Simpsons: Teen Bart Simspons Meets Ms Krabappel (MF)
by LilGuy ([email protected])

Bart Simpson was 18 and just got dump by his girlfriend. This was one of the
bad days. He thought about his life of 18 years, all the adventure he had,
the 40 different summers, the 25 different Christmases and wonder if his
adventure would end with him being a virgin.

After all it shouldn't be this way. He was a cool guy. Nice hair, nice face,
4 fingers and 4 toes. He should be getting tons of women and plus he could
skateboard. He could even do the Bartman still.

Bart walked to the local bar. He couldn't go to Moe's ever sense the place
was shut down due to health code violations and that cock fighting ring they
found in the basement. Bart walked into a bar and got himself a drink.

There he saw her. It was his old teacher Ms Krabappel. She looked a lot
better then he remembered. She was a hot number now with long sexy hair. She
wore fishnet stocking and 12 inch heels. She was a bit drunk and her leather
skirt was extra short. You could even see her dripping pussy when she bent
over. Bart knew she broke up with Skinner for the 5th time and was trying to
make him jealous but he didn't think she go this far. She had on a tight
shirt that showed off her new breasts. It was least double D's now after the
operation. It was perfection. She had heavy and slutty make up on. Ms
Karbappel had painted eye lashes and thick red lipstick.

She was hitting on some guys but no taker. Bart wondered why. She was hot
now. He couldn't believe that his teacher was just a hotty. He never noticed
her before. That was when she noticed Bart.

"If it isn't Bart Simpson. My you grown."

"Ummm, hi."

"You look upset...whats wrong?"

Bart hesitated.

"Come tell your old sparring buddy (hic) maybe I can help."

He told them.

"Some hot stud like you?" she said. She felt his leg only to feel and
erection down his leg. It was very huge now. "Aye corrumba," she teased.

"Gulp... It's very weird and strange seeing my teacher outside the class,"
Bart said.

"Want to make it STRANGER?" she said stroking his cock through his pants.

In another world he might say no. Maybe if someone else was with him but
instead he said, "Yes."

That night...

They kissed each other as they removed each other clothes. Krabappel was
naked rubbing his cock through his underwear and grabbing his ass. Bart was
new at this but Krabappel was a good teacher when it came to this at least.
She guides her tongue deep into his mouth and gripped his ass. She sucked on
his lips and nibbled his ear.

"You always said eat your shorts Bart. I think I will today."

She pushed him on the bed and tore his underwear off. She got on the bed
giving him a view of her huge tits. She rubbed his cock head against her
tits and spit on the head slobbering on it. She took his cock deep inside
her mouth and gave him a long sloppy blowjob. She gagged at first and her
cheeks became red but she slowly started taking it in. She smiled at him
giving him a view of it as she took it all. Bart almost came here but she
stopped him going up and down on his cock. She kept him close to the edge
sucking faster and faster.

Bart gripped the bed. She twisted his cock head spit and licking his head.

"Mmmmm finally got you where I want it," she moaned.

Krabappel groped his balls and was fingering his ass with her wet fingers
after she sucked them. She finger fucked his ass faster and faster.

"You taste a lot better than Seymour."


Her red hair flowed down.

"What a matter Bart no witty joke?" She said.

He started to cum deep in her mouth. She swallowed most of it but let some
dripped from her mouth. She knew that would turn him on to keep him hard. She
rubbed is across her tits licking up the jizz.

She got on top of him and stuffed her pussy in his face.

"Suck on the clit first Bart. mmmmmmm that it...suck it, don't be afraid to
lick the ass hole to mmmmm yea!"

She stroked him riding his face.

"Higher, part that with your tongue right there, higher...ahhhh suck it right
there...right...there....mmmmmmm you are a good student."

She rode him faster and faster. She sucked his cock and tit fucked him. She
was cumming.

"Keep sucking don't stop...will cause a multiple...ohhhhhhhh yessss...lick up
those juice Bart my clit!"

She went wild sucking his cock making him shoot stream of cum. She took him
inside her riding his virgin cock up and down. His rod was rock hard, it was
like stealing banging against the wall of her clit. She screamed with

"I LOVE you Ms Krabappel!!!" he said.

"Got you," she said with an evil grin.

That night Bart Laid in her arms.

"Will you do what I say now?" Krabappel asked.


"Good, because you're going to help me get back at someone. Someone I've been
dying to have sex with."

"Oh, Seymour."

"No... See Bart I planned this. I heard you broke up and knew you would
probably end up in that bar. You will help me fuck someone I been dying to
fuck ever sense I saw her in the parent teacher conference. Marge Simpson."

To be continued...


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