Sleepover Club: Part 4 (Mf,f-mast,anal)
by Jeff Paw ([email protected])

Felicity put the final touches to her room for the Sleepover Club, she always
love having the night at her place because she loved her friends but it was
when they could be there at their most girlish. Her pretty pink palace of a
bedroom plus her closet full of clothing always made it a very special night.

The night was going very well and each got their torch from their bags and
sat around in a circle. Felicity put the bowl in the middle with the names of
all the girls written on pretty pink paper.

"It's time to play bowl of truth, so who is going to be first to tell a
secret," said Felicity.

Lyndz put her hand in the bowl first because the last sleepover was her house
and it was the rule. "It's Felicity," said Lyndz. All torches shone on to

"You now how it was my birthday last week, well I got a present that none of
your had seen", said Felicity. Felicity pulled out the box and put it in
front of her all the girls' torches went down to it and Felicity pulled the
lid off. Frankie, Lyndz, Rose and Kenny gasped all at the same time. Felicity
picked it up and hit the switch that turned it on and then the vibrator lit
up and the head started to move and the whole thing started to vibrate.
Felicity turned it off and put it back in the box and was already a deep
shade of red in embarrassment.

"Have you used it yet", enquired Kenny.

Felicity too embarrassed to speak just nodded yes. The other girls pried a
bit more but Felicity kept quite. "Who's next", enquired Felicity trying to
get the attention of her. She reached in to the bowl and called out

All the torches swang around towards Frankie. Frankie now knew after what
Felicity had revealed that she should reveal her secret, she thought back to
the old thing of ripping off a band-aid and new the best way is just to say
it quickly. "I'm no longer a virgin", said Frankie.

"WHAT, when, WHO", Felicity said loudly.

Frankie turned towards Lyndz and said "Michael" replied Frankie.

"Michael, you mean Lyndz's Michael", asked Felicity.

"Umm Yeh", replied Frankie.

"Really wow, like when", Felicity asked.

"At last sleep-over", replied Frankie.

"Oh my god, really, are you ok, how was it, did it you know hurt?" asked

"Yeh I'm fine and yeh it did hurt at first but it got so good, Michael was so
good" replied Frankie.

Felicity was wondering why no one else had said anything. "Lyndz, Frankie
just admitted that she had sex with your brother and you haven't said a word,
what gives?" enquired Felicity.

"Well yesterday you know it rained, well they called off the horse riding
so I called Rosie and we came back to my place and we heard Michael having
sex, we went back to my room and we could here them fucking and we sort of
masturbated ourselves and then each other. We went back and the door was
open a bit and we recognised Frankie fucking Michael", said Lyndz.

"You did", screeched Frankie.

"You masturbated each other", enquired Felicity and Kenny.

"YES", replied Rosie and Lyndz.

"I guess while we are being honest, I'm no longer a virgin either", said

"WHAT!!!" screeched all the girls.

Over the next couple of hours everything that had happened since last
sleepover to the girls was talked about and dissected until they fell

In the morning the girls were just about to leave. "Thank you Mrs.
Sidebotham," the girls said as they left.

"Where is Felicity she asked as the girls went past her", Mrs. Sidebotham

"You know her, changing outfits again", laughed the girls as they left.

Felicity mum ran upstairs and said, "Hey Hunny, I have to go to work baby,
hurry up or you will miss school."

"Ok mum, see you tonight" Fliss said.

Fliss who was only had on her pretty underwear moved back to the bed and
grabbed the box and pulled out of her toy. Fliss unclipped her bra and threw
it to the floor and then moved her panties to the side and she turned on her
toy and started to rub it against her pussy lips. Fliss started to think
about what the girls had told her last night and all those ideas started to
get her really horny. Fliss moved it around and then opened her pussy lips
and the vibrator started to disappear inside her pussy. Fliss started to moan
as she moved the vibrator down deep inside her pussy, the way it moved around
had been making her orgasm quicker over the last week. Fliss was moving the
vibrator in with one hand and was touching her breasts and pulling on her

"You started without me," a voice said from her room door.

"Yeh, I couldn't wait, so strip and get over here ", Fliss replied.

"That's no way to speak to your step-dad is it", Peter said.

"It is if he wants to continue fucking his step-daughter, now get over here",
Fliss said.

Peter continued to watch Fliss as he stripped, he started to remember the
first it time had happened. It was six months ago and it was only a week
after his wedding to Felicity's mum and it was late and both of them thought
the kids were asleep and had started to play around in the lounge room. They
had both got naked and were fucking and they must have got noisy because
after he had cum in his new wife. He stood up and walked around the corner
towards the kitchen while his wife went upstairs to clean up in the bathroom.
He had turned the corner and there was Fliss kneeling on the ground with her
knight gown lifted up and she was rubbing herself. She had come down and had
watched me fuck her mum. She had that look in her eyes of sheer lust and then
she smiled grabbed my cock which was just in front of her face and took it
into her mouth. Fliss had many firsts that night that had been continuing for
the last six months.

Fliss watched as the last piece of clothing came from her new daddy, she
loved seeing him take off his boxers because it showed his monster cock that
had broken her six months ago. She thought back to last night when the girls
had told her about the boys they had fucked and what size they had been. She
had acted if she was jealous but she couldn't tell them that she was fucking
her new daddy who had a 11 inch cock and fucked her for hours at a time.

