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Date: 04/28/2006

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Drug use, BDSM, voyurism, female solo sex, male solo sex, mind
control, strong language, male/female sex, rape, female/female sex, graphic

Categories: Het, slash, bi

Pairing: Maggie Beckett/m/f

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Other Notes: This AU story is a birthday gift for Kari Wuhrer, who was born
on April 28th, 1967.

Summary: The Sliders arrive on a parrell Earth where Maggie has a sister
named Sabrina, who has a man named Jerry Lloyd under hypnotic control and
uses the both of them as sex-slaves.

Dedication: Happy 39th Birthday to Kari Wuhrer! -- ATK 2006

Sliders: The Abduction Of Maggie
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

It had all started on a calm April 28th afternoon within a national park of
the California City of San Francisco just before a swirling vortex had opened
itself up from out of nowhere and allowed four humanoid beings to step out of
the vortex before it had closed itself behind them.

And then, after they had looked around and noticed that no one else was
within the area, one of the vortex humanoids named Rembrandt 'Crying Man'
Brown had looked at a young genius named Quinn Mallory and asked, "So,
Q-Ball? How long do we have until the next slide?"

And after he had looked at the numbers on the electronic timer, Quinn had
taken a deep breath and answered, "The usual amount of time, Remy. And I've
figured that since we're going to be stuck here for a little while, we might
as well go into town and get ourselves a room for the night."

And then, after the two female humanoids -- Wade Welles and Maggie Beckett --
had agreed with Quinn, the four newly-arrived Sliders had walked out of the
park and into the City of San Francisco itself, where they had started
looking for a place where they could spend the night.

But as soon as they had stepped inside one of the hotels and Maggie had
said, "Look, you guys. I need to go use the ladies' restroom. I'll catch
you later," she had gone into the restroom to use the toilet, unaware that
a blonde male stranger had placed himself next to the door and looked
around to make sure that no one else was walking towards him.

And after that, he had taken a piece of chloroform-dipped cloth out of
his pocket, stepped into the ladies' restroom, placed himself behind an
unsuspecting Maggie and placed the cloth under her nose.

And even though she had tried as hard as she had possibly could to free
herself from the stranger's grip, the fumes from the chloroform had
became too strong and caused Maggie to drop down to the floor and become

Then, after he had looked around the outside hallway and noticed that no one
else was around, the stranger had lifted Maggie off the floor and carried her
out of the ladies' restroom and out of the hotel.

That was before he had placed himself and the unconscious Maggie inside a
jet-black limousine and it had quickly sped away from the scene of her
abduction and all the way, to a large and beautiful mansion, where the
limousine had slowed to a stop at the front door.

And after the abductor had stepped out of the limousine and carried the
still-unconscious Maggie into the mansion, he had gently placed her on the
living room sofa and stepped away from the sofa to allow a woman who had
looked just like Maggie to walk-up to her twin, place her gentle hand on
Maggie's forehead and said, "Thank you for returning my sister to me,
Charlie. You may go now."

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, a concerned Quinn had walked back into the
room, looked at his two fellow Sliders and said, "Well, I had a talk with
one of the bellhops and he had told me that some blonde guy had carried
Maggie out of the hotel and placed her inside a black limo before he took

"Whoa, that sounds like real bad news," Remy had said to Quinn just before
he had placed his gentle hand on Wade's shoulder. "Does that bellhop know
exactly where that limo is heading?"

And after he had taken a deep breath, Quinn had sat himself down on a chair
and answered, "From what he had told me, the limo was heading towards a
place known as Beckett Manor."

Just then, back at the Beckett Manor, Maggie had finally opened her eyes
after the chloroform had worn off, only to have her discover that she had
been stripped bare-ass naked and chained to a wall of a dungeon-type room.

And after she had tried to free herself from her bondage without any success,
a sudden devilish giggle had caused a curious Maggie to quickly turn her head
towards the source of that noise and discovered that her naked twin was
looking at Maggie with a devilish smile on her lips and two of her fingers
inside her hot, wet pussy.

And just as she was about to ask the woman in front of her what was going on
around her, Maggie's devilishly-gleeful twin had placed her other hand on
her own tits, slowly licked her lips and said, "Welcome home, Maggie! Your
Mistress Sabrina has been very worried about you! Oh, and you do remember our
old friend, Jerry Lloyd! Don't you?"

