Ok everyone I got lots of e-mails about my last story. A big complaint I got
was that few of you watch women's golf. So this time its women's tennis. I
think that's a sport where lots of us look to find sexy athletic women. This
story is a work of fiction. Plus if your under 18 then you're too young to
read this, it is an adult story. As far as I know none of the women in this
story are bisexual or lesbians for that matter (with the exception of Ameile
Mauresmo who has come out of the closet publicly). This story contains: FF
FFF cons, oral, lesbian, alternate universe.

In his basement in San Francisco, boy-genius Quinn Mallory unlocks the
doorway to an infinite number of Earths. During a test run, Quinn invites
co-worker Maggie Beckett and his teacher Professor Maximillian Arturo to see
his new invention. But an increase in power and an early departure leave all
three lost in a parallel world. Now they must "slide" from world to world,
not only adapting to their changing surroundings, but also trying to get back
to their world. Will they ever make it home?

Kari Wuhrer.........Maggie Beckett
Jerry O'Connell.....Quinn Mallory
John-Rhys Davies....Professor Maximillian P. Arturo

Sliders: The L Stands For Lesbian Part 2 - Women's Tennis
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

Maggie Beckett stretched as she got out of bed. It was a huge comfortable
bed too. Maggie had been staying at a luxurious mansion, which belonged to
her new girlfriend pro golfer Cristie Kerr. Cristie had taught Maggie the
pleasures of lesbianism. Previously Maggie was just bi curious, but now she
was more into women than she was men. Sad to say though, Cristie was out of
town for a tournament, and Maggie was all alone in the big house. It had
been 7 days since Cristie left and sad to say she wasn't gonna be back for
another two weeks.

So dressed in just pink panties and a pink bra, Maggie made herself breakfast
and flicked on the TV. She went through the channels, but found nothing more
than the same lames movies on the tube. So she flipped it to the local
channel figuring she slept late enough that she'd catch the news. She was
eating and not paying much attention to the TV when a loud commercial came
on. It was a commercial announcing that women's tennis was coming to town. It
was apparently a commercial that had been running for a while because the
tournament was tonight. Maggie looked at all the gorgeous tennis players as
it showed highlights of them. Then as the commercial ended Maggie saw
something that really got her attention. It said the LTA tournament starts

"LTA?" Thought Maggie.

Then it hit her.

"Oh my God, could this mean that women's tennis is just like women's golf,
the L in LTA stands for lesbian just like the L in LPGA does?"

Maggie left her cereal bowl where it was. She immediately went to Cristie's
huge closet, to find something sexy to wear. She was gonna go to the tennis
tournament, and she was hopeful it was gonna be as fun as the golf tournament
was. Maggie found a pair of tight skimpy short pink shorts. They were so
short Maggie decided not to wear panties with them, cause the shorts were
basically skimpier than any panties were. She then put on cute little white
ruffled socks, followed by pink high heels that matched the shorts. Then she
took her bra off and put on a white top that showed off her midriff, and had
"girl watcher" written in pink on the shirt. She knew that it would be
obvious to everyone at the tournament that she was into other girls with this
shirt on.She looked in the mirror, she loved the way the shorts made her ass
look, and with the high heels it added a bit of sluttyness to her look. The
pink shorts hugged every crack and crevice of her glorious round ass.

"God, I look like a hootchie mama. Which is exactly what I was striving for,
to get their attention" she giggled.

So off she went to the tournament.

Maggie was shocked to see so many big names at such a small tournament.
Everywhere she looked there was a well known women's tennis star playing.
Maggie smiled seeing the LTA logo, sure enough under the logo it said
"lesbian tennis association!" Maggie watched some great tennis in the
tournament, but even better than the tennis, was how hot these women

The first woman she noticed was veteran Monica Seles. Monica had sexy long
dark hair, up in a bun under her hat as usual. Monica had full hips to go
along with a sexy chunky derriere. Monica also had the sweetest, brightest
smile. Maggie remember what she liked most about Monica in her world, her
giggly fun girly personality that she had in interviews. One thing that was
very noticeable in this world was her breasts, it was apparent that Miss
Seles wasn't wearing a bra as her nipples were poking through the tennis
dress. Maggie smiled noticing Monica was wearing purple panties under her
tennis dress when she returned balls.

