Simpsons: Springfield Taboo Part 2 - Afterglow (m-solo)
by GooseGasm

"Ahhhhhhh" Bart exhaled deeply, the vision still swirling in his mind, butterflies still in his stomach, his underpants soaked with cum.

He was back in his bed now, half awake, not sure if he'd actually slept at all. He'd witnessed the divine and had a revelation, all these years he'd lusted after his mother, now he has a spiritial mission to copulate with her.

"Mmmmm Cop-u-late" he murmured as he felt himself starting to grow hard again.

He reached under his blanket and freed his 7 inch member from his restrictive, sticky underpants. Then he gingerly rolled onto his chest and rested his face on his pllow, his rigid shaft pulsating 'neath him.

Bart began visualising the light in his dream, it began to turn a fluorescent pink, images of his mother's sanguine vulva were tumbling through his mind. He started humping his bed vigorously, his throbbing girth enveloped in the silk sheets, his face pressed hard into his pillow, french kissing it as if it were his mother's sweet mouth.

The thought of kissing his mother while grinding the bed sent him primal, through placebo or divine chemistry Marge's sultry aroma began to fill his nostrils, he groaned, pressed his mouth even harder against the pillow and began violently thrusting his cock into the silk. The bed shook as Bart started to develop a rhythm, moaning to his own beat he started to quiver as his mother's naked body flowed through his thoughts. He imagined the sound of her own moans and her soothing voice saying *I love you*.

Bart writhed with passion, "I love you too Mom, so FUCKING much!"

He yelled into his pillow as he approached orgasm, his toes began to curl and his back arched, his movements became jagged and he trembled as every lustful thought of his mother poured out of his swollen vein. Bart yelped and bit down on the pillow "Hhhnnnggg!!" he cried into the fabric.

The visions of his mom being penetrated replaced by one of her laying beside him, their bodies intertwined and their tongues exploring eachother's mouths. *I want to be with you forever* he thought to himself.

Bart was blissful, relieved of his burning desires, for now. However before too long his mind turned to the emptiness of his reality, his mother wasn't laying there with him, his sensual thoughts turned to depression and frustration. How could he ever get her to go along with his plan, would she ever be willing? The question seared in his mind. "Hmph" Bart readjusted himself and slipped off his underwear, as he did he heard footsteps and a knock on the door.

"Bart, time to wake up honey breakfast is downstairs."

Bart looked at his alarm-clock, 7:09am. "Uhhh okay mom, I'll be down in a minute," he replied.

Marge took that as her cue to mosey downstairs and fix some pancakes for Bart, humming catchy 60's pop songs to herself all the while.

Bart stretched out his arms and yawned, back in the world of the living, but still pondering last night's experience. He chucked his wet, stained briefs and his orange-tee into his laundry basket, before fetching some tissues from the box on his bedside table. After wiping himself clean and doing his best with the puddle in his sheets, Bart binned the tissues and proceeded to get dressed and head downstairs for breakfast. His stomach was empty and he felt a little drained from his trip, but overall he felt quite content, vibrant even.

"Morning mother dearest," touted Bart as he walked up and cuddled Marge from behind, his chin resting on her shoulder and his arms clutching her waist. She smelled amazing, an indescribable fragrance.

"Have a good sleep sweetie?" queried Marge as she fondled Bart's hands.

"The best mom," claimed Bart as he pecked her softly on the neck before breaking the embrace.

He took his seat at the table and got comfortable, with his elbow resting on the chair and his legs stretched out. Bart took a moment to appreciate his mom's figure, three kids and she was still a bangin' MILF! Her translucent pink bed robe sat just below her gorgeous ass, her sexy black lingerie clearly visible.

Marge leaned over to the bottom drawer to retrieve some utensil, giving her son a clear view up her robe. Her full buttocks jiggled as she rustled through the drawer, her moist slit greedily swallowing her wet panties. Bart wondered how they smelled, how they tasted, the thought overcame him as he reached down and caressed his tool through his pants, groaning with pleasure. "Mmmmmhmmm" vocalising his lust for a moment.

