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story is more to everyone's liking. Here goes.

Part 1 "Best of what's around"

Edna Krabopple was through with her sex life. She was sick of a new loser
every night, and she couldn't stand using her vibrators, she needed a real
lover. *Fuck, I have to go to parent's night* She thought, as she finished
cumming using her trusty six-inch vibrator. She put her clothes back on, and
walked out of her single apartment with a sigh.

Parent's nights were always the worst, with parent after parent
complaining that their son or daughter is an idiot, and trying to pass the
blame onto her. Like it's her fault they screw this kids up and aren't there
because they are too busy fucking the houseboy or smoking pot. Not that she
objected, but she didn't like getting called a "lousy fucking teacher" when
the kid was half-retarded.

When she got in, she saw that there was practically twenty parents she had
to meet with. *Shit*

"Ok people, I'm going to start with last names. Abrams, come up" was all
Edna could come up with, as she had to sit through several mind numbing hours
of parent complaints.

"Ok, and last call, the Simpson's?" She said, and then sighed. Bart was
the worst kid in her class, the local fuck-up and class clown. She saw Mrs.
Simpson come in to her room.

"Take a seat please. Is Mr. Simpson here?" She asked, trying to be polite,
but it was already 11 at night.

"Nooo, Homey went out for a drink." Marge said in her voice that could cut

"Ok Mrs. Simpson, your son Bart" Edna started, but accidentally knocked
over a cup of coffee that held various pencils and pens the janitor Willie
left there for the children that didn't bring something to write with. She
went to get it, and Mrs. Simpson said "Don't worry Mrs. Krabopple, I got it"
Marge said as she went to the task of cleaning up the scattered mess. When
she bent over, Edna took a chance to notice Marge's beautiful ass. It was
perfectly rounded, not huge but it was well pronounced, with a visible crack
in the middle. She then got a wicked thought.

"Oh, look at the time, Mrs. Simpson, I'm afraid I have to go, you see
there's a state law that says a teacher can't stay after eleven in school,
or else they can be fined. Would you like to discuss your son over my house
sometime?" Edna said, trying to be as innocuous as possible.

"Well, I don't have anything planned for tonight, can we discuss it now?"
Marge said with her concerned voice as she returned the coffee cup. She
desperately didn't want her son being a fuck-up his entire life, and she
hoped that the woman who stood here teaching her all day might have some
unique insight, and the sooner the better Marge believed.

"Sure, just follow my car to my apartment." Edna said as she began to get
up. They walked out of the parking lot, and as Edna was driving back to her
house, she formed a plan in her mind. Get her drunk, then slowly seduce her,
it had worked with her all those years ago. *Mmmm...Lurleene* she thought as
she saw her turnoff. She turned, making sure Marge was following her, and
drove to her apartment.

"Right in here Mrs. Simpson" Edna said as Marge pulled up. Edna went to
her room, opened the door and waited as Marge made her way up. Standing at
the top of the stairs, Edna was able to see the top of Marge's breasts as
she made her way up. *God I'd love to suck on those*

"Ok, let's go" Marge said with a huff, she didn't like having to be here,
she and Homer were supposed to have sex tonight, and she knew that Homer
would be asleep already. A shame, because she was really horny. *At least a
long boring conversation with Mrs. Krabopple would at least keep me from
going nuts in front of her*

Edna opened the door, and brought Marge into her house. "I'll be right
back. Would you like something to drink?"

"Sure, I'll have a..." Marge trailed as Edna walked away. She returned a
minute later with two glasses of wine.

"Here you go."

"Thank you Mrs. Krabopple"

"Call me Edna

"Call me Marge then.

"Mrs. Simpson, I have to be honest, your son is distracted during my
class. Have you ever talked to him about sex before?"

"No, nonononono, it's simply never come up before" Marge said.

"Well Mrs. Simpson, I think you should have a frank discussion of sex with
your son." Edna said as she topped Marge's glass. Marge had drank three
quarters of her glass, and she wanted some more. To hell with it, why should
she have to put up with this without a couple drinks.

"I want to role-play, Mrs. Simpson, I am going to ask you some common sex
questions, and you just answer them like you would to your son. Ok?"

"Shure" Marge said with an audible slur in her speech, and another drink
of wine.

"How often do you have sex?"

"Once a week"

"When was the first time you had sex?


"Are you satisfied with your husband?" She asked as she put her hand on
Marge's thigh.

"Not nearly as much as I should." She said. Edna took the bottle and
refilled her glass.

"Marge, have you ever had sex with a woman?"