"Cute!" She thought out loud.

Also looking very cute was the little 5ft.6in blonde Belgium woman named
Justine Henin-Clijsters. That's right, not Justine Henin-Hardene! In this
world Justine Henin didn't have a husband. She was married to fellow
countrywoman and tennis player Kim Clijsters! The blonde with the thin
athletic figure was dressed much sexier in this world than what Maggie
remembered her dressing back in her world. There was certainly a lot less
conservatism in Justine's outfits in this universe. She was wearing a pink
top that looked like the top of a one piece bathing suit. with her entire
tan back exposed. The tennis skirt was white, and as the athletic blonde
returned shots Maggie saw that it was in fact a swimsuit, cause underneath
was the bottom half, and the pink material was very little more than a
thong covering her cute little butt.

Then there was her opponent/spouse Kim Clijsters in the match. Kim was
more endowed in the chest and a bit fuller in the hips than Justine. Like
Justine, Kim had blonde hair and thighs that were bigger and stronger than
her partner. Kim's strong thighs looked like they could crush walnuts. Kim
was wearing a red polo shirt, unbuttoned so her cleavage was exposed (no
bra either!) with a white tennis skirt. When their match ended Maggie saw
something she had definitely never seen in her world. The two didn't shake
hands at the net, instead they met each other with a long intense french
kiss. Even though Maggie knew she wasn't in her world, her eyes still grew
big at this sight. Especially when Justine reached back and lifted Kim's
skirt and displayed to everyone the lacey white panties her lover was
wearing underneath, then groped Kim's sexy ass.

"Damn these women are hot." Maggie couldn't help but say out loud.

Then there were USA's Lindsay Davenport and France's Ameile Mauresmo. Both
of those women had incredible bodies. However they both looked very butch
when it came to their faces. Lindsay had short brown hair, and a face that
wasn't very attractive. Although she did have huge breasts close to a D cup,
at the very least she was a C. Lindsay's breasts did a lot of jiggling when
she ran after tennis balls in Maggie's world. She was braless under her top
in this world, so they did a whole lot more bouncing in her plain white top
and white short skirt.

Ameile, had hair that was light brown and longer which she wore in a
ponytail, but she still had a face that screamed butch dyke. Her body was
more athletic than big chested like Lindsay. She did however have very sexy
tan legs that rivaled any of the women on the tour. Ameile was open about
being gay in Maggie's universe so it obviously wasn't that big of a deal
here. She just had more women to play with, so to speak.

Maggie next saw the two Russian beauties Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova
take on Monica Seles and Martina Hingis in a doubles match. Maria was looking
nothing short of heart-stopping sexy in her short pink tennis dress with
white panties, as Maggie discovered, after Maria served and the back of her
dress flew up. On top of that the white panties were see-through! Maria's
ass, was something Maggie never saw in her world. Similar to Maggie's world
though, was the fact that Maria wasn't wearing a bra with her tennis dress

Anna Kournikova was considered a diva in Maggie's world, here she seemed to
be a goddess. Anna wasn't wearing a skirt instead she wore black shorts that
were so short you could really call them panties. One slight bend from the
Russian bombshell and the top of her ass crack would be exposed. Then there
was her yellow half-shirt that barely covered her chest, and did not hide her
nipples, as they poked right through the sweaty top. The only thing on Anna's
tan sweat glistened body that wasn't revealing was her tennis shoes which
were yellow and matched her top, the shoes sported a black Nike swoosh emblem
on them.

"Nike would sell a lot of shoes in my world if they ever saw this." Thought

Maggie felt she was in a dream. Everywhere she looked there was athletic and
gorgeous women. Plus she was pretty damn sure that all of them were only into
other women too! When the tournament ended Maggie knew that if there was a
club similar to what she found going to the LPGA event that she had to get in

Sure enough they were only letting a few select women in at a club entrance.
They let her in without hesitation. Maybe it was because of Maggie's attire,
but whatever the reason was she didn't care.

Going inside Maggie was thrown back at what she saw, it was like a dream. The
room was full of women tennis players each and everyone of them were fucking
another woman. Either a fellow player or another woman that Maggie didn't
recognize. Possibly a tennis groupie. If so Maggie was eager to be a tennis
groupie if it meant she could join this Bordello.

