Sisters: Lovers and Other Relatives Part 3 (m/F,inc)
by Uncle Mike

Saturday dawned gray and rainy, and Trevor awoke to the sound of raindrops
pattering against his bedroom window. But no mere storm could bring him down,
not with the memory of Aunt Teddy's cunt still fresh. Trevor bounced out of
bed and sailed into the day, smiling and humming softly to himself.

So pleasant was he, in fact, that he noticed his mother looking at him a bit
strangely when he cheerfully agreed to go over to his Aunt Alex's house that

"I'm not sure what she wants you for," his mom said, hesitatingly. "She
said -- well, it wasn't very clear what she said. Oh, well. Your Aunt Alex
can be like that sometimes, I guess. Anyway, I don't have any chores for you,
but if you've got a lot of homework to do ..."

"Finished it already," Trevor mumbled through a mouthful of cookies and milk,
two more ginger snaps trailing crumbs from his fingers as he walked back to
the living room.

He was still in a great mood when he arrived at Aunt Alex's house, a huge
mansion in a much better part of town than his parents' home. He always
expected a butler in tie and tails to answer the door when he rang, but it
was just Reed. His smile dissolved in an instant when he saw the dark clouds
in her eyes. He started to ask about it, but she shook her head, stone-faced,
and ushered him into the posh parlor.

Like most of the house, it was all decorated in whites and creams and
crystal. Aunt Alex, in a cream suit herself, was sitting in a corner of the
huge couch. She avoided his eyes and just waved a hand to indicate he should
take one of the armchairs.

Reed started to sit on the other end of the couch, but her mother looked up,
eyes blazing. "We don't need you for this, Reed. Why don't you go -- I don't
know. To the mall or something. Just get out."

"But, mother..."


"I think I should ..."

"You've done enough already, young lady. Now this is between Trevor and me.

A lump the size of a football was gathering in the pit of Trevor's stomach,
and another one, smaller but even more sour, was rising up his throat. He
felt a little dizzy and had to hold tightly onto the arms of the chair to
keep from sliding off to the floor.

"Aunt Alex..." he tried to begin, hoping that if he kept talking long enough
he would think of something to say. Aunt Alex didn't give him a chance.

"Stop right there, young man." She paused. At the sound of the front door
closing behind her daughter, Aunt Alex went on.

Her eyes cut into Trevor's like lasers, and her hair seemed to be afire,
blazing almost as much as the crystal all around them. Her normally perfect
porcelain skin was discolored now by bright red patches all over her face,
and her hands were clenched tightly, as if she was afraid that if she let go
of them she'd leap up and strangle him.

"Reed has told me what happened Thursday night."

Despite the fire in her eyes, Aunt Alex's words were as cold as ice.

"I suspect you had figured that out by now."

"But, how -- why ..." Trevor heard the words and wondered who was stupid
enough to interrupt Aunt Alex when she was this angry. With a stabbing pain
in his forehead, he realized the stupid speaker was himself.

"It seems that my ... my daughter (the way she said that word, Trevor
thought, it sounded like a curse) was a bit too exuberant in her lust. One of
her diamond earrings fell off into your mother's bed. Your mother happened to
mention to me that she'd found it; she thought it was your Aunt Teddy's,
because of that ludicrous story she told us about ... about ... about what
she said she did on the bed."

Aunt Alex stared at the ceiling briefly.

"I swear I don't know what that sister of mine thought she was doing..."

"My mom?" Trevor croaked out.

"Your Aunt Theodora!" Aunt Alex shrieked. "That ... that ... vixen! And what
a mother she is, seeing my daughter engaged in ... in ... with her own
cousin! And not saying a word to me!"

