Sisters: Lovers And Other Relatives Part 4 (m/F,inc)
by Uncle Mike

Thursday afternoon found Trevor walking up the driveway to his parents' house
after a long meeting at school. Mom and Dad and Evan were at the hospital for
another of Evan's treatments, so Trevor was in no hurry.

He kicked a stone at the foot of the driveway as he mused to himself. Five
days, he thought, and I haven't fucked a single relative. I must be slowing
down! He laughed, still amazed at his good fortune last weekend.

A "ka-chink!" caught his attention and he snapped back to the real world. The
pebble he'd kicked had clipped the bumper of ... Aunt Frankie's car! Trevor's
eyebrows shot up. He couldn't ... could he? Tightening his grip on his
schoolbooks, he raced into the house.

As he barged through the front door, he called out his aunt's name. She came
in from the kitchen, a pen and a pad of paper still in her hands.

She was dressed in her usual business attire: a power suit, this one a
severely cut black with a white blouse. The all- business effect was hurt by
the short, short length of the skirt and the way she'd undone a few buttons
of the blouse, but Trevor noticed she was still teetering on four-inch
spike-heeled pumps. Aunt Frankie was the youngest of the Reed sisters, and to
his mind the sexiest -- or at least that's what he had used to think, before
he'd gotten to know Aunt Teddy and Aunt Alex so well. Aunt Frankie had
perfect skin, chiseled cheekbones, hair so curly you wanted to bury your
fingers in it, and an ass that twitched so fine he always had to be careful
not to get caught gawking when she left the dinner table.

It didn't take long to explain to her that everyone else was at the hospital.
She said she'd had to cancel a business dinner that evening and she'd stopped
by for company.

Trevor longed to say something that would make her stay, and maybe even
something that would make her horny for him. But Aunt Frankie had always
seemed so beautiful to him that he got tongue-tied whenever he saw her, and
it happened again. She probably thinks, he told himself, that I'm some kind
of dork.

Even when she lingered, asking him questions about his day, Trevor could only
manage one- or two-word answers. All the while he was carrying on a running
conversation in his head, and his answers there were suave and debonair. The
only problem was that they kept coming about one question too late.

"So, anything exciting happen today?" Aunt Frankie would ask.

"Nah," Trevor would mumble.

"How's school going?"

"It's OK," he'd manage to get out.

"The most exciting thing that happened today was that I saw you," his mind
would butt in.

"Worried about Evan?"


"I bet there's a lot you could teach me," his mind would interrupt. And so

After several minutes of frustration, Trevor's eagerness to see Aunt Frankie
was fading, and he didn't argue when she tossed the paper and pen aside and
headed for the door. He mumbled a goodbye and was trudging up the stairs when
she spun in the doorway.

"Oh, hey, Trevor? What are you doing for dinner, honey? Did your mom fix you

He grimaced. "Lentil soup," he said sourly. "It's in the fridge. And
wheat-germ rolls."

Aunt Frankie took a step back inside and let the door close behind her.
"Sounds awful. Hey, I've got an idea. Why don't I fix us something?"

"You?" Trevor put a hand on the railing.

"Sure. You must have some stuff hanging around I could use. I know, how about
omelets? Everybody's got eggs. You've got eggs, you've got omelets!"

"Well, I, uh, I don't want to impose ..."

"Who's imposing? Look, I wasn't doing anything for dinner myself, and believe
me, my refrigerator isn't anywhere near as well-stocked as your mom's. I'd be
lucky if my yogurt was only a week past its due date."

"No offense, Aunt Frankie, but -- can you cook?"

"Can I cook? You've been listening to your other aunts too much. Sure I can
cook! Hey, I may not be Betty Crocker, but I've fried an omelet or two. Just
let me at that kitchen!" There was no stopping her. Aunt Frankie tossed her
suit jacket on a chair as she went past and strode into the kitchen,
unbuttoning her sleeves and rolling them up.

Trevor sighed. Every time Aunt Frankie even tried to boil water, his mom had
once said, disaster loomed.

After tossing his schoolbooks in his room, Trevor tromped down the stairs and
into the kitchen. He stopped in the entry, stunned. He'd only been gone a
couple of minutes, three tops. How could Aunt Frankie have done all this in
just three minutes?