Maggie looked straight ahead and saw Martina Hingis going at it with Ameile
Mauresmo. This was incredible cause on Maggie's earth Martina had come across
as a homophobic. She spoke against Ameile's lesbianism and called the French
star"half-man" Here she was really enjoying herself and not complaining about
Ameile's sexual preferences. Martina's panties were at her ankles as she sat
in a chair and Ameile was under Martina's skirt licking away at the little
Swiss Misses pussy. Martina was very unshaven, but for some reason that
seemed sexy and fitting for her. Maggie watch as Martina pulled off Ameile's
tennis dress leaving the french woman in just her tennis shoes a sports bra
and panties, both white. Martina moaned and groaned as she lifted Ameile's
sports bra up so that her breasts bounced free.

Ameile's dark nipples were now exposed, and as it turns out she had no
tan-lines. Her breasts had a bit of sag to them and were a little bit smaller
than average, but the way Martina licked her lips it was apparent that she
still liked what she saw.

Ameile lifted up Martina's blue top exposing a blue bra. Ameile make short
work of the bra unhooking it and letting Martina's boobies free. Martina was
firmer in the chest and bigger too, bordering on a C cup. Unlike Ameile, she
did have tan-lines though, and had huge dark red nipples at the end of her
pale breasts. Ameile pulled on the hard dark red nubs as she went down on
Martina. Martina got one leg out of her panties so she could spread her legs
wider. Maggie watched and had to touch herself outside her shorts as Ameile
licked Martina's pussy that was so thick full of pubic hair. Ameile sucked
and nibbled on Martina's cunt lips, making the 20 something teen squirm in
delight. Martina pulled Ameile by her ponytail into her pussy hard, as she
felt Ameile twist her hard nipples and lick the pinkness of her pussy for
all it was worth.

Ameile pushed a finger inside of Martina as she licked her, forcing a moan
from Martina. Then a even louder moan as a second finger enter Martina.
Maggie couldn't help but notice Ameile's ass as it was bent over while she
was on her knees. Ameile had such a hot ass! The white fabric of her panties
were ever so sexily snuggling up her ass crack giving her a bit of a wedgy.
Maggie closed her eyes for a second wishing at this moment she was that pair
of white panties! Ameile had now let go of Martina's tits. Now her hands were
pushing Martina's legs far, far apart. Ameile was now licking the girl's
pussy faster than ever. Martina's moans could attest to that.

"Oh Ameile, Ameile, yeah God ohhhhhhh fuck yes lick my pussy ohhhh yesss
don't stop ohhhhh I'm gonna cummmmmm ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yes I'm gonna cum all
over you face ohhhhhhhhhh I'm cummming ohhhh ohhhhhhh aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"

Ameile's face was now covered it the sweet girl cum of Martina, and Maggie
could see that Martina's dark pubic hair was soaked with cum. After that the
two started kissing and Maggie saw Martina take a turn. She dropped to her
knees, and yanked down the French woman's panties. Ameile's ass was a thing
of beauty. It was the ass of a athletic woman, tan, firm and probably not
one ounce of fat on it.

Martina looked up at Ameile's fully tanned, toned, body from her knees
Martina saw Ameile as a naked goddess, and Martina was gladly the servant
of this goddess! Martina stuck out her tongue and started licking Ameile's
pussy. Deep she went into her trimmed pussy giving her vaginal lips a good
sucking here and there just to hear the french woman moan in lust. Martina
licked and sucked on her pussy making Ameile have trouble standing, as her
fast moving tongue got Ameile weak in the knees. Martina started pushing
two fingers into Ameile as she licked. Ameile started moaning in french,
which Martina found to be really hot!

