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PS- It is long but it does DELIVER.

Smallville: Altered States (mff,anal,mc)
by The Fan ([email protected])


It was a city like no other, and yet like all others. The city had its
ups and downs. It was home to the heartbreakingly poor as well as the
fantastically wealthy. It was night time and the city shone in all its

The city was home to the Luthors. Lionel, the father, founder of LuthorCorp.
A man of great power and ambition. Alexander "Lex" Luthor. The son. A young
man still trying to make his mark in the world. Metropolis had a lot of
history. But tonight its history would change. Or at least begin to.

A stranger rode into town. He came on a motorcycle. He drove the streets.
To the casual observer, he was just another youngster on the road. But he
wasn't. His name was Clark Kent, of the Smallville Kents.

He came from much further than Smallville. His father was Jor El, a high
power on ancient Krypton, a world now dead. Jor El sent his son to Earth,
the only place in the universe where the sun was powerful enough to fill
his cells with power. On Earth, the last son of Krypton would have an
awesome physical strength. His body would be invulnerable. He would be
very fast and able to fly. As an adult. A truly god-like being. But not
the teenage Kryptonian. Clark had the strength of perhaps fifty to a
hundred men right now. He could crush steel and punch through titanium
but not lift a mountain. He could run close to 9,700 miles per hour but
not break the speed of light. He was invulnerable, though. His senses were
sharp but his famous heat vision was not the focused energy beam it was
but a mere firestarting optical thing. He was also a teenager.

He came to the city to escape from his life. He had left a lot behind. His
father Jonathan and his mom Martha. His friends Peter and Chloe. His buddy
Lex Luthor. The girl he loved, Lana Lang. He feared he would hurt them. Not
long ago the spaceship had been activated and tried to control him. It
wanted to make him into an ideal Kryptonian, a god among men. Clark had
been raised by good people. He wanted to do good. Clark used kryptonite to
destroy the ship. It blew up his house and caused his mom to lose the baby
she was carrying. His father was pissed. Clark then realized he did not
belong in Smallville. He did not belong anywhere...

So he left.

He took the Red Kryptonite ring.

Ordinarily, Clark Kent was a shy and quiet kid. A farmboy. A do-gooder.
The ring changed that. It changed him into what he always wanted to be. A
confident, cunning and powerful guy. All the Kents tried to kill in him.
The new Clark had no fear. Oh, wait. There was no Clark. Clark Kent was no
more. He was a lie. A human lie. There was only Kal El of the House of El.

The stranger who rose into Metropolis stopped and paused to look at the city.
he smiled. "Look out, Metropolis, here I come."


Victoria was beginning to get bored. She sat in her classroom at Metropolis'
Haven School. It was a preppy school for fruitcakes and lesbos. She was
totally bored there. She was a eleventh grader. She watched Henrietta, the
teacher explain calculus to them. A lot of the kids were having trouble with
it. Not her. She found all mathematics simple...and boring. She looked around
to see. No one was looking at her. She was the outsider. They were all city

Victoria was not a city girl. She was born in Smallville. At seventeen she
stood six feet and one inch tall and weigh 150 pounds. She wore it well.
She was tall and athletic. Her hair was long and black. Her skin was light
bronze. Her mother was a black woman, her dad a greek lad. She was a mulatto.
A lot of folks around here were racist. That was okay. There were jerks
everywhere. If they only knew...

Victoria Stravopulos was no ordinary girl. As a child she played a lot in
the fields. She was a year old the day of the meteor showers. She had been
exposed to tons of radioactive Kryptonite. It killed her parents and left
her in the custody of Michael Stravopulos, her uncle. She was not the only
kid from Smallville at Haven High. There was Kristoffer Beal and Kathy
O'Connor and that was it. All were from Smallville. All played with the
green rocks. They had all been changed...somehow.

Victoria turned around and looked at Kristoffer. He was a tall, big guy with
brown hair and blue eyes. Next to him sat Kathy O'Connor, a slim redhead.
They had been close as kids. All three but Kathy and Kristoffer had a special
bond. You could tell by the way they looked at each other. Presently they
were both looking at Victoria.

"No," said Kathy.

Victoria ignored her and focused instead on Miss Henrietta. The woman was
tall, short haired and fortyish. Always wore pants. No ring. Victoria was the
only one who found this suspicious. Victoria focused and let the power come
forth. Then the next instant, she was gone. So were Miss Henrietta's clothes.
The whole class looked at the nude older woman, and burst out laughing.
Henrietta looked at them, and then at herself. She screamed.