"Have you ever wanted to?


"Then kiss me" Edna said leaning closer. Marge kissed her without
thinking, then the realization of what she had done washed away the beer, and
she realized she was kissing her child's female teacher. And she LIKED it.

When they finished kissing, Edna said "Let's move this to the bedroom"
and Marge just nodded, her heart racing. She was horny, and very interested,
but it was also taboo, which just made it hotter for her. When they went into
the room, Edna jumped on it, and said "Kiss me"

Marge began kissing Edna, when Edna slowly began to fit her hand down
Marge's conservative dress, and take one of her breasts out. As she began to
play with it, Marge moaned in ecstasy, and began to get wet. Edna took off
her shirt, and her bra, releasing her large bouncing breasts. They were 38C,
and she had silver dollar nipples, which were already erect. Marge nervously
touched another woman's breasts for the first time, feeling their mass and
their sensitivity. Edna slowly moved her mouth down to Marge's breast, where
she slowly licked on Marge's nipple, exciting it even further, and making
Marge moan even louder. Edna went from breast to breast, stimulating each
nipple until Marge was so wet you could screw her with an elephant.

"Enough of the foreplay" Edna said, as she slowly took her skirt off, and
saw Marge quickly drop off her dress. "Lie down on your back, and open your
legs" Edna said. Marge did so, and she was rewarded with Edna's loving touch
down there. First she slowly began to rub one finger up and down her clit. It
was already well lubricated from before, and Marge shivered at the feeling of
someone else fondling her pussy, Homer wasn't into foreplay, unless it was
for him, and because of which, Marge hadn't been eaten out for years. Edna
slowly began to add a second finger, then a third. This was driving Marge
crazy, and she was getting incredibly wet and hornier. Suddenly Edna took her
hands away, and when Marge looked down, she saw Edna lowering her mouth to
her soaking hole.

Edna was licking all the juices out of Marge's sweet pussy, occasionally
pushing away a hair or two of long blue pubic hair. She could tell this was
killing Marge, and began to insert a finger into her pussy. Marge was shocked
at the intrusion, but in the heat of lust, she welcomed it. Edna slowly began
to place in another finger, slowly finger fucking Marge into ecstasy, each
motion drawing her closer. When Edna added a third finger, it drove Marge
over the edge, and she had one of the strongest orgasms ever as she convulsed
for two minutes. While she was cumming, Edna kept pumping away, and as soon
as she finished her first, she had another strong orgasm. After those two,
she was panting.

"That...huff....was....amazing" Marge eventually let out.

"Oh, we're not done Marge, come here and service me." Edna said as she lay
down on the bed. Marge slowly began to lift her sweaty body, and place
herself at the foot of the bed, to begin to please Edna. She had no clue on
how to munch carpet, but she did know how to masturbate, so she slowly began
to stroke Edna's pussy, the same way she had. Edna was getting wetter by the
moment, and she was moaning loudly. "Oh Marge, eat me out" She cried in
betwen moans. Marge didn't know why, maybe it was a mixture of the alcohol,
her lust, or the fact her mind wasn't in the mind it should have been, but
she lowered her tongue onto Edna's pussy, and tasted another woman for the
first time. She was amazed at the taste, and she began to collect more and
more of Edna's cunny honey. Marge loved the taste, and she began to lap it
up like a dog. This was killing Edna, as she hadn't had anyone service her
in the longest time, and when Marge began to put her tongue inside her pussy,
it drove her over the edge, and as she came hard she could only say.

"'re the best...uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh...lover I
have....oooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhh had!" She said as she nearly passed
out from the pleasure. It took her a couple minutes to catch her breath and
regain some composure, but as she did, she told Marge to come over.

"Marge, I want you to place your pussy at my mouth, and your mouth at my
pussy. We are gonna 69." Marge did as she was told, and she moaned as Edna's
lips were once again at her incredibly soaking pussy. She was going nuts as
she was eating a pussy and having hers eaten at the same time. Edna was
already riding the high she just had, and was getting closer and closer to
cumming again. She didn't want to yet, and slowly she inserted three fingers
into Marge again. This time though, she put in a fourth, which was making
Marge go insane. She added her thumb, and in one move, inserted her whole
fist into Marge. This brought a huge torrent of pleasure and pain. The moving
hand in her pussy, constantly going in and out made Marge cum again, but Edna
didn't stop. Instead, she positioned more of her hand inside of Marge, and
kept opening and closing her fist in Marge's pussy, stretching her pussy out
and making her cum over and over, Marge couldn't could the times she came
that night, but as Edna finally went on cloud nine with her orgasm. When they
both returned, they kissed right before they passed out.