Fliss pulled out the vibrator from her pussy and spread her legs wider and
then said, "Ok baby, bring that monster home".

Peter got onto Felicity's bed and moved between her legs. He guided his cock
to her pussy lips and pushed through her opening. Felicity moaned as she felt
her pussy expand to accept Peter's cock. He leaned down and kissed her deeply
and passionately and then he thrust deep into her pussy. Felicity gasped as
Peters's cock filled her pussy. Peter started to move in and out of her fast
at first because he new Fliss got off on that, made her orgasm quicker. Fliss
moved her legs to the side of Peter's body and they moved back and forward
with the quick thrusting.

Fliss put her hands around Peter's neck and pushed her body back to meet his
thrusts. Looking straight into Peter's eyes and moaning to him "Oh god, your
big beautiful cock is inside me, god fuck me hard, fuck me daddy".

"I love it when my slutty daughter talks dirty", Peter replied. Peter started
to slow down because he knew if he didn't he would soon be blowing his load
up his step-daughters' pussy. Peter started to slow it down, now doing more
long deliberate strokes.

Fliss looked up at Peter as tears fell down her cheeks. He couldn't help
himself and kissed her again whipping his tongue around her mouth as he
slowly pistoned himself in and out of her. He started to increase his tempo
and brought down his thumb and flicked it against Felicity's clit soon her
eyes began to widen as another orgasm approached, she turned her face away
from him.

"Look at me! Your cumming again and you love it! Admit it! Your cumming! Say
it! Say you love my hard cock!" Peter demanded as my cock fairly flew in and
out of her tight pussy.

"Y.. yes, yes oh YES!, I love it! I love your cock daddie, please make me
come yes!, yes, YES!"

She screamed again as she came over his cock, in answer he groaned as he shot
huge amount of hot spunk into her inner most recess, she screamed and her
nails dug into my ass as she tried to pull even more of me into her.

"Now Fliss it's time for your introduction to a new method of sex. Now keep
yourself still this might hurt a bit at first but you'll soon like it!"

Peter reached over to the drawer, which contained a tube of KY jelly. He
opened it and placed a large amount at her tight entrance, Fliss shuddered
slightly but maintained her position. He got some more and lubed up the
length of my cock.

Peter placed the head of his cock at the enterance of her ass and very slowly
pushed forward. She was so tight I was having trouble gaining entrance.

"Relax babe relax it's just a little pain and then you'll see, you'll soon be
cumming again." Peter coaxed.

As he was saying this she relaxed slightly and with a final effort her
sphincter gave way and he lodged a good 3 inches of my cock in her anus.
Peter slowly pushed forward giving her time to adjust as he did so. After
a minute or so he was all the way in and my balls rested against her pussy.

"Good girl" Peter said stroking her hair, "I'm all the way in now, that's
the hardest part over."

"It hurts!" She moaned, "Please daddy it hurts".

Peter reached beneath her and started to play with her pussy not moving his
cock at all and paid particular attention to her clit. After a few minutes
Fliss began to moan once more. He slowly withdrew an inch and then slowly
back in. She was so tight Peter was having trouble even moving that much.

Peter slowly pushed forward and back increasing the length of my strokes as
he did. He continued to play with her pussy bringing her close to orgasm once
more. Soon her rectal muscles relaxed slightly as the pleasure from her pussy
overcame the pain from her ass.

Peter grabbed Fliss's right hand and placed it at her pussy. He guided her
fingers to her clit and started her rubbing it. Soon she no longer needed my
help and was pulling and playing with her clit and moaning as she neared
cumming again.

"Get ready now Fliss, play with yourself as my cock fills your ass. Soon
you'll feel the joy that a cock in her ass can give a women!" Peter whispered
as he realised she had relaxed enough to allow me to move a little easier.

Peter stood upright, grabbed her hips and started to plough her with gusto.
His shaft was plunging in and out of her tight little hole. His balls where
slapping against her pussy and she was still playing with herself.

Peter was enjoying this and could feel the pressure building in his balls as
his rampaging rock hard cock conquered her tight ass. It wouldn't be long
before he came.

"Tell me how it feels Fliss! Tell you daddy how much you like his cock in
your ass!" Peter demanded.

"Oh daddy! You're fucking my ass! You're fucking my ass and I'm cumming! Oh!
Oh! Oh! Oh God! Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Oh god I'm cumming! Arrrrrrrrrrrrragh!"
Fliss screamed her orgasm to the world.

As Fliss came, the shuddering from her orgasm sent Peter over the edge and
he pumped long thick jets of his spunk deep in her colon. We both collapsed
on the bed, spent. His cock was still trapped in her ass. Peter slowly
withdrew and with a slight pop his cock left her ass with only a slight
dribble of cum escaping.

"Oh daddy, that was so good we have to keep doing that, did you like my ass
daddy its not too big is it" Fliss asked with some hesitation.

"No baby, its perfect, you have the sexiest ass in the world", replied Peter.

Fliss moved up along side Peter and lay on his chest. Fliss started to tell
him what the girls had told her about last night at the sleepover. Fliss
noticed that when she was explaining about Rosie and Lyndz that his cock
started to raise again. 'Daddy likes lesbian stuff,' thought Fliss.

The End


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