Victoria ran. She had to. She ran down the streets. She was moving faster
than humans could see. She was fast. The last time she clocked herself, she
was at a solid 1,300 miles per hour. A speed no living thing on Earth could
ever achieve. She was in her street clothes. She had gone to a store and
"borrowed" some clothes. A red and black sleeveless leather jacket, white
T-shirt, designer jeans and brand named sneakers. Oh, and some stylish
sunglasses. Finally she felt free.

She ran at deliberate speed, moving so fast no one saw her. Everyone seemed
to be in slow motion. When she moved really fast, they seemed to be moving
slower. And slower. Or not at all. She loved having her power... even if it
made her lonely.

Oh, it did. Her last real boyfriend had been what she and the others called
a "Normie". He was real hot but freaked out when, after their first six
months together she told him of her true nature. He had been scared when she
showed him what she could do. He wanted to tell the world. She shut him up.
Or rather Kathy did.

Kathy had this weird ability to enter the minds of normal people. She could
make them do whatever she wanted. Kristoffer called it Telepathy. Victoria
called it friggin' mind control. She made her boy, Harry Wiggs forget all
about her. Victoria felt betrayed...and jealous. Kathy always came into her
affairs. She was the big sister Vicki did not need. Plus she and Kristoffer
had to rub their happiness in her face all the time. She suddenly was brought
out of her reverie.

There was something... in the city. She felt it in her bones... a presence.


Kal El was ready to go out on the town. He had checked into a motel room.
He had made some money along the way since he left Smallville. He helped
people... and charged them. Now he had some $3,000 on him. He left the
motel. He welded the doors shut so that people could not enter. He did not
trust mortals. Such fools.

He rode the bike. He rode the streets. Metropolis was big. Home to millions.
Unlike Smallville. How he loathed that place now. He saw something that drew
his attention.

A building on fire. A smile on his face, he rode toward it. At the same
time, two miles from where Kal El now stood, Victoria was speeding. She
ran and ran. The building on fire was the Rialto Lounge. A bar slash hotel

She ran inside, careful to avoid the flames. She was only F.A.S.T. When not
moving, she could be hurt like any other human. She ran into the place. It
was murky and full of smoke. She was grabbing people and rushing out. The
firemen were on their way. She had gotten twelve people out already. Then
she heard a quiet whimper.

Her sharp hearing identified it as an inhuman sound. The whimper of a dog.
Someone had left the poor animal in there to die. She had to rescue him. She
went in and kicked the door. It was an old thick wooden thing. She kicked
and punched it exactly 34,000 times in three seconds. She was not strong but
she was FAST. Finally the door gave in. The room was full of smoke. She
walked in. She saw a German shepherd bound. She untied him and took the beast
into her arms. He was young, easy to carry. She began to lead him out into
the building, toward the exits. That's when the floor gave in beneath her.
She fell right through... let go of the dog.

She fell amidst the flames.

And was on the verge of passing out when... Strong hands held her and pulled
her into strong arms. She could not see the person' clearly through the thick
smoke but was aware of moving really fast... everything a blur. It was the
same kind of feeling she got when she moved fast, but she was not doing it.
"The dog... "she said.

"He will be alright," said the person.

Next Victoria found herself in the hands of the paramedics. So was the dog.
Once away from the flames, she was okay. She did not want the attention
of a TV camera so she moved. Fast. She looked around, to see a distinctly
masculine figure streaking away at a speed even she could not match. She
couldn't help but wonder who could have been so fast .

She went home. Her guardian wasn't there. He was on a business trip and had
left her to her own devices. He had left for three weeks and left her $400
for spending money.

She sped to Kristoffer's and Kathy's. She paused to look at them. She
couldn't help but watch them as she entered the house silently. Kathy was
floating five feet above the floor, held there by the power of Kristoffer's
mind. She was telepathic, he was a Telekinetic. She smiled as the one she
loved willed her down and held her into his arms. They kissed and began
undressing each other. Pretty soon it was all moans and pants and screams
in the room.

Victoria turned her head. She was more than a bit angry... and jealous. They
had each other. She was alone. They were all metahumans, transformed by the
radioactive power of the Green Meteor Rocks. The Triad, they called

She suddenly got the urge to run. She ran.

