Sisters: Lovers And Other Relatives Part 5 (m/F,inc)
by Uncle Mike

The assembled daughters of the Reed clan were huddled around a table at the
soda shop, each digging into a tower of ice cream in assorted unnatural
shades of pastel. As was their usual custom, they were dishing assorted
friends and relatives. The topic du jour was a friend of Georgie's whose
husband was having an affair -- Georgie knew, her friend didn't, and should
she tell?

"Well," Teddy said, licking a drop of vanilla off the side of her mouth, "I
think you should. I mean, why should the wife always be the last to know?
Besides, if you don't tell when you know something like that, aren't you
becoming an accomplice yourself?"

"Hah! You should talk!" Alex exploded, letting her spoon clatter onto the

Teddy stared at her. "What are you talking about?"

"Like you don't know!"

"I don't, I -- uh, oh."

Frankie, the youngest, was in between Teddy and Alex. Her eyes had been
bouncing back and forth between them like a spectator at a tennis match, but
when she saw the look in Teddy's face she quickly looked down. "Oh, you ..."
she let it drift off.

"You know, too?" Alex demanded. "How did you find out?"

"Well, I -- um, that is ..."

"You -- you didn't..." Alex said, in a stage whisper.

Georgie managed to get a word in edgewise. "What are you talking about?"

All three of her sisters stopped talking and stared at her for a second.
Simultaneously, they all blushed a deep red.

"What is it," Georgie demanded. "What -- oh, God, no, it's about me, isn't
it? It must be, because none of you will look me in the eye. But -- John?
John's having an affair? I can't believe it!"

"No, it's not John," Frankie said, quickly.

"Then who? What? Honestly, I don't understand. What's the big secret?"

"It's nothing. There's no secret," Teddy said in a rush.

"That's right," Alex chimed in. "No secret at all. Nothing."

Georgie grimaced. "Frankie," she said, turning her big-sister glare on the
youngest, "come clean."

Frankie remembered a similar situation, many years ago. She could almost see
it now, a younger version of herself in pigtails, hiding behind her two other
sisters as Georgie, hands on hips, stared right into her eyes. She could
remember squirming under Georgie's gaze, desperately trying to keep in the
secret -- though what that secret had been, she couldn't remember. Her alter
ego seemed to be speaking to her; at least, that's what she called it when a
corner of her mind tried to buck up her resolve. "Don't be a snitch," her
younger self insisted. "Besides, you did it, too."

But the voice of a younger Georgie seemed to be in her head, too, demanding
that she come clean, appealing to her conscience. Ooh, that hurt. It always
stung when Georgie mentioned her conscience.

Desperately, Frankie tried to remember how she had gotten out of that
long-ago dilemma. She couldn't have stood up to Georgie, could she? But how
had she avoided getting smacked by Alex and Teddy for squealing?

Now she remembered! She'd made up a story, something good enough for Georgie
to swallow but not nearly as bad for Alex and Teddy as the truth would have
been. It worked then, maybe it would work now!

"OK, I'll confess," Frankie said. "But it's really no big secret."

"Frankie!" Alex exclaimed.

Frankie shook off her sister's frantic gestures. "No, Alex, I have to tell."

"Tell what?" Georgie was insistent.

Frankie tried to stall for time to come up with a good story, mashing her ice
cream into a vaguely gray mush and then twirling it up into spiked mounds on
her spoon.

"Frankie!" Georgie was growing increasingly impatient.

What could I say, Frankie thought. We've already said it wasn't her husband,
and if I say it doesn't involve Georgie at all she'll see right through me.

Georgie's eyes seemed to bore right into her brain. Frankie panicked. She
couldn't think of a thing. She decided to toss the ball to one of her sisters
for help.

"Alex..." she blurted out.

"Oh, sure, rat on me," Alex shot back. As soon as she said it, she slapped
her hand across her mouth. It was too late.

"You?" Now Georgie turned her gaze on Alex. "What did you do? And who did you
do it with?"

