I know this may sound weird, but can I see what you look like without your underwear on"

Marge is numb. She doesnít know what to do at first. Then she realizes that she has Bartís attention like never before. This is just were she wants him to be, dependant on her. She figures that she can make the best out of a bad situation by brokering a deal, and at the same time giving her boy a lesson in biology.

Marge: "Ok, Bart. Since youíre so curious to see a womanís body, I will show you, so that way you wonít be curious anymore, but first Iíll make a deal with you. If you promise to do better in school and to act more responsibly, I will teach you the ins and outs of sex, using my body as a model for you to visualize on. This is the only way I can think of to get you to be good. If I see that your grades are slipping, then you will lose this privilege. But donít you dare tell anyone about this, this is a special moment between you an me."

Bart: "Ok, mom. You drive a hard bargain, but itís an offer I just canít refuse."

Marge delicately unhooks her bra from behind, and slides it off her arms, exposing each delicate but firm breast one at a time, and lets the bra fall to the floor. She then proceeds to slide off her panties down her slender and smooth legs, down to the floor, exposing her neatly trimmed bluish pubic hair. Seeing this, Bart is hard as a rock, standing there in the tub. Marge sees this and smiles, and then Bart smiles too.

Bart: "Wow! Itís just like in the magazines."

Marge: "Yes, I know about those too. But let me tell you, these arenít just for goggling at. Breasts are meant to feed milk to babies, like when I breast feed Maggie."

Bart: "Mom, why do you have hair down there?"

Marge: "Itís mostly decorative, like the ones on your head."

Bart: "Mom, you have nice breasts."

Marge: "Thank you Bart, and you have a niceÖehmÖpenis."

Bart: "Can I touch them?"

Marge, a little shocked, thinks about it for a moment, and figures he will just go somewhere else if he canít get it here. Then she would lose her newfound control over him. She decides to indulge him.

Marge: "Ehm..I guess it wouldnít hurt."

Marge takes Bartís hands and places them on her breasts. At this point, Bart drools as he begins to rub them. Marge then lets out a small moan as she is beginning to be aroused by all this. Even thought she knows this is taboo, she begins to believe that if Bart is acting bad because he is sexually frustrated, then as the boyís mother, she must try to relieve his sexual tension, so that the boy can do better in school, and in life.

Bart: "Mom, this makes me feel good all over."

Marge: "Thatís normal sweetie, it makes me feel good too."

Bart: "Can I see your pussy-hole? Like the girls have in the magazines?"

Marge: "I donít know where you got those, but I donít like them, theyíre filth! First of all, my hole is called a vagina, and itís not meant to be degraded like in those magazines."

Bart: "Can I see your vagina then?"

Marge hesitates, but gives in. She turns around and walks to the toilet. All along the way, Bartís eyes are glued to his motherís sweet perky ass. Marge sits down on the toilet seat and spreads her legs wide open, while at the same time she arches her back and leans backward, so that her son can see all of her vagina. After all, this is a biology lesson.

Marge: "This is where babies come out fromÖso you can forget what we told you that fairies bring home the babies."

Bart: "Why do you have a vagina, and I have a penis?" Holding it in his hands.

Marge: "Well son, the manís penis goes into the womanís vagina, so that he can deposit his sperm to fertilize the egg inside me, so that a baby can grow in my womb, and come out my vagina."

Bart: "It all makes sense now!"

Marge: "Iím glad it does, but I was hoping to tell you all this with our clothes on!"

Bart: "Believe me mom, this is way better!"

Marge: "Iíll bet!"

Bart: " Mom, can I feel your vagina?"

Marge: (excited) "WellÖalrightÖbut be gentle."

Bart gets out of the tub and walks to the toilet where Marge is seated. He stares at the clitoris lips, which are pulsing with blood, and moist with anticipation.

Marge: "Wait. We need to moisten your fingers first."