Almost every cupboard door was open. Bowls and plates and pots and jars and
boxes littered every available surface. A measuring cup on the counter was
swimming in a shallow pool of milk that was slowly spreading toward the edge,
where it would fall, he saw, onto a disorderly jumble of spatulas and
stirring spoons and ladles and -- what was that thing that looked like a
pig's tail?

An "oof!" reminded him that Aunt Frankie must be somewhere in this mess. But
where? He couldn't see her. Just then, a white cloud billowed up from the
other side of the island. He looked over and saw Aunt Frankie kneeling down
to pick up a sack of flour as the fine white powder that had been ejected
when she dropped it settled back delicately all over her and the floor.

Trevor couldn't help it. He laughed. That made Aunt Frankie turn around,
startled. Unfortunately, as she did she forgot about the three eggs she'd
been juggling in one hand. She remembered them just about the time they made
contact with the open cupboard door, shattered, and oozed down the side and
onto the floor.

"Aunt Frankie," Trevor said, suppressing a laugh, "You've got the flour,
eggs and milk OK, but wouldn't it be easier to mix them in a bowl than just
dumping them on the floor? And I thought you were making omelets, not

She frowned, but when she looked around, she laughed too. So hard, in fact,
that she leaned against the open cupboard for support and started to sit

"Aunt Frankie!" Trevor's yell stopped her just in time. She staggered to her
feet and stared at the mess of eggs and flour, just a few feet from the milk
that by now was dripping to the floor. Without looking up, without looking at
him, she spoke very slowly. "How much do you want?"


"How much do I have to pay you to promise never -- and I mean never -- to
tell your mother or your aunts what happened?"

Trevor smiled. "Forget it. Accidents happen. Look, I'll help you clean up.
Then we can order out for pizza."

He grabbed a roll of paper towels, ripped off a couple and tossed the rest to
her. He tackled the milk and utensils while Aunt Frankie mopped up the eggs
and flour.

While he was cleaning, Trevor looked over and saw his aunt squatting down,
scooping a gooey mess of eggs off the floor. Her hair had a frosting of white
and her skirt was a little dusty with flour, too, but he didn't notice that.
Instead, he saw that as she stooped down, her skirt rode up her legs even
more. They were incredible legs, fantastic legs, a model's legs. And he
wasn't quite sure, but it looked as if she wasn't wearing pantyhose, but
rather stockings. At least there was a narrow, opaque strip about as far up
her leg as he could see, and when she twisted a certain way he was almost
certain he saw a flash of bare thigh.

But when Aunt Frankie looked up and saw him staring, Trevor just pointed to
her hair. When she touched it and a shower of flour fell down, her face
showed a mix of embarrassment, despair and hilarity. He told his aunt she
could wash herself off and he'd finish cleaning.

Everything was put away and all the cupboard doors were closed when she came
back in, fresh as a daisy -- except for a few small smudges of flour still
lingering on the back of her skirt. Trevor was reaching for the phone book
when Aunt Frankie took it from his hands.

"We usually call Tony's," he said, grabbing the phone. "The page is turned
back, see?"

But Aunt Frankie didn't open the book; she put it back on the shelf. "No
pizza for us, Trevor. I promised omelets, and I'm going to make omelets."

"But you..."

"I was just a little overly ambitious, that's all. I'll skip the biscuits I
was going to make. Just omelets, plain and simple. I'll need, hmm, six eggs.
And some salt and pepper and onions and green pepper and -- do you have any
ham?" Trevor shuffled around the kitchen, pulling out her requests, still
trying to talk her out of it.

"Really, Aunt Frankie," he said as he handed her the peppermill, "pizza would
be fine. I love pizza. Heck, I'll even go halfsies with you. Mushroom and
sausage OK?"

She ignored him and continued to order up supplies, which she piled up around
a big pottery bowl she'd spied on a top shelf. Trevor didn't recall his
mother ever using that bowl before, and he suspected there was a reason for
that, but Aunt Frankie brushed his concerns aside. "This is no heirloom," she
said, tapping a heavy silver tablespoon against the side of the bowl. "It's
been in our family for ages, and every Reed woman used it for cooking just
like I am. And if it survived them, it can survive me. Oops."

Trevor spun around quickly.

"Just kidding," Aunt Frankie giggled. "Now you go set the table, and I'll be
done in a few minutes."