"Me? It was all Teddy's fault!"

Teddy scooped out a spoonful of ice cream and flipped it across the table at
Alex. "Thanks a lot, Alex. We'd never be in this mess if it wasn't for

"Trevor!" Georgie's eyes bulged like the cherries on top of her sundae.

"Oops," Teddy said, staring down into her dessert.

"My God, Alex -- you slept with my son?"

"Well," Alex said, staring down as well, "I might have -- but it was only for

Georgie only gasped.

"For sleeping with Reed, of course."

"And Cat," Frankie said.

"Cat? Trevor slept with Cat?" That was Alex; Georgie was still sitting there
with her mouth wide open, not saying a word. Alex, however, couldn't stop
talking. "My God, Teddy, you knew Trevor slept with your own daughter and you
made up that lame excuse to cover up for it? What kind of a mother are you?"

"Me? You slept with your own nephew as punishment?"

Frankie gulped down a spoonful of ice cream so fast it made her head ache.
"Teddy, who are you to criticize Alex? You made it with him, too."

"Teddy!" Alex exclaimed.

"Frankie!" Teddy barked.

Finally, Georgie found her voice. "Frankie, just how do you know all this?"

All eyes turned to the youngest Reed daughter. She suddenly discovered a
thread loose on her blazer and spent an inordinate amount of time plucking
it out. When she finished, however, she looked up only to find all her
sisters still staring.

"OK. Me too."

Georgie didn't faint, exactly, thanks to the fact that as she started to go
under she fell face forward and the instant the ice cream hit her nose she
sputtered back to consciousness.

The discussion that followed was long and at times rather heated. It ended
only when Georgie admitted she was too exhausted to go on.

"But," she said, reaching for her purse, "at least will you promise not to
have sex with my son again? Either of my sons?"

"Absolutely," Alex said.

"I guess so," Frankie said, reluctantly.

"Nope," Teddy said.

They all stared at her.

"Well, he's pretty damn good in bed," Teddy said, defiantly.

"Mmmm," Frankie sighed, "you can say that again."

"Now that you mention it," Alex chimed in.

The waitress had already cleared away their dishes. So that time Georgie's
head hit the table with a solid-sounding smack. Luckily, Alex had smelling
salts in her bag.

=== === === ===

Trevor was up in his room doing the reading for his biology class when Evan
tore in. Trevor thought once again that for a kid in such bad shape, Evan
had an awful lot of energy. He put down his book for a minute to watch his
younger brother burrow through a pile of dirty clothes before pulling out
a tattered sweatshirt.

"Whatcha doin', kid?"

Evan's face beamed. "Dad's gonna take me to the zoo, and then we're gonna
go out for ice cream!"

"Sounds good, but when did all this happen? I thought we were supposed to be
going to Grandma's tonight?"

Evan shrugged his shoulders. "Yeah, but Mom said it was canceled. It was her
idea for Dad to take me, anyway." The little boy stubbed his toe into the
carpet. "I said you should come too, really I did, but Mom said for Dad to
take me. She said you had homework to do."

"It's OK," Trevor said. "So long, kid."

"Yeah -- hey, want us to bring something back for you from the ice cream

"Nah, it'll melt."

"Oh, yeah." Evan was just out the door when he turned around. "Oh, yeah, I
almost forgot. Mom said for you to come downstairs when you're done."

"What for?"

"I dunno." With that, Evan was thundering down the stairs.

Meanwhile, a cold prickling sensation was moving down Trevor's neck. Had she
found out somehow? Had she found out about all of it? That he had fucked his
cousins and all his aunts? He'd been worried if she just found out about Reed
and Cat -- what would she do to him now?

To his surprise, he found that he was not really as scared as he thought
he should be. Not scared at all, in fact. So he had made his aunts and
cousins -- so what? Each time he had been petrified at being found out and
afraid of the punishment, and each time it had turned out better than before.
Besides, he was sick and tired of being afraid. He made up his mind not to
apologize. He'd done it, and Mom would have to live with it.

