NOTE: This story is pure fiction (duh! its about a cartoon family!) and
based on characters appearing "The Simpsons" currently broadcast by the
network. It is sexual in nature and should not be read by anyone under
the age
of 18. (It'll make ya go blind, kiddies!!) This story is written
permission of the Fox network or Matt Groening. Should you feel the
desire to
report this post to either of them, then I shall curse you by wishing
the fleas
of a thousand camels to infest your armpits. That said.....

Ratings: M/F, F, mf, voy, mast

The Simpsons Do Springfield, Part 1
by Singnfool

It was a typical morning in the Simpson household. Marge was scurrying
the kitchen in her bathrobe trying to get the family fed while also
together lunches for Bart, Lisa, and Homer. As usual, Homer was taking
the food
into his system faster than Marge could put it on the table. He had
even chewed
about half of his napkin trying to get some of grease flavorings off of

"You kids better hurry up or you'll miss your bus," said Marge in her
nasal voice. As if on cue, Bart answered back with a stock reply.

"Ohhhhhh, my ovaries," he feigned, clutching at his stomach.

"Oh, Bart," quipped Lisa. "You just don't wanna go to school cause YOU
to study for your history test."

"Boy," said Homer, "You're gonna be history if you don't start doing

"Sorry, Bart. I know how much you'd like to stay home with me today,
there's just too much going on here," said Marge. "And besides, you
need your

Maggie, sitting in her high chair, just shook her finger at Bart and
sucked on
her pacifier, as if in agreeance.

"Who asked you, Maggie," replied Bart. Then to himself, "I'll give you
something to suck on, kid."

The sound of the bus honking its horn made the family jump, and soon
Bart and
Lisa were out the door. "Have a good day, kids!!" shouted Marge.

Homer finished his breakfast and headed upstairs to finish getting
ready for
work. In the bathroom, he felt the need to piss, so he unzipped his
and proceeded to do just that. As he relieved himself, thoughts of last
in bed started to emerge in Homer's mind. Marge had given Homer one of
the best
blowjobs of his life after he had rubbed her elbow for just a few
seconds. That
was one of her few erogenous zones, and Homer could usually get
anything he
asked for just by touching her there. As the force of the piss
subsided, he
began to shake the remaining drops off. However, in doing so, he
brought about
a major erection. He did his best to tuck it away inside his shorts but
size of the bulge made it nearly impossible to get his zipper up.

"I know," he said. "I'll get Marge. She can do anything. Oh, honey..."
he said
as he headed back downstairs towards the kitchen. "I need your help
something, heh heh, it seems my..." he stopped dead in his tracks.
moly." he said, staring at Marge's backside as she bent over to put
things away
in the refrigerator.

Her bathrobe was now hanging over the edge of the chair, and her
had the thigh high hem of her nightie riding up above her ass. Marge
hadn't put
any panties on this morning and the view made Homer's mouth water.
pussssssyyyyyyy," he said in a trance-like voice.

Homer approached Marge quietly and began to run his hand along Marge's
pussy lips. Marge let out a gasp, and made one meager attempt to stop
"You'll be late for work, Homey..." she said.

"That's OK," said Homer. "Someone will cover for me." With that he
himself to his knees and inhaled Marge's musky scent. "Ooohhhh are
sooo hot..." he breathed into her pussy. Marge let a moan escape her
lips as
Homer began to lick up and down her moist slit. Marge could feel the
running now and soon they were running down her thighs.

"Oh, Homey.....that feels so good...please don't stop," said Marge.
your finger in me baby...yeah, like that." Homer did as he was asked.
" send me to the stars when you do that to me."

Homer started to piston his finger in and out of Marge's snatch. "Oh,
yes, Homey, do me do me do me!!!!!" Homer then lowered his mouth to
asshole and begin to lick the rim. That just made her even hotter, and
as he
started to push his tongue into her rectum, she let out a scream that
rival Ned Flanders. With a shudder, Marge began to buck into Homer's
screaming. "Yes Homey, Yes...that's it..I'm cumming, Homer...Oh, don't
stop!!!!! Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!" Marge pumped herself on Homer's hand
until his
fist was almost inside her cunt. A puddle of juice formed on the floor
below his hand. He pulled out his hand and carried Marge over to the
cleared kitchen table. As Marge lay upon the table, she watched with
filled eyes as Homer removed his pants. His 7" cock sprung forth like a
pole from a tall building. "Oh HOMEY!!!!" said Marge.

