This is an alternate scene for the sequence in which the character Victoria
played by Kelly Brook is attacked while taking a bath in the Luthor mansion.

Smallville: Alternate Scenes - Shimmer (MF,F-mast,voy)
by Ren

He needed to get rid of that woman, he knew that his sister was in love with
Lex and this woman had just waltzed in and taken over.

He used the formula he had engineered from the meteorite-infected roses that
grew in the mansion garden to turn himself invisible and crept up to the

Once inside the large house he moved up onto the second floor and began his
search for her.

He found her inside Lex's bedroom where she had obviously spent the previous
night but he did not attack her immediately for he noticed that she was
beginning to undress. She was stood in front of a large mirror with her back
to him. She was examining every part of her own body as she slowly and
sensually removed the small amount of clothing she had been wearing. As she
removed her bra he saw her rub each of the large nipples between her finger
and thumb making them erect.

From the reflection he could tell that her nipples must be extremely
sensitive as the slight tweaks she gave them made her face twist into a look
of deepening pleasure. He watched as she massaged the whole of her large
breasts and rubbed the nipples again this time using the whole her palms to
bring her the pleasure she yearned for.

Lex was good at the actual sex but on the whole he did not satisfy her and
she usually had to bring herself to orgasm by playing with her own clit,
while Lex pounded into her with his small cock.

She left her perfect bosoms and began to slide her dress downwards past her
waist before letting it fall to the ground.

Looking up from the fallen clothing he saw that she was wearing no underwear,
her reflection showing nothing but a neat "Runway" of hair leading down to
her pink pussy lips which were erect and gaping open after the treatment her
breasts had received.

He stood forgetting the mission he had set out with, unable to take his eyes
off of her body, his penis erect from the moment he had noticed that she was
removing her clothing.

He watched unmoving as she ran her fingers through her cropped pubic teasing
it between her fingers.

She stood watching herself in the mirror as she slowly slid he fingers
further downwards and began stroking circles around her clit. The circles
tightened, until at last her finger became stationery and she applied
pressure to the engorged clit, forcing more pleasure upon herself. The
pleasure was overwhelming; her eyes closed as she tried to hold it but the
low moans escaping her clenched jaw showed that she was close to orgasm.
With a last long loud groan the orgasm enveloped her, all strength left her
body, her legs buckled, and she fell backwards onto the nearby bed.

She lay naked on the bed for several minutes before she could bring herself
to get up, the affects of the orgasm not completely faded.

She pulled herself up and looked herself in the mirror, her body glowed
slightly showing that she had just orgasmed and fine beads of sweat could be
seen on her forehead and stomach as well as across her ample chest.

Turning she lifted a silk robe from where it lay on the bed and pulled it on
before tying up the belt.

The robe was a tight fit chosen to accentuate Victoria's ample chest but it
left Victoria with few secrets for it was tight enough to show her erect
nipples and when she walked the front opened showing glimpses of her pubic
hair. He was also convinced he saw a line of cum slowly flowing down the
inside of her leg.

Victoria walked slowly through to a large bathroom with him following

He made it through the door just before she closed it and watched as she
walked up to the already filled bathtub. He watched as she tested the water
before she slowly removed her robe.

As she began to lower herself into the water he saw her lips part in
excitement as the water touched her crotch and again when her sensitive
nipples came into contact with the heat and moisture of the water.

He turned away and moved back towards the door where he slowly turned the
lock to stop anyone else entering.

He walked back up to the tub end of the large room and watched her.

Her breasts were floating lightly and in time with her breathing slowly broke
the surface before bobbing back down moving seductively.

She relaxed for a short time just feeling the water against her skin but she
was still in need of satisfaction.

In the bedroom she had given herself a clitoral orgasm and while these made
her body feel good and satisfied her for a short period she needed a good
strong vaginal orgasm.