Part 2 "Typical Situation"

Marge woke up in a foreign bed covered in sweat. She didn't know what was
going on, but she was very confused. When she saw Mrs. Krabopple lying next
to her, the memory came back like a wave, as memories often do. She
remembered the kissing, the, the oral sex...and fisting? *Oh shit oh shit oh
shit oh shit* She got up and began putting her clothes back on. When she went
to put her shoes on, she woke Edna up.

"Morning lover, going so soon?"

"I am not your lover!" Was all Marge screamed as she exited the apartment.
Marge got in her car, and tried to form an idea of what to tell Homer and the
kids. She wasn't a lesbian, she knew it, and she had always loved men. Even
though last night was really good *this can't be happening*

Marge got drove into the house, she noticed everyone was still asleep. *No
one even noticed, what a bunch of ungrateful bastards* Marge began setting
the table and cooking, but all she could do was think about how hot last
night was. Every time she moved her legs she could feel how sore her pussy
was from last night. It was stretched, and very sensitive, she could feel
every little vibration.

Eventually the family Simpson came in, ate, and went out. Marge went about
her day, although she was coonstantly horny, and she even masturbated twice
that day, although she kept thinking of her and Edna's crazy night right
before climaxing. *I need to break it off* she reasoned *I need to get some
closure, I'll call her tonight* she said right after her second orgasm in
that masturbating session.

At six o clock, Marge called information and got Krabopple number. She
called her a little later, to be sure she was still there.


"Hi, Mrs. Krabopple.."


"Mrs. Krabopple, I wanted to talk to you about last night, I"

"Sorry Marge, the line is faulty, if you want to talk, you have to come
down here." She said while imitating fuzz and she hung up the phone, pissing
Marge off.

"Kids, Homey, I'm going to the store, I might be gone awhile!"

"Ok" they said unanimously

Marge went out in her beat up car, and as she drove over small little
potholes, she began to get excited. *Focus Marge, don't give into temptation
again* When She got at the apartment building Edna lived in, she knocked and
heard Edna say "Come in"

When Marge got in, she was amazed to see a huge box full of different
sexual toys. There were dildos, vibratos, double ended dildos, butt plugs,
breast milk pump, clit rings, nipple clamps, whips, chains, handcuffs,
bandanas, Chinese pleasure balls, and some ice. *What a cheap whore*

"There you are Marge" Edna said as she entered in a robe very loosely
covered, and a pair of Victory Secrets sexy underwear. She is also holding
two glasses of wine. "Care to join me?"

"NO! I don't want to have a relationship with you, not now, not ever!"
Marge said, and she meant it.

"Well, if that is the case, then why did you come here?" Edna replied,
coolly and calmly "What?" Marge said perplexed "Well, I wanted to let you
know I didn't want a relationship with you."

"You could have left a message, or not said anything." Edna said.

"I didn't want to be rude" Marge said sheepishly.

"Mmm Hmm... Tell me something Marge" Edna said with a note of sarcasm.

"Ok, fine" Marge said, frustrated.

"Honestly, did you enjoy last night?" Edna said, as she cocked an eyebrow.

"Honestly.....well, it was probably the wine, but yes, if it makes you
happy, I did like last night. In fact I loved it." Marge said a bit more than
she meant to say.

"Then why don't you want to be with me?

"Because I'm a happily married woman!

"If you were so happy" She started as she moved closer towards Marge "Then
why did you stay?" She said as she took anther step "I think" step "That you"
step "Don't want to" step "admit" step, she was not directly in front of
Marge "You love it more than anything you've ever loved before"

"Well, ummm..

"Kiss me Marge, kiss me!" She said as Marge was stumbling in between
words. Marge was excited, and after a minutes thought, she leaned in and
kissed Edna straight on the lips. When they finished kissing, Edna said
"Before we continue, I want you to admit"

"Admit...?" Marge said

"That you're a dyke. That you love a pussy in your mouth just as much as
a dick in your pussy." Edna said with a bit of authority.

" a dyke."

"Very good Marge, I want you to tell me something, have you ever had any


"Yeah, some people like to believe they're banging a movie star, or that
they can screw a cartoon figure."

"Well, some people are fucked up"

"Nonetheless, have you ever had any fantasies?"

"Well...there was this one,, it's stupid"

"No Marge, what is it?"

"I always kinda liked being dominated by someone, being someone's sex toy,
their subservient sex slave."

