Small Soldiers: Media Zapper Part 8 (Mf,bond,ncon)
by Wetsprocket

The Media Zapper dumped me in a darkened hallway of a house. I heard small
high-pitched voices coming from behind a closed door down the hall. I assumed
it was a bedroom. I tip-toed to where the door was left cracked open. Inside
the room, I saw small Barbie doll-type characters jumping around and on top
of the bed. I realized I was in the movie "Small Soldiers." I heard muffled
sounds from the unseen other side of the bed. I entered the room, immediately
seen by the dolls.

"Stand back. The boss man's here!" Stated one of the dolls, matter of factly.

I moved around the bed where I saw the actress tied, bound, and gagged on the
floor. It was Christy, the heroine of the movie played by Kirsten Dunst. The
dolls had captured her. I looked over the attractive young woman, wearing her
jeans and brown sweater. I could see her navel as her sweater had crept up
her smooth stomach. Her sweater bubbled some from her fresh breasts that were
still developing with maturity. She made muffled sounds from the tape on her
mouth as I opened my pants to relieve a raging hard on. I knelt on the floor
next to Kirsten.

I moved my left hand across the exposed belly of the star and slowly moved it
underneath the dark sweater. I reached her bra. Wanting to see what I was
feeling, I pulled her sweater up to her chin. Her bra was plain and white,
completely covering her tits. I pulled the covering material of her cups
down, exposing the paisley white skin that surrounded her faint pink areolas.
Her breasts were adequately sized for her size and youthfulness. I copped a
handful of each and gingerly teased the nipples with my tongue. The nips
hardened and spiked up. I gently sucked on the stiffening nipples. Kirsten
arched her back some, moaning from the new sensation.

I moved a free hand back down her midriff and unbuttoned the beltless jeans.
I felt soft, cotton panties as I opened the fly. I moved my hand further and
broke underneath the elastic waistband. Her pubic hairs had filled in nicely,
but would fill in more thickly as she matured more. I reached into her crotch
and tenderly felt the virgin clit. It was already damp with arousal.

As if pre-programmed, the dolls removed her shoes and began pulling at the
legs of her jeans. I watched as the jeans were pulled from her body and where
my hand was feeling and touching the star inside her panties. Kirsten's eyes
were closed and she groaned quietly as I stimulated her pussy. The dolls
pulled back her panties too. I moved my hand from her clit and moved between
her legs. Facing the slit across Kirsten's pubic mound, I fingered into her
vagina and bent down to it, tasting her cunt. Kirsten let out a muffled gasp,
eyes still closed. Her light brown bush dampened as I opened her crevice,
tasting her pinkness for her first time.

The virgin would be real tight I deducted, judging by her smallish clit. I
guessed correctly. I moved my stiff penis to her threshold. The dolls opened
her legs wider and bent her legs back. I eased my wood into the virgin
vagina. Kirsten's eyes popped open wide and she made a squeal as I popped her
cherry. Her clit wrapped tightly around my shaft. It took several small
thrusts to open her up more to take most of my cock. She came for her first
time after the first few initial strokes. She arched her back wildly.

After that orgasm, her clit loosened up further and I pounded most of my
shaft into her vagina. I took long, deeper strokes as I went along,
stretching her vagina to fit my size. She grimaced as I continued to take
advantage of her, busting her open. My pace quickened. I looked over the
beauty as I nailed her. I tasted and lapped at her tits briefly before I
felt my penis begin to fill with cum. I rose up and squeezed my cock as
deep as I could, causing Kirsten to squeal some more. It held up my climax
briefly with the pressure, but only briefly. Shortly thereafter, I had my
length inside her as a few thrusts later, emptied my cum inside her.

The good and tight screw had taken it's toll as I felt my cock really explode
inside her. I barely noticed that she had another orgasm. I eased my pace
between her thighs, letting her still firm and tight cunt pull the reminisce
of my jizm out of my softening woody.

Hot and sweaty from the good sex, I pulled out of her vagina and cleaned up.
Her clit had the imprint where my cock had stretched her open. She would be
sore. I dressed and let the dolls clean her up for the movie to continue.
With a wink at Kirsten, I moved on with the Media Zapper showing me the way
to the next adventure.

to be continued...

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