As he headed toward the dining room with the plates and silverware, Aunt
Frankie was cracking eggs. While he spread the stuff on the table, he heard
her stirring madly. He cringed every time the spoon cracked against the bowl.

He was pouring water into the glasses at their places when she called out.
"Trev, honey, where does your mother keep her omelet pan?"

"I don't think she has an omelet pan," he said, moving toward the kitchen.
"I think she just ..."

What had she done now, killed herself? Aunt Frankie's legs were stretched out
across the kitchen floor. As he followed their lovely curves, he saw her
skirt and the bottom of her blouse, but the rest of her had disappeared into
an open cupboard. From somewhere deep inside, her voice came, muffled and
echoing slightly. "What did you say, Trev? It must be in here somewhere.
Wait, is that it? I can almost -- almost -- nope, that wasn't it. Maybe over
here..." She wiggled forward a bit more.

As she did, her skirt rode up her legs. Now Trevor could see for sure. Aunt
Frankie must be wearing a garter belt; he could see the tops of her sheer
black stockings and the clips and elastic that held them in place, vanishing
up under her skirt. Another wiggle and he could see another flash of black --
her panties, he realized.

As if the beautiful vision before him wasn't enough, memories of the other
Reed women came flooding back into his mind. In an instant his cock was hard
as stone. Without planning to, he knelt down beside her and stretched a hand
along her silky legs -- not touching them, just a fraction of an inch above,
sculpting the sexy curves.

"Trev? Trev, honey, I -- I think I'm stuck." Even muffled, he could hear the
anguish in his aunt's voice. "Look, sweetie, could you help?"

He was lying on top of her before he even realized what he was doing. As he
stretched a hand into the recesses of the cupboard, trying to figure out what
Aunt Frankie had gotten caught on, his cock rode up onto her leg, though.
That quickly made him aware of what was happening.

Part of him said to back off a little, but another part -- a much louder
part, thanks to what had happened last weekend -- urged him to take her
then and there, to rip off her clothes and fuck her from behind. As if to
underscore that argument, his cock throbbed against his aunt's leg.

But Trevor withdrew from the cupboard and knelt back, breathing hard. He'd
done a lot in a few days, but some still, small voice within him warned that
this would be going too far. This would be rape. He might be horny, but he
wasn't a rapist.

Then Aunt Frankie wiggled again. "Trevor? Trevor, what's going on? I'm still
stuck, can't you do something?"

By now her skirt was completely up around her waist. Her rounded ass was
bouncing in the air, two perfect orbs barely half-covered by her shiny
panties with their lace trim. They were tiny enough to begin with --
French-cut, Trevor thought to himself, remembering the Victoria's Secret
catalog -- and the constant wiggling was driving them further into the crack
of Aunt Frankie's ass, exposing more and more of the lovely flesh.

She called to him again. Trevor felt like he was being pulled in two
directions at once. He couldn't -- but he had too. He shouldn't -- but he
wanted to so much.

Then he thought of something. It wouldn't be right to rape Aunt Frankie. It
would be wrong, very, very wrong. But rape was when you fucked a woman,
wasn't it? It wasn't rape if you didn't fuck her.

The idea may not have been so bright, but in his condition Trevor just needed
something to salve his conscience while appeasing his raging lust. This might
just work.

With no hesitation, Trevor reached down and placed his hands on his aunt's
ankles. He closed his hands around them. They fit perfectly, he thought.

"You're not going to pull me out," Aunt Frankie protested. "I'm really

"I won't pull, Aunt Frankie," he murmured, probably too softly for her to

He didn't. Instead, he caressed her legs, sliding his hands up and down the
supple, silken curves. At first, Aunt Frankie didn't move -- she must be
trying to figure out what I'm doing, Trevor thought. But when he continued
to caress, and then moved his hands up past the tops of the stocks and onto
the firm flesh of her buttocks, Aunt Frankie let out a shriek that rattled
several pots and pans. She began to wriggle furiously, swinging her legs
from side to side. Trevor had to force himself between them to keep from
being clipped by her dangerously spiked heels.

She continued to shout, demanding that he stop that instant, but Trevor
ignored her. Tenderly, he rubbed her ass, then slid his fingers up. To his
delight, he found that her panties were on top of the garters. It would have
been a shame, he thought, to have to take the stockings off, too. They were
really sexy.

With trembling hands he peeled Aunt Frankie's panties off. He had to grab
one leg, then the other under an arm to keep them still while her stripped
the panties completely off and flung them aside.