First she zoomed through the city then ran at full speed on the highways,
too fast to be seen by humans. She soon was in Smallville. She went there
to see Hannah, her old friend. While there she picked up a copy of a
newspaper. There was something there about a farm being blown up. Under
mysterious circumstances. The Kent Farm. There was a picture of Jonathan
and Martha Kent there. Vicki did not know them. But she paused to look at
the picture of their hunky son. CLARK JEROME KENT. He was missing.

"Too bad," she said. Then she sped back to Metropolis, which was dozens of
miles away. All in twelve seconds.

When she went home, Kathy and Kristoffer were decent, for once. They asked
her about her day. She was a bit disgusted. They were such freaks. "Who am I
to talk?" she said. "At least they have each other, all I have is myself."
She suddenly felt lonely, like a normal girl. She hated it all. Being what
she was. A super-powered freak.

She hated it and prayed for an end to the loneliness...


Inside his motel room, Kal El took off the Ring.

Immediately an intense psychological change occured. The Last Son of Krypton
known as Kal El was gone, replaced by the naive and well-meaning Clark Kent.
Clark immediately felt the absence of his parents and insecurities about
being in the real world. He was alone. He missed Pete and Lana and Chloe. He
missed the Farm.

"The Farm!" he had blown it up. "Oh, god! What have I done?" he said. "I left

He felt the urge to return. But he kept hearing the voice of his alien father
"You will obey me, Kal El! You will be a god among men, my son!" No, he had
to stay away from Smallville. He would be safer in Metropolis. Yeah, a lot
safer. He remembered the day's events. He had used his abilities to save a
girl. And a cute dog. He was glad of that and hoped they were okay.

He put the Ring back on and all his insecurities faded like snow exposed
to sunlight. He was... Powerful again. The Ring gave him that extra
psycho-magnetic strength to be himself. He felt ... mighty. He went out on
the town again. He had seen this cool bar where he could go.

Victoria was hanging out.....

She stayed away from Kathy and Kris out of jealousy and bitterness. They
didn't have to rub it in her face that she was a third wheel. They were so
perfect for each other. A perfect match. Even their powers matched. Both
were mental. He loved her and she him. It made her sick.

She went out clubbing. Hey, if normal girls could have fun, so could she.
She went to the Black Rook, a bar in town. She was very surprised to see
him there. A tall, dark young man. He could have been eighteen, no more.
Leather clad, well-built. He looked so out of place in this place full of
thirty-somethings and forty-somethings. She gathered up her courage and
went to sit next to him. " Hello," she said. "How's it going?"

He looked at her. "Uh?" he said. He was staring at her, for a brief moment
caught unawares then he caught himself. "Hey," he said.

Victoria and he started talking. She learned he was from Smallville. And his
name was Kal. "What a surprise, me too!" said Victoria.

He looked her up and down and smiled. "I don't think so," he said.

"Why not?" she asked.

"I would have remembered seeing a pretty girl like you."

She smiled.

Just then a trio of large men entered the bar. They were the kind Victoria
hated. Dirty bikers. They came to the bar and asked for beers. One of them,
a tall black dude with a bald head eyed her. "Hello, babe," he said.

Victoria rolled her eyes. "Back off, cueball," she said.

The man looked offended. He touched her arm. "Hey, that's no reason to..."
he trailed off. Victoria did not think, she only reacted. With inhuman speed
she hit the black man's hand, then rose from her chair and kicked him half a
dozen times. All in one tenth of a second. The black man lay on the floor,
writhing. His buddies looked at him, not understanding what had happened.
"Help," said the black man.

They came to the rescue. Victoria went for the first one, a tall guy with a
tattoo of Cher on his chest. She easily took him down with a few hits. The
bar's clientele watched the whole thing and there were looks of amazement.
The last biker dude looked at his fallen buddies and decided to high tail
out of there. Victoria was about to chase him and give him what he deserved
when she saw Kal do something amazing. He sped toward the man, moving so fast
only Victoria saw him then grabbing the guy, hitting him once before throwing
him into a wall. All at super speed. He was suddenly standing in front of
her. She looked at him with wide eyes, still amazed at the power display only
she had seen. He was looking at her very intensely and she realized she was

They were brought back out of it by the voice of the barman. "I don't know
what the fuck you are, lady but leave my bar." The man had said that while
holding a shot gun. Victoria looked at the man and almost sneered, moving at
full speed she could dodge anything. She was about to act when Kal did. He
did something alright... he simply stared at the gun in the guy's hand and
the guy suddenly dropped. "Oww, it's hot!"

Kal smiled. He looked at her. "Let's get outta here." he said.