Homer stood at the edge of the table and positioned Marge's pussy
against the
head of his cock. Slowly pushing it into her, the two of them moaned
about how good it felt. Marge was so wet from their previous escapade
Homer had no trouble burying himself inside her depths. Once in as far
as he
could go, he left it alone to savor the moment. Marge then began to
gyrate her
hips slightly, until her pussy was performing a milking action on
Homer's cock.

"Oh, know to make me feel good," said Homer, who pulled
his cock
about halfway out and then suddenly thrust it back inside. A song
running through his head. Barry Manilow would have been proud.

"Oh Margie, you came when I did you at breakfast. I fucked you so
good, oh Margie," he sang to himself.

"Oh, Homer!!" exclaimed Marge. "Fuck me Homey. Fuck me hard. But don't
inside me, I don't have my diaphragm in. Shoot it in my mouth instead.
I want
to taste you mixed with my juices."

"You got it baby!" said Homer, who began to speed up his fucking
Harder and faster he went as Marge's own orgasm was again building to a
point. Determined to push her over the edge, he moved his hips faster
they'd been moved in a long time, fucking her like they hadn't fucked
in years.
His balls began to slap against her and it wasn't long before she began
to yell

"Yesssssssssssss Homeyyyyy!!!!!! Ohhh That's it!!!!!! I'm
Homey!! I'm cumming!!!!!!" Marge's back arched up in the air as Homer
his cock into her again and again. As her orgasm subsided, she said,
"Now quick
Homey, get your cock up here to my mouth so I can swallow your load!!!

"Huh?" said Homer. Looking at her. Then, realizing he had forgotten to
out of her pussy like she had asked, Homer winced and shouted,

"Oh, Homey...." said Marge, looking at her sweaty lover. "That's OK,
after the
way you made me feel this morning, I wouldn't care where you came!"
Then a
sound came from across the room. That's when the Simpson parents
that Maggie was still in her high chair and had witnessed the whole

"It's a good thing you can't talk yet," said Marge. Maggie just
cooed and went about happily sucking on her pacifier.


Meanwhile, across town at Springfield Elementary School, 10 year old
Bart had
just been dismissed from Edna Crabapple's 4th grade classroom for yet
trip to Principal Skinner's office. Over the course of the school year,
offenses varied but this one reflected the untapped pool of creativity
deep within the boy. It seemed Bart had managed to lift a video camera
from the
audiovisual supply room and mounted it below Mrs. Crabapple's desktop,
right towards her. The camera wires ran along the desk, to the floor
and under
some baseboards. All it needed was to be connected to a monitor. Since
middle aged woman liked to wear skirts to school, Bart had foreseen a
opportunity to embarrass his teacher.

On this day, Edna had worn a short green skirt. She had a penchant for
ever since she had overheard the lunch lady, Doris, talking about
Willie's 10 inch cock. Edna made it a point to track down Willie every
afternoon during recess for a little extracurricular activity of her

Today the class was to watch a movie on the school's cable system. She
connected the cable out of the wall to the television and turned the
set on.
Then she turned the lights down and sat back at her desk and waited for
program to start. Sitting at her desk, she couldn't help but anticipate
afternoon's rendezvous with Willie. Reaching down between her legs, she
to gently massage her aching cunt. She knew she couldn't go too far,
what with
an audience of 25 ten year olds and all, but she could get off a small
if she was quiet. The fear of getting caught was quite an aphrodisiac
to Edna
and soon had pulled the crotch of her panties aside to get a feel of
wetness that was forming. The heat radiated from her pussy and it was
all she
could do to not cry out as she slowly slid a finger deep within her.
The class
was being amazingly quiet throughout the movie and soon she noticed
there was
no sound coming from the TV. She glanced over at the television and
nearly died
of embarrassment as she saw a closeup picture of her own finger sliding
out of
her soaked pussy. Bart then couldn't resist making a comment.

"Hey, Mrs. Crabapple!" he said. "Smile! You're on Candid Camera!!" The
classroom erupted with laughter.

"Bart Simpson!!" said Mrs. Crabapple, red-faced from the realization of
had just happened. "Go see Principal Skinner. Now!!"