Trevor carefully kept his face composed. So Reed must have kept Cat out of
it. That was unusually thoughtful of her. Not that it was going to help him
any. He had the distinct impression Aunt Alex was going to ream him a new
asshole, and then turn him in to his mother and father, who'd really give it
to him. Trevor tried to burrow down into the plush cushions of the chair, as
if he could sink far enough into them to escape all this. It didn't work.
Aunt Alex kept on talking, her voice a barely controlled hysteria. He was
dirty, filthy, unclean, evil. And those were the nicer words. Somewhere in
all the shrieking he got the welcome news that Reed was on the Pill. When he
heard that, he inwardly heaved a sigh of relief. But even that was cold
comfort when it reminded him that Cat was a virgin, and probably wasn't using

After awhile, he lost touch with his aunt's tirade. His mind seemed to swim
free, and he let his eyes wander -- furtively, because once Aunt Alex caught
him at it and redoubled her rant -- flitting from one fancy fixture to
another. It all seemed unreal, like a movie set. He grasped at the straw and
fantasized himself in a film, or a TV show maybe, just a character who'd
gotten stuck in an awful plot line. Pretty soon there'd be a commercial break
and when they came back there'd be some neat resolution and everyone would
live happily ever after. His Aunt Alex would smile and say "Trevor, it's all
right. Trevor ..."


He blinked twice. This was no TV show. Aunt Alex was on her feet, inches from
him, her hand poised to slap him if he continued to ignore her. The gorge in
his throat rose to his mouth and he was ready to throw up.

"Do you think you could do me the courtesy of paying attention when I'm
talking to you?" Aunt Alex spat out the words as if they tasted bitter.

"Yes, ma'am," Trevor answered meekly.

"Well, that's very kind of you," she drawled, continuing to stand so close he
could feel the heat of her breath. "Now just what do you think your mother
and father are going to say when I tell them what you've been doing?"

There was a pause, and when it lingered on Trevor decided the question wasn't
hypothetical. He was wrong. Halfway into a reply Aunt Alex barked him into

"I'll tell you what they're going to say," she railed on. "They're going to
disown you, if they have half a brain between them. Or ... or ... or
something. I can't even think what's punishment enough for what you've done.
Ground you permanently? You seem to get into trouble quite well at home. Send
you off to military school? Only if they made you eat a pound of saltpeter
for breakfast.

"But nothing they did to you could hurt half as much as knowing what you did
would hurt them. You didn't think of that, did you, when you let your cock do
your thinking for you Thursday night?"

Trevor's eyes were so filled with tears that Aunt Alex's face was just a
watery blur to him. He tried to blink them away, but more poured out and
trailed down his cheeks.

Aunt Alex's voice did not seem to soften. "Go ahead, cry. Cry for an hour and
you won't even come close to the tears you'll wring out of your mother. To
have raised a son like this! Georgie doesn't deserve this pain. She doesn't!
She doesn't!"

Then she burst into tears as well, bawling as she sagged back against the
couch and fell onto the cushions. Her body was wracked by sobs and she buried
her head in her hands.

Trevor, weak as well, managed to drag himself over to the couch and put his
arms around his aunt for comfort. He kept a light touch on the fine linen of
her suit as he settled in next to her, their wails mingling.

When she looked up at him at last, her eyes were red and her hair was mussed.
Black smudges of mascara streaked her cheeks.

"How can I tell your mother what you did?" she asked, her voice a hoarse

Trevor felt so guilty he would have crawled over hot coals. "You don't have
to," he said, stopping to sniff. "I'll -- I'll tell her. I promise."

"No, you can't," Aunt Alex said. "No one can. No one should. It would kill
her. Georgie is so devoted to her family, it would just kill her."

"But, Aunt Alex ..."

"No." She straightened up as if stiffening her spine would stiffen her
resolve. "You are not to tell your parents. They must never know what
happened Thursday night." She paused, staring off into the distance. "But
it must never happen again, understand? You will never even touch your
cousins from now on. You know that, don't you?"

Trevor hung his head. "Yes, Aunt Alex."

"Say it like you mean it, Trevor."

He pulled his head up and looked her in the eye. His lower lip quivered a
bit, but he took a deep breath and steadied himself. "Yes, Aunt Alex. It will
never happen again."

She looked away. "Well, that's settled," she said to the wall.