They did.


They stood atop a building..... miles away from the bar.

"So, who are you, really?" she asked.

"Exactly what I told you," he said.

"I'm from Smallville and as I grew up I discovered I had... powers."

"Me too," she said. "So, why are you in Metropolis," she asked.

"Got into a bit of trouble with the normals back in Smallville. They wouldn't
understand." he said flatly. He looked at her and she saw pain in his eyes. A
pain not unlike her own. He was a metahuman, like her. He had run from his
past, like her. They understood each other.

"Are there others, back there?" she said.

He told her of the number of kids in Smallville who had been mutated by the
green meteor rocks. Tina Greer the lesbian shapeshifter who liked Lana Lang.
The heat seeking jock. The fat sucking vampire girl. The touth-stealing
woman. The telekinetic artist who had been handicapped. The pyrokinetic
football coach. The mind reading boy Ryan. The boy who was normal at night
but became a superstrong freak in sunlight. Even that jock who used refined
kryptonite to gain superhuman strength. Not to forget the super fast clone
girl of Lana's deceased friend.

Victoria listened to his stories and was amazed. They had so much in common.
She had had advantures too. Early in her teens, once she realized her Speed
Powers, she tried to be superhero. He smiled when she told him she wore red
tights and ran at night. She remembered how awkward that was and laughed as
well. She thanked him for saving her life back at the Lounge the other day.
They had talked until nightfall. They hadn't noticed time passing.

He said he had to go back to his hotel room. She urged him to stay. He was
the most interesting person she had met in a long time. They parted. He
promised to call her. She watched him go, streaking through the night at
impossible speeds. She sighed and went home.

When she got there, she saw that Kris and Kathy had settled down. She
wondered whether to tell them about Kal El. "Nah," she thought, "they would
be too nosy."

She waited impatiently for his call.

Four days passed...

She went to school and did her usual things but nothing was the same. She
kept thinking about Kal El.

The Hotel.....

Kal El had taken the ring off, becoming Clark Kent once more. Something had
happened. He had been showering when the ring slipped off and fell through.
He searched for it endlessly using his X-ray vision. But to no avail. It was
lost. All the confidence he felt vanished. Once again he considered going
back to Smallville. Then he thought better of it. "Victoria..." he said. "Oh,
my God! I gotta talk to her!"

He called her. Then realized it was early in 10:00 am so she's be at school.
He recalled the school she went to. Haven. He took the motorcycle and took
off with it.

He rode the streets. He drove all the way there and parked it. He entered the
building, using his super speed. He sped through, unseen and undetected even
by the cameras. He was simply too fast. he searched the classrooms one by one
until he found hers. Room G210 in the second floor. He scanned it. In the
class were twenty eight kids. Twenty five were "normies". Two were metahumans
as far as his keen senses could tell and the last one was Victoria.

He entered the room, speeding, seen only by her. She gasped when she saw him
but he explained at super speed how sorry he was for not calling and she
called him a jerk and he apologized and offered her to go on a ride with him
with his nicest smile and she hesitated then agreed and got up and followed
him. All this was done in one tenth of a tenth of a second.

They sped through the hallways, laughing and smiling. He took her hand
suddenly leapt thirty feet down a floor. Victoria gasped. She was fast but
this was new. He was full of surprises.

Then they left the place. They were out into the streets and he showed her
his ride. She hopped on behind him and put her arms around his waist. Clark
smiled. He liked the way she held him. Liked it so much he found it hard to
concentrate on driving. They spent the afternoon together. Two superhuman

They were showing off for each other. Clark lifted a truck and tossed it into
the air. Normaly he wouldn't but he liked this girl. He caught the thing and
placed in on the ground gently. Victoria clapped and the sight of her warmed
his heart. He liked this girl a lot. She was so pretty. She was not like any
girl he had ever met. Her height, her bronze skin and long black hair. She
was so beautiful. Not for the first time she caught him staring at her. She
grinned. He smiled.

They went around like a pair of crazy kids. Clark let it all out. He looked
at a tall building and the next instant burned a yellow mark into it with his
intense heat vision. C and V. It said. When night came they had ditched the
motorcycle and preferred running instead. They ran and played tricks on he
normals. Victoria stole some guy's money before placing it into his
underwear. The look on his face. Clark goofily melted the high heels off some
rich city bitch's shoes. She tripped and fell and he laughed at that before
Victoria pinched him in the ear for melting a pair of perfectly good shoes.
He made it up to her by letting her "speed shop" at the mall while getting
her some flowers and a denim leather jacket.