He paused, then, to take a moment to admire his aunt from behind. Even her
butt was beautiful, and it was hard to resist pulling down his jeans and
jamming his cock in the crack between her butt cheeks. But after a few more
moments of appreciation Trevor bent down. Lowering his head, he kissed Aunt
Frankie's ass, then licked the globes from side to side.

By then Aunt Frankie was beating her hands against the sides of the cupboard,
sending up a clatter and rattle among its contents that would have driven
Trevor crazy if he weren't already crazy with lust. She tried to push herself
out again, but even if she could have gotten free from whatever it was that
had trapped her, her nephew now had her locked in place, his body jammed so
tightly against hers that she couldn't get out.

Meanwhile Trevor had continued licking and suckling her ass, her thighs, the
fine fringe of hair on the bottom of her pussy. He was ready for more.

Flipping over onto his back and quickly sliding back underneath her, grabbing
her around her thighs to make sure she couldn't get out, Trevor positioned
himself. Aunt Frankie's perfect pussy was directly above his mouth.

The fine patch of fur, the folds of flesh, the hint of dark, wet recesses
waiting -- he was ready. Remembering what he had learned from Aunt Alex, he
began with more light kisses. It was a little difficult; Aunt Frankie was
moving around so much that several of his light butterfly kisses turned into
hard smacks. But he tightened his grip on her thighs and went on to longer
kisses right on her slit.

When he slid his tongue inside her for the first time, Aunt Frankie let out
a long, loud wail. It didn't stop him. Little by little, he pushed his tongue
into her, deeper and deeper, until it was buried as far as he could reach.

Then he began to explore her cunt, letting his tongue slide in and out,
flicking at the outer lips one moment, sticking it far inside the next.

When he got to her clit, there was a loud bump and he heard Aunt Frankie's
yelp of pain as she smacked her head into the top of the cupboard. He was a
little sorry that he had to keep her captive in such an awkward position, but
far from sorry enough to let her go. He was having too much fun.

After awhile, it seemed as if Aunt Frankie was having a good time, too. At
least Trevor noticed that her pussy juices were starting to flow, while Aunt
Frankie had stopped struggling.

Cautiously, he slipped one hand from around her thigh and brought it down to
his face. He was ready at any second to grab her again if she tried to get
loose, but his aunt didn't make any move to escape.

Encouraged, Trevor supplemented his probing tongue with first one finger,
then two, dipping them into his aunt's already well-lubricated pussy. As he
plunged them in and out, she seemed to begin moving with him, not against
him. He loosened the grip of his other hand and let it roam down Aunt
Frankie's silken legs and up to her smooth, round ass. With some freedom to
move now, he twisted his head slightly so the top of it didn't keep smacking
into the edge of the cupboard's bottom shelf.

And through it all he kept up his tongue-lashing of his aunt's wonderful
gash, nibbling gently now and then on the clit, pushing his fingers in and
out as he hand-humped her. Her juices were flowing freely, running down his
hand and dripping onto his face and neck. Once he'd been disgusted by the
thought of eating out a woman, but after trying it out he became positively
enthusiastic, gobbling up Aunt Frankie's hole like it was a bowl of ice

After going quiet for some time, Aunt Frankie began to make noise again. But
this time it wasn't a scream of pain or a shout of protest. She was moaning
in ecstasy, or so it seemed to Trevor. At least it sounded a lot like Aunt
Teddy and Aunt Alex.

The moans grew louder until suddenly Aunt Frankie's body began to tremble
all over, very quickly, a jerky motion that convulsed her for almost a minute
just as her moans reached their peak.

It was different from the other women he had been with, but Trevor figured
that must have been one of Aunt Frankie's orgasms. It seemed to confirm his
guess when, after a little more probing from his tongue, the tremors started
again -- and then reoccurred twice more in quick succession, before he felt
her body sag down onto him.

* * *

Trevor slid out from underneath her and rolled aside. After a little while,
Aunt Frankie began to stir. There was a small rattle of pots and pan, and
then she slid out from the cupboard; whatever had been snagging her must
have worked loose, Trevor figured.

It occurred to him, vaguely, that there was still a chance she would not
appreciate being held captive and eaten out without permission. The feeling
was vague not so much because he considered himself too good to resist but
because lust and the joy of eating her cunt had addled his brain; he couldn't
form any thought very solidly.