Perhaps in the back of his mind there was still a tiny bit of hope that she
just wanted to ask him to take out the garbage or something, but that faded
when Trevor walked into the kitchen, said hi to his mother and sat down --
and she didn't say a word. She was standing at the sink, staring outside.
When he spoke, her hands moved down and clutched at the rim of the sink. She
stood there, frozen, for almost a minute, before she spoke, still turned
away from him.

"How could you?"

The three words hit Trevor right in the stomach. He knew it was coming, but
he still didn't want to face it. He said nothing.

"How could you, Trevor?" His mother was still turned away, talking to the
window. "How could you possibly -- with your own aunts? And your cousins? Is
this how I've raised you?"

Trevor could see his mother's knuckles growing white as she gripped the sink.
He kept silent while she continued to rail at him, running through a list of
every thing she'd ever done for him. It tore at his heart, but he didn't say
a word. She moved on to describe in great detail just how awful the things he
had done were, and "incest" was the nicest word she used. Trevor's cheeks
were hot and he had a strong urge to run away, but he kept telling himself
that he had nothing to be ashamed of.

In time his mother's tirade slowed and stopped. Through it all she had never
once moved, not even turned her head slightly. The whole thing had been
delivered straight into the window.

Then, though, she spun around. Her hands, twisted tightly into fists, dug
into her hips as she glared down at him.

"Don't you have anything to say for yourself?"

Trevor stared down at his lap.

"Aren't you even ashamed of what you did?"

At last he looked up, looking her right in the eye. It took almost all his
strength not to look away, but he managed to whisper a one-word answer.


His mother sagged back against the counter as if someone had suddenly removed
half the bones in her body. Trevor started to get up to help her, but she
waved him away with a glare on her face.

"Don't," she said. "Don't touch me, don't talk to me."

Trevor sank back into the chair. "Don't you even want to know why?" he asked.

Her mouth fell open. "Know why? I know why. Because you're a foul, evil boy
who can't control his lusts." She spat the words out, but she wouldn't look
him in the face.

Trevor kept talking, quietly. "No. It's because I love them. I love Reed, and
Cat, and Aunt Teddy, and Aunt Alex, and Aunt Frankie. I love them, I care for
them, and I'm not ashamed that we -- that we loved each other. That's what we
did, Mom. We didn't have sex, we made love."

His mother turned away again, but Trevor went on. "I know that people say
you're not supposed to love your cousins or your aunts that way, but -- but
why not? You know what a close family we have. Why deny it? I've thought
about this a lot. Sure, at first, I thought it was a sin. But it doesn't feel
like that anymore. I know that it wasn't just an animal thing. I really loved
them, and -- and they loved me. What we did -- well, it probably will never
happen again ..."

He saw his mother's head bob up. "That's not what your aunts say," she told
the window.

Trevor ignored the interruption. "But I'm not going to apologize because it
happened once. There's nothing wrong with it, no matter what everybody else
says. We all were willing to do it, you know."

As he finished, his mother had turned and walked out of the kitchen. Almost
out, she turned and looked at him without a sound. Then, all at once, she
crumpled back against wall, sobbing quietly into her upturned hands. Trevor
wanted to run to her, to make her feel better, but he thought she'd only slap
him away.

After a little while, his mom rubbed her face in her hands and turned away
again. As she left, she spoke softly, almost a whisper, over her shoulder.
"I do ... I do still love you, Trev."

Then she was gone. He could hear her muffled footsteps going up the stairs
and down the hall, fading away. Then there was silence but for the quiet
ticking of a clock. Trevor put his head in his hands, his mind filled with
anguished thoughts.

Through the fog, something seemed to call to him. There was something he was
trying to think of, but he couldn't quite grasp it. Through the mist, little
by little, it came to him.

His mother said she loved him.