"Come over here" Edna said as she walked to her box of sex toys. She took
out 2 pairs of handcuffs, and an eight-inch dildo. "Marge, get on the bed."
Marge did as she was told with a giggle. "Put your arms on the posts." Marge
did, and Edna quickly attached the handcuffs, trapping Marge, and giving her
no choice as to what she can do. Edna slowly pulled off Marge's clothing,
taking her time as Marge quivered in anticipation. Edna took the dildo, and
began to rub it at Marge's pussy.

"Ohhh...yea...fuck me Edna..."

"What was that slave?"

"Mistress Edna" Marge cooed as Edna began fucking her. Marge was soaking
within minutes as she was living out her fantasy and being fucked as well.
Edna had six inches in her pussy, but just as Marge was close to cumming, she
took it out. Marge looked back to see what was wrong, and she saw Edna go
back and get another two pairs of handcuffs. Edna chained her legs to the
posts as well, leaving Marge's legs and arms spread out, and open to access.
When Edna returned, Marge said "Please, please, I need release Mistress

"First slave, eat my cunt out" Edna said as she walked to Marge, and
lowered her pussy onn Marge's mouth as Edna sat on Marge's face. Marge was
going crazy since she couldn't do anything to make her cum, meanwhile Edna's
pussy was almost smothering her, but she loved the taste and she couldn't
stop eating, she was in a sexual fervor. When Edna finally came, she sat
completely on Marge's face, forcing her to eat every drop up. And eat she
did, until she was covered in Edna's wet juicy cum.

"Now slave, you can come" Edna said as she rammed eight inches into
Marge's pussy all at once, Marge gave a cry as the pain brought her over the
edge. Marge screamed as she came hard. Edna meanwhile went into her box of
goodies, and took out the milk pump.

"Marge, I was bored today and I went into your file in the school, and I
saw that you recently had a baby Margaret. I figured that we would be getting
a bit thirsty during this session, perhaps you could get us a drink?" Marge
couldn't understand what Edna meant, she didn't see the milk pump, but when
Edna turned around, and her face became pale.

"Mistress, you can't!" Marge protested

"'ll be all-good in a minute my slave" She said as she took the
pump to her breast. Marge moaned as it hit her already sensitive nipple, and
milk began to squirt inside. As the milk began to come in a more steady
fashion, Edna pulled a 9-inch vibrator, an 18-inch dildo, and two nipple
clamps and a clip ring. By the time she had returned, one of Marge's breasts
was completely drained, so she got a new bottle and drained the other. While
the second was being drained, Edna placed a clamp on her first breast, making
Marge bite her lip in pleasure and pain. Edna waited for the other to fill,
and placed a clamp there. Then she went and picked up the dildo. It was 18
inches long, had a head that was 2 inches thick and the rest was an inch and
a half, and it was jet black. Edna placed it at Marge's feet, and took out
the eight-inch dildo.

She placed the head in, and Marge cried in ecstasy. The sheer size of the
mammoth in her was turning her so incredibly on. Edna didn't need any
lubrication, as Marge's pussy was already wet from before. As Edna slowly
worked in the first six inches, she could hear Marge panting heavily, as
though she was working to fit it in. Edna kept pushing though, and soon she
had nine inches, half of the beast inside Marge's stretched out and soaking

"Marge, I just realized, you haven't anything to do with your ass yet!"
She said as she grabbed the vibrator.

"No mistress, please!" Marge begged

"Fine, I'll just let you suck on it" She said as she took the vibrator,
and placed it in the baby bottle full of Marge's own milk. Then she took it,
and placed it in Marge's mouth. Marge moaned as for the first time she tasted
her own sweet milk, and then suddenly Edna placed it on. Marge moaned at the
constant action in her mouth, as Edna resumed her work. Marge, still with the
taste of her own milk, was having her pussy violated. She could feel it
stretch out, as Edna fit another inch in, and finally she came hard again.
When she finished, Edna took out a strap on dildo, and placed it on Marge.

"Fuck me Marge, fuck me like the dirty whore you know I am! Hit me like a
grand slam in the ninth!" Marge heard, as Edna climbed on top of her and
lowered her pussy on Marge's large strap on cock. Edna got on top and slammed
down, making the beast rub on Marge as well. Marge kept pushing back as Edna
kept slamming on the cock, trying to please Edna and also to cum herself.
Edna arched her back to fit more in her pussy, and soon she was filled with
the entire length. After a minute of this, she came with her back arched at
a 90-degree angle.

