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Simpsons: Maggie All Grown Up Part 1
by Nova

Milhouse sat alone in the living room of his best buddy's new apartment. Bart
had just moved in with his girlfriend and Milhouse had been invited over to
check it out. But as usual, Bart had other more important things to do. And
had run out on Milhouse at the last minute, and that had been over an hour

"Bart! Are you home?" There was a call from the door, a very young and light

Milhouse got up from his seat infront of the tv, and answered the door. "Oh
hi Maggie." Milhouse said.

"Milhouse!" Maggie said with suprise. "Is Bart here?"

"No, but you can come in and wait along with me."

Maggie just gave a shrug and entered the apartment. Maggie sure had grown,
Milhouse thought to himself. She had come a long way from the baby girl in
blue he had known his whole life. But 14 years can sure change a girl, at
the mear age of 15 Maggie was more like an adult then most 44 year olds
Milhouse knew. Milhouse watched her as she sat on the couch with her legs
crossed, staring at what was on the tv. She had her long blonde hair pulled
back into a loose ponytail, that folded lightly around her shoulders. She
was wearing a black skirt that came up to just above the knees, and a light
sky blue blouse that had it's sleaves pulled drown to show off her young

Milhouse couldn't help but stare at her, he knew at 24 that he shouldn't
think this way about a teenager but her exposed shoulders were diving him
wild. He slowly scaned her body, stoping briefly at her small breast that
where slowly moving up and down to the movement of her breathing under the
top. Then continuing down her body, staring at her long legs. He could
just imagin having those soft slikly legs wrap around his body. Milhouse
couldn't take it anymore, jumping up quickly. "I'll be right back" He said
leaving the room, and locking himself in the bathroom. Quickly looking
around, he unziped his pants and slid his hand into his underwear. Grabbing
ahold of his stiff cock, he started pumping his hand up and down.

Maggie was in the living room, wondering what had happen to Milhouse. He
had left rather fast, maybe something was wrong. Getting up from the couch,
Maggie walked towards the bathroom. As she got closer she could hear heavy
breathing, puting her ear to the door she listened.

Inside the bathroom, Milhouse was pumping away violently, with his head back
and his eyes closed. He could see Maggie's naked body in his mind, and with
a sudden grunt he came. He hunched over, hanging onto the sink with his cock
still in his hand. After a few minutes to gather himslef, and clean up.
Milhouse left the bathroom, finding Maggie in the exact same place she was
when he had left.

"Everything ok?" Maggie asked.

"Oh....uh...yeah I umm...just wasn't feeling very good."

"You feel better now?" Maggie asked, a small smirk crossing her face. "Yeah,
thanks," Milhouse said with a stammer, as he sat down next to her.

As they sat there again, Maggie could feel Milhouse staring at her still. "I
bet I could have fun with this" Maggie thought to herself. With a small sigh
Maggie leaned back against the couch, reaching her arms back behind her head
to streach. She saw Milhouse look at her chest, out of the corner of her eye.
Sitting back up Maggie lifted one of her legs up onto the couch, and untied
her shoe. Leaving a perfect view up her dress, she saw Milhouse glance up her
skirt quickly. She gave a little smile, as she did the same with her other
leg. Lifting is up high onto the couch, exposing her light pink panties and
thin taned legs. Once both shoes were off she sat on the couch with both legs
pulled up under her, making so that her skirt went almost all the way up to
the waist.

"Ummm..." Milhouse said with a jump. "I'll be right back." He said getting up
and turning to leave.

"Milhouse!" Maggie said, jumping up and grabing his arm. "You don't need to
go, I was just teasing you," she said with a smile.

But Milhouse felt even more like a pervert than ever. "You were teas...
teasing me?" He said with a stammer.

Maggie giggled at him, he always stammered when he was nervous. "Yes, why
don't you just stay here with me?" she said, pulling him back to the couch.

"No but I..."

"Oh I know." Maggie said, sitting him back down on the couch. "Just do me a
favor before you run away to jack off again."

Milhouse's cheeks went pink, even as a grown man he was shy. "What do you
want?" He asked, swallowing hard.

"Just sit there." Maggie said with a smirk, as she walked to the tv and
turned it off. Then to his suprise, she climbed up on top of the tv and sat
down on the top of it.

"Uh Maggie.." Milhouse started, before he was cut off.

"Shut up." She said, slowly lifting her skirt up to her waist. "Tell me Mil,
have you ever seen a girl masturbate up close?" She asked, as she slowly slid
her painties to the side, exposing the smallest bit of flesh.

