Simpsons: HPT - The Hibbert-Pregnancy-Test (MF,reluc)
by Renzo's Short Stories ([email protected])

Scene: Manjula entering Dr. Hibbertís office late.

Manjula: Dr. Hibbert? Sorry, Iím late. Apu was busy at the store and I

Hibbert: Quiet Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilon! Iím behind schedule. Please lock the
door behind you and take a seat on the examination table.

She did as told.

Hibbert: Hee, Hee! So what is it that you need?

Manjula: Well... Apu and I had sex a few nights ago and I would like to see
if I am pregnant.

Hibbert: Not a problem! Hee, Hee! Just disrobe yourself and we can start
further tests.

Manjula: Are you sure this is how itís done America? Because back in India...
we have...

Hibbert: Iím a doctor Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilon; Iíve done this procedure
countless times. Now, hand me your cloths so I can hangíem on this coat

Manjula: How kind of you, Dr. Hibbert. Thank you.

She takes her cloths off and hands them to Dr. Hibbert. He hangs her dress
along with bra onto the coat hanger. However, he keeps her panties and slips
them into his doctor coat.

Manjula: Dr. Hibbert... those are mine.

Hibbert: Excuse me?

Manjula: My underwear... you put them in your pocket.

Hibbert: Oh, those. Yes... ummm... I will need these for further
experimentation. Hee, Hee!

Manjula: If you insist.

Hibbert: Now, spread your legs. I will need to measure the diameter of your
vaginal cavity.

Manjula: Okay.

Dr. Hibbert sticks two of his fingers into Manjulaís pussy. He feels around,
and starts to arouse Manjula. He thrusts in and out. She moans.

Manjula: Dr. Hibbert, Iím confused. How does this determine whether Iím
pregnant or not?

Hibbert: Not now, Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilon... Does it feel good?

Manjula: Yes... ugh... but I canít.

Dr. Hibbert interrupted by kissing her on the lips while rubbing her clit.
She became speechless and closed her eyes.

Hibbert: Manjula, make it easy for the both of us and just let it happen.

Manjula: No... Iím...

He started to finger her faster and faster. She bit her lip.

Manjula: Uhhhh... Ughhh... yes!

Hibbert: Well well well... looks like I made you change your mind. Now relax
and let me do my thang... Hee Hee!

Dr. Hibbert continued to finger Manjula. She leaned farther back, allowing
him to touch her where only Apu had been a few nights earlier. His speed
increased sending Manjula into a continuous scream.

Manjula: Dr. Hibbert... I think Iím going to...

Hibbert: Wait a minute!

Dr. Hibbert snatched his fingers out of Manjula. Her screaming seized. Her
breath returned to normal.

Manjula: Whatís wrong? Why did you stop?

Hibbert: Hee, Hee! Well it looks like we have a big problem. It appears that
we need something much larger inserted into your cavity.

Manjula: ...and what is that?

Hibbert: Well, how about this?

Dr. Hibbert unzips his pants and pulls out his huge black boner. He whales it
in front of Manjula. Sheís astonished.

Manjula: Dr. Hibbert... thatís... itís huge!

Hibbert: Well black men are known for their overgrown shafts Hee hee!...
youíre welcome to take a shot at it...

Manjula: Iím more than willing.

Manjula opened her legs as wide as she possibly could. She was about to allow
Dr. Hibbert entrance to her snatch. A penis much larger than Apuís was to be
inserted into her; it would go far up her cunt reaching virgin area.

Facing each other, with Manjula sitting, Dr. Hibbert put it in her. He leaned
over, passed Manjula, with his on the wall directly behind the examination
table. He pushed in and out in a monotonous quick tempo. All she could do is
watch Dr. Hibbert fill her cunt and stand her ground, trying not to hit the
wall. She screamed aloud as he picked up speed.

Hibbert: Ah... goiní to orgasm...

Manjula became anxious as soon as those words came out of his mouth. She
tried to back out but he pulled her closer forcing his penis deep into her
pussy. Then, he came. He filled up her cavity, cum spewing all over the

Manjula: Ohhh! Apuís gonna kill me.

Hibbert: Well, if you werenít, you are now. Hee, Hee!


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