Trevor hauled himself to his feet and started to leave. He heard the soft
swish as Aunt Alex whirled on the couch. "Wait just a minute, young man!"

He faced her. "What? You said it was settled?"

"Well, yes, that we won't tell your parents and you won't do it again.

"But what?"

"But -- but that doesn't seem like enough. You should -- you should be
punished. Shouldn't you?" Her brows lifted. "At least -- I mean -- well, it
seems like you should."

Trevor was so confused he felt like he was lost in a maze. His emotions had
been snapped back and forth so quickly and so often in just a few hours that
it almost seemed as if he had no feelings left. With a sigh, he sank back
into the armchair. "So, what's my punishment?" he asked, his voice flat.

Aunt Alex stood up and paced. "I don't know," she said. "I don't know what I
can do to you."

"Look, Aunt Alex, do whatever you want, but I'm already as sorry about this
as I can get."

"You don't sound very sorry now."

Trevor twisted his head down and to the side, frustrated. "I am, honest. I'm
just all worn out, that's all."

"Well, I can't just let you off like this."

"Aunt Alex, I'll do whatever you say. Anything! You're right, I deserve to be
punished. Name it." He wasn't sure whether he honestly felt sorry he'd done
it, at this point, or he was just sorry Aunt Alex had found out. But he had
to do something to end this nightmare. Whatever punishment she could dream
up, it couldn't be worse than having to endure this inquisition much longer.



"How about -- no, that won't work." Aunt Alex continued to pace, back and
forth. Trevor tried to watch her, but it felt like having a front-row seat at
a really slow tennis match. Every now and again she would stop and open her
mouth, but then she'd shake her head and keep going. "I've got it! -- But,

At last she flopped down on an arm of the couch. "I give up, Trevor. What
could I possibly do to punish you? It would have to be something that would
convince you it's wrong it take advantage of women like you did with Reed."

Trevor thought about that for a second. Him taking advantage of Reed? Just
what kind of story had she told her mother? But it wasn't worth trying to
argue; he knew it wouldn't matter. His aunt was still talking.

"Something that would give you an idea of what it feels like to have someone
treat you as just an object. To lie to you just to get a sexual favor -- and
to have lied about your own brother's c-c-" She stopped abruptly. The silence
stretched on and Trevor could hear the ticking of a clock -- or was that his

He couldn't stand it. It was one thing for Reed to suggest that he was the
villain, but to say he'd used Evan's cancer -- well, OK, he hadn't stopped
them, but it's not like he came up with the idea. Trevor burst out: "But,
Aunt Alex, I didn't lie. I didn't say I was the sick one. Reed just assumed
I was, and -- well -- all right, maybe I should have told her, but gosh, you
know how Reed gets, and I just couldn't stop her..."

"But she said..." his aunt began. Another silence seemed to stretch out
forever. "Are you sure...?"

Trevor nodded his head vigorously, in reply to her and to his own thoughts.
That was it, he decided. Aunt Alex must have mentioned to Reed that Evan had
cancer; that had made Reed made enough to blurt it all out when her mom
confronted her with the earring. Lucky thing she came to her senses before
she tattled on Cat, too.

"Well..." his aunt stammered.

He could see she was confused. It seemed to Trevor that his breath was
getting louder and louder.

Aunt Alex's voice was softer, now, and trembled. "But -- you did -- with
Reed -- and that's not right," she said, finishing on a stronger note. "And
you still should be punished for that. But ..."

Then Aunt Alex rose and walked briskly out of the room. At the archway to the
stairs she stopped. Without turning around, she spoke. "Trevor, aren't you

He looked left and right. Nope, no one there; she must be talking to him. And
she hadn't waited for an answer, either; she was already going up the stairs.
He jumped up and trotted behind.

As he got to the foot of the stairs, Aunt Alex was disappearing down the
hallway at the top. By the time Trevor got upstairs, she was nowhere in
sight. He called for her but got no answer. He had to prowl down the hallway,
peering in door after door. Each room had some opulent furnishings that would
arrest his attention for a moment before he could shake his eyes free to make
sure his aunt wasn't around.