Trevor got up slowly and went upstairs. Down at the end of the hallway he
could see a thin sliver of light spreading out from underneath his parents'
bedroom door. He walked toward it, his thoughts awhirl.

He knocked. There was no answer. His heart pounding, Trevor reached for the
doorknob. It was not locked. His hand, already clammy, slipped on the knob
before he gripped it tighter and opened the door slowly.

His mother had been sitting on the big bed. Without thinking much about it,
Trevor noticed that the comforted had been folded down to the end of the bed,
leaving the sheets exposed.

His mother got to her feet, facing him. She still wore the simple blue cotton
dress she'd had on downstairs, though she'd tossed aside the gingham apron.
They stood facing each other, silent, like gunfighters in an old Western.

Trevor drew first. He swallowed and spoke.

"I love you too, Mom."

Perhaps there was a moment's hesitation. It seemed like an eon to Trevor. But
then they were both rushing toward each other, embracing, holding onto each
other for dear life. Their lips met and crushed together. Trevor had kissed
his mother many times, but never like this. Never with this intensity, a kiss
so deep he could feel their souls meeting.

And then his mother slipped her tongue into his mouth, and he met it, and he
knew his life would never be the same again.

None of the feelings he'd experienced with Reed or Cat or any of his aunts,
not even Aunt Frankie, were a tenth as powerful as the emotions that surged
through him now. He pulled his mother's body to his. His cock lay between
them, engorged to its full size already, rubbing against her flat stomach as
they kissed hungrily: wet, hot, sloppy kisses. His mother's hand slid down
his side and when she pushed it in between their bodies and cupped his cock
through his jeans, Trevor almost came. He answered by letting one hand grope
her bra-encased breast while the other pawed at her firm round ass, tugging
up her dress until he could slip his fingers underneath it and slide them
under her panties and hose, grabbing a handful of her warm flesh and pressing
her hard against him. They spoke only in moans as they wrestled together, his
mother's leg sliding with a sizzle up and down his thigh, her tongue flicking
out at his ear and sending an electric shock through his whole body.

Even as Trevor was lost in lust, he never forgot for a second that this hot,
sexy woman in his arms was his mother, the woman who had given him birth,
nursed him, fixed his meals, sent him off to school. He felt no shame,
though; the thought that he was about to make love to his mother just made
him more passionate.

* * *

At last they broke their embrace and stepped apart. They were both breathing
hard, faces flushed, clothes askew. Trevor panted out a question, though by
now he was sure of the answer:

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

In reply, his mother reached behind her back and slowly unzipped her dress.
As it fell to the floor she stepped out of it and stood before him in her
demure white bra. He could see the white of her panties underneath the dark
brown crotch of her pantyhose.

Her body was not as perfect as Aunt Frankie's -- her legs not as long or
lean, her stomach flat but not as firm, her breasts not quite as big. But
Trevor didn't notice any flaws; he saw only a vision of beauty, a goddess
with a crown of brown hair. He swiftly unbuttoned his shirt, yanked off his

Meanwhile his mom slipped out of her bra, freeing her melon-sized breasts
capped by already-erect nipples standing out from small, dark circles. As
Trevor kicked off his white socks, his mother peeled off her pantyhose,
wadded them up and tossed them aside.

Now he could see the dark stain already spreading across the front of her
panties. She could see, he knew, the stain on his own shorts, at the top of
the massive bulge that was his erection.

They didn't hesitate. As Trevor pried his shorts off his aching cock,
letting it hang free, his mother slid her panties to the floor.

And there it was, just below the patch of soft brown hair: his mother's cunt.
His birthplace. He stared at it, mesmerized from a distance, until she spoke.

"Well," she said, and there was a smile in her voice, "are you just going to
look at it, or are you going to do something about it?"

He laughed and moved toward her. His prick prodded her pubic mound as they
embraced again and kissed. This time their hands had no obstructions in their
way and they eagerly explored each other's body. His mother sighed deeply
when Trevor first held her breasts, rubbing gently against the nipples with
his thumbs. He groaned in delight when she took firm hold of his rigid cock
and massaged it up and down in her warm hands.