When night came, they were a pair of very tired kids... They lay on the
grass, somewhere secluded in Metropolis's Private Parks. They lay there.

"What a great day," said Victoria.

"Yeah," said Clark. "Who knew playing with the normals could be so much fun?"

"I know," she grinned. "How can we top it off?" Clark grinned. She looked
into his eyes and saw it. What he wanted to do. "Never on a first date,
mister. I am not that kind of girl." With that and a wry grin, she took off.

"Damn," Clark thought. He took off after her.

He easily caught up with her. She was fast, super fast but he was much

"Hey," he said. "I was only kidding."

She looked him up and down. "Sure," she said pouting. "I should have known.
Guy comes picking me up at school, shows me a good time, I should have known
he wanted something."

Clark grinned. "I'm not a normal guy, if that helps."

"It doesn't." She streaked away.

Clark matched her speed in a heartbeat. They did this all night. Going up and
down on the city. Moving so fast nothing human could see them. Finally, she
got tired of it. Sure, he was cool and more than a bit cute, but he did not
need to act like a slob and a stalker all of a sudden. She returned at full
speed just as they entered a new street and tackled him.

Caught by surprise, Clark stumbled. He was traveling at 1300 mph so the
sudden movement sent him into a wall. He tried to stop himself but he never
had to at such speeds and under such circumstances. He crashed into an old
building wall, his superstrong body crushing the brick and concrete. He fell.
His head connected with something hard and he lay down, momentarily hurt. How
could he be hurt? He was dizzy. Could it be the meteor rock? No, he was far
from Smallville. There were no meteor rocks around.

"Oh, my god, Kal," came Victoria's voice.

Clark looked up to see Victoria looking up at him. She looked worried.

"Kal, are you okay?"

"Yes," he said. "I think so."

She helped him to his feet. And took him home.

He lay on her bed.

"I didn't know you could be hurt," she said.

"I am a man," he said. "All men can be hurt by women."

She did not find it funny. "Kal, I hurt you. What happened anyways?"

"Well," he said. "I used to have this Ring made of red meteor rock. When I
wore it I felt different, powerful. Now I've lost it and i don't feel too

"You mean it's the source of your powers?" she asked. "Like in Lord of the

"More like an emotional booster," he said.

Victoria watched him. He was feverish. She did not know what to do. She could
not call a doctor. They would know what he was and that wouldn't be good. So
she called Kathy and Kristoffer. They came. Kal slept. She told them the full
story. Thankfully they were understanding.

"What happens if he doesn't get the ring?" said Kristoffer.

"I don't know," said Victoria.

They watched as the hours went by. The next day was incredibly warm, a ninety
eight degrees heat wave all of a sudden. The intense heat seemed to bring Kal
out of his slumber. Kristoffer had gone to buy some medical supplies though
they did not know what was wrong with the dark young man.

Then suddenly Kal bolted awake. He looked at them... a strange look on his
face. Unknown to them is that the red kryptonite contained in the ring had
entered his system in raw form. A conflict of nature versus nurture had gone
inside him. The principles of his parents had battled his alien nature in
his subconscious and conscious. This was why he was at turns shy then wild.
Nature had triumphed. Kal looked at the two girls who watched over him...
and found them... appealing. He felt a change in himself. He had animal

"Kal," said Victoria. "You're awake!"

"Yes, I am better than ever," he said. He looked at the slender redheaded
girl. "Who is this?"

"My friend Kathy."

"Really?" said Kal.

He lured them in with his powers. He used his heat vision at a microscopic
level to stimulate their minds and hormones. The two metahuman females
suddenly And horny. They did not know why, though. "Come to
me," said Kal. They did.

They joined him in the bed, which was big enough for twenty people. They
undressed him and each other. Kal reveled in the sight of these two beauties.
They were naked. He admired Victoria's mixed race skin and amazonian stature,
her full breasts and long legs and slim waist and luscious lips. He looked at
Kathy. She was slender but sexy in her own petite way. He admired her small
breasts. He amplified their urges. Victoria kissed him full and deep and was
joined by an eager Kathy. Kal lay on the bed, parting Kathy's legs to give
her a good licking while Victoria demonstrated her cocksucking skills. She
licked his dick, her tongue caressing the shaft and then engulfing him in her
warm mouth. Kal sped his probing of Kathy's cunt, adding his fingers to his
tongue. The girl moaned and panted the name of the man she had met mere hours
before. Then Kal used his red kryptonite induced mental ability to manipulate
them into doing each other.

