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an explosive ending. Hope you Enjoy!

Smallville: All I Want for Christmas
by DCForever

'All I Want for Christmas, is to be filled to the rim,
Brewing over, much like a steaming cup of morning coffee
Lunging in, then out, feeling overwhelmed, never letting go
Pelvis rocking, bumping, grinding our sweat-covered bodies against each other
His manhood, slowly stretching my insides outwards as he grows inside me
Harder, harder I tell him, until my limit is no more.
His pulse, I can feel it throbbing through his shaft
Blood, his and mine, pumping hard throughout our veins
The sensations are incredible, exhilarating beyond belief

Aches, multiplying with each thrust, sending me further and further over the
I want to hold off, I need to, wanting us to reach the peak as one.
I try, more serious than ever to not lose control, but slippage is
His steel like rod remains buried, held in place by overwhelming tightness
Yet it remains, striking me senseless with a blinding fury, sending emotions
through the roof

In this place, this time, who wouldn't lose it? It is too much for one.
Time nears, I feel it, the flow, building to a fevered pitch
No time, it's upon me, I let myself go, arms flailing in the air, giving
myself to him
He clutches at my hips, fingernails tearing into my soft skin
His thrusts throw me around like a rag doll, getting all he can from me.

I'm wet, red and sore down below, flowing freely, when the explosion hits.
My body, rocks like I've never felt before
Oh my, intoxicating, a feeling, wishing to never fade
My insides coated, I'm over running with cum, loving this guy even more.
The powerful jet stream continues, having no end.
Just who is this guy, bleeding me of my orgasms from left to right?
Fulfilling my every wish and desire, giving me the perfect Christmas.
Oh God...Clark, you're my Superman.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Damn, are you sure our Chloe wrote that? It is signed Anonymous." Clark
asked his friend, leaning his back against a nearby hall locker, the
printed-paper dangling in his hand.

"Man, I was as shocked as you when I discovered it. Honest to God, I printed
it out this morning from her very own computer. Before she went to the
office, she asked me to gather up all the material for The Torch's Christmas
edition. She said I could use her computer since she was already logged onto
the network. I never expected to find anything like this. After I read it, I
knew she couldn't possibly want it printed with the others." Pete explained,
standing in front of Clark, shaking his head in astonishment, still unable
to believe it himself.

"I knew she liked me."

"Tha...everybody has known that for years. Glad to know you're finally
catching on."

"I knew it...just didn't know what to do about it. I never expected anything
like this...not from her. What is a guy to do? Pete, what would you do if you
were in my shoes?"

"Are you serious? What any guy in his right mind would do...Chloe, what else?
I know we've all been friends for a long time, but you would have to be blind
not to see how sexy that girl has become. You know me, I love a girl with a
nice ass and that my friend, is exactly what Chloe has been possessed with.
And those hips...they're perfect for some hard fucking. And man, don't even
get me started on that chest of hers. Those are like two of the most perfect
melons I've ever least clothed that is. What I wouldn't do to get
my hands on those. Friends or no friend, Chloe is a smokin' piece of ass."

"Pete, why don't you just speak your mind already? I can't believe you're
talking about Chloe that way. Yes, she's a girl, but more so, she's our

"Dude, I know you've had your eyes on the exotic Lana Lang for years,
whacking off intensely in that loft of yours daily, while watching her change
and fuck in her bedroom. During any of that time, has she even hinted at
giving you any of that play?" Pete grabbed the paper from Clark's hand and
held it up for emphasis. "At any time have you ever known Lana to speak like
this, much less write what's in this?"

"Pete, hello... have you ever heard Chloe speak or write in that fashion

"Guess you have a point. Well, given where I found it and who's folder it was
in...I know what I would do."

"Yeah, you've made that crystal clear. You know we can't..." Clark trailed
off as Pete interrupted him in mid stride.

"I know what you were going to say. Like I would even consider telling her.
If she even knew I peaked in her personal folder I would be banned from The
Torch for life, and you know it." Clark snatched back the paper, returning
the emphasis.

"Ah, so finding this wasn't all together an accident after all?" Pete
remained calm. "Pete?"

"Okay, not entirely. So sue me already. The truth is...after Chloe asked me
to get the articles for the newspaper, I did a quick file/folder search for
the word 'Christmas' and poof...there it was among the rest. I admit...the
title got me curious, especially since it was filed away in Chloe's personal
folder. I just couldn't help myself. If you ever get a chance, and she is
still logged on, you might look in there as well...there's a lot in there,
including a ton of pictures, but that was the only file I read and printed

"Oh Pete, what about the print log? You do remember she could track it?"

"Don't worry, Clark. It was all taken care of when I finished. The log only
shows me printing off the articles for the paper. I've picked up a few things
from you and Chloe over the years...thank God it wasn't your sex drive or
lack of willingness to step up to the plate." Clark chose to ignore Pete's
last statement.

