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I'm trying. Hope you enjoy the read.

Smallville: A New Beginning (2/?)
by DCForever


"Oh by the way young man, your mother is awake."

"She is?" He questioned the night nurse on duty and quickly ran down the
hall to his mother's private room. He rested his hand on the door knob before
pushing down on the lever to open it. "What will be different?" he thought,
hesitating to enter the room.

Inside the room, Martha saw the door slowly opening and threw the sheet from
the bed exposing herself for her visitor. "Lana won't know what hit her,"
thought Martha as she waited impatiently for her young cock sucker to return
to her aid.

[And month later]

"Thanks Lana," Martha said as she looked over the rim of her warm mug while
sipping her coffee; her eyes glued to Lana's swaying ass as the brunette
moved across the tiled floor of The Talon making her way behind the counter.

"You're a lucky woman," came a voice from across the table.

"Yeah, you think so? I don't know. She's slowly growing on me, but there
hasn't been any contact between us since that night in the hospital.

"Oh right, I remember you telling me about that. You wanted there to be more
did you? I remember the night before you were to be released. If I hadn't
come around the corner when I did, Clark would have gotten quite a show when
he entered your room."

"And I've thanked you for that a quite a few times since now haven't I?"

"One more time couldn't hurt."

"Julie, you know, you're unsatisable. There is no stop or give with you. You
just want to take, take, and take some more."

"And your point being?"

"Is that why you're here?" Martha asked, keeping one eye on Lana and the
other on her coffee drinking friend.

"Actually no. I was supposed to meet Clark here but it looks like he isn't
going to show. This will make the third 'no show' in a row. Whatever is that
boy's problem?"

"More than you could understand or ever know. He's a different kind of kid,
Julie. He means well and he's a great kid, but he knows his priorities and
he keeps to them. So if he isn't here or hasn't been there in the past it's
because he had pressing matters to take care of. I'm sure if he 'no shows'
then you'll get a call or an e-mail or something with an apology."

"I know. He like sent me flowers the last time and chocolates the time
before. Oh, not to mention overloaded my email account with recorded wav
files. Now that was kind of sweet being able to hear his voice whenever the
mood hits me." She sipped her coffee and refused to make eye contact with
Martha. Once her nerves were in check she raised her head and looked at the
older woman. "I know your son is everything I could ever want in a guy,
Martha, but at some time I'll have to draw a line and just move on, wishing
the next girl best of luck." She raised her leg under the small table and
rubbed it against the inside of Martha's leg, causing a shiver to course
through her body. "Good thing for him...and me, that what thriving needs I
do have, well, they can be settled with something long and hard. So what do
you say, Martha? Hmmm...up for thanking me again for saving you and your son
the ultimate humility?" Martha nodded her head.

"Let me tell Lana bye first." Martha started walking over to the counter
where Lana was preparing someone's order, but suddenly looked about as if
someone was watching her, and they were. Julie winked and smiled at the red
head as she placed a tip on the table and then headed for the front entrance.

Martha smiled herself as she closely admired the color and shape of her
alabaster globes slightly penetrating the paper thin white hospital scrubs
that covered Julie's ass.

She went to the side of the counter to say bye to Lana, not pulling Lana's
concentration off her duties. "I'm heading home, Lana. If you see Clark could
you let him know that I need to see him as soon as possible?"

"Sure thing Ms. Kent. I'm sure Clark will be around some time today."

"Yeah, I know he will, after all, you're working right?" Lana's face blushed
as she nodded her head and then walked back to the register.

"See ya, sweetie." Martha said before walking away and leaving through the
front entrance.

"She seems like a nice lady," commented the young woman customer while
waiting on change.

"Yeah, she's great and a regular customer at that. You haven't seen anything
until you've met her boy, Clark. Now that one is one of a kind."

"Sounds like you have a thing for this boy." Lana's red blushed cheeks
deepened in color.

"You might could say that." Lana smiled, thinking, "Though his mother isn't
half bad herself. At least she's let me give her head before."

"Please, enjoy your cappucino and do come again."

"I'm sure it will be great. If I'm ever in the the neighborhood again, I'll
be sure to stop in."

"Oh, so you're just visiting?" The girl nodded her head in response and read
the name off the penned on name tag.

"Lana is it?" She asked receiving an affirmative response.

"Nice name," thought the young brunette woman while standing at the counter.

"No, more like just driving through. Some friends and I are on our way to

"Great city. I've visited there quite a number of times, mainly with friends
or my business partner."

"And your partner would be?"

"Lex Luthor. If you've ever heard of Metropolis then I know you've heard the
Luthor name."

"Yeah, who hasn't. Well, it was good to chat. Like I said, if I'm ever around
again I'll be sure to stop by. This cafe is just too darling not to." She
started to walk away when Lana spoke up.

"And your name?" She asked, wondering if the young lady would offer it up.
The woman backtracked and set the coffees back on the counter.

"Sorry, you'll have to forgive me. I live in a fast track world and sometimes
I loose all manners when I'm in a hurry. I'm Lois. Lois Lane. Me and my
friends are traveling together. I guess you could call them my support team
of sort. I have an interview with the Daily Planet in Metropolis. Ever heard
of it?"