That was when a young and handsome dark-haired nude male hunk had stepped out
of the shadows with a glazed look in his eyes and his hand pumping on his
stiff cock just before Sabrina had picked-up a silver medallion off a nearby
table and said, "You see, my darling sister! Poor Jerry was nothing more than
just your pitiful-excuse-for-a-fiancee, until I had used this little beauty
on him and turned him into my loyal and wiling sex-slave!"

And after a helpless Maggie had looked at the glazed look in Jerry's
eyes and thought to herself, *HOLLY FUCKING SHIT! THIS BITCH IS NUTS!*, a
devilishly-gleeful Sabrina had placed her hand on her mindless sex-slave's
bare chest and said, "Speaking of which, Maggie!You had done a very naughty
thing by running away and making me worry!I do believe that for doing that,
you should be... punished!"

And with that, Sabrina had whispered some words into Jerry's ear, causing him
to say, "I shall do as you command, my mistress!" move himself closer to the
helpless Maggie and start pulling on her hair and shoving his stone hard dick
in and out of her exposed pussy.

Of course, that had caused a sexually-violated Maggie to raise-up her head
and yell at the top of her lungs, "AAAAHHHH!! PLEASE, JERRY!! PLEASE DON'T
enraged Sabrina pull really hard on Maggie's ear and growl, "SHUT-UP, BITCH!!

And after she had realized that she had no choice, but to allow them to
fuck her whether she had wanted them to do so or not, poor Maggie had slowly
nodded her head in response to Sabrina's question just before her newfound
mistress had placed her hand underneath Maggie's chin and said, "There! That
wasn't so hard! Now wasn't it?"

And then, after Sabrina had placed her hand on her newfound sex-slave's bare
shoulder and started sucking on poor Maggie's tits and the captive Slider had
allowed a string of tears to run down her cheeks, Quinn and Wade had placed
themselves in front of the driveway of the Beckett Manor estate and tried to
think of a way to get themselves inside the mansion to rescue their abducted

"Well, Wade. I don't know about you, but so far, I have been unable to find
a way for us to get in there. Where's Remy?" a concerned Quinn had asked Wade
just before she had turned her head towards her equally-stumped friend and
answered, "He went around the back of the mansion. I hope that he might be
lucky enough to find a way in for us."

That was before a smiling Remy had ran up to his two fellow Sliders and said,
"Ask and ye shall recieve, Wade. I had discovered that the outside basement
door is old and worn-out and figured that if the three of us were able to
pull really hard and got it open, we would be able to get inside and rescue
Maggie. So how about it?"

And after both Quinn and Wade had agreed with Remy's idea and ran over to
the old and worn-out basement door to put their plan of rescue into motion,
Sabrina's mindless sex-slave had started ramming his stiff cock in and out
of Maggie's asshole and the poor helpless Slider had no choice, but to start
licking on the hot and moist snatch of her newfound mistress.

That had caused a sexually-energized Sabrina to grab a firm hold of Maggie's
hair and yell at the top of her lungs, "AAAAHHHH, YES! THAT'S IT! DO IT, YOU

And then, after Sabrina and her two helpless sex-slaves had started moving
themselves harder and faster and the wave of hot sexual pleasure had finally
flooded the entire room, the mistress and her violated sex-partners had came,
causing both Sabrina and her zombie slave to collapse down to the floor and
poor Maggie to start hoping to God that it was finally over.

But then, just as the devilishly-gleeful mistress and her zombie sex-slave
were about to go for one more round with the helpless Maggie, the three other
Sliders had barged into the room just before Remy had kicked poor Jerry right
in the balls, Quinn had hit Sabrina in the face with a sucker-punch and Wade
had fnally freed Maggie from her bondage.

And after a relieved Maggie had wrapped her arms around Wade and both
Quinn and Remy had ran over to see if their fellow Slider was alright, a
not-too-happy Sabrina had picked-up a device that had looked like the timer
that Quinn has in his personal possession and growled, "YOU MAY HAVE WON THE

And then, after she had activated her timer, a swirling vortex had opened up
from out of nowhere, allowed Sabrina to leap right into it and closed itself
up behind her, leaving Wade, Quinn and Remy to try to figure out what to do
with Maggie and a mindless Jerry?

Just then, on the very next day, the other three Sliders had all agreed to
leave poor Maggie on that particular Earth, because they had figured that
her prescence at the Beckett Manor estate might be able to cause a few
changes at the place... and that as long as the evil Sabrina is still
sliding away in the vortex, it might be safer for Maggie to stay behind



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