Simpsons Part 4: Blackmail And A Bimbo (b/F,bond,ncon?)
by Hidden

"Rod, Todd, how are you two doing? Did you say your mid-morning prayers?"
asked Mrs. Flanders.

"Yes mother," the two boys replied angelically to their mother. With that,
Maude left the room. "God," she thought, "why do they have to be such dorks?"

In actuality, Maude did not like the devotion to God that her husband and
kids had. She just put on that facade so she could marry Ned. When she moved
to Springfield, no one would talk to her. She needed a good reputation, and
the quickest way to get that was to marry the holiest man in town, Ned
Flanders. The whole thing was a mistake because Maude was a very horny woman,
and in their entire marriage, Ned and Maud had sex twice, just for Rod and
Todd, and even that was a challenge. She had to explain to Ned that his
offspring could carry-on his good-doing. Unfortunately, they had.

"Well, thank God for the old dildo and vibrator collection!" Maude said a
little louder than she intended to. She went to her room to satisfy her

* * *

"Okay," said Todd, "She's gone." The to boy resumed their buttfucking, this
time though, there were loud smacking noises and pops as they thrusted back
and forth.

"Perfect," though Bart as he videotaped with one hand and spanked off with
the other.

Todd finally came with the same exuberance as Rod. "Wow, you were right, that
does feel good."

* * *

At that very moment, Maude came with a powerful orgasm. Her body spurted
juices as she unsuccessfully tried to muffle her screams. The boys didn't
hear though, because of their own screams.

* * *

The next day, Bart walked over to the Flanders' house with the video tape.
Rod and Todd were home alone. Bart told Rod that he had to show them
something. He put the video tape in the VCR, and pressed play. The scene was
perfect, Rod and Todd both grunting, and fucking.

"What are you gonna do with that?" questioned Todd.

"Well if you don't do what I say, I'm gonna show it to your parents, and you
know they'll be mad, this is incest, and that's a sin."

The two boys looked horrified. "We'll do whatever you want, we promise."

Bart was delighted. "Okay, your father's away on some Leftorium Business trip
next week, right?" The boys nodded their heads. "Good. On Monday, you two
have to tie your mother down to her bed, naked, and watch me as I rape her.
If I'm in a good mood, I'll let you have a shot at her too."

Rod and Todd were about to protest when Bart reminded them of the tape.
"We'll do it," they said glumly.

* * *

On that Monday, after Ned had left for his Business trip, the two boy
conspired on how to carry off this plan of Bart's. They decided that they
would offer their mother a drink of lemonade (she loves lemonade), but they
would put lots of their Dad's "calm-down" pills. (Ned has to take valium
every morning, or he goes into spasms, rattling off religious chants and
phrases). After that, Maude would probably fall asleep. Then the two of them
would drag Maude over to the bed, and tie her up. So, the two boys carried
out their plan and it worked perfectly. But, by one pm, Maude woke up, and
Bart wasn't due over until three. She started screaming out for help, and Rod
and Todd didn't know what to do. Finally, they went over to her and gave her
a glass of lemonade mixed with just a few more pills in it, and Maude dozed
back off.

Bart arrived at three, but Maude was still asleep. He told the two boys to
sit down in the chairs, so they could watch the whole scene. Then he went
over to Maude and stared at her breasts.

"Wow, those are big, what size bra is she?" Bart asked.

"What's a bra?" replied the two boys.

Bart went over to the pile of clothes, and found the bra. "38D, that is huge,
I can't wait. With that, he began to suck on the large, dark nipples. First
one, then the other. Maude finally began to stir, and opened her mouth to
cover it. Bart had already planned for this to happen, and quickly covered
her mouth with his and embraced in a passionate kiss.

Bart quickly took hi mouth off of hers and replaced it with his hand. "If you
don't scream, will both enjoy this more, and if you do, this will be a lot
worse than it could be," Bart said.

Slowly, the boy began to remove his hand from the woman's mouth. She kept
quiet. Maude thought to herself, "I really should be resisting, but the boy
is willing to fuck me and I really need it. I'm sick of plastic toys, I don't
care what Ned thinks."

"Good girl," Bart said, "now lets get started." Bart smiled and thought
"Thank God nobody noticed when I put the video camera down on the bed table,
turned on! This'll be even better for blackmail."

Bart slowly entered his neighbor. In and out, slowly working his neighbor
toward an orgasm. Surprisingly, Maude put up no resistance. Bart thought to
himself, "Ned must not be servicing the wife, hee hee hee."

"Oh Bart, God Bart, you are God, Oh yes, I'm gonna cum, Ahhhhhhh!" And boy
did she cum! Her juices spurted all over the bed. Bart hadn't cum yet though,
so he shoved his dick into her mouth and demanded her to suck him dry. After
five minutes of intense sucking, Bart came, and filled her mouth. Thank you
Mrs. Flanders. With that, Bart got up started to walk away and said, "She's
all yours boys," and he left.

Find out what happens next time in Simpsons Episode V: Homer gets revenge.

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