Sleepover: The Negotiation Part 2 - Change Of Plans (no sex, b-mail)
by Vengence ([email protected])

Ren heard the doorbell and figured that it wasn't for him, so he kept on
grilling his Play-Doh food and scratching his dog. Then a little alarm bell
went off in his head. What if it was for Julie and her pals? If his dad went
into her room, he'd knew that the girls weren't actually in the house.

Bolting out of his room, he stopped short at the top of the stairs and looked
down. His dad stood at the front door paying for three pizzas. Julie must
have ordered them before she and her friends left, then forgotten all about
it. Well, Ren promised to cover for them, and he was getting paid to do
it-although getting laid was the better alternative. In fact, it was the only
alternative. After jerking off to Julie's panties, he wanted the real thing.
Ren was going to fuck his sister. Plain and simple. Still, Ren had to think
of some way to wrestle those pizzas away from his father.

"Dad, I'll deliver those pies to them," Ren said, stopping his father just as
he was about to walk up the stairs.

"You're going to deliver pizza to your sister?" his dad questioned. He looked
at Ren suspiciously and started walking up the stairs.

Ren stepped in front of him, blocking his way. "Dad, you have Aquapure
momentum. Don't stop now."

"Good point," his father agreed, handing Ren the pizzas. He walked back down
the stairs and stopped, turning to face his son. "In fact, come and be the
first to try the new water."

"So, you're done?" Ren asked, setting the pizzas down at the top of the

"Yep, just have to tighten the hose," his father replied.

As much as he hated to leave the pizzas behind, Ren wanted to keep his dad
from going upstairs. He figured that if he stayed with him, he could at least
keep an eye on him.

As they went into the kitchen, the phone rang. Ren quickly snapped it up,
worried that it might be Julie.

"Yeah?" he said.

"Did the pizzas come?" Julie asked frantically.

Ren lowered his voice. "My sources say yes."

"You have to make them disappear!" his sister hissed over the phone.

Julie sounded panicked. Desperate, even. This was Ren's opportunity for
serious negotiating. "What's the offer?" he asked.

"Laundry," Julie replied.

"Keep talking," Ren countered.

"Your laundry," he heard Julie reply. "I will do your laundry for a month."

"Done," Ren said, hanging up. He so wanted to blackmail her into having sex
with him, but couldn't. Not with his father close by and the phone being one
of those that was attached by a cord to the base. Ren couldn't sneak around
the corner without his father getting suspicious. Well, maybe when she got
back home he could renegotiate the deal. His dick got hard again just
thinking about slamming his cock into Julie.

"Business deal?" his dad asked.

"Exactly," Ren told him.

"Good for you," Mr. Corky replied. He turned on the faucet to pour his son a
glass of water. "Get ready for some superior tasting water."

Some kind of unspeakably slimy sludge began oozing from the faucet.

"You first," Ren said, waving away the glass of nasty water.

Mr. Corky noticed what was in the glass and his face twisted in disgust. "I'd
better clean the line."

"Good thought," Ren said.

Mr. Corky squeezed himself under the sink and got back to work. "I'm turning
off the house water. Don't flush."

* * *

After gorging himself on the pizzas, with help from his dog, Ren settled onto
the floor. It certainly satisfied his appetite, but his hunger for sex was
even greater. He wished that Julie would hurry up and win her scavenger hunt
so he could do some serious banging. As his dick started to get hard, Ren
pulled out his sister's panties from his pants pocket. He was just about to
plunge Julie's underwear into his pants for another jerk-off session when he
turned to see his dog staring back at him. It unnerved him so much that Ren's
erection deflated. He stuffed the panties back into his pocket and got up.
Now he was feeling thirsty, so he headed down the stairs to see if his dad
had finished installing the Aquapure water system.

In the kitchen, Ren didn't see his dad under the sink, so he assumed that his
work was done. Ren turned on the faucet and a jet of black goo burst forth
from the broken pipe. At that exact moment, Mr. Corky was returning with a
ladder to fix the broken trellis outside Julie's window when he saw his son
fumbling with the faucet.

"Don't!" he cried out. "Stop!" Mr. Corky quickly dashed inside the house.
He was oblivious to the fact that his daughter was behind him, desperately
thinking of a way to get back into her room without being seen. Fortunately
for her, Ren saw his sister and provided a distraction, continuing to fumble
with the faucet.

Realizing her chance, Julie scrambled up the ladder as fast as she could.
When she got to the roof, she tore her mother's dress, but she would have to
worry about it later. All that mattered was that she be in her room before
her dad arrived. Julie hurled herself through her bedroom window and looked
up to see Ren inside playing the computer really loud. He was trying to make
it sound like Julie and her friends were still in there.

"Julie?" Mr. Corky called out from the other side of the closed door. "Julie?
Mom wants to talk with you."

Julie sat on her bed, too out of breath to answer her father. Ren grabbed his
sister's robe and threw it over her.

"Hello?" Mr. Corky called again, knocking. "Jules?"

"Yeah, Dad?" Julie replied. She wriggled into her robe just in time as her
father opened the door just a crack.

"Here," Mr. Corky said, handing the phone to Julie. "It's your mom."