When she finished, she slid off the plastic strap on, and it was still
gleaming with her juice. Edna went back to her box of goodies and took out
another vibrator, and dipped it Marge's milk. She then took it and placed the
tip at Marge's puckered anus. Marge big her lip as she slowly pressed it into
the ring, and Marge cried out in passion. Marge had only been fucked there
once, Homer had wanted to try something different, but when he fucked her
there, he didn't use any lubrication, so it hurt so bad she could barely sit
for a week. But this time she had her ass sweaty from all the fucking, and
her milk helped lubricate it as she cried out, being violated but loving
every second. After a couple of minutes, Edna had worked the entire size up
her ass, and she left it there. Then Edna took the strap on and began to fuck
Marge's breasts. Marge was sensitive, like she always was after she was
drained, and the fact she had been having sex like this her nipples felt like
they were on fire.

As Edna continued fucking, she kept moaning harder as she was coming. Edna
took Marge's large breasts, aand brought them to her mouth so Marge could
suck on her own breasts. Marge was so turned on as she was biting her own
nipples. When Edna finished cumming, she took a bottle of Marge's milk and
poured it over Marge's face and breasts, covering her in her own juice. Marge
continued to suck on her own breasts, then suddenly Edna turned on the
vibrator in her ass, making her violent cum as she tasted her breasts milk.
When she had finished, Edna began to speak.

"Slave, you now have to follow my every demand. Do you understand?

"Yes mistress.

"First, you will stop having sex with your husband. No matter what. If he
tries to, say you'll yell rape."

"Yes mistress."

"Second, you will stop feeding your daughter breast milk. You will give
your daughter baby formula. You are to take your entire breast milk, keep it
preserved and deliver it to me. Not one drop goes elsewhere, understand?"


"Say it"

"Not one drop goes elsewhere mistress.,"

"Good, now third you have to wear a butt plug no matter where you go,
unless you are taking a shit. Even in the shower, even when pissing.

"Yes mistress

"Finally, you have a dog, right?

"Yes mistress

"If you ever get horny, you can only fuck your dog, you can't masturbate.
No matter what. If you do fuck your dog, you have to take his knot in your
pussy and let him blow his load in you, do you understand?

"yes mistress"

"Then go to sleep Marge, tomorrow you start your new life as a slave."

Part 3 "Best of What's Around"

As Marge woke again, she was still strapped to the bed. Edna was in the
other room, and she was dressing.

"Oh, I forgot about you" she said as she unlocked the handcuffs. "I have
to go for the weekend, so you can't please me, remember the four rules." She
said as she exited the apartment. Marge got up, placed in the butt plug, and
put her clothes on and drove home. The butt plug in her body continually
rubbed up against her pussy, and she drove home. When she got home, everyone
was still asleep, except the dog and cat, which were both running about
crazy. Marge let them out as she woke everyone up.

"I'm gonna go find the bunch of lawyers that keep trying to fuck Pal and
try to kill them all like all the gerbils on "Gerbil Genocide" on his site,"
Bart said as he put his red cap on and walked out
the door.

"I'm going to play with my friend Janey and try to find a direct
correlation between the mutated animals and the power plant." Lisa said as
she walked out.

"I'm off to Moes!" Homer blurted out as he walked.

Marge was home alone as she began to clean. When she walked, the butt
plug kept rubbing on her, making her incredibly horny. She remembered she
couldn't touch herself, so she continued her daily chores, no matter what.
After spending an hour on the laundry, she was about to burst, and she had a
huge wet spot on her dress. She went to put all the laundry in each person's
room, and as she went back downstairs to start lunch, she heard scratching.
*Shit, the dog* she thought as she let the dog in. He was big and wet, it
looked like he had run through a sprinkler.

The dog noticed the spot in her dress, and put his nose there to sniff
the weird smell from between the human's legs. When he dug his nose in,
Marge let out a gentle moan, and a wicked idea formed. She remembered that
Edna would let her fuck her dog, as long as she took the knot and let the
dog finish his load in her. She knew the dog hadn't fucked a bitch for years,
so he would be willing. Marge brought the dog to her room, locked the door,
and took off her dress. She got on her hands and knees, and said.