"Hey, thanks for this." He held up the paper for a second and then dropped
his hand. "I'll give it some thought. In the meantime, I best be getting off
to class. I suggest you be doing the same." Clark said before walking off,
leaving Pete still standing in the same place.

"Man, this Christmas break is starting to look promising," thought Pete as he
watched his friend walk away, clutching hard to the paper in his hand.

* * *

"Morning, honey. Merry Christmas. Care for any breakfast before we open our
presents?" Martha Kent asked as she closed the refrigerator door, holding a
bucket of eggs and a carton of milk in her arms." Clark waited until she set
everything on the counter before approaching, not wanting to be the source
of an unexpected mess.

"Where's dad?" He asked as he leaned down to hug his mother and kiss her on
the cheek.

"He was tending to the cows earlier, but then came in and said he needed
to rush into town. Probably just needed a last minute gift or something.
Probably be back around 10 A.M. or so, since the stores don't open until
after 9."

"Good...that should give me plenty of time."

"Clark?" There was something about his look that she didn't like.

"Don't worry mom, nothing is up...oh, and all my shopping is done. Yours is
under the tree if you care to go ahead and open it before the rest of us. I
just need to take care of something before it gets too late. I should be home
around the time dad gets back."

"Is there anything I can do?" She asked, being the caring mother she was.

"Sorry mom...this is something I believe I have to do on my own, but thanks
for asking." He kissed Martha again and ran off, quickly reaching blurred
speed, leaving the front screen door flapping against the house in his windy

* * *

A few minutes later, only a few minutes after 8 A.M., Clark shook, nerves
running wild as he waited outside Chloe's bedroom door, having knocked and
now waiting for a response from the other side. On the other side, Chloe
drowsily awoke, her hair a stranded mess, listening to all the knocking.

She swiveled her ass on the bed, bringing her feet down upon the floor,
allowing her alarm clock to come into view. "Dad, can't presents wait a
few more hours?" She silently sat on the edge of the bed waiting to hear
a response, but only the sound of continued knocking could be heard.

"Fine. Fine. I'm coming already." She scratched her head as she got off the
bed and started toward the door, wearing a long, oversized blue football
jersey and a pair of gray sweat shorts. She grabbed and turned the doorknob.

Upon opening the door, her sleep dazed mind cleared up in record time as her
mouth dropped open, taking in the unimaginative view. She quickly pinched
herself to make sure she wasn't still asleep in her bed, dreaming one of the
many dreams she loved to dream.

There, standing before her, her best friend and life long teenage crush,
stood in her open doorway on Christmas morning, wearing not a stitch of
clothes, completely naked except for his dark curly head of hair and a
strategically placed red and green ribbon.

Braving the unClarkness of the situation, he addressed her. "Merry
Christmas, Chloe!" He smiled as he took in her clothed figure; finally
accepting everything Pete had told him a few weeks earlier. "You know...I
heard the weirdest, yet most flattering thing a few weeks back in school.
I heard, through the grapevine I must add, that all Chloe Sullivan wanted
for Christmas...was a one Clark Kent. Well, I'm Clark and here I am, exposed
only to you. Hope you aren't disappointed...are you?" He asked as he stepped
into the room, closing the door behind him, then closing the distance between
him and the blonde haired reporter, still unsure of his sudden boldness.

Shaken with nerves, Chloe was lost for words as she slowly took in the
enormous masculine, muscular figure before her, thinking, "How in God's name
does this Zeus like body belong to him?"

Clark reached for her hands, placing a strand of ribbon in each, each ribbon
a different color.

"Care to see what I brought you? He asked while smiling his famous and
sincere Kent smile, her eyes refusing to leave his decorated cock.

* * *

Meanwhle, behind the Talon's closed, locked doors, Pete sat in a booth beside
Lana Lang, each staring at a dsl connected laptop computer setup on the
table. They curiously watched the scene run its course back at the Sullivan
house as Chloe's web cam went unnoticed, capturing everything taking place.

"Wow! He's like huge!" Lana commented, staring at Clark's body, wishing she
were Chloe at that very instant. Pete had glanced at Clark's manhood for
comparison, but his main attention was all on Chloe as she rested her knees
on the floor, while sucking off Clark. He could see the passion building in
his friend's eyes, knowing full well that Clark wouldn't let him down.

"Get the damn shirt off of her already!" He screamed into the screen, as
if the participants on the other end could actually hear him. Somehow,
coincidental or not, Clark immediately dropped his hands to Chloe's shirt.
He didn't want anything to stop Chloe's oral attention so he just ripped
the material in two, exposing her beautiful, hard breasts to himself, Pete,
and Lana.

"Now that is what I'm talking about!" Pete yelled at the screen while pumping
his fist in the air. "Damn, I knew they would be nice...but damn...they are
way better than nice."