As they touched and groped and hugged, his mother moved backward until she
was standing against her bed. Trevor had begun to kiss his way down her neck
and to her plump tits, which he took into his mouth one at a time, sucking
on them as he knew he once had as a child. But now his mouth was seeking not
sustenance but pleasure, and he licked the mounds tenderly but lustily, and
nipped gently at the sensitive buds at their peaks.

"That's it, Trev," his mother said, running her fingers through his hair.
"Just like that, that's perfect. God, what a good son I have."

Trevor continued to kiss his way down her naked body. "Am I a good son, Mom?
Am I making my mother happy?"

"Any happier and I'd be -- oh, God!" His mother moaned as he worked his way
down to her steaming slit and slid his tongue inside for a second.

Kneeling before her as she sat on the bed, Trevor pulled back from her pussy,
teasing it with occasional licks while he attended to her thighs and pubic
mound. She opened herself to him, spreading her legs wide and lying back on
the bed.

Several times she begged him to stop teasing but Trevor was patient, applying
everything he'd learned from his aunts. Only when he figured she could stand
it no longer did he once again enter her cunt with his probing tongue,
sending it darting deep inside.

"Yesssssss!" his mother sighed, locking her legs around his neck.

Trevor brought his hands up while he continued to lick at her cunt, sliding
a finger into her wet opening, then two. His mom began to buck against his
face, urging him deeper within her hungry tunnel. When he slid his finger
down to the bottom of her hole while running his tongue up to her clit, she
shrieked in delight.

"Do it, Trev, do it! Suck my clit, honey! Eat me out! That's so good,
sweetie, yes, more, please!" She was rolling from side to side and still
bucking against him, and the springs of the bed creaked under her frantic

Faster and faster Trevor tongue-fucked his mother's cunt, burying his face
in the hot, wet folds of her, until at last she suddenly arched her back and
sucked in a huge breath, holding it for several seconds before letting it
out in a series of huffs and puffs as she fell back against the bed. Then
again, and once more, and it was over.

Trevor stood up and looked down on his mother's naked body, splayed out
before him, her cunt sending up a steamy scent of sex. She smiled at him,
seeming to read his mind, and lifted her legs, resting her feet on his
strong shoulders.

Trevor moved forward and his cock slid smoothly into her well-lubricated
pussy, driving all the way in at once. He was in! He had his prick buried
in his own mother's cunt! It was all he could do to keep from cumming
immediately, and when she moved slightly underneath him Trevor had to pull
out to stop the flow.

But again he moved forward and plunged his lance into his mother, grabbing
her legs and hugging them to his already sweaty body as he began a slow,
steady rhythm. His mother's pussy lips clung to his thick shaft on every
stroke, drawing him closer and closer as he slid it in, his balls slapping
against her ass.

All too soon he felt a surge he could not control. "No, no, not yet!" he
whispered, but it was too late. A burning blast of jism jetted out of his
rod and shot deep into his mother's cunt, just as his father's sperm had
once done to give him life. It felt so damn good, he thought.

His mother produced a pout as he pulled his withering member from her, but
her eyes were dancing when she swung her legs off his shoulders and pulled
him onto the bed after her. Trevor thought she just wanted to cuddle, but
after she had put him on his back in the middle of the big bed his mother
straddled him, her breasts rubbing against his chest as again her tongue
probed deep into his mouth. It was a long, lingering kiss, and when she
broke it she quickly began to mimic him, kissing her way down his naked

Trevor couldn't believe what was going to happen. Even after all they had
done, this seemed too much. "Mom," he said, "you don't have to..."

"Ssshhhh," she shushed him, in between kisses on his chest. "My little boy
was so good to his mother that I have to do something for him, too." She
was kissing his stomach. "Besides ..." She licked his thighs. "I'm not done

Lying down on her stomach between his legs, Trevor's mom slid her tongue
around the tip of his cock. It didn't respond. But when she opened her mouth
and took the shriveled snake in, he knew it wouldn't be long.