Still, he had enough presence of mind to move back a bit and half-sit,
half-cower against the refrigerator, waiting to see what happened when his
aunt got out.

She emerged, with a couple of pan lids preceding her, looking rather
frazzled. Her face was flushed, her hair was wildly askew, her blouse had
been pulled off one shoulder. But she had a crooked smile on her face, and
the smile grew wider when she looked at Trevor.

At first, she said nothing. Under her steady gaze, Trevor came back to his
senses. Embarrassed, he realized that he must look pretty odd himself, his
face a sticky mess of drying pussy juice and pubic hairs, his hair rubbed
into cowlicks. He smiled back at her.

Aunt Frankie broke the awkward silence.

"We've got to -- you can't -- I give up. Trevor, I can't talk to you unless
you wash your face. It just ..."

He scrambled to his feet and washed off in the sink. By the time he was
finished and turned around, Aunt Frankie was sitting cross-legged on the
floor. Her blouse was buttoned to the neck. It looked a little silly,
because the bottom of the blouse hung down over what Trevor knew was her
naked cunt. Still, she had a serious expression on her face, and Trevor
tried to control his own emotions as he leaned back.

"That's better," his aunt said, brushing a few last strands of hair back from
her face. "Now, Trevor, I -- you know what you did was wrong, don't you? You
can't ever do that again."

"I'm sorry, Aunt Frankie." He bowed his head in shame. "I'll never do that
to you again."

"Not to anyone, Trev! Come on, you know it's not right!"

"But, wasn't I any good?"

She looked away. "You were great. I mean -- that's not what I mean. I mean
you can't force yourself on a woman. It's just wrong."

"But I didn't rape..."

Her head whipped back to face him. "Just because you didn't fuck me? There
are all sorts of rape, Trev. Bottom line is that no means no. Force is never

"Not even when you do it out of love?"

The question was innocent and simple, but the looks that quickly passed over
her face were anything but. "Oh, Trev..."

"Look, I understand about not forcing, and I'm sorry, I really am. But I'm
not sorry that I did it with you, and you'll never get me to feel that way.
I mean, God, Aunt Frankie, I've wanted you since -- well, ever since I can

His aunt's cheeks were flushed. "That's so sweet, Trev. But the love between
an aunt and a nephew -- well, it's different."

"It doesn't have to be -- does it?"

She drew a sharp breath. "It..." Her eyes went to the floor, then left and
right. She shook her head briskly and spoke, in a bright voice. "Say, where
did you learn to do that, anyway?"

Trevor could recognize someone changing the subject, at least when they did
it as awkwardly as Aunt Frankie just did. But he wasn't inclined to argue.
Unfortunately, he wasn't inclined to think before speaking, either.

"From Aunt Alex."

The second he said it, he realized what he'd done. Aunt Frankie's jaw dropped
and her hands, up to now clasped in her lap, slapped against the floor.
"Alex? You've gone down on Alex?"

"Well -- yeah."

"And just when was this?"

"Last weekend."

"Did you hold her down, too?"


"So she asked for it?"


"And why -- wait, maybe I don't want to know that. I can't believe it. Alex?
Alex! I would have believed Teddy, maybe..."

"Oh, I -- uh..." He didn't stop soon enough.

"Teddy too?" Aunt Frankie's eyes were wide, her eyebrows as high as they
could go. "You went down on Teddy?"

"No, not that..."

"Jesus, Trevor, you -- you fucked her?"

"Well, yeah. I..."

"God, you've done all three of your aunts. Who's next, your grandmother? Or
your cousins?"

"Oh, they..."

Aunt Frankie's mouth opened, but before she could respond, the phone rang.
The shrill tremolo shocked them both, but she was the first to come back to
normal, and she scrambled to her feet and grabbed the wall phone. Trevor,
meanwhile, eased into one of the kitchen chairs.

It was his parents, as he gathered by Aunt Frankie's answers. "No, Trevor
and I are doing fine," she said, looking back at him sharply. "He's -- uh,
he was showing me something he'd learned. Yeah, right, in school. Oh,
biology, I think.

"Look, so -- oh, how much longer? Yeah, you're right, Evan deserves a treat.
Look, you take him out to dinner, maybe a movie. I'll hold down the fort
here until you get back.