Marge sucks Bartís fingers into her mouth and covers them with saliva. Bart then caresses the clitoris and plunges his fingers down her canal. Marge squirms with delight and gives off a moan. Bart has pre-cum on the tip of his dick, and Margeís pussy is wet.

Bart: "Would it be alright if I kissed you?"

Marge: "I donít see why not. Weíve come this farÖand youíve got to learn somewhere."

Marge leans forward and envelopes Bart with her arms, pulling him into her naked breasts. Bart places his hands on her breasts and leans in further until his penis and testicles are resting on top of his motherís belly.

Bart: "Mom. I know I masturbated before and spilled my juices on your panties, but now my penis hurts even more than before, and so do my balls."

Marge: "Theyíre called testicles, and itís okay sweetie. Donít be scared."

Not wanting her boy to suffer, Marge takes immediate action.

Marge: "Bart, I am your mother, and I canít stand to see you suffer. Now, mothers donít usually do this, but youíre my special little guy, and I donít want you to hook up with some slutty girl so that you can sow your oats, and catch god knows what diseases. No, I want you to be with me, where I know you wonít catch anything."

Marge gets up off the toilet and makes Bart sit in her place. She kneels down in front of him and begins to fondle his penis and scrotum until it throbs. She then begins to masturbate him. Marge is now sexually attracted to her young smooth boy, his body is physically smaller than Homer, and has almost no body hair, except for his pubes. However, his penis is a good size for his age. Marge wants to get her boy off, but she is enjoying this too much. Her vagina is contracting sporadically inside her, in anticipation of what is to come.

Bart: "God mom, your hands feel like magic on my balls...ehr...scrotum. It tingles all over, and my penis feels like itís gonna burst!"

Marge: "You enjoy this honey. Your momma will make it all better now."

Marge tires of using her hands, and she doesnít want to chafe her boyís penis, so she takes his penis into her mouth, lubricates it with saliva, spreading it around with her tongue, and then begins to bob up and down in a rhythmical motion while moaning.

Bart: "Oh God, Oh God. This is incredible, mom, oh mom."

With this, Bart lets go of his pubescent load into Margeís waiting mouth. She promptly swallows the delicious juices, and cleans her boyís penis with her tongue, enjoying all this wonderful semen her boy made for her.

Marge: "Howís my boy now? All better?"

Bart: "Iím in heaven."

Marge: "Well, since I did a favor for you, do you think you can help your mom out, since sheís all hot and bothered? After all, weíre all just biological animals, and we got to do what our hormones tell us to, right?"

Bart: "You bet! Iíll do anything for you mom!"

Marge: "Thatís a good boy. Iíll give you a few minutes to recover, then I want to show you what sex really isÖthe blow job I just gave you was to relieve your stress."

Bart: "Youíre the teacher mom, and I will obey!"

Marge: "Well then, let momma show you how itís done."

Marge leads Bart by the hand (in a loving way) back into the bedroom towards her bed. Bart was now going to tap his mother in the same bed that his father usually buffs her.

Marge engages Bart in a few minutes of foreplay, where mother and son explore each otherís bodies, touching and groping each other, the time that it takes for Bart to recover.

Marge then lies down on the bed with her knees propped up. She then makes Bart position himself directly on top of her, so that she can support him (remember Bart is only 15, he just started puberty and heís still smaller than his mom). She rubs at his penis until it is firm again, at the same time spreading her saliva. Then she guides his shaft into her vaginal canal. She whimpers and moans as Bart begins the thrusting motion that seems to come instinctively. Mother and son have lost their identify, for this one moment in time, they are entangled in each others arms as lovers, lovers that are forced together by biological urges stronger than their moral being. They grab at each other, and kiss as if in a fit of passion. After Bart and Marge come to a climax, Marge instructs Bart to pull out his penis and spill his load on her body, lest his seed should give fruit.

The lovers having orgasmed and let go off all their juices, lovingly holding one anotherÖ.

Bart: "I love you mom."

Marge: "I love you son."



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