Soon enough, his shaft was lengthening, thickening, inside his mother's
mouth. When it had grown to about four inches long she began to suck it in
and out, her lips hugging the rod tightly. It grew larger and larger as
Trevor watched his cock disappear into his mom's eager mouth.

Even when he was at his full length, she was able to take him all in, her
cheeks hollowing as the tip of his cock pressed against the back of her
throat. It was an incredible sensation, seeing his mom's nose tickled by
his pubic hair as she swallowed him whole, but it didn't last long; she had
other plans.

Kissing his cockhead, Trevor's mom once again straddled his waist. She held
his rigid prick in one hand, caressing it, smearing it with cum and saliva,
as she positioned herself just right. Then slowly, oh, so slowly, his mother
eased his cock into her heated tunnel once again.

This time she was in control, and even Trevor's slight effort to buck his
shaft into her met with clucking disapproval, the same gentle "no" he used
to get when he tried to sneak a cookie before dinner.

But now it was nookie, not a cookie, that he was getting as his mom rode his
cock like the experienced older woman she was, sending ripples of pleasure
through him each time she sank down and impaled herself on his shaft. Her
timing was exquisite, varying the rhythm from a frantic bucking to an easy,
excruciatingly slow pace, when it seemed to Trevor he could feel every
individual nerve in his rod being brushed by his mother's pussy lips, one by

"Is this all right, Trevor?" she asked, only slightly out of breath.

"God, yeah!" he groaned. "Mom, you're the greatest!"

"You like it, huh? You like your hot mama driving her tight little pussy
onto her son's big cock, Trevor?"

With his hips squeezed so tightly by his mother's thighs that he couldn't
move underneath her, her breasts hanging just out of his reach, being unable
to respond physically at all made her wild words even more exciting.

"Yeah, Mom," he whispered to her. "Yeah, I like the way you fuck. I want to
fill that hot little cunt of yours until it's so full it can't hold any more
cum. C'mon, Mom. Fuck me. Fuck me harder!"

Her tempo increased and the bed's creaks grew louder. "I'm going to fuck you,
honey! That's right. Your mother's going to fuck her pussy on your cock all
night long, Trevor. Show me what you've got, sweetie!"

She eased her grip on his hips and Trevor began to buck up at her, banging
their groins together as he slammed his shaft up into his mother's eager
cunny. She bent down and he grabbed hold of her tits, massaging and mauling
them as they pounded away at each other. Even when, from time to time, Trevor
would fall back, in need of a break from their rutting, his mother continued
her assault. She fingered herself as well, pulling her hand away only long
enough to lick it clean before again dipping it into her overflowing hole.

Trevor had never imagined his mother could be so hot. She was a sex machine,
and his tool was banging away at her. Just the sight of her tits bouncing
up and down as she rode him was enough to restore his energy any time it

When at long, long last his mom began to grunt rhythmically, "Oh, God. Oh
god. Ohgodohgodohgodohgod!" he knew another orgasm was near for her, but he
was still far away. When she stiffened and swayed above him, screeching out
his name as she came and came, Trevor only held himself still until she was

Then she pulled herself off his swollen rod and fell face-forward onto the
bed, exhausted.

Trevor crawled behind her and began to massage her back and legs, digging
his hands into the knotted muscles.

"That's great, Trev," his mother said. "You really wore me out, sweetie. I
don't think I could even walk. I ... hey!"

Trevor had moved in between her legs and allowed his cock to rub up and down
the cleft of her ass. Well-oiled with their passion juices, the head of his
cock easily slipped between her butt cheeks and poked up against the tight,
puckered opening. She seemed more surprised than upset when he kept pushing,
one hand holding his shaft rigid while the other pulled her ass off the bed,
giving him slightly better access.