"She was definitely gifted," commented Lana, as she couldn't help but to
stare at the other girl's chest in comparison to her own. Pete quickly
shifted his attention.

"You agree?" He asked Lana as she slightly tilted her head to the side as if
to get a better viewing advantage. "Damn girl, you're into this shit aren't
you? I'm not just talking about Clark either."

"It's being broadcasted right in front of me...what else did you expect?" She
asked, not taking her eyes from the laptop.

"You know?" Lana pulled away from the screen, smirking as she
looked at Pete.

"If I knew she would go along...I'd do her in a heartbeat."

"Damn! Girl, you're just freaky. I never knew."

"Get serious, Pete. I was a cheerleader for how long? What do you think we
did during all the time we spent together when we weren't practicing or
cheering at a game? Get real, man. If you don't take anything else from
high school, remember this. There are only two reasons a girl gets into
cheerleading, no matter the age. The first being cock and second being
pussy. The same goes for the guys."

"Fuck! I just thought you girls did that shit to each other in my fantasies.
Thanks for the info." She turned back to the laptop.

"No problem." She stared intensely as Chloe pulled her lips away from Clark's
hardness. "Why did I ever agree to this? That could have been me taking on
that pole instead of her." She spouted out loud, quickly attracting Pete's
attention. He knew what she was referring to.

"Yeah, he's alright...for a white guy." Again, Lana was drawn away from the
Sullivan/Clark event.

" think you can do better?" She asked, not expecting a response.

"Hmmm...try better, bigger, and probably harder." Though Pete knew of
Clark's super abilities, letting the latter slide as a lie. "Would a certain
bi-sexual brunette be curious enough to find out for herself?"

First, shock arose, and then a smile on Lana's face as she finally took him
serious. "I never would have...oh what the hell. It's been a while since me
and know who. Yeah, sure, if you're offering then I'm sure as hell
aren't about to turn you down."

Pete gasped in shock himself, never believing for a moment that he would ever
have a chance of getting into Lana Lang's panties.

"Hurry up and get those damn jeans off. I'm anxious to see what we got to
work with. Let's see if your cock stands up to your cocky attitude." She
whispered in his ear as she turned and pushed him down on the booth's long
seat cushion.

* * *

Fifteen minutes later, Lana rested her head and naked body against Pete's
equally naked chest, each chest heaving against the other.

Staring at his chest, "Pete, do you think we did the right thing?" She asked
before flicking her tongue at his left nipple.

" you already regret what just happened? She quickly shifted to
stare him in the eyes.

"No! No, definitely not that. No, that was quite good...better than good
even. You proved your point...well, all three points for all it matters."
She leaned up to rest her lips against his and then slid back down to his
chest. "I meant about me faking that file on Chloe's computer?"

"No, I think they both needed to let off some steam and what better way?" He
responded before kissing the top of her head.

"Yeah, you're probably right, neither one of them ever stop. They are always
on the go. I can see why Chloe is that way, but Clark...he's a mystery." Pete
shook his head, loving the fact he knew the mystery known as Clark Kent while
everyone else didn't even have a clue. He glanced over at the laptop.

"Hey look." Lana shifted on his chest to see the screen better. "Damn Clark,
you go boy. Fuck the shit out of her." He glanced down, "Not literally of
course." Lana just smirked and nodded her head, leaving Pete with yet another
question about Lana's freakiness.

"Wow. Do you think he took that rag doll comment seriously? Fuck. Look at him
plow into her."

"Harder Clark, harder...bury me...fuck me damn it, fuck me. Holy fucking
shit. Oh God. Oh God. Fuck. I love you, Clark. I love youuuuuuu!" Chloe
screamed out, over and over again, as she hung on for dear life, while
Clark pumped his enormous shaft further and harder into her womb, tearing
her apart from the inside out.

"No fucking fair." Lana looked up at Pete with determination in her eyes.
"Now that is the shit I want for my pussy." She demanded, receiving but a
accepting nod from above. Pete lifted her up and forced her out of the

"Here. Plant that chest right here." Pete demanded, patting the top of the
table. Lana smiled as she moved into place, placing only her upper body on
the cold tabletop. Pete smacked her ass a few times before grabbing his cock.
He pumped his erection back up, having had a brief recovery time.

"Hey girl, ever been fucked up the ass?" He asked as he first slid his meat
into her juicy pussy then pulled back out, aiming its re-entry at her rear

"There's always a first time for everything." She stared at the laptop,
watching Clark and Chloe embrace lovingly on the screen. "Look Pete. Guess
they both enjoyed their Christmas present."

Holding her hips and ass close, he rested his erect, slick manhood at the
dark hole and lunged forward, causing the girl to scream out in agony and
pleasure. "As am I, sweetheart. As am I." He thought as he tightened his
grip on Lana's hips and thrust his pelvis and manhood deep into her bowels,
claiming Lana Lang as his own.

The End


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