Finally he found her -- in her bedroom.

* * *

Like the parlor, this was a study in white and cream. The huge, four-poster
bed had a lacy comforter, thrown back at the head to reveal white silk sheets
and pillowcases. He stared at the bed as he stepped into the room. Trevor was
so transfixed he didn't notice anything else until he heard the door slam
shut behind him. He turned and saw Aunt Alex, standing arms akimbo.

"Take your clothes off," she said, flatly.

Trevor's cock swelled at the words. He wondered a little at why Aunt Alex had
so suddenly switched from punishment to pleasing him, but remembering his
time in Aunt Teddy's bed he wasn't going to waste time arguing. In a flash he
was out of his clothes and leaping onto the bed. It sunk under his weight,
smothering him in silk and lace.

"Get off the bed," Aunt Alex ordered.

Trevor shrugged and got off.

"Stand up straight," she said. Aunt Alex, still fully clothed, walked around
him like he was a Ming dynasty vase, staring him up and down. Trevor's
budding erection withered under her gaze. He tried to cover himself up with
his hands, but a sharp look from her made him snap his arms to his side.

As his aunt strutted around him, tut-tutting from time to time, it seemed to
Trevor that the room grew chillier. Goosebumps rose on his arms and legs. His
fingers and toes grew chilled. Every now and then he would slump a bit, only
to straighten when Aunt Alex cleared her throat sharply. Whenever she came
around to the front of him he looked down in shame, seeing the spike heels of
her pumps pushing the thin cloth of his T-shirt into the plush carpet.

"So now," she said at last, "you know what it's like to be on display like a
piece of meat. Doesn't feel so good on the other end, does it? Does it?"

"No, ma'am," Trevor mumbled.

"I can't hear you!"

"NO, MA'AM!"

"That's better." Aunt Alex slipped behind him and, after a moment of silence,
he heard her heels clicking on the tile of the bathroom. Slowly Trevor
gathered up his clothes and was beginning to shrug into his shorts when his
aunt's voice, echoing off the marble of the bathroom, froze him in place.

"Just what do you think you're doing?"

"I'm -- I was just ..." He turned toward the bathroom door. Aunt Alex was
already half undressed, standing there in pantyhose and heels, hanging her
skirt carefully on a padded hanger.

"I didn't give you permission to get dressed," she said, glancing at him for
a second. "Your punishment isn't over yet." Without another word she pulled
off her jacket, unbuttoned her blouse, peeled down her hose. After every move
she daintily put the garment away, until she was stark naked. Still silent,
Aunt Alex got on the bed and lay down, spreading her legs wide.

She was shorter than Aunt Teddy, and not as skinny -- maybe even a little
chubby, but still sexy. Her breast were full, and they sagged a little when
she was standing and settled like jello when she lay down. But the nipples
stood firm and erect, her legs were finely shaped, and her bush, more lush
than Aunt Teddy's, split to reveal the rich pink of her slit.

It didn't take long for Trevor's cock to rise to attention.

Once more he eagerly leaped to the bed, this time crawling quickly into
position, his dick poised at the entrance to Aunt Alex's tunnel. She pushed
him away, though.

"No, you don't, Trevor. You're going to learn what it takes to please a
woman, not just get your pleasure from her. You're going to eat me."

"Eat?" He was afraid he knew what she meant.

"My pussy, Trevor. Oh, come on, surely you've heard of it. You're going to
put that tongue of yours into my twat and get me off."

"My tongue? Down there?" He shuddered. It seemed so ... so icky. Women
SMELLED down there.

"Yes, down there. Don't be shy. I'll tell you what to do."

Still he hesitated. Aunt Alex sighed. "Oh, all right, you can start with my
breasts. Surely you've done that before?"

