Simpsons: Springfield Taboo Part 4 - Revelations (m-solo,drugs,voy)
by GooseGasm

'34 Evergreen Terrace' Home.

Bart look up at his mom's bedroom window, imagining her on her bed, spread eagle with her pussy yawning, "Take me Bart, fuck your whore mother!" Bart restrained himself, having almost cum in his pants.

He walked in the front door and headed to the kitchen. *Hmmm, how to get these in her stomach?* Analysing the shrooms in the Perspex cube given to him by Professor Frink, Bart realised he'd never get her to eat them raw, they taste like mud afterall. Looking around the kitchen, Bart eyeballed the kettle, his face lit up. "I can put them in her coffee!" He cheered, proceeding to fill up the kettle and put it on boil.

Once it was boiled he dropped four mushrooms in a coffee mug and gave them a decent stir. In the distance; the sound of Marge's car coming down the road, Bart hastily began tea spooning in sugar and was retrieving the milk from the fridge.

As Marge walked in the door, she called out to her son "Bart? I'm home honey."

"Here you go Mom." as Bart handed the mug to Marge. He leaned in and planted a loving kiss on her cheek.

"Awww thank you baby, you always know how to make Mommie's day!" She returned a peck on Bart's cheek and made her way to the loungeroom. Sipping her coffee, Marge laid down a yoga mat and placed the mug atop the TV.

*Aye Curamba! She's doing her yoga!*

Her pink lycra body-stocking clung to her curves like paint. Bart's eyes drifted toward his mother's snatch, the outline of her sweaty pussy clearly visible through the wet material. *Christ, look at her cameltoe!* Thought Bart as his man-meat hardened, he began squeezing his package while staring at his MILF Mother contort her body. She was SO flexible, allowing her son to see her at almost every angle, *Could she be putting on a show for me?* The idea twirled in his subconscious.

Marge was ptactically busting out of her outfit, her huge, floppy tits heaving in her blouse. Bart winced at the sight, and his throbbing cock flung up from his waistband. Marge could see the head of his erect penis eyeing her ferociously, pre-cum leaking on his shirt.

Completely unaware of the unfolding situation, a strand of drool dripped from Bart's eager mouth and onto the floor. His mother's damp slit formed a stain on her crotch, "Hmph" Marge exhaled deeply, then in again. Then out, her breasts firming and softening with each breath.

Bart had to get out of there, afraid he'd blow a load right at that moment, his mom's sticky perfume still wafting past him as he retreated upstairs to his room. It took every ounce of self-control for him to not jump Marge's bones right there and then, he couldn't take this much longer.

In a desperate attempt to keep his mind occupied, Bart put all his dirty washing in the laundry and called Milhouse for an update.

"Hey Bart, how's it going with your mom?"

Bart replied "I soaked them in her coffee, she's drinking it now, shouldn't be much longer," then he added, "She look's SO hot in her tights, I need to conquer that ass!"

Milhouse was evidently jealous of Bart's current situation, he was at school for the rest of the day, and then he was going to his Dad's for the weekend. Knowing he wouldn't see his own mother until Monday evening. Milhouse was pining for any updates from Bart, who was all too happy to comply.

Sneaking downstairs to snap a quick pic of his mom bent over as she rolled up her yoga mat, her juicy ass looked like it was about to tear a hole in her outfit. "JESUS! You're so lucky your Mom works out, she still looks 20!"

Bart grinned wildly at his friends envy, only a few more hours and he'd be making passionate love to his Mom.

Unable to retrain his lust any longer, Bart dropped his pants, laid back on his bed and squirted a dollop of lube onto his hand. Groaning as he gripped his trembling mass, he began jerking himself to her Facebook pictures, images of Marge at the beach, her soft bosom drooping over her flat, toned stomach, her skimpy green monokini taught aganst her golden skin, the fabric riding up inside her luscious minge. The thoughts sent Bart spiralling towards climax, he kept vigorously stroking his member as a familiar warmth flowed through him, the spirit of love massaging every fibre of his being. The bed shook as he grew closer to cumming, his hand violently tugging on his god-sent erection.

Bart was about to spew his seed, when he heard Marge strut past his bedroom door on her way to the bathroom. Bart strained to hold his orgasm, tightly squeezing the tip of his prick to keep his semen from spurting all over him. Standing up, he wiped the residual cum on his pants and stepped down the hallway, the sound of the shower running guiding him towards the bathroom, the door wide open.

Bart's spiky hair emerged from behind the door frame as he peeked into the bathroom, his erection was back with a vengeance! In front of him, the silhouette of his beloved mother, scrubbing her sweaty body clean.


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