Martina then explored some more licking further down to between the crevice
of Ameile's ass. Martina went back and forth licking both Ameile's ass and
pussy, as she now had pushed three fingers inside the french tennis player.
Martina looked in awe at Ameile's ass, then unable to hold back a burning
desire she pushed her tongue up her lovers asshole. Ameile shrieked for a
moment not expecting Martina's wet tongue, but certainly not minding it
either! Martina pushed her fingers in and out at rapid speed inside Ameile's
cunt as she pushed her tongue in as deep as she could to explore the
sphincter of her new dyke lover. Maggie never imagined that the words "her
dyke lover" would be used in reference to Martina Hingis, in any universe.
Here though, Martina Hingis' smile as she shoved her tongue up another girls
ass reminded Maggie that she "wasn't in Kansas anymore"

Ameile couldn't take the pleasure of Martina's dirty tongue anymore she was
gonna cum!

"Mmmmmmmm ohhhhhh Martina tu mon belle beau la jeune fille yessssssssss am

Martina licked up every drop of Ameile's cum like a starving kitty cat.
Martina knew the french language, and that Ameile was telling her "Martina
your my beautiful girl". Which was fine with Martina as she laid naked with
Ameile and they softly kissed cuddled up on a small couch.

Maggie by now had her hand down the front of her shorts and was rubbing her
pussy. She felt her nipples standing up as all this action in the room was
amazing, she didn't know who to watch next, but then something caught her
eye. It was the two married Belgium women Justine Henin-Clijsters, and Kim
Clijsters. Justine's skirt was off and she was wearing just the equivalent
of a pink swimsuit as she made out with her spouse. Kim had her top off and
her big, (braless) boobs were getting plenty of attention with Justine's
hands. Justine caressed the healthy C cups with brown half-dollar sized
nipples on Kim's lovely tan body, pinching them as they kissed open mouthed
with their tongues.

"You know honey, remember how you said it would spice up our marriage if we
added another woman to the mix?" Asked Kim.

"Yeah....why, you have someone in mind?"

Kim motioned with her eyes for Justine to look beside her. There on the
opposite side of Justine was Monica Seles. Monica smiled as she released
her dark hair from its bun and let it fall down well past her shoulders.
Justine's smile, and nod at Kim, showed that she very much approved of
this third person. Justine reached out to Monica and gave her a big wet
open mouthed kiss. Justine noticed as her hands started to roam on
Monica's body, that it was very similar to her partner Kim's. Kim then
moved in and started kissing Monica very passionately, while sitting on
the American girls lap. Justine watched as Kim's naked breasts pushed up
against Monica's. Sadly they were still covered by her white top. Luckily
Kim put an end to that, pulling off her top and exposing Monica's tits,
the nipples were very pointed with dark pink areola's. Justine joined back
in with Monica and her spouse in a three-way kiss, as a hand from both
Belgium women made its way under Monica's tennis skirt.

Soon Monica was breathing heavily as a hand from both women was inside her
purple panties with her tennis skirt hiked up. Ultimately both woman decided
that they would be better off each grabbing a different part of Monica so
they split up. Justine started to lick Monica's bare breasts, really getting
into it as she nibbled on Monica's aching hard nipples. Monica felt Kim below
her, peeling off her cute purple panties and tossing them aside, then burying
her face under Monica's tennis skirt.

Maggie was going crazy with this sight three very sexy women in the throes of
passion, plus she really liked the fact that Kim had apparently removed her
panties earlier. This was evident as she was licking Monica's pussy and her
own pussy was peeking out from her tennis skirt as she bent over. Maggie
wanted so bad to get behind Kim and give that pussy of hers some attention.
However she didn't wanna step in if she wasn't wanted, and besides that Kim
commented about having a three-way with her wife, not a four way. Still
Maggie loved the sight of Kim's pretty blonde pussy and hot round ass as it
wiggled uncovered by her white tennis skirt. Monica had her legs in the air
as her pussy was getting a wicked lick'n, courtesy of Kim's tongue.

Justine loved Monica's boobs, they were so much like Kim's, big round and
juicy with nipples they seemed to beg to be sucked! So Justine was loving
making Monica moan loudly as she sucked and bit on the nipples. Still,
looking down at the job her wife was doing on Monica's trimmed brown snatch,
she decide she wanted her pussy licked too. So she mounted Monica's face,
sliding the bottom part of her pink swimsuit aside, and presenting her pussy
to the dark haired tennis veteran Monica Seles. Monica gladly licked and
sucked on the tight blonde pussy presented to her, nibbling on the hood, for
a bit, then pushing her tongue deep inside of her. She tasted every bit of
her inner pink flesh and slurped on any hot female juices she could get from
her like they were her life force!