"Come on boy, can't you smeeeeeeeellll" She cried as the dog jumped on
her back and wildly began humping air. She reached back and helped guide the
dog's 10 inch pink member inside of her gaping soaked pussy. She moaned as
the dog began to hump her wildly. His entire cock shot right into her hot
box. He pumped wildly, as soon as he did, he could feel the dog's knot begin
to grow. She felt it, it was as big as a baseball. She moaned as it slowly
began to penetrate her, then as soon as she came, the dog slammed it all the
way in, making her cry out, which forced the dog to shoot his massive load
inside of her. The dog kept cumming and cumming for ten minutes! He
completely filled her pussy, and she felt so tight that she came again. The
dog stayed there, making sure that his bitch would have his children. She
moaned at the thought of the entire dog cum swimming around in her pussy,
trying to make her pregnant. After half an hour, the dog's cock was small
enough to come out, with an audible "pop". She took the dog's dick, and took
as much cum as she could. She took all the cum and tasted it. It tasted great
to her, not as good as Edna's honey but much better than Homer's salty cum.

After the dog came out, Marge noticed it was still semi hard, and she got
a wicked idea. Moving her head down to the dog's cock, she gently placed it
in her mouth, and as soon as she did, the dog's cock grew to full strength
within thirty seconds. The dog, unused to oral sex, tried desperately to face
fuck Marge. The violence and speed of the dogs fucking both turned Marge on
and made her scared. Santa's Little helper had his entire dick down her
throat, and his hairy balls kept banging Marge's face. The dog let out a howl
as he came, blowing another huge load all over Marge, most of it going
directly inter her stomach, but some of it covered her face.

Marge went to the shower to clean herself off, and as she turned the hot
water on and let her hair down, it was caught on something. Upon further
inspection she found that her hair had gotten stuck on her butt-plug, and
Marge had to spend 15 minutes trying to get it cleaned off, all the while the
plug was rubbing her pussy over and over again, making her more and more
excited. When she finally finished her shower, she realized she had to make
some lunch for everyone.

The rest of the day went just the same, except for the fact Marge was
constantly horny and nearly jumped on top of any phallic symbol she could get
a hold of. Later that night, as Marge was getting ready to go to sleep, Homer
woke her up.

"Marge" Homer said softly "I was hoping we could 'Rock the Kasbah'

"No Homey, I don't feel like it. I've got a headache" Marge was quick to

"Oh, but I wanna have sex now! Come on, please? Just a little bit?" Homer
asked in his five year old whine voice.

"I said no Homer, now go to bed!" Marge said with quite a bit of

"Awww, come on! I need this!" Homer pleaded.

"Fine Homey, just let me get myself ready" Marge said as she went to the
bathroom "Ok honey, but don't make me wait too long, don't let the Homey
fires....." He started as he passed out and began to snore with a hint of
drool cascading from his open lips.

Part 4 "Lover Lay Down"

Marge couldn't wait, she had been patient all weekend and finally her
master would be home. She couldn't wait to be pleased by her experienced
ways. It had been tough. The dog wouldn't walk the same for a couple of days
after she had her way, and Homer would be horny as all hell for a long time,
but she didn't care, she made it.

About 9:00pm she got a call.

"Well hello there, say, I have some stuff for your son Bart I want to go
over, I was wondering if you would be interested in coming to my place right

"I'm on my way!" Marge said quickly as she hung the phone up and ran out
the door without even giving the family a lame-ass excuse. She sped the
entire way to Edna's apartment, making sure she got there as soon as
possible. She carried the jug of her own breast milk, which was almost half
full. When she did enter, she found Edna wearing a leather corset.

"So slave, tell me, how was your weekend?"

"Agonizing. I couldn't stand being away from you for so long."

"Well then, why don't you get a bit more comfortable?"

That was all Marge needed, she quickly shed off every garment of clothing,
except her butt plug.

"Eat me out" was all Edna said, and Marge dropped to her knees quicker
than a white house intern :-) Marge began to slowly lick Edna's entire pussy,
while Edna continued to get wetter and wetter. Edna was getting incredibly
aroused, so before long Edna took a strap on and put it around Marge's waste.

"Fuck me, fuck me hard" Edna said as Marge thrusted. Edna came hard, it
was her first in days, and she shook violently for more than a minute. When
she finished, Edna took Marge to her bed, and pulled out her double-ended
dildo out. She eased it into her, and positioned Marge to do the same. Slowly
they spread their legs out, and grabbed each other's hands, and as they began
to push each other forward, they slowly fit it in so that it was entirely
inside of them both. As they fucked more and more, they both began to loudly
moan, and cry out in ecstasy.


"What is mom doing here?" Lisa said as she opened the back passenger door
of her parents red car. She looked around for her mom, then she realized that
she was near the home of her brother's teacher, Mrs. Krabopple. "So she was
telling the truth" Lisa said under her breath. Lisa walked towards the
building, and started looking through the windows. All she saw through the
first was the Mayor with a busty redhead, a man eating alone, and a lady with
a room full of cats.