Trevor grinned and slid back up. Carefully at first, and then with more
abandon, he flicked his tongue at the taut nipples of his aunt's ample
breasts. Her soft moans encouraged him to go on. Trevor sucked the nipple,
then the whole dark brown moon of one breast into his mouth. By accident he
bit down gently. When Aunt Alex writhed and sighed, he decided he'd learned
a new trick. On he went, kneading the erotic mounds of flesh, his head
twisting from one to the other. The friction of Aunt Alex's bare flesh
twisting beneath him made Trevor's prick grow stiff, and he longed to plunge
it into her hot hole. But she held him in place and her heavy breathing
signaled that she wanted him to keep doing what he was doing.

"Yes, yes," his aunt sighed. "Yes, Trevor, like that. Oh, I love the feel of
your tongue on my breasts. Yes, more!"

When he could take no more, Trevor again tried to mount her. But Aunt Alex
slapped her legs together, denying him entrance. "I told you, Trevor," she
said, quickly coming out of her erotic trance.

"But, Aunt Alex," he started to plead. It was no use. And Trevor knew that
if he didn't get his cock into some womanflesh soon he would explode. There
seemed now way out.

Sliding down the silk sheets, he brought his head over her cunt slit, already
steaming with her juices. His nose wrinkled.

Aunt Alex wrapped her legs around his back, trapping him in place. In a voice
like a schoolteacher's, she began to instruct him.

"Start with your hand. Put it over my pussy. That's it, cup it over the
mound. Rub it in. Ohhhh, yes, you're doing well. Mmmmmm, more.

"Now just your fingers. Yes, move down right to my hole. Rub them back and
forth. Feel how hot I am already?

"Just one finger now, Trevor. Right over the slit. Just -- AAAHHHHH -- just
there. Gentle, now, slow and gentle. Let it slide in, little by little.
Mmmmmmmm. Now, deeper. Deeper. See how easy it is?

"Now another finger, the same way, little by lit...ohhhhhhhhhh... by little.
Easy does it. That's right.

"Now you're ready."

Trevor shivered. He knew what that meant.

"Kiss my thighs, Trevor. Lightly, lightly, like a butterfly landing on a
flower. Yes, that's it. Kiss me all over. Keep rubbing me with your fingers,
don't stop!

"Now move in closer. Keeping kissing. It'll be all right. Now slide your
fingers out. Kiss my pussy."

He did it, just a light kiss, barely touching his aunt's wet slit.

"Not so bad, was it? Now, again."

Before long Trevor was bestowing long, lingering kisses on his aunt's cunt.
He was really getting into it, so he didn't hesitate for a second when she
told him to go further.

"Put your tongue in me, Trevor. YESSS! Yes, that's right. Slide your tongue
into your auntie's hot little box. Oooooh, yes!"

It didn't take long for him to lose himself in the passion of the moment.
Trevor buried his face in her muff, his tongue plunging deep into the folds
of his aunt's pussy. She led him to her clit, the little button of flesh that
made her shiver when he licked it and almost buck him off when he sucked it.
By then her legs were clamped firmly around him, but he didn't notice. His
hands wrapped around her thighs and spread her pussy lips apart to give him
maximum access.

"That's right, Trevor," Aunt Alex was almost shrieking now. "Tongue-fuck me,
boy! Stick your tongue in deeper! Deeper! Gaaaaaaahhhhh!" She almost broke
his nose when she fell apart in a bucking orgasm, slamming against the
mattress over and over. "Don't stop! DON'T STOP! Fuck me, Trevor! Suck me!

Trevor hung on for as long as he could before he had to wrench his head free,
gasping for breath. His face was covered with his aunt's secretions, and it
dripped off his chin and dribbled off his nose. He yanked a hand free to wipe
some off and rolled to one side.

Aunt Alex's legs had gone limp. As she panted, her breasts heaved. Trevor
saw a bright flush rising in the valley between the two mounds. Her body was
covered in sweat, her hair was a mess, and when she unclenched her fists he
could see strands of dark hairs that, with a sudden twinge of pain, he
realized must be his. Aunt Alex must have grabbed his hair and pushed him
into her in the middle of her orgasm. He had been too lust-driven to notice

After they had both caught their breaths, Aunt Alex rolled over onto her
stomach. When Trevor didn't move right away, she twisted her head to face
him. "What's wrong, Trev? Don't you want me anymore?"