He took it very, very slow, but eventually felt the thick cockhead pop into
her virgin asshole. He asked permission to go further, and took her groan as
approval, sliding his meat deeper and deeper into her. It was the tightest
hole he had ever entered, and his cock was so thick that he could barely move
it inside her. It was good, but he wanted better.

Easing his cock out of his mother's ass, Trevor grabbed her around the waist
with both hands and pulled her onto her knees, spreading her legs. Her
pleasure was obvious when he inserted his prick once again into her cunt and
rammed it home.

Soon they were into a smooth pace, Trevor smacking his hips into his mom's
ass as he thrust into her again and again and again. He bent forward to cup
her tits in his hands, excited as her hot, sweaty body moved under his.

They were beyond words, at least for the moment, and only moaned or shouted
incoherently as they slammed their bodies together.

Trevor lost all track of time, and occasionally even seemed to lose sensation
in part of his cock as he drove into his mother. But even as her body
thrilled him, his strength was giving out. When his cock slipped out of her
on an over-exuberant stroke, he could barely hold himself still to stick it
back in, and finally collapsed onto his side, his shaft still hard but his
muscles weak.

His mother rolled onto her side as well and kissed him gently, lightly
caressing his arms. When she saw that he was still hard, she gasped. "My God,
Trevor, you're incredible! How can you keep it up this long?"

He could only smile weakly.

"Well, we can't let a cock that hard go to waste." She rolled onto her back
and helped him into place above her. "Don't worry," she said, "you can rest
on me. I'll support you. Just put that cock where it belongs, Trevor. Put
that beautiful hard cock right in your mother's pussy."

He did as he was told, once again driving his shaft deep into his mom's
honeypot. At first she did all the work, humping up at him as his rod stayed
buried. But he seemed to get a second wind and rose above her, pistoning his

"Good boy, Trevor!" his mother cried, meeting him stroke for stroke. "You're
such a good son. Fuck your mother good, Trevor. Yes, yes, put it all in!
Deeper! Deeper!"

They kissed, sloppily, tongues entwining, sweat dripping off their heads, as
their passion mounted. Once, twice, three times Trevor felt himself grow
close to an orgasm, only to have it fade away.

Finally, the feeling came sharper, longer, and he knew it was time. The surge
pulled loud bellows from deep in his lungs as pulse after pulse of cum
rocketed into his mother's cunt.

"That's it, Trevor," she moaned, "fill me up! Fill up my cunt with your hot
cum! I want it all! More, Trevor, more! More ... AaaaaAAAAAAHHHHHAAAAHHHH!"
Yet another orgasm wracked her body, and her cries turned to almost operatic
screams as she twisted underneath him, her spasms dying away only after his
cock had shrunk back to its normal size and slid out of her.

Trevor kissed her once more, hungrily, and then fell onto his back, eyes
closed. Dimly he was aware of time passing, his mother crawling off the bed,
muttering something about having to change the sheets. He was far too spent
to move. He drifted out of consciousness, how long he didn't know, until he
awoke to the sound of water running. Water... water... the shower, he
realized. Probably a good idea. Groggily he got to his feet and stumbled
into the bathroom, where the mirrors were already fogged.

He splashed his piss into the toilet and flushed. The old plumbing couldn't
take the load; his mother shouted her dismay when the shower suddenly
sputtered to a hot dribble.

"Sorry," Trevor called out, even as he could hear the whine in the pipes that
meant the water temperature was returning to normal. The gentle splatter of
the shower sounded very inviting. Not thinking much about what he was doing,
Trevor pulled the shower curtain aside and stepped in behind his mom.

She turned around. "Hi, sleepyhead," she grinned, and it was just like when
she would say hello as he stumbled down the stairs late on the weekends. Only
this time, of course, his mother was completely naked, her smooth skin shiny
as the water ran off it. He kissed her lightly and reached for the soap,
ducking as his mom held her hand up, diverting a splash of water at his face.
For a few minutes they just soaped up peacefully, big bubbles rising as they
washed off the heat of their passion.