Milhouse licked his lips, as he started to sweat. Maggie had started to
slowly rub her clit with her finger. She slid her other hand up under the
shirt, and started to play with her breasts. With her legs spread wide one
either side of the tv, she threw he head back and let out a low moan.
Milhouse sat watching in awe, as the teen rolled her young pink clit
inbetween her two fingers.

Slowly rocking her body outward, as her fingers rubed faster and faster.
With a low moan, she stoped rubbing her clit and used her fingers to spread
her pussy lips and run one of her free fingers up the inside folds of her
pussy. Then she brought her fingers up to her mouth, and slowly licked all
her juices off. Never once breaking eye contact with Milhouse. She could see
the bulge in Milhouse's pants grow, as she slid down off the tv and walked
over to him. "Now Milhouse, are you gonna fuck me? Or leave a poor girl

"Maggie, this is wrong." Milhouse said, trying to tear his eyes away from

"Why?" She asked, as she pulled her top off over her head.

"Be...because I'm a grown man and you're a 15 year old girl."

"Aww Milhouse, I'm not asking you to marry me. And besides I'm not exactly a
baby, and it's not like you're 70." She said with a giggle as she slid out of
her skirt.

Standing infront of Milhouse in nothing but her underwear, she clumbed onto
his lap. Fitting each leg on either side of Milhouse, she wraped her arms
around his neck and kissed him. She could feel him hold back, so she slid her
tongue deep into his mouth as she rubbed up against his growing erection.
Suddenly Milhouse wrapped his strong arms around her middle, and kissed her
deeper than anyone had ever kissed her before. This made her very hot, and
she started ripping at his shirt. She felt his hands leave her back and move
down, with one quick movement he unziped his pants and his very large cock
popped out.

With a sudden jerk of pain, Maggie could feel the fat tip of Milhouse's cock
pressing against her cherry. She bit her bottom lip and squeezed onto his
Milhouse's shoulders, as he quickly slid his cock deep inside her. "Oh......"
Maggie let out a cry, and tears welled up in her eyes.

"Shhhh...It's ok" Milhouse whispered, as he took her bra off and ran his
hands over his young skin. "Go at you're own pace." He said, leaning in and
kissing her breasts. Maggie just shook her head, she felt like she would
never be able to open her eyes ever again. "Hun, it won't hurt as much if
you move." Maggie just shook her head no, tears slowly sliding down her
cheeks. Milhouse shifted just a little bit, and to his surprise Maggie open
her eyes.

"Do that again." She whispered.

With a smile, Milhouse moved again. This time pushing his cock a little
deeper into Maggie, she let out a little moan. This time Maggie lifted
herself up, and slid back down. Milhouse's cock slid in and out of Maggie's
tight pink pussy, he was suprised at how fast Maggie was pumping on his

"Oh fuck!" Maggie said. "Oh fuck! God is this suppose to feel...feel...
ohhhhhhhh." She said reaching her first orgasm. With a sigh she slumped
down, as Milhouse kissed her.

"Good huh?" He asked.

"Yeah." Maggie said, looking into Milhouse's eyes. Her cheeks were tear
staned, and she was sweaty. But she was still beautiful. Milhouse held her
face in his hands, and softly kissed her. "Mil?" Maggie said.


"Why didn't you come?" she said, with a hint of worry in her voice.

"I can't come inside you, we're not using a condom."

"Oh." Maggie said sliding off his cock. "Well..." She said with a smile, as
she kneeled down infront on him. "I bet i could fix that." And with that
Maggie slid her mouth around Milhouse's large cock, and started to slowly
lick and suck his cock.

Milhouse leaned his head back, and watched as Maggie sucked his cock and ran
her hands along his balls. "Oh yeah, fuck that's nice." Milhouse said. Within
seconds Milhouse was on the brink of coming. "Oh fuck, Maggie I'm gonna
come!!" he said leaning forward.

Maggie started running both her hands up and down his thick shaft, and with
a loan moan and a loud grunt Milhouse blew his load all over Maggie's chest.
After a second, Milhouse slid off the couch and onto the floor with Maggie.
He wrapped his arms around her, and kissed her deep. "Maggie, you are so

Maggie smiled and leaned her head against Milhouse's bare chest, and said
"Lets go to your place."

"Why?" Milhouse said with suprise.

"Because I want to make love to you in your bed, and then fall asleep in your

With a smile Milhouse got up and got dressed. Once both of them with dressed,
they were out the door and on their way to Milhouse's apartment...

To be continued...

Signed Nova :)


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