"Yeah," he said automatically. "I mean, no, I mean, yeah, I do want you.

"Oh, youth," his aunt sighed. "Haven't you ever done it doggie-style? Look,
it's easy. You know where to put it, don't you?"

"Uh, yeah, but how...?"

Aunt Alex raised her ass in the air, almost getting into a kneeling position,
with her head still on the pillow. "Get the picture?"

Trevor did. He maneuvered around behind his aunt and got to his knees, his
still-hard cock waggling up to her sodden cunt. Grabbing Aunt Alex around he
waist, he pushed forward. His cock sunk easily into her lubricated tunnel,
and with a long, satisfying groan he quickly drove his shaft all the way into
her, until his balls slapped against her wet thighs. Aunt Alex's answering
groan was muffled by the pillow as Trevor began the familiar rhythm, in and
out, his aunt's pussy lips sliding back and forth on his aching cock.

As the position became more comfortable, Trevor bent forward and grabbed Aunt
Alex's big tits, feeling the heat rise off her body as he massage the orbs
and kissed her arched back. It was a little hard to keep his balance on the
slippery silk sheets, but it was an excruciating ecstasy every time he
slipped out of his aunt's cunt and had to work his way back in.

He had been so horny that he had expected to blast his cum into her almost at
once, but the wait seemed to have dammed him up and, although he continued to
feel almost on the edge of orgasm, he held back and kept plowing into the
fertile delta of his aunt's fiery box.

"Damn, you're good," Aunt Alex gasped out. "God, I love a young cock. Keep it
up, Trevor, keep fucking your aunt's cunt. Deeper! Deeper! Aaaaaaah, yes,
that's it! Fuck that cunt all the way! I can feel every inch of you! Fuck it!

He was happy to obey. It seemed almost funny that a few days ago he had been
a virgin, and now he was feeling like a connoisseur of sex. Reed and Cat had
been his first, and there was a special thrill at seeing young, perfect
bodies writhing on his shaft. Aunt Teddy was the most active, and her
frenzied fucking made him feel like a stallion. Aunt Alex was certainly not
young, and not very active (until her orgasm, he thought with a smile), but
she certainly had an active imagination for sex. And fucking her felt like
being a real man, having a mature woman groaning for his cock. Just thinking
of it excited him again and he slammed his meat into his aunt's pussy,
grinding it a little from side to side as he did. She moaned in delight.

"Keep it up, Trev," Aunt Alex said. It was now almost impossible to keep hold
of her, since their bodies were both slick with sweat and the sheets were
greased with their juices. Trevor was half fucking her and half wrestling,
but it all felt good.

Just when he felt that at last he would go over the edge, Aunt Alex clasped
her legs together, trapping the head of his cock within her cunt.

"Not so fast," she panted. "You just hold still now, and let me do all the

At first it didn't work; they slid around too much. Then Aunt Alex crawled up
to the head of the bed and grabbed hold of the edge of the mattress. Trevor,
following behind, slipped his arms over her shoulders and held on tightly as
he slid his cock back into her eager pussy.

Then Aunt Alex did take over, sliding her hot cunt slowly up and down the
length of his shaft, again and again. It felt a lot like the blow job Aunt
Teddy had given him, except that Aunt Alex's cunt caressed his entire cock
from tip to base, wrapping it up like a blanket. Trevor shook and shivered
as his aunt tantalized his prick, pulling it all the way into her tunnel and
then sliding off it slowly, so slowly. The nerve endings in his dick seemed
to multiply. A time or two he gave in to his urgent passion and started to
drive into her on his own, but each time she froze and gently told him to
stop and let her control the action.