As Bart made his way down the hall, he took a moment to stop by the
bathroom to attempt to relieve himself. After all, Mrs. Crabapple's
show did
have some effect on the boy, and since he had just discovered the joys
masturbation, he figured no time like the present.

Ducking into the boy's bathroom, he heard a strange sound coming from
one of
the stalls. He listened closely for a moment and then realized it was a
sound. He located the stall it was coming from and then tried to climb
up to
see over the top of the wall in the stall next to it, but he just
reach it. Then, as he looked around the room, he noticed several
Positioned just right, it might work, since 1 of them was an overhead
He climbed on top of one of the sinks, being very careful as to not
disturb the
couple who were in some obvious bliss. Then climbing higher onto a thin
he was able to reach a corner overhead mirror. Angling it until it
over the occupied stall, Bart got an unexpected surprise. There in the
was 11-year-old Corey, the new kid in school that his sister Lisa had a
on, and Lisa's best friend Janey. Janey was sitting on the back of the
stool with her legs spread wide and panties off, while Corey knelt
before her,
licking at her bare twat. Janey had a thin veil of moisture on her
forehead and
kept begging the boy to not stop what he was doing.

"Oh, Corey," she cried. "This feels too good. I don't know what's
happening to
me, but please don't you dare stop!"

"Oh hoh!!!!" thought Bart to himself. "This is gold!" Then he got
idea. Quietly and carefully, he climbed back down and snuck out the
door. He
then headed to Miss Hoover's second grade classroom where he politely
asked the
teacher if he could speak to Lisa privately.

"What's this about?" inquired Miss Hoover.

"It's a family matter, Ma'am," replied Bart. "Could I please speak to

"Very well," said Miss Hoover. "But be brief. Lisa, your brother needs
to talk
to you."

"Yes, Ma'am," said Bart.

Lisa met Bart just outside the door. "What's going on? Is everything
she asked.

"You gotta see this Lis!" said Bart excitedly, grabbing Lisa by the
hand and
running down the hall.

"Bart!! This is the BOYS bathroom!!" she said upon arrival to the room.
can't go in there!"

"Trust me," said Bart, taking her inside. "Shhhh. Don't make a sound."
inside, Bart pointed up to the mirror.

Lisa stared in disbelief at the sight before her. Janey had just taken
cock out of her mouth and was turning around. She closed her eyes and
herself for the pain she knew would be coming. Lisa was a little unsure
of just
what was taking place, but knew enough to not be totally naive. The two
siblings stood and watched as the tip of Corey's prick pressed against
tight cunt. He kept pushing on it slowly as Janey bit her lip to keep
crying out. Finally, Janey got used to the level of discomfort and
began to
push back herself. At first, there was much resistance, then.... "POP!"
and Janey immediately were joined as his cock slid inside of Janey.

By now, Lisa was feeling very uneasy about watching the goings on
between her
best friend and the boy she wanted. But it was painfully obvious to her
that he
wanted Janey. Lisa turned and ran out of the bathroom.

Happy that once again he had brought some humiliation to his sister,
chuckled to himself and followed her outside. Once in the hallway, he
saw his
sister sobbing uncontrollably against the lockers. A slight sense of
came over Bart as he went towards her. As if to console her, Bart said,
Lisa, don't cry. I just wanted you to be embarrassed, not sad."

"Oh, Bart! You just don't understand!!" Lisa cried harder, and the
brought Miss Hoover out of the classroom.

"Oh, my," she said. "Something terrible must have happened. Lisa why
don't you
go on home, you're much too upset to try to continue today. Bart, will
you see
that she gets home okay? Oh, of course you will, I'm sure you both want
to get
home and deal with this terrible thing that has happened."

Of course, Miss Hoover didn't know what had really happened, but it did
the two kids out of school for the day. On the way out, Principal
Skinner saw
Lisa crying and asked if things were okay. Bart then replied yes, they
would be
fine. They just needed to go home. Then Bart got another devious

"Hey, Principal Skinner," he said. "I think I may have left a library
book in
one of the stalls in the boys bathroom. Will you check for me?"

"Sure thing, young man," replied the principal, totally unaware of what
he was
about to walk in on.

"Thanks!," said Bart, heading out the door. Then, "Heh, heh, heh.
teach them to upset MY sister."


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