Suddenly, Lisa heard a moan from above. She stopped and listened again,
and she heard her mom scream out. Lisa ran towards the door, and found it
unlocked. She ran into it and heard the moans louder, as well as the teachers
to add onto. She saw the door half open, and when she entered it she saw her
mother and the teacher riding each other on a pink double dildo. They were so
engrossed in the moment and they were making so much noise that they didn't
hear for a moment the little girl come in, they only noticed when she saw
what her mom was doing, and passed out.

When Lisa came to, she was on the bed her mother and Mrs. K had been
fucking on, but there was a new sheet.

"Whaaaaa?" Lisa made out, confused

"Relax honey, you just passed out" Marge said sympathetically. She hadn't
planned on this, and she really didn't plan on telling her children, so she
didn't know how to explain this to her girl.

"How long was I out for?" Lisa asked

"Almost half an hour honey" Marge said, and then watched her young child
as she remembered what happened.

"Mom, what were you and Mrs. Krabopple doing?" Lisa asked, wide eyed and
partially worried and partially intrigued.

Part 5 "What Would You Say"

"Well honey, you see, Mrs. K and I, we were, umm, uh..." Marge stumbled in
her speech, both of shame and nervousness.

"Having sex dear, we were having sex." Edna said as she entered the room
from behind Marge's head.

"Yes Lisa, we were," Marge conceded the truth.

"Ummm....I thought only a man and a woman could, not two women." Lisa
tried to reason in her mind, she was going through a whole.

"Oh no dearie, any amount of people can have sex, from two men, two women,
a man and a woman, and a mixed pairings.

"But only married people in love are supposed to have sex I thought." Lisa

"Hah! That's a good one Lisa. No, anyone at anytime can have sex with
anyone they want to, it's just a matter of concession and age, and a lot of
times not those." Edna said as though she was in a classroom. Lisa nodded her
head in agreement, this struck her as something interesting. She had heard
the boys in school say they had screwed girls, but she had always taken it as
just lies spread to increase their popularity. But now...

"So, then....can you show me?"

"Show you what honey?" Marge asked, her voice full of apprehension.

"Can you show me how to have sex?" Lisa said, unsure of the answer that
would be returned. Marge shuddered at the thought.

"Umm...honey, it really isn't something to teach someone you're age."
Marge said, hoping the answer would satisfy her. It didn't.

"If you won't tell me, I'll tell everyone in town" Lisa threatened. She
didn't really plan on it, but she knew her mom would fold. She had been at
church, and even if what her mom was doing was legal, it certainly wouldn't
go well with the church, or the town in general.

"Lisa, honey, please..." Marge started.

"No mom, I mean it!" Lisa yelled.

"Fine dear, come over here and I'll teach you." Edna said. She took her
robe off. "Lisa, take your clothes off, and listen to everything that I tell
you to do. Don't question my lessons." Was all Edna said.

Lisa quickly responded, and in under a minute she had shed her ugly dress
and shoes, and was naked in front of her mother and her brother's teacher,
who was completely naked.

"Lisa, I want you to just lie down and wait a second." Edna said as she
pointed towards the bed. Lisa lay down on her back. "Now Lisa, these here are
where your breasts will eventually grow. Right now your nipples are small but
soon they will grow, and respond to when someone touches them." Edna said, as
she massaged the child's nipples for a moment. Marge, who had been watching
the whole time, was getting slightly aroused, and she tried to cover the damp
spot that was forming in between her legs. Edna made her way down the young
girl's body, to in between her legs.

"See this right here?" Edna said as she began to stroke Lisa's little
clit. "This is your clitoris. It makes a woman aroused if a man rubs on it,
or if he even licks it or sucks on it. Would you like me to now dear?"

"Uhhh..." Lisa hesitated.

"If you're not prepared for it..." Edna started

"No, please, do it now." Lisa said. Edna slowly lowered her head to the
girls virgin lips, and began to stroke it. She continually rubbed all over
Lisa's pussy, which slowly began to get wet. Edna suddenly stopped, and
before Lisa could see, Edna replaced her fingers with her tongue. Marge was
getting more and more turned on, as the sight of her daughter being eaten out
was making unbearably hot. She tried to hide the fact she was slowly stroking
her own now puffy wet lips, but to no avail. Edna continued, and Lisa was
building up for the first orgasm of her life. Lisa felt like she was going to
erupt, that was how bad this was hitting her. When she finally came, she came
so hard she let out what seemed like pints of her pre-teen honey all over
Edna's lips and mouth, which she greedily lapped up like a dog.