"Oh wow, who hasn't. The Planet is a very prestigous newspaper. In fact, a
friend of mine has been wanting to get on with the Planet ever since I can
remember. She's persistant enough, so there is no doubt in my mind that she
will have her own by-line one day."

"Well wish this friend of yours good luck. Maybe we'll work on a story
together some day. Time sure is flying by. I really should get going. Thanks
for the coffees and I'll be seeing you."

"Okay Lois, see ya around some time." Lana turned back toward the farther
counter to start cleaning up, but stopped and looked back over her shoulder.
Her curiousity had gotten the better of her. "Now that is a nice cute butt,"
she thought, not realizing Lois had peeked back at her, catching her in a

"Check it out darling, check it out. Guess we'll be seeing each other
again before you know it." Lois pushed open the front glass door and was
immediately joined by her three friends.

"You were so checking that sexy brunette out."

"No, I was just seeing if she was checking me out." The girls laughed as they
got in their SUV and started heading out of town.

"Oh shit!" screamed one of the girls in the back seat of the SUV as they sped
away from the cafe.

"What's wrong, Melinda?" asked Lois from the driver's seat, looking at her
friend's reflection in the rear view mirror.

"Oh it couldn't have been, could it," thought Melinda as she turned in her
seat and looked back toward the alley, as it seemed to get smaller and
smaller as the distance increased. "Sorry. It wasn't anything." She looked,
staring out the side window wondering, "Was that those two ladies from the
cafe earlier making out in the alley behind the cafe?" She just assumed her
eyes were playing tricks on her.

* * *

Outside the Talon, in the narrow, long alley, Martha leaned her body against
the brick building as Julie stood her ground in front and grinded her lower
body into the long shaft while holding onto the back of Martha's head with a
firm grip, resting her head on the older woman's shoulders. "I'm almost
there, Martha...almost."

"No almost, I am there. Ahhhh!" Martha instincts kicked in and her pelvis and
shaft thrusted up hard into Julie's belly, bringing about her short, mild
relief as well. She wasn't a great climaxer.

"Oh it gets better each time," commented Julie as she pulled her head from
Martha's shoulder and looked her conquest in the eyes. "I so love your
miracle cock, Martha. I can't explain it."

"And I love filling up your young snatch so who needs explanations? We fuck
and that is it. You get lonely, we fuck. You have a hard day at work, we
fuck. You just want a fuck, we fuck. But one of these days, when you least
expect it, I'm going to hit that ass." Martha was shocked at her use of
language around the nurse. Ever since the miraculous growth of flesh she
hadn't been the same. Her excitement had been increased and her climaxes
doubled and her mouth had become the worst of all. She now spoke her mind
rather than let others take advantage of her. In more ways than one, she was
becoming more and more like a man.

"No, you know I don't..."

"It isn't a matter of what you want anymore's what you need and
one day I'm going to be the one to give it to you. I'm pleased for now, but
know've been coming around for a lot of favors and there will be
a time when it will be my turn to ask for a few as well."

"Fine, I just might not visit Smallville anymore, then you won't be able to
hit my ass as you put it." She pulled the thin layered clothing back up on
her body and tied off the pants.

"If that is how you want it, Julie, then I can live with that." Martha
returned, reaching down to pull up her dirt covered jeans from the alley

"Really? You mean you wouldn't have a problem if I didn't come around...if
we never did this...I'm confused. I thought we had something."

"Yeah, I thought that as well, but if you are only willing to be on the
receiving end in the relationship of sort, what good are you and just
how long do you think it would last being a one way street? Your call,

"So you do like me then?"

"I can say this...I like what we have going even though in the pit of my
stomache I feel it is wrong."

"Then why can't you just admit that you like me...possibly even as a
girlfriend...or future wife?"

"Woah now, don't take all this out of context. I like this...what we do, yeah
I like it. I like fucking you, Julie. I love the feel of my cock as it pounds
into your flesh. I love to hear you moan and scream knowing that I was the
one that caused it. Plain and simple, I love owning your pussy."


"Well I have to be getting back to the farm now. It was a pleasure as

"But Martha..."

"Think it over for a while and let me know when you've made your decision."
Julie was disappointed, but closed her eyes and puckered up anyway for the
kiss she knew was coming next, but when she opened her eyes all she saw was
Martha's waving red shirt tail as it disappeared around the front corner of
the building.

* * *

"So Lex, is there anything I can get for you?" Lana asked as she stood
looking over Lex's private booth. He calmly folded the WallStreet Journal he
had been reading and set it down on the table. There was something odd in the
way he was looking at her. Suddenly she didn't feel very confident in his

"Lana, what is going on?" Lex was never one to prolong what could be said in
few direct words.

"What do you mean, Lex?" Lex could see she was already nibbling on her bottom
lip. She was nervous.

"I think you know exactly what I mean? What is going on between you and
Martha Kent?" His question shocked the young teenager, but she was quick to
gather herself.