Kim looked up at the hot sight of Justine humping Monica's face with her
pussy. God, her wife had such a hot little ass, she was gonna have to do that
position with her later, but for now she wanted to make Monica cum before she
made Justine cum! So Kim really put her efforts into her pussy licking. She
licked her slit up and down teasingly, then out of no where spread her lips
and drove her tongue deep in Monica's cunt. Faster and faster she tongue
fucked her. Then she would tease her again and make her moan in
disappointment. Then thrust it back in her like a animal. This went on for
only a few minutes before Monica was screaming like a banshee!

All that could be heard though was a mmmphhhhhhhhhh sound though as Justine's
pussy planted on Monica's face kept her from forming any real words.

Kim's mouth now covered in Monica's sweet girl cream was licked clean by
Justine in a wet wife/wife kiss. Kin wasn't done though. She had admired
her wives ass so much before she wanted to use her tongue on it. So she got
behind Justine and spread her cute little ass cheeks and start to tongue
fuck her asshole. Justine was loud when Monica was licking her pussy, but
now she had two tongues in each of her crevices and Justine's moans were
deafening now! Both women tongue fucked her in rhythm loving hearing this
respectable tennis pro moan like a cheap slut as she exploded all over them

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh God mmmmmmm yessssssssss yesssssss ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yes
ah yes God that's it oh ohhhhhhh Monica oh yeah fuck yes lick it ohhhh Kim,
yesssssssssss oh honey I fucking love your tongue in my ass ohhhh your so
fucking dirty baby I love it!!!! Ohh I'm cumming I'm cumming I'm

Maggie was feverishly rubbing her pussy, she knew that she would come soon.
There were so many incredibly erotic things to see here, it was lesbian
heaven on earth. Maggie felt two pairs of hands behind her caressing her
body. She was about to turn around when a female voice with a accent told
her "don't look, just watch, while we touch you sexy!" Maggie couldn't
quite place the accent. Still she liked what both of the hands were doing
so she didn't turn around. One set of hands had slid under her half-shirt
and was caressing and teasing her nipples. The other hand had slide down
her short shorts, squeezing, fondling and pinching her tight ass cheeks.

She watched as Lindsay Davenport pulled the red and blue tennis dress of her
lover Jennifer Capriati off of her body. Jennifer was now dressed in just her
tennis shoes and a thong. She had small breasts but the pink nipples were
very pointed, which Maggie found very sexy. Standing up Jennifer pulled off
Lindsay's top. She smiled in delight as Lindsay's huge D size tits bounced
free. Lindsay had sexy bikini tan lines on her breasts. The Areola's were
huge and dark pink, the nipples were as hard as pencil erasers. Maggie was
also surprised to see that Lindsay's ass was quite lovely as well when
Jennifer pulled her skirt down. Not wearing panties, Maggie saw that
Lindsay's bottom half had a thong tan-line. Maggie watched as the hands on
her body were getting her hotter and hotter. They were pinching her all over
then would caressing gently on the place that they made red. It was killing
her wondering who the hell these two women were. Either way they knew what
they were doing!

Maggie saw Lindsay get in her tennis bag and pull out a 10 inch strap on
dildo. Lindsay slid into the toy and fastened it. She treated it like a real
cock and slap it on Jennifer's face. Jennifer stuck out her tongue as she
did like she was expecting cum to come from the toy like a man's cock would.
Lindsay then motioned for Jennifer to turn around. Jennifer did exactly that
and bent over for Lindsay. Lindsay got behind her and grabbed Jennifer's hips
and forced her 10 incher inside of Miss Capriati.

Jennifer played with her own nipples as Lindsay did her best guy impression
thrusting hard into Jennifer even calling her a nasty bitch or whatever dirty
name she could think of. She slapped hard on Jennifer's sexy ass until it was
bright red, and Jennifer seemed to encourage her toy equipped lover for more!
Maggie watched as Lindsay thrust into Jennifer. Lindsay big sexy ass covered
only by the black harness of the strap on moved back and forth. Also doing
quite a bit of bouncing was Lindsay's huge tits, slapping against Jennifer's
back as she fed all 10 inches of plastic cock inside of her lover. Lindsay
slammed her harder and faster until ultimately Jennifer was coming all over
Lindsay's fake dick. Maggie watched as Lindsay removed the strappy and licked
Jennifer's cream clean off of it. As hot as this was Maggie still had to
know, who's hands were touching her body. At long last they told her she
could turn around now.