"What? Oh, yeah, Trevor's eaten.

"Well, see you. Bye."

She hung up the phone, but stayed facing the wall for a minute or so. That
allowed Trevor to drink in the sight of her long, luscious legs again, and
his cock -- which never had gone down much -- stiffened back to its full
length. He squirmed in his chair, trying to relieve the pressure on it from
his jeans. He did, but that only meant producing a huge bulge that he was
afraid his aunt couldn't miss.

His fears came true, for when Aunt Frankie turned to him, her eyes went
immediately to his crotch.

But then, to his amazement, she didn't yell at him. She licked her lips,
putting an extra gloss on her bright red lipstick.

"I make you hot, don't I, Trevor?" She took a step toward him.

"Yeah -- uh, yes," he stammered.

"Hotter than Teddy? Than Alex? Than Cat and Reed?"

He smiled. "Yeah. Hotter than all of them."

"Mmmm. I like that. You know, I still have to pay you. For not squealing to
your mom about what I did to her kitchen, I mean. And if you won't take

Aunt Frankie undid her blouse's buttons one by one, each time pulling the
sides apart a little further, revealing the twin mounds of her breasts
squeezed into a black, lacy bra. As she let finished and let the blouse slip
to the floor, Trevor let out a long, deep sigh. Of all the women he'd ever
seen, Aunt Frankie was the most beautiful. Everything about her was smooth,
inviting curves. And when she unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor,
she unleashed the biggest, roundest tits. The sight made him shiver.

"You're a little overdressed, Trev," she said with a giggle. Without taking
his eyes off his aunt's incredible naked body, Trevor kicked off his shoes
and unbuckled his belt. She tugged off his jeans as he hastily pulled off
his shirt, and soon they were both naked, Trevor's hard cock pointing
eagerly at his aunt's massive mammaries.

Aunt Frankie sat on his lap, facing him, his dick poking into her firm
stomach. They kissed, hotly, tongues twisting together. Trevor thrilled at
the feel of her firm tits squashing against his chest. He kissed her cheek,
her neck, and then Aunt Frankie slipped her heels around the rungs of the
chair legs and pushed up, lifting her breasts to his eager mouth. He suckled
the glorious globes, paying special attention to the pert nipples surrounded
by small, dark halos.

Aunt Frankie had begun to writhe above him, and the friction of his cockhead
rubbing against the fur of her pubic mound made a few drops of pre-cum ooze
out of his prick's one-eyed tip.

He was hard and ready, then, when his aunt rose a bit higher until her hot,
wet pussy lips were just above his bobbing dick. With one hand she held onto
his neck for support; the other stroked down her body, caressing her breasts
and flanks before grasping the hard rod and holding it firmly as, in one
firm, fluid motion, she impaled herself full length on his manhood.

As his aunt's pussy lips plunged down his cock, Trevor marveled at yet
another experience of a Reed woman. Aunt Frankie's cunt felt like a satin
glove, giving him the sensation of filling her from wall to wall, top to
bottom. When she bottomed out, her pubic mound bumping against his groin,
Trevor felt as if the tip of his cock was at the very limit of her tunnel,
stretching it to the limit. Each time she rose and let her pussy lips drag
along the length of his shaft, she forced another groan from him as the
utter ecstasy was almost too much to bear. She kept such a tight grip on
his cock all the while that he feared she would tear it out by the roots
on one of her upward drives.

And when she plunged down onto it, driving it deep into her body, Trevor
shuddered at the sheer force of her motion, and his hips desperately bucked
upward, trying to smash his cock further, ever further into Aunt Frankie's
hungry cunt.

"God, Aunt Frankie," he managed to gasp, "you're incredible! I've never felt
anything like this! I -- oh, no! I'm ... Aaaaaaaaaagggghhhhh!!"

With a surge that left every other muscle in his body limp, Trevor's cock
rocketed its payload into his aunt's pussy, throb after throb of cum pulsing
into her. She kept up her driving plunges until she had milked every last
drop of jism from him and he was sagging back against the chair, exhausted.

He tried to apologize for cumming so quickly, but Aunt Frankie shushed him
with a deep soul kiss, keeping his shrinking cock trapped within her sodden
cunt. Producing exquisite agony for him, his aunt wriggled on his rod,
producing just enough friction on his super-sensitive cockhead to force
half-strangled moans from his chest.