"I'm in charge here, Trevor. Let me do all the work. I want to slide my pussy
alllllllll the waaaayyyy up your cock -- and then let it slide allllllll the
waaaaaayy oooouuuuttt again. In and out, Trev, in and out. Your aunt is going
to show you how to really please a woman. Let her feel every inch of your
meat. Alllllll the waaaaaayy in. That's it. Do you like your aunt's pussy,
Trevor? Is Aunt Alex making you happy?"

Trevor could only make a few strangled noises in reply. All his senses were
now centered in his cock, and it was an exquisite agony. His fingers were
locked into a tight grip on his aunt's soft shoulders, his toes were curled
tightly, his stomach was clenched, every hair on his body was standing on
end. And still Aunt Alex slowly rode his rod up and down. His eyes watered.
His nose ran. Tremors ran through his limbs. And still Aunt Alex smothered
his rock-hard cock in the deep, wet folds of her cunt. He lost all track of
time, he couldn't recognize the room, he even forgot his name. He was just
a prick with a boy attached. And still Aunt Alex slid back and forth on his
shaft, pounding it into her pussy over and over and over and over until...

Until she must have felt that he could stand no more. With one last surge
she slipped her cunt all the way up his shaft and then shouted to him, "Fuck
me, Trevor! Fuck me hard, now! Harder! HARDER! FASTER! FASTER! FAST --

Again her orgasm was exuberant, her ass blasting into Trevor's crotch. But
even as Aunt Alex was beginning to shout, Trevor had felt his own orgasm
burst into life.

"Aunt Alex, I'm gonna -- gonna -- I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Fuck, I'm

And then it was all groans and moans and grunts as Trevor emptied his cum
into his aunt's twitching cunt, blast after blast filling her up and oozing
out the sides, until he lost his grip on her shoulders just as one of Aunt
Alex's tremors shook loose her own grip on the mattress and they slid apart
and spun around on the bed, tearing loose the sheet and flinging pillows
like a tornado. They came to a stop at last, laughing and gasping, looking
like the last survivors of an earthquake, hair matted to their faces.

"That was -- that was..." Aunt Alex tried to begin.

"Yeah, it was -- um..." Trevor stumbled for words as well.

"Whew!" Aunt Alex exhaled, blowing aside a strand of hair from her eyes.
"Well, do you think you've been punished enough, young man?"

Trevor grimly nodded -- and then burst into laughter again. They clung to
each other on the soaked sheets and then, after one last, long soul kiss,
Aunt Alex bundled him off to the shower. He invited her to share, but she
laughed away the thought. "The spirit is willing but the flesh is too damn
exhausted," she said, tossing his clothes to him. "I'll use the one down
the hall."

When he was all showered and dried, Trevor slipped back into his clothes
and toweled off his hair. By the time he got out of the bathroom, he saw,
Aunt Alex had changed the sheets on the bed. He found her downstairs,
fully dressed and sitting on the couch just about where she'd been when
he came in. He was starting to say something when the front door clicked
open and Reed walked in, her arms full of shopping bags and packages.

"Oh, hi, Trev, still here?" Reed said, nonchalantly. Apparently a shopping
trip had been enough to make her forget all about what had happened before
she left. "Give me a hand with these, will you?" As Trevor juggled the
packages over to the coffee table, Reed slid into one of the plush armchairs
and crossed her legs. "So, everything settled?"

Trevor raised his eyebrows, but Aunt Alex winked at him and turned to her
daughter. "Just about, young woman. Trevor and I have had a talk, and that
part's settled. But I still have some talking to do to you."

"Oh, MOTHER!" Reed said, rising. "Really, we've talked. It's over. Done.
Finito. Now, look at this great sweater I found -- and only $250!"

With a quiet chuckle, Aunt Alex helped Reed open the packages. Without
looking up, she spoke. "See you later, Trev. And -- and I hope you won't
forget your lesson."

"Lesson, mother? What..." Reed began.

"Never mind, dear. Bye, Trev!"

"Bye, Aunt Alex," he said, striding through the door.

To be continued...


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