Simpsons: Dude Your Mom's A Babe (bF,inc,anal)
by Queeg ([email protected])

C'thud! The front door slammed shut and shuddered the house as Homer skipped
off down the road to indulge another wasted night of drunken shenanigans at
Moe's Tavarn. He wouldn't be back until 3. Bart watched out his bedroom
window as Homer faded to a blob then dissolved out of the reach of his eye,
"Adios Homer", he sniggered.

Nobody was home, well, apart from his mom, but then again she always was.
Lisa was "hell knows where doing some silly science award crap" as he put
it, and Maggie was spending a nauseous evening with Patty and Selma. The
dull drone of hovering could be heard coming from just out side his room,
and Marge entered paying attention to the floor as she cleaned the same
spot of fluffed up carpet repeatedly. "Mom! I'm board, can I have a
computer? Millhouse has one" he whimpered. "And I worked out it would ONLY
take 5 months of dad working full hours both day and night to pay off,"
getting ahead of himself.

"Oh Bart" his mother still tackling the patch of floor, "Why don't you play
an old toy or game, we could play it together that's fun," she said

"Right... mom," said Bart, "but I only played with them last year."

Marge went on suggesting ideas to waste time, until her voice faded into the
continuous hummm of the Hoover and all he could hear was bleh blah hummmmm
blah blah! After his mom left, Bart signed. He gave up and went to bed.

Bart awoke that night wet with sweat, and sat up in bed panting. He felt a
weird type of excitement overcome him, he looked down at the solid bulge in
his shorts. He touched it. Just what the hell was this new sensation, it made
him want to do something, he didn't know what, but whatever the fuck it was
he wanted to do lots of it NOW! "AYE CARUMBA!" he sprang from his bed and
went seeking answers from his mother.

He wandered into his parent's bedroom, dodging creaky floorboards as he made
his way to the bed, where his mom was sound asleep. Moonlight seeped in
though the gaps illuminating the outline of her curves. Bart climbed up into
her warm bed and sat there curiously watching her curves and the creases and
dark patches he could make out beneath her short almost see-through dress,...
if you could call it that. Maybe too many years of being a Simpson had gone
to his head, "this is sick man!"

Bart's eye eased up towards his mom's large breasts, both smiling back at
him. His penis began to throb even more. Why the fuck not, thought Bart
carefully monitoring his mothers sleep and reactions as he leant forward to
pop the left one out to indulge it. The feeling had become unbearable, he
needed to relieve this tension quickly before it overwhelmed him and killed
him, he thought. He stripped out of his itchy night shorts and inspected his
mother's body, be this time he was shaking with anticipation. "What would
Krusty the Clown do?" he thought, "AH fuck Krusty!"

He pressed his penis against his mother's silky smooth skin and rubbed it up
a down her long soft legs stroking her inner thigh. Suddenly MARGE awoke in
shock she looked down toward Bart grinding her teeth!

"BART!" She shrieked.

"Mom... em.. I" he spluttered.

"Young man I'm going to teach you a lesson on treating your mother with
respect!" She bellowed.

Before Bart could think to move, she had taken a grip on his penis, squeezing
the end hard and dragging her hand down his throbbing shaft, she repeated
this as if she were cleaning starting at the top and pulling down hard over
the tip of his rock hard penis. Bart let out a whelp and started to moan and
squirm with delight. Bart didn't know if he liked this or thought it hurt.
IT was rough! She increased her speed yanking and tugging at his rather
impressive penis. Bart was helpless, all he could do was lie back and wriggle
and jerk his head from side to side.

"Fuckin A!" Bart grunted as Marge lubricated her hand with saliva and carried

Suddenly Bart opened his eyes to find his mom had moved position and stuck
her perky ass into his crotch and was waiting impatiently, still overcome
with anger.

"BART! Do I have to count to three?" her shouted.

Bart looked down in the direction of his crotch to see his Marge's fingers
spreading her pussy lips open wide. Bart gulped hard and entered guiding his
erect penis into her voluptuous vagina canal and started popping the head in
and out of the opening, each time exploring a little further in.

"You're my special little guy" Marge groaned, breathing quicker "You
understand sometimes I have to teach you some lessons," but Bart was
enjoying himself too much to take any notice.

The thrusting motion went on for a further 10 minutes until...

"BART!" Marge screamed.

"Oh god, what did I do now?" Bart pondered.

"I'M CUMMING!" she continued, "Oh GOD I think I'm cumming!!! Aahhhahhahhh!!!"

As Marge's orgasm subsided she pulled Bart up against her breasts.

SLAM! The front door slammed shut, and Homer's voice could be heard, "BURP!
Honey! I'm shhhh home hik!"

Bart darted out the bedroom door and dived into the safety of his bed.

Bart awoke the following morning with little recall of the pervious night
and still with the same urge unsatisfied, he could hear the distant sound of
cleaning, but apart from that the house was silent and the night before with
little pockets of everyday outside noises coming from his window. He'd risen
to scratched his aching boner then ventured downstairs towards the sound. He
entered the living room to see his mom bent right over the couch cleaning.
Bart lost control. He wanted to finish what he started last night. He grabbed
his mom's waist pulling up her long green dress and snapping down her panties
in an animalistic manner.

"Bart, I'm cleaning what do you think your doing young man?" started Marge
trying to shake Bart's clutch.

"Mom, spare the fuckin bee N bird crap!" Bart's penis almost hurt with
sensitivity and his heart was beating fast with excitement. He looked at his
mom's pussy then glanced up towards her anus. "Ok I've can't remember if it
was the upper or lower one you put it in. Ah hell I'll try the top," Bart

"NO Bart!" Marge pleaded, but before she could reason with him he jumped into
her and Marge took all 6 inches of Bart's dick deep into her ass. "Oh shit!
shit man! ....agh feels sooo Grraa good."

He paused for a moment, it was sooo tight, then started trusting hard, his
thighs slapping against his moms wobbling buttocks in a violent manner. It
was to late! And moments later Marge had given up pleading with him and
began screaming his name remembering how much she adored it in the ass.


Marge, trembled with pain and glee started pushing back into Bart as he
pumped her. Something was welling inside his penis, like it was going to
explode. Bart quickly withdrew it for closer inspection.

"Don't worry Bart, its perfectly normal just lie down on the couch." Marge
quickly instructed.

Bart quickly took up this position, "What now?" he said.


Marge hunch over Bart her back facing him as she moved in closer. With out
warning her scooped up Bart's slightly bruised, but still hard penis and
resubmitted it into her plump stretched asshole and sat on Bart's lap.
"Now I control you Bart, you will do as you'll told from now on, or else!"

Bart cried out in orgasm as Marge bounced up and down on Bart's penis, each
time her lifted up, the walls of her anus slid unwilling up his shaft, until
finally Bart started to shake. "AH AH AH Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
Shit man, I'm guna bloww!" Bart let out a loud cry as he blew his load in
Marge's ass.

Marge screeched with each pump of semen from Bart's cock into her ass and
oozed out over her cheeks, they both collapsed on the living room floor
gasping for air. The tension had been released and Marge lay speechless on
the floor, her ass in the air, and Bart laid spread out on the sofa.

"Oh Man that shit rocked!"

THATS ALL FOR NOW MOFO's!!! Unless you got dee cash!!!


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