When his mom turned to get the shampoo, though, she slipped a little on the
tub bottom. Trevor reached over to hold her up. His cock fit neatly between
the globes of her ass, and to the surprise of both of them it began to
stiffen yet again.

His mom wiggled her ass, producing further growth in his semi-rigid member.
Well-soaped, it slid easily along the crack of her ass. Almost at once, but
without speaking, they seemed to get the same idea.

Trevor's mother bent forward, pressing her hands against the wall, letting
her legs slide apart until they were wedged against either side of the tub.
Trevor put one hand on the shower rod for support as the other held his prick
straight, pushing it between her ass cheeks and toward the puckered brown
hole within.

Once again the fit was tight, even though his cock was not completely
engorged, and despite the lathering of soap he couldn't drive it home. Trevor
was ready to give up, but his mom pulled the orange bottle of shampoo off the
small shelf and handed it back to him. A couple of squirts did the trick,
providing enough lubrication for him to ram his cock home.

The warm water of the shower splashed and prickled against his chest as
Trevor grabbed his mother around the waist and began to slowly, gently fuck
her ass.

"I can't do it," she moaned at first, but she made no move to get away, and
soon enough her ass had opened to his driving rhythm and they were rutting in
unison, his mom eagerly meeting each thrust of his rod.

"That's great, Trev," she gasped, her face pressed up against the tile wall.
"Fuck my ass, honey. Fuck your mother's asshole, Trev. Just like that!"

Ever the obedient son, Trevor did as his mother said, plunging his cock again
and again into her. The shower, the sight of his mother's perfectly shaped
butt, and a large reserve of lust had overcome his tiredness. For a long time
he prodded her ass, until she turned her head to him.

"That's great, Trev, but I need you in my cunt. I want you to cum in me
again, please!"

He pulled out of her asshole and stood back as, shakily, his mother stood up
and pressed her back against the tile wall. When he moved forward this time,
she hooked one long leg around his thigh and drew him in, grabbing his erect
cock and stabbing it into her pussy.

"That's it! That's what I wanted!" She held him tightly to her, their mouths
clamped tightly together, their tongues once again entwined. Her fingernails
dug into his back as she tried to take every last fraction of an inch of his
cock into her body. "Oh, fuck me, Trevor, fuck me harder, son! It feels so
good to have your hard cock inside me!"

This must be what it's like to fuck in a waterfall, Trevor thought as the
shower, now starting to cool just a little, continued to spray over them. He
rammed his shaft into his mother's cunt over and over and over and over,
glorying in the feel of her pubic muscles clamping around his hard rod, in
the tickle of her nipples pressing against his chest, the hot wrestling of
their tongues. He put all his power into his thrusts, determined to squeeze
every ounce of passion out of the encounter. His mother was just as
passionate. Her eyes rolled back in her head as the pounding continued, until
in one last, explosive moment they both orgasmed, Trevor's jism squirting
into her overstuffed hole as his mom jerked and shook, her whole body
engulfed in a shattering series of tremors. Their groans echoed off the tile,
and when they were done they both slid down to the bottom of the tub, more
like puddles of flesh than human beings.

In time, of course, they came to, and had to scurry about the job of drying
off, getting into robes -- Trevor had to use his dad's -- and changing the
bed linen.

They had just left the bedroom, each holding a load of dirty laundry, when
a shout from the stairs froze them. Trevor and his mother stood stock still
as they watched the rest of the Reed sisters troop up the stairs and face
them in the narrow hallway. Eyes flashed back and forth and everyone took
just a few seconds to figure out what was going on.

Finally, Teddy spoke.

"Well," she said, a smile on her face, "we were coming over to apologize for
what we did. I was going to say 'I'm sorry.' But now..." she took a step
forward, edging ahead of Frankie, who just stood there, mouth open. "But now,
all I can say is, I'm next!"


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