"What? Lex, I don't know what you're talking about. Martha and me? Don't be

Lex lowered his head and motioned for Lana to lower her's as well. "Shit...
you two have screwed...haven't you?" He whispered in a not so soft voice.

Lana's head snapped back up in a flash. "No, no, Lex, why would you say such
a thing? We're just friends, that's all...I swear."

Lex observed the girl's stance and her body language before he spoke again.
"I'll believe you, Lana, but only if you swear on your dead parents' grave."
Lana looked at Lex stunned at what he was asking of her. It was one thing to
accuse her of sleeping with an older woman, but another to have her swear
against her parents.

"You can't do it can you? Then answer me this, Ms. Kent, natural red or dye
job? Bet it's all loose and puffy down there, not to mention quite bushy.
How could you even consider it?"

"You don't know what you're talking about Lex. Martha is the kindest,
sweetest person I know. And yes, she is natural and no, she's gorgeous...all
over in fact and...and...she trims really, really nicely."

"So Lana tell me, how does it feel screwing the mother of the young man who's
gone as far as fight and risk his life for you? How do you think Clark would
react if he knew what was going on behind his back?"

"He would be devistated, but we're not together Lex. Last I checked I do have
a say in who I see or fuck."

"Why did I have to say something as stupid as that," she thought, wishing she
could retract her words.

"Oh the f word sounds so naughty coming from your mouth of innocence. Come
with me, Lana."

"Where to, Lex?"

"Let's continue this talk in the back office where we can have a little more
privacy. That cool with you?" Lana knew there was something else going on in
Lex's mind. He obviously wasn't himself. He was never one to use such
childish slang language as cool.

"Sure, why don't we." Lex and Lana started walking toward the back office.
Lana leaned over the counter for a moment letting Cathy, one of her
employees, know where she and Lex were going.

"Sure thing, Ms. Lana. Take your time." Lana didn't know what to think of
Cathy's wink.

"Oh I can't stand that," Lex growled as he opened the office door and held
it open as Lana walked inside. He quickly closed the door and stared across
at his business partner. "Lana, I thought we had agreed that this would be
a place of business. An employee shouldn't be calling their boss by their
first name and definitely not so casual. Fix it."

"If I choose to fix it, it will be fixed, but I like calling people by their
first name. It's a lot easier and it makes for an easy going environment. If
the employees are comfortable and enjoy their work then the customers will
enjoy spending time here because it is a more relaxed, laid back environment.
Without people in the seats, business go bye-bye."

"Oh how much you have learned, young grasshopper." Lex commented and chuckled
as he leaned his head against the closed door. "So, you and Martha are really
an item?"

Lana leaned against the desk facing the door. "No, not really. We've only...
you once. I've wanted know, but I'm not sure she feels
the same way."

"What changed in you two? It's like you two have been inseparable since she
got out of the hospital." Lex watched Lana's eyes drop to the floor. "So I
guess that something happened while she was in the hospital? Care to

"Lex, there is something you need to know about Martha...something miraclous
happened to her. That is why she was in the hospital."

"My group of specialists said whatever it was, it was huge, but for the first
time none of them would divulge any information. I even fired one thinking it
would persuade the others to crack, but they held their ground. I then gave
the remaining few a ten thousand dollar bonus each. I now know that they can
all be trusted and LuthorCorp isn't anything without some degree of trust."

"Yeah, their absolute silence was Martha's wish. She threatened them all if
any information was leaked to anyone and she found out she would be the one
living the good life while they were shoveling up manure in the cow fields."

"Hehe...she's a strong willed women that's for sure. So are you going to tell
me what's going on or do I need to have a talk with the source?"

"She grew a penis, Lex. Something infected her or mutated her. Martha Kent
now has a penis and it is always in a state of excitement The hardness never
goes down. I wouldn't be surprised if she is being jumped two or three times
a day...or wanting to be."

"Wow, you're telling the truth aren't you? Damn, she sure hides it well."

"She has an elastic strap on her leg that she uses to keep it secure. I'm
sure it hurts her, but she's had a month to get used to it."

"Maybe that is why she left with that other woman earlier? Maybe a little
release time."

"Who Julie? Possibility I guess, but I seriously doubt it. Julie was Martha's
nurse while in the hospital and over the short time she got this majorly huge
crush on Clark. And I'm pretty sure neither is a virgin, if they ever were
before meeting each other."

Lex blocked out Lana's voice. "A cock you say? So only once between you two?"

"Other than a couple here and there spot on kisses, that's it. I care for
Clark and I care for Martha...I just don't know what to do. I don't have any
real answers."

"Alright, well, the Talon seems to be doing pretty good, so I'll leave you to
whatever it is you do." Lex pulled back from the door and opened it.

"Ahm, Lex, make sure that this stays between just the two of us okay."

"Not a problem, Lana, not a problem." Lex walked out the office and continued
over the checkered tiled floor until the front door closed behind him.

"For my sake, I hope you're right," Lana thought as she turned off the lights
and headed back out to the front counter to help wait on customers.

To be continued in Part 3.

Author: DCForever
Written: Sept 2004


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