Sleepover: The Negotiation Part 3 - Ren Loves Julie (Mf,inc,ncon)
by Vengence ([email protected])

Julie shut her eyes tight and felt her brother getting on the bed and
crawling on top of her. Her fists clenched tightly at the bedsheet and her
body tensed, dreading the feeling of intense pain from the penetration she
knew would come. She could feel her brother's hot breath on her chest. Any
moment now he would be slamming his dick into her. She opened one eye to
chance a look to see what was taking him so long, and immediately wished
she had kept it shut. With a growl of pure, animalistic lust, Ren leaned
in and kissed and sucked on her left breast, his tongue licking the nipple.

"No," Julie whimpered. "Stop. Don't do this to me."

Ren just ignored her and continued his sucking. Eventually, he moved up and
began sucking at her neck, his mouth biting at the flesh just hard enough to
leave a bruise. Julie let out a moan when her brother moved further up again
and planted kisses on her ear and cheek. She could only guess where he was
going next and tried to move her head away, but Ren had his hand around her
jaw and forced her to look at him. With an insane smile, he planted a big,
slobbering kiss on her lips, forcing his tongue into her mouth.

While he kissed her, Ren slipped his other hand under Julie's back. He
slid his hand down and gave her ass a couple of nice, quick squeezes before
sliding his hand around to the front. He first slipped one finger, then
another, into her cunt and began to thrust in and out.

Julie shook violently from the sudden intrusion and tried to scream, but Ren
had his mouth over hers. The more she struggled, the harder and deeper he
jabbed his fingers into her. Tears poured freely from Julie's eyes as Ren
continued his assault for a few more minutes. Then, with a savage ferocity,
he quickly pulled away from the kiss and slid his body down to her crotch,
spread her pussy lips apart, and fastened his mouth over her cunt.

"Aaauuggh!" Julie screamed. "God, no! Please! Stop it!"

Ren proceeded to gorge himself on her pussy, his tongue darting around the
labia. For another ten minutes he sucked, slurped and licked Julie's vagina.
He alternated between sucking at her pussy and sliding his two fingers back
in and out. When he heard his sister gasp and arch her back he knew he had
hit her G-spot. Ren kept at it and Julie's cries of protest gradually turned
into passionate moans. He looked up at her as he ate her and she was clearly
in ecstasy. Her wetness covered his lips and he moved his tongue and fingers
as fast as possible, licking and poking every inch of her cunt.

"Oh, Ren," Julie moaned. She was on the verge of coming.

Ren pulled his face away from her hole. Julie opened her eyes and looked very
disappointed. "Why'd you stop?"

"I don't want you coming in my mouth," Ren said. He reached down and fished
for something he had put in his pants earlier. Having found it, Ren tossed
the container of birth control pills next to Julie's face. "Take those,
because I ain't wearing no damn condom. I want to be able to feel all of

Julie grimaced, but did as she was told. The pills were supposed to prevent
child birth, but her brother's sick intentions were crystal clear. He was
planning to shoot his creamy load way up inside her. No, not planning.
Wanted. She took the container, opened it and turned it upside down, shaking
free a couple of pills into her hand. While she did this, Ren crawled back
on top of her and kicked her legs apart with his knees. He placed the head
of his cock at the entrance of her tight little love hole. The wonderful
sensation brought tingles to Ren's body, and he had to fight the urge to just
slam his cock into his sister. Since the water was still undrinkable, Julie
had to swallow the pills as it is, without any liquid to chase it down.

Julie placed the two pills on her tongue and tried to swallow. For something
so tiny, it was difficult to get the capsules to go down, and she started to
gag. Thinking that Julie had finally swallowed the pills, Ren pulled his cock
back a little. Then, with one powerful thrust, he shoved the entire length of
his dick into his sister's cunt. Ren felt the unmistakable pop of her cherry
being torn to shreds. Julie cried out in protest as she arched her back in
pain from the sudden penetration. Unable to swallow the pills, the capsules
flew out of her mouth and onto the floor. Ren was in pure bliss, oblivious to
the fact that his sister was still unprotected. The feel of her tight pussy
sucking at his cock was almost too much to bear. He needed to restrain
himself, otherwise he'd let loose his load before he could really enjoy
ravaging Julie's body.