They needed a lot of incentive as both of them were straight. He had Victoria
lie down and suck his cock while Kathy licked her cunt. Pretty soon the room
was full of moans. The girls were licking each other's lips and cunts and
probing pussies with fingers. Kal sped to the adult shop and fetched a strap
on. Kathy was initially apprehensive in wearing it but she did. She wore the
thing around her waist.

He made Victoria kneel and the girl was squirming in delight as the dildo
penetrated her pussy. Kal went underneath Victoria and sucked on her tits. He
got himself hard on the sight of her being fucked with a strap on by her own
friend. Then he aimed his long, thick cock at the entrance of her asshole. He
lubed it all with some oil he'd gotten then entered the biracial girl's ass.
She gasped as he went in. Kal controlled Kathy's mind which proved easier to
control not because she was telepathic but because she was a submissive by
nature. He made her fuck her friend harder. Kal himself fucked Victoria's
asshole harder. The exotic girl was screaming her pleasure when Kathy plunged
the dildo as far as it could go and Kal plunged his cock deep to her bowels.
The double stimulation caused her to cum. She screamed her pleasure.

Kal then made them switch positions. He made Kathy get on her hands and knees
while Victoria got beneath her to tickle her cunt. Kal positioned himself
behind Kathy. He probed her mind. She had a deep fear of anal. While he was
pretending to be asleep, Kal had learned that she had always thought it was
a dirty thing to do. Kristoffer, her boyfriend actually respected her wishes.
"Time to bust that anal cherry," he said.

She was before him, on all fours, docile. He spread her asscheeks and applied
some oil there. He applied some on his dick as well. Then he entered her
asshole. He pushed the head in and it went inside her private tunnel with a
small popping sound. Kathy gasped and tried to flee. Kal's superstrong hands
held her still while he gave her a telepathic command to keep still. He went
in her ass, slow and deep. She gasped but he continued. He could not believe
how tight the girl was. So tight. He fucked her gently at first to let her
ass get used to his large dick then began to fuck her in earnest. He fucked
her... hard. She screamed in pain then in pleasure and then pain again. He
went deep in her ass and made his very flexible member dance around in there.
She cried. Tears flowed down her cheeks. Kal pitilessly fucked her until he
came in her ass, unleashing a flood of cum.

He had a field day with the girls. He made them strap on fuck each other, eat
pussy and plunged his dick in their tight assholes. The apartment was full of
their screaming. He tied Victoria up then did something he really wanted to
try. Drill fucking, he called it. He shoved his dick in her pussy, then her
ass. And so on and so on. A normal man could not keep it up. But Kal was not
a normal man. He shoved his dick in her ass then her pussy. In and out. Slick
wetness. Warm tightness. He did this several hundred times a minute. Victoria
screamed in delight.

He had something else in store for Kathy. He made her stick candles up her
ass. The bigger the better. She used lots of lube. She could not help
herself. The poor girl. A girl who was anal-phobic suddenly becoming
incapable of stopping herself from sodomizing herself. He made her sodomize
Victoria with the strap on while she sucked his cock. They had fun.

Then he used his new mind power to make them forget all about it. He made
them take showers and then dress themselves and fall asleep. He went back to
pretending to be sick.

When he "woke up" he said he had a weird dream. Victoria was on him,
embracing him and apologizing and saying over and over that she loved him.
Kathy was looking on with jealousy. Kristoffer never showed such emotion
toward her. When he came back, she gave a chilly reception. He was
apologizing, the poor bastard. She said he could make it up to her but
first they had to go pick up some candles. The puzzled bastard followed
her out the room.

As for Kal...

He was alone with his sweetie. They talked. She said she had a very vivid
dream while he was asleep and while she would never do some parts of it, she
would gladly do others involving him and her. He smiled innocently and she
went out the room to change. She promised him a night he would never forget.
Kal grinned maliciously as she left to change into something more

"They fell for it," he said. "Completely."

He looked at the ring. The red power that made him stay Kal El the horny,
macho bastard as opposed to Clark Kent the wimp. "We're gonna have tons of
fun, you and I."

He smiled, thinking of the life he was gonna have in Metropolis, away from
Smallville. It was all part of a plan to obey the kryptonian father he never

"Yes, I will obey you father and conquer the Earth," he said. "But right now
I'm gonna have fun."

The End


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