Maggie saw that it was Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova! Both still in
their sexy tennis outfits, as they touched Maggie all over.

"You wanna have some fun honey?" Asked Anna.

Maggie nodded her head before blurting out "Fuck yes!"

Both of the Russian blondes giggled and took Maggie by the hand and led her
to a couch in the corner. Maria started things off removing her pink tennis
dress, leaving her small but firm boobs exposed. She was now wearing only
white see-through panties. Anna lifted Maggie's shirt off leaving her topless
as well. Anna pushed Maggie and Maria together so their breasts were touching
as they kissed each other. Maria's hands felt up Maggie's near perfect tits,
as Maggie gave the Russian teen a similar treatment, pulling on her nipples
and having a tongue war in Maria's mouth.

Anna decide to step in the fun too. She removed her skimpy top and joined
the woman in the kissing fun, giving both women a hard time deciding who
they liked kissing more. Because Anna was a amazing kisser. After the
kissing enjoyment finally passed Anna helped Maggie out of her shorts and
sat her on the couch. Then the sexy Anna started to teasingly lick on
Maggie's overheating box, while Maria kissed and sucked on Maggie's neck.
Anna started to lick faster as Maria went back to kissing Maggie. Then she
kissed her breasts, sucking on Maggie's hard nipples. Maggie had the firmest
pair of tits that Maria had ever seen on a non-athlete woman before. Maggie
even in her late thirties took care of herself really well. As Maria could
certainly tell.

Anna pushed her tongue deep inside of Maggie, as Maggie was now sucking on
Maria's breasts. Maggie felt close to coming just as she saw Anna stand up.
Anna removed her skimpy bottoms. Maggie could swear she heard the whole room
go quiet and stare as Anna bent over and removed her shorts. Why wouldn't
they cause Anna's ass was perfect! Tan, like the rest of her body, if a
sculptor made a perfect ass masterpiece it would definitely look like Anna
Kournikova's. Maggie was awaken from her stare at Anna's rump when Anna
asked her a question.

"Ever do a daisy chain Maggie?"

"Um,. no what is that?"

"Well it means that all of us have a mouth on our pussies and OUR mouths on
a pussy as well, since there's three of us it will be kinda like a triangle."
Explained Maria with her sexy 18 year old smile.

Maggie nodded, she wasn't about to say no to this! So they got on the floor.
Maggie was ever so lucky as Anna lower her perfect behind to Maggie's face.
Maggie quickly spread open Anna's lips and started licking her rapidly with
her tongue. Maria got under Maggie and started to lick Maggie's pretty pussy
as well. Anna pushed her head between Maria's spread legs and started tasting
the blonde hottie's sweet juices as well. Maggie wet her finger and push it
inside Anna's ass as her tongue darted deep inside of her. Anna tasted oh so
sweet, better than Maggie imagined she would! Maria was also loving the taste
of Maggie as she spread her legs and licked her slit from top to bottom.

Anna was also loving tasting the sweet honey from the flower of her fellow
countrywoman Maria. She tasted her sweet essence then found the blonde's clit
and licked on it getting Maria boiling hot! All three women licked and sucked
on the beautiful pussy in front of them. Over and over tongues touched clits,
fingers were pushed deep inside snatch's and sexy derriere's were slapped
until they were beet red! Then finally all three of these beautiful women
came and came hard, nearly at the same time, until they lay on the floor
covered in sweat and cum.

Maggie closed her eyes in pleasure her body satisfied and not wanting to
move. She had just made Anna Kournikova cum, and Maria Sharapova had just
done the same to her! She open her eyes briefly to see Anna and Maria in a
wet kiss Anna licking up Maggie's cum that was on Maria's face, and Maria
licking up her own cum off of Anna's face. Maggie laid back in ecstasy, she
never wanted to leave this place.


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