Marge turned to him with a plate of fresh-made pancakes, "Here you go honey, I bet you're hungry after last night."

Bart quickly retracted his hand from his crotch and responded with a meek "Uhhhh, last...night?" staring apprehensively at his mom.

"Last night, remember? You missed the roast, I hope you're feeling better darling." Marge commented as she kissed her son on the cheek.

"Oh yeah mom, much better!" replied Bart as he poured maple syrup over his pancakes.

"Okay Bart, if you're sure, I just don't want you going to school if you're sick."

Bart stopped and thought to himself, *I really need to tell Milhouse about last night's trip, but I can't say no to a day at home with mom!* Bart motioned to his mother, "Actually mom, I'm still feeling a little under the weather, I might just stay home today."

Marge gave an approving smile at her son saying, "Better safe than sorry sweetheart, now you just eat your breakfast and I'll call the school, tell them you're feeling ill."

Bart nodded happily and stuffed down his share of pancakes.

Upon finishing his breakfast, Bart texted Milhouse telling him to come over, meanwhile Marge had just finished her makeup and was ready to head to her cardio workout.

"Bart, I'm gonna' go to the gym for a couple of hours, I'll bring back some lunch okay sweetie?"

His heart skipped a beat when he saw her standing there, a purple kashmir overcoat draped around her shoulders, barely covering her tight, pink lycra monokini. She definitely wasn't shy about showing off her body, *those curves were god-sent, she was predesigned for my arousal* Bart thought to himself.

After having a good stare he responded in a crass tone "Can I have some of your pie mommy?"

As the words left his mouth, a massive erection began to brew in Bart's pants.

Marge paused for a moment, contemplating what she'd just heard come out of her son's mouth, *Mmmmmnnnnn* her eyes automatically drift downward to the bulge in his pants, her own juice flowing at the sight. "Uhhhh sure hun..." Marge replied, grinning awkwardly before walking to the front door, she stopped and gathered herself.

Bart who was at this point pulling his cock through his pants; made one final comment before his mom left for the gym "Make sure you work up a good sweat."

Marge glanced at her son and gave one final smirk before heading out the door.

Bart was enticed by his last interaction with his mother, he quickly pulled down his pants as his engorged phallus flung upwards with might, "Ahhh that's better!"

The visage of his mom posing in her tights sent Bart into a frenzy as he voraciously tugged on his love-gun. His body trembling and the chair skidding along the floor.

Bart was on the verge of spurting when he heard a knock on the door, Milhouse must be here already. "Awwww Jeez" Bart grimaced to himself.

He pulled up his pants and tucked his member inside the elastic waistband, then opened the door to Milhouse. His friend was holding a plastic bag full of what seemed to be VHS tapes. "Check it out Bart, I found my mom's porn stash! She's got all sorts of good stuff!"

Back in the living room, the boys were rummaging through the pile of adult videos.

"Backdoor Sluts #9," said Milhouse while holding up one of the tapes, a cheesy grin on his face.

"That's lame!" said Bart, "What else you got?"

Milhouse picked through the pile and withdrew another tape, this one had 7-or-8 black men on the front cover, all fucking the same whore. "What about this one? Zulu Gangbang #4?"

Bart chuckled before eyeing another tape, this one had an all black cover with a red banner across the top that simply read 'Taboo'. Inspecting the back-cover confirmed Bart's hopes, this was an incest porno, Mother/Son incest to be specific. Bart handed the tape to Milhouse, not wanting to crack a woody in front of his friend.

Milhouse scanned the back cover with his beady eyes, obviously perplexed by the concept of forbidden fruit. "Let's put this one on Bart!" he exclaimed as he hurredly placed the tape in the VHS Receiver. His eagerness halted when Bart spoke...

"I...I gotta' tell you something Mil, something....incredible..."

End - Part 2


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