Though he was sure his blasting orgasm had left him spent, Aunt Frankie's
continued massage soon had him half-hard again and eager for more. He was
disappointed when she slipped off his member and stepped back, but his
disappointment turned to joy when he saw her kneel before him and purse her
bright red lips.

Her lipstick left a faint red smear as she sucked the tip of his cock into
her mouth, her cheeks hollowing as she vacuumed it clean and took more and
more of his shaft until again he felt himself testing her limits, this time
with his prick prodding the back of his aunt's throat.

Trevor didn't have much time to compare her technique to Aunt Teddy's, for
no sooner had her sucking gotten him fully hard again than Aunt Frankie let
his cock pop out of her mouth.

Leading him with one hand wrapped firmly around his rigid prick, Aunt Frankie
brought them to the kitchen island and leaned back against it, spreading her
legs wide. He entered her slowly, savoring every second as his cock again
slipped inside her well-lubricated slit and explored every inch of her hot
tunnel. Again they moved in rhythm, in and out, stroke for stroke. As the
tempo increased Aunt Frankie lifted her legs and wrapped them around him, her
silk stockings sliding easily against his skin, her high heels leaving red
streaks as they scratched against his ass. He never felt the pain, all his
nerves concentrating on the sensation of his dick rising and falling in his
aunt's pussy.

Once again he brought her to orgasm, her moans rising until again she broke
into a paroxysm of tremors that lasted at least a full minute and returned
twice more.

He was still hard, though, and kept up his assault on her cunt. But their
bodies had become so slippery with sweat that they began to slide around on
the island wall, and he could not keep his footing. One exuberant thrust of
his shaft almost sent them both tumbling to the floor, before Aunt Frankie,
laughing, pushed him away.

He didn't have time to worry that it was over, for she quickly scrambled onto
the top of the island, sending a stack of papers and a wicker bowl of fruit
cascading to the floor. As Trevor climbed up after her, Aunt Frankie got on
her hands and knees. He assumed his spot behind her and placed his cock at
the entrance to her cunt, but she wiggled away from him.

"I want you in my ass, Trevor. Fuck me in the ass!"

"I've never..."

"Don't argue, just fuck me! I want it now!" She reached behind and smeared
some of her abundant pussy juices around her puckered brown asshole,
lubricating it enough for her to slide one finger inside. Trevor watched as
she finger-fucked her own butt, groaning with pleasure. Before long he got
the idea and replaced her finger with his own, sliding it into the tight
opening and keeping up the steady rhythm while with his other hand he stroked
his cock, greasing it up with cum and sweat.

At last he was ready and carefully placed his prick against the small hole
hidden in the cleft of his aunt's perfect ass. The cockhead looked so massive
compared to the tiny opening, but Aunt Frankie urged him on. With gentle
pressure, one hand holding his shaft steady, Trevor pushed his rod into her.
Slowly, very slowly, the dark brown ring gave way, so slowly that he didn't
realize how far he had gotten until the ring slid over the edge of his dick's
helmet and settled around the shaft.

Aunt Frankie was fingering her cunt frantically, but she urged him to take
it slow and easy. Trevor carefully pushed deeper into her, but after only an
inch or two he stopped.

"It won't go in anymore, Aunt Frankie," he said, bending over her. "I'm
afraid I'll hurt you!"

"You can't hurt me, Trevor. You can't hurt me. And I want it all. I want all
of that delicious cock of yours in my dirty little asshole. Like this!"

With a grunt, she backed into him, driving his cock full-length into her ass.
The sight of her butthole clutching the base of his cock drove Trevor wild,
and he slammed his shaft in and out of her.

The combination of her own finger-fucking and Trevor's rod pumping her ass
soon drove Aunt Frankie into yet another orgasm, this one longer and wilder
than the others He had to grab her around the waist to keep from being
shaken off as she trembled and shook, finally collapsing onto her stomach.
Trevor slid his cock out of his aunt's ass and rubbed it back and forth in
the valley between the globes of her ass until her breathing returned to

Then she flipped onto her back and spread her legs wide, her high heels
poking toward the ceiling. Trevor dove on top of her and smashed his cock
into her sodden pussy for another long session of rutting. More than once
he felt on the verge of another orgasm, but a slowdown in tempo would allow
the feeling to go away. He didn't want to come, only because he never wanted
to stop fucking his aunt. Her body stretched out nude underneath him was
so utterly fantastic that he felt no pain from the many scratches he had
accumulated in their mad lovemaking, no ache from his knees as they rested
on the hard surface of the island, no weakness in his arms, locked stiffly
into place on either side of her perfect breasts, holding him up as he drove
his cock into her eager cunt again and again and again and again.