"Everything okay?" Mrs. Corky asked.

Julie tried her best to sound calm and casual. "Of course, Mom, everything's

"You sound out of breath," her mother commented.

"We my room," Julie lied.

There was silence on the phone, and for a moment Julie feared that her mother
figured it was a lie and that she had seen her at the club. Finally, Mrs.
Corky spoke. "Okay, then, see you later. Bye."

"Bye," Julie said, and sighed with relief. That was too close.

Ren looked like he was about to faint. "I'm freakin' exhausted!" he cried,
collapsing onto his sister's bed. "I need to go back to college to get some

Julie looked at her brother with newfound gratitude and appreciation. Ren had
really come through for her tonight. "I don't know how to say this," Julie
said. "But...thanks." Julie walked up to Ren and gave him a hug and a light
kiss on the cheek. "I owe you big time!"

A smile came across Ren's face. "Big time, huh?" he replied, realizing that
his sister still had her arms around him.

"Yes," Julie nodded. "I'll do anything you want."

"Well," Ren said, drawing his sister in close to him. Then, before Julie
could pull away, he leaned forward and kissed her hard on the lips. Julie let
out a squeak of protest and tried to push her brother away. However, it was
Ren who broke the kiss and he looked into his sister's eyes. Her expression
was a mixture of fear and disgust. "I'd like to have more of that," Ren
whispered, and lightly tugged the collar of her dress. "And none of this."

"Eww," Julie wrinkled her face in disgust, finally pushing herself free from
her brother's embrace. "No! That's disgusting! How could you think of-"

"Alright," Ren countered, unrelenting. "I'm gonna tell Dad that you snuck out
of the house, then." He turned to leave, heading for the door.

"No!" Julie shrieked. She grabbed Ren's arm and spun him around. The thought
of having to sleep with her brother, having Ren take her virginity mortified
her. That honor was reserved for Steve, the guy she had been crushing on.
Yet, she did not want to lose the bet she made with Stacie. Julie looked at
her brother with pleading eyes. "No...please. You can't ask that of me."

"But you said you'd do anything I wanted," Ren stated.

"But...," Julie was on the verge of tears. "Why?"

"Because I want to," her brother replied. "Plain and simple."

"Please...," Julie pleaded. "I'm begging you."

"That's what I want, Julie," Ren stood his ground. He was going to fuck his
sister and that was that. However, he proposed a counter-offer which he hoped
might sway her decision. "You do this, and I'll forego the deals we made so
far. The money. The laundry. Instead, I'll owe you any favor you want, no
questions asked, for the rest of my entire life."

"Please...," Julie again tried to persuade her brother from going through
with this incest.

"Have it your way, then," Ren turned and headed for the door.

Julie got there before him. "Alright!" she exclaimed. "I'll do it!"

Ren smiled with great satisfaction. "I knew you'd come around." He waved his
arm to Julie's bed. "Well, shall we get started, then?"

Julie's eyes widened. "What? You mean now?"

"Of course. We've got at least an hour before they announce the king and
queen of the dance, right? Plenty of time for you to finish your little
scavenger hunt."

Julie wavered for a moment, hesitant. Then she dropped her head in
resignation and walked somberly over to her bed. She expected that her
brother wanted her to undress, and she did want to get this thing over
with as soon as possible. Julie slipped out of her robe and let it fall
to the floor. Next, she undid the clasp of her dress and let it slide
off her shoulders and down her body. Ren watched all this with growing
anticipation. His erection screamed to be let out of his pants. Julie
kept her eyes glued to the floor as she reached back and unhooked her
bra. She did not see Ren as he silently locked the door, but noticed
that he raised the volume on her radio a little. No doubt to muffle the
sounds of their sex. At this time Ren proceeded to get naked himself.
He had pulled off his shirt and stepped out his pants by the time Julie
stood naked before him from the waist up. Her head was still hung low.
Ren's mouth salivated when he gazed at her perfect, ample, juicy breasts.

"Look at me," Ren said to his sister.

Julie reluctantly raised her head and whimpered in fear when she saw the
enormous erection jutting out from Ren's underwear. She really, really did
not want her brother sticking that huge thing in her. Ren took a step and
advanced upon her, causing Julie to take a step back. She bumped up against
the edge of her bed.

"Take off your panties and lay on the bed," Ren ordered her. "With your legs
spread wide."

"Can't I just give you a blowjob?" Julie tried once more to reason with her

"Quit stalling, sis," Ren was starting to get irritated. "Get on the bed.

Julie's body sagged in defeat. She gingerly reached down to peel off her
panties and stepped out of it. Julie tossed her underwear to the floor and
got onto the bed, lying on her back. She opened her legs a little, just
enough so that her brother could get a nice view of her tight snatch. Ren
smiled with satisfaction that her pubic area was neatly trimmed. He licked
lips and stepped out of his underwear, his eight-inch rock hard boner eager
to plunge deep into Julie's tiny love hole.

Julie shut her eyes tight and felt her brother getting on the bed and
crawling on top of her. Her fists clenched tightly at the bedsheet and her
body tensed, dreading the feeling of intense pain from the penetration she
knew would come.

To be concluded...


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