Ren thrust gently into her a few times before he found a rhythm and started
to fuck her faster. He lowered his head and kissed his sister passionately.
Julie mumbled something, but her words were smothered by Ren's hungry kisses.
If she was trying to tell him to stop, Ren wasn't sure he was going to. He
was going to fuck his little sister and that was that. He picked up the pace
a little, working his way deeper into her womb. Wanting more leverage into
her still, Ren slipped his hands under Julie's arms and grabbed her roughly
around the shoulders. Before long, he was full on jackhammering his cock into
his sister's cunt while shoving her down into him. The springs under the bed
strained and squeaked from the pressure, threatening to break at any moment.
Ren's breathing became ragged, and he knew that he would be cumming inside
her soon. Julie must have figured it out also, because she was struggling to
push her brother off her.

"Please, Ren, put on a condom," Julie gasped between his thrusts.

"Just a little more." Ren groaned as he continued to plunge into her. He felt
his balls swelling up. He was about ready to explode.

"I'm not protected!" Julie cried out. She placed her hands on her brother's
chest and tried to push him away.

"What?" Ren said incredulously. He was too far into fucking his sister's
tight snatch to stop completely. He continued his relentless thrusting. "I
thought you took the pills!"

"I did, but-uuugghh!" Julie tried to explain, but lost her breath when Ren
thrust hard into her. "I mean, I tried to, but-oww! Fuck! When you entered
me, the pills flew out before I could swallow them."

"Shit!" Ren was frustrated. He was so close to coming and now his sister hits
him with this news. He didn't want to get her pregnant, but he really, really
wanted to fill her up with his seed. Ren supposed he could just pull out and
pound her ass instead, or stuff his cock down her throat, but the ultra snug,
juicy tightness of her cunt was simply perfect. There was no choice, really.

"I'll pull out before anything happens," he lied.

"Please, just take it out!" Julie screamed, tears falling from her eyes as
she tried desperately to shove Ren away to no avail.

"Too late!" Ren thrust two more times into his sister and held his dick as
deep inside her pussy as he could. "I'm gonna come!" He shook violently as he
shot his cream way up inside Julie with a loud, audible SSSPPLLURRRRGGGGG!!!

"Oh, yes!!" Ren cried in pure, heavenly ecstasy.

"No!" Julie screamed, her voice hoarse. "Oh, god, oh god, no! No! Please! No!
Aaarrggghh! Ren, you fucking asshole!" The fight had gone out of her now that
her brother had accomplished what she had tried so hard to prevent. Her hands
fell to her side and she began to cry softly.

Ren collapsed onto his sister and planted soft kisses on her neck. He left
his cock inside her pussy, pumping every last ounce of his seed deep into the
bowels of her fertile womb. Then, after two minutes, his orgasm subsided and
Julie's body twitched from the aftershock.

"Why," Julie pleaded, trying to fight back another wave of tears. "Why didn't
you take it out?"

Ren didn't answer her. Instead, he just smothered her with kisses. "Oh,
Julie," he said tenderly. "I love you. I love you!" His body relaxed then,
and he just lay on top her. "Thank you. Thank you. I really needed this."

Julie laid on the bed with her brother on top of her in silence. Her tears
had stopped, and she took slow breaths to calm herself down. She just had to
accept the fact that she just copulated with Ren. That she'd committed the
sinful act of incest. That she might give birth to his baby. However, with
the alarmingly large amount of cum that he shot into her, and with no
protection, Julie was positive that she was definitely pregnant with her
brother's baby.

She was just about to talk to Ren about the possibility of a baby when the
headlights from Yancy's dad's car flashed into her bedroom. She heard Hannah
call out her name, saying that they had to go. Julie tried to get up but
found that her brother had fallen asleep on top of her. She pushed with all
her might, but Ren was just to heavy for her to get him off her.

"Ren, wake up! I have to go now!" Julie said, trying once more to heave her
brother off her. When that proved useless, she sighed and dropped her hands
in defeat.

However, it was enough for Ren to slowly wake back up. "Huh?" He shook the
sleep away from his eyes. "What?"

"I have to go," Julie repeated. "My friends are here."

"Oh, okay." Ren said and slowly, reluctantly pulled himself out of his
sister. He sank back onto the bed and watched as Julie got up and quickly put
her panties and dress back on.

Just before she went to crawl out the window, Ren reached out and grabbed a
hold of Julie's hand. She turned to look at her brother expectantly. Ren
pulled her in for another kiss.

"I love you, Julie," Ren said.

"I love you, too, Ren," Julie replied, although there was not much emotion
behind it.

She had let the kiss linger a little longer, then pulled away and crawled
out her window. Only then did she realize the irony of her next item on the
scavenger hunt. Julie had to get a pair of Steve's boxers. But it was Ren
who got into her panties tonight.

The End


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