"Do it, Trevor," she urged him, sweat flying off her face as she twisted
underneath and met each downward thrust of his hips with a bucking of her
own. "Fuck me forever, baby. Fuck me so hard I can't walk. I want you to
ram that hard cock of yours into your Aunt Frankie's pussy. Deeper, Trevor,
deeper! Stick it all in me, that's the way! Fuck that hot little pussy of
mine. FUCK IT! FUCK IT!"

When at last his arms gave out and he had to fall onto her chest, his cock
was still hard and long. Aunt Frankie held him there, sliding her hands
across his back, pressing hot kisses on his lips, until he had regained
enough strength to roll over.

Then she helped him to the floor and laid him out on his back, his dick
still standing up straight as a flagpole. Cooing to him, Aunt Frankie
lowered herself onto his shaft, very slowly this time. Up and down she
rode him, so slowly he could feel her pussy lips dragging along his rod,
slipping inward a little as she let herself down.

Her breasts hung down above him, and he reached for them, massaging her
tits, rubbing the still-erect nipples between his fingers.

Her slow-motion humping finally sent him over the edge. "God, Aunt Frankie,
this is it. I'm gonna -- I'm gonna -- I'm gonna CUM!" The first shot of his
warm jism into her tunnel sent Aunt Frankie into a wild orgasm of her own.
"Fuck me, Trevor, fill me with your cum," she shrieked as the spasms
overtook her. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmeohgod FUCK ME!"

It was a dual orgasm that lasted forever, both of them desperate to wring
every last second from this pairing. Trevor pushed himself to the limit,
ignoring his exhaustion to hump up at his aunt's wonderful cunt, sending
surge after surge of cum into her. Aunt Frankie, in between spasms, twisted
her pussy down onto his shaft, madly groping her own tits, finding every
last ounce of passion and expending it all in one massive outpouring of
sexual frenzy. A deep flush spread over her chest and she almost stopped
breathing as she squatted obscenely on her nephew's fading cock, desperate
not to miss a moment of the feel of his rod within her.

At long last his cock shriveled away and popped out of her utterly soaked
cunt, and Aunt Frankie got off of her nephew and lay down beside him on
the cool kitchen floor, one hand weakly caressing his heaving chest.

When the fog of passion lifted, many minutes later, they both realized at
once how long they must have been tangled together. In a burst of action
that belied the deep weariness they both felt, Trevor and his aunt leaped
to their feet and scrambled into their clothes. Half-dressed, they swept
around the kitchen, picking up papers and bruised fruit, mopping up their
secretions from the floor with a wetted-down wad of paper towels.

A few spritzes from a lemon-scented cleaner helped to mask some of the odors
from their bout of lovemaking, but Trevor fretted still. There was no Aunt
Teddy to cover up for him this time. Aunt Frankie must have noticed the
lingering evidence of their lust as well, for she suggested they whip up a
quick dinner, even if they barely had time to scarf it down before his
parents would come home, so that at least the cooking smells would provide

But one look at the curdling mess in the bowl that once had been
omelets-to-be convinced them they would have to look elsewhere. While Trevor
dumped the yellow mixture, Aunt Frankie pawed through the fridge and freezer,
finally emerging with a plastic bag slightly frosted over. Even wiping off
the bag left the contents a mystery, for a thick layer of icy crystals had
formed inside. But time was running out and they couldn't afford to be picky.
Trevor tossed the frozen package into the microwave and set it on high. While
the fan whirred, he and his aunt put the rest of their clothes on, sharing
a few last, lingering kisses. The insistent beep of the microwave interrupted
their last embrace.

As they pulled apart, they simultaneously recognized the scent now filling
the kitchen.

"Pizza!" Aunt Frankie said, giggling.

"Isn't that what I said in the first place?" Trevor answered, before bursting
into laughter himself.

They had just flushed the last of the pizza down the toilet, still laughing,
when Trevor's parents and Evan came through the front door. Aunt Frankie told
them it was a private joke as she shucked on her jacket and wished them good

To be continued ...


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