By Wonder Mike

Quinn, Maggie, and Rembrant Brown had just escaped another earth that the
cromags had captured, they were on a mission to find Maggie, their missing
friend. They knew she had been captured and taken to a breeding camp. They
didn't know which earth she was on though.

They landed in San Francisco, the first thing they saw were the Cromag
soldiers, this was another earth that had fallen. The sliders ducked into an
alley and crouched behind some dumpsters.

Maggie had a machine gun, she knew she shouldn't leave home without it. She
knew she could fight her way out. Quinn didn't want to take the chance, they
had all ready lost to members of their group, he couldn't stand to lose
another. They would hide in the dumpsters until dark, then they would slip

Nightfall came and they made a dash for the sewer system, they would use that
to travel through the city and find shelter.

They made it to a boarded up house, they could hide there. They moved in and
found everything was still functional, they hit the showers and laid down for
a good nights sleep.

They were awaken by a girl, she was human.

"What are you doing in my house?"

We didn't know anybody lived here, we will leave, we are looking for a

Quinn told her about Wade, maybe this girl could help them. The girl knew of
a breeding camp on this world and she would take them there.

They walked down the streets through the Cromag's, Quinn was confused, they
didn't seem to mind them.

They arrived at the breeding camp and were stopped at the door, no human
males allowed. Maggie went in alone. The Cromag's looked her over, she wished
she had brought a gun but she was assured it wasn't necessary.

The Cromag's told her to strip. She refused, she decided it was time to get
out of there. The Cromag's grabbed her, she tried to fight but their were
three of them and they were twice as strong as humans.

They took control of her mind and made her strip. She wanted to fight it but
it was no use, she stripped naked in front of the evolved humans.

They had her lay down and spread her legs, she would do. The first Cromag
dropped his pants and exposed his 15 inch cock, they always said "Once a
human had a Cromag she never went back."

He slammed his cock into her, she didn't scream, he was huge and it hurt but
she wouldn't give them the satisfaction. The Cromag was buried in her pussy
and giving her a brutal fucking. The second Cromag dropped his pants and
stuck his cock into her mouth. She was commanded to suck it. She had to try
to deep throat his 15 inches, she was trying to fight it but they had taken
control of her mind. She had 12 inches of his cock down her throat.

She was rolled over and forced to ride the Cromag. The third one grabbed her
by the hips and was slamming her up and down on his friend's cock. He finally
wanted some himself. He slipped his cock into her ass. Now Maggie was
completely stuffed, and she was in heaven. She was now slamming up and down
on those two cocks with all her strength. The Cromag's couldn't take it. All
three of them came at the same time. All her holes were filled with cum. The
Cromag's called for a servant to come clean her out. A girl came out and
licked the cum out of her pussy and ass. Maggie looked and saw it was Wade.

Wade was there to serve the Cromag's, she had been watching and wanted to be
fucked. It had been 24 hours.

The Cromag's wanted her to work for it. They sent for three German shepherds.
Maggie would have to go through them before the Cromag's would pleasure her.

Wade Laid down and spread her legs, The three dogs shoved their long tongues
into her pussy, they were fighting for space but they managed to share.

Wade was shuddering under the delight. She would do anything to be fucked by
the Cromag's.

She was ordered to suck off all three dogs. The Cromag's had the dogs lay
side by side on their backs and Wade would have to suck them all off. Wade
deep throated the first dog until he shot off into her mouth. She then took
both of the other dogs cocks into her mouth at the same time. They both came
down her throat at the same time.

Now the Cromag's would pleasure her.



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