Marge slowly walked over, just in time to see her first daughter finish
off her very first orgasm. Edna quickly grabbed Marge, and threw her on the
bed, right next to her daughter.

"Lisa, come over here" Edna said.

"No, you can't" Marge said with a false amount of parental restriction.
She was incredibly turned on, and gave little other resistance. Lisa came up
and moved over to her mother's open legs.

"Lisa, stroke your mother's pussy, all over here" Was all Marge could
hear, as suddenly she felt the small hands of her daughter feeling her pussy.
The idea of her daughter feeling her pussy excited her. Over and over the
young, inexperienced hands went over her labia and clit, slowly learning the
contours of her mother's wet cunt. Suddenly, she felt the hands disappear,
and some talking. Then a tongue was suddenly on her, making her wetter and
wetter. When she looked down she saw her daughter's head buried in between
her legs, and that thought alone made her cum hard. Throughout her entire
orgasm, Lisa kept licking, and rubbing, which gave her smaller aftershock
orgasm. After she finished, her daughter, whose face was covered with cum,
said to her.

"Mom, will you eat out my cunt?" in her cute little old voice. Marge
couldn't resist, and she took her daughter and placed her on the bed. Marge
went down to her child's wet hole, and slowly began to caress it. Marge
brought her tongue out, and began to slowly lick and suck on Lisa clit. Edna
took this little intermission of hers and went into her box of goodies. Marge
never saw it coming, but suddenly Edna began to fuck her with an eight-inch
dildo. Marge moaned into her daughter's pussy, driving Lisa wild. Lisa was
trying hard not to cum yet, she didn't want to climax, she loved the
pleasure. With a cry, Edna filled Marge's pussy with the dildo, making Marge
penetrate her daughter with her tongue. Lisa moaned as she came, and before
long Marge also came. This was the first time she had been fucked while
eating a pussy. It would not be her last.

"Hey, huff, what's that?" Lisa said as she pointed at the pink strap on.

"That's a strap on dildo dear, women strap it onto themselves so they can
fuck one another. Would you like to try it?" Edna said.

"Sure, I guess" Lisa said, as Edna brought it over to her. The strap on
was nine inches long on the end that fucked the other women, and six inches
onto the fucker.

"Before you can fuck someone with this, you have to pop your cheery. Do
you know what that is?" Edna asked like a teacher.

"That's my hymen, but I already broke it once when I crashed my bike."
Lisa said, remembering the blood that came out of there that had freaked her

"Ok dear, let's start" Edna said as she slowly began to penetrate the
young girl's wet vagina. Edna took the end to Lisa's slim opening, and slowly
began to work it inside the girls soaked hole. Lisa moaned as she had been
penetrated for the first time. She moaned as Edna inched the intrusion in
piece by piece. When it was all the way in, Edna tightened the belt around
the young girls waist. The phallic belt seemed extra large on such a small

"Lisa, go fuck you mom. Come on Marge say it."

"Lisa hon, please, screw me. Screw me hard" Marge said. She really hadn't
ever dreamt of having sex with her child, but she hadn't dreamt on having sex
with a woman either.

Lisa went over to her mother, and slowly entered the tip of the plastic to
the entrance to her mother's hole. She slowly began to fuck her, slowly at
first because she didn't know how, but she began to quicken slightly. Edna
was getting so hot and horny that she began to cheer them on.

"Go on, fuck your mom, fill her up. Stick it in further, fill it. Fill the
hole you came from. Fuck your mom hard. Fill her slut cunt. The slut pussy
that you came out of. Fuck the whore, deeper, make her feel your cock all the
way up her hole. Harder girl, faster, all the way. Stick in it further. Put
your whole meaty cock in your slutty mothers gaping fucking hole."

Lisa was getting hornier and hornier, as was Marge. Lisa was taking Edna's
advice and filled her mother's pussy with the fake cock. She could feel the
heat from her mother as she fucked it over and over, driving both of them
closer to ecstasy. Suddenly Edna lowered her head to the action, sucking
greedily on the juices that flowed there. The combination of her daughter's
fucking, Edna's sucking, and the forbidden lust of it all threw Marge over
the edge, and she came hard. Edna took out the strap on, and quickly threw it
down on throat, while Lisa still fucked. This sent Lisa over the edge as Edna
continued to push back, and Lisa had an orgasm so hard she knocked out. Edna
finished licking the juices off of the strap on and said to Marge, "That was
fun, we'll have to do this again lover."

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