As her breasts floated to the surface again she bent her head forward and,
while grasping both breasts, she began to lick both nipples back to hardness
using stabbing strokes with her tongue. She then sucked each nipple in turn
into her mouth where she licked them further and tweaked them between her

The need inside her was becoming more urgent as she played with her breasts
so she abandoned them to go work on her pussy. She pushed two fingers into
her soaking cunt twisting them as they went further inside her. The pleasure
causing her to close her eyes and bite down on her lip. Her back arched
lifting her body out of the water as her fingers tried to penetrate deeper.
She added a third finger into her tunnel as her other hand gripped tightly
to the side of the bath.

He moved round the bath to the watch her fingers push in and out of her pussy
(which was now above the water level) with the slight twisting action she
used. He watched and saw the pre-cum begin to leak out around her fingers as
she began to buck her hips, pushing herself onto her fingers.

At last she came with an intense orgasm, her body collapsed into the bath and
her fingers fell from her pussy.

She heard and saw nothing but felt the belt from her silk robe quickly
tighten around her eyes making her jump with fright.

He had decided he could take no more his cock was throbbing and straining
against his clothing.

He had grabbed her belt and with it blind folded her. With luck she would
think he was Lex, and after all she had left the door unlocked so that he
could join her.

"Lex, is that you? I didn't expect you so soon," Victoria said almost in
a whisper. "Have you been watching me Lex? Did you like what you saw?"

She thought Lex must have finally got the idea about kinky sex.

The only reply she got was a rough kiss while a hand reached into the water
and took a firm hold of one of her breasts.

His tongue reached into her mouth and rubbed across massaging her tongue
before retreating back to his own mouth. To his surprise she pushed her
tongue between his closing lips forcing them open again.

His thumb was massaging her nipple as the rest of his hand gently squeezed
her breast sending shivers of pleasure down her spine.

He pulled away from the kiss and removed his hand from within the water.

"Are you going to join me Lex? I'd like that!"

He did not answer but began to remove his clothes unable to resist her.

When he was fully naked he walked back to the bathtub and slid in at the
opposite end to where she sat.

She lifted herself to allow him to slide his legs beneath her until finally
he lay back against the end of the tub.

His erect penis pointed vertically because of the position he sat in and so
his length lay between the lips of her vagina.

Even with this contact she could tell he was bigger than Lex and she could
feel pubic hair lightly touching her near her anus. She also noticed that
the legs beneath her were hairy but Lex was completely bald all over.

"Who are you?"

She tried to reach up and remove the blindfold but a pair of hands grabbed
her wrists.

Grasping both her wrists in one hand he used the other to force his cock
closer to horizontal and line himself up against her entrance.

She tried to cry out for help or to beg this stranger to leave her alone but
felt paralysed like a rabbit between headlights.

He pushed gently into her, her pussy feeling tight because of his size.

She gasped out loud, he was only half way into her and already she felt on
the brink of orgasm perhaps because she was sensitive after her previous

Hearing her gasp he realised she was close to orgasm.

He began to withdraw his large thick cock the friction pushing her closer to
the edge.

She moaned "Don't stop!" worried that he might be with drawing and leaving
her on the edge of orgasm.

This was not his plan; instead he withdrew leaving only the very tip of his
cock within her. He then released her wrists and put a hand either side of
her waist. In this way he had complete control of her lower half and at the
same time as he thrust back into her he pulled her body back towards himself.

In one go he had pushed the whole of his cock deep into her moist cunt
pushing her over the edge and into the biggest orgasm she had that night
which had her screaming and moaning for several minutes.

Although she did not know it he was also close to cumming. From a combination
of inexperience and from watching her pleasing herself for such a long period
of time he found he was close to reaching his own orgasm.

And in several more deep thrusts, which kept the orgasm fresh in her body, he
came with a large shudder firing glob after glob of his cum deep into her.

After the first burst left his cock he began to pull out, even as the tip of
his cock left her vagina a final spurt fired against the entrance of her

As he watched, his cock slowly becoming limp she reached down and with two
fingers scooped up the cum at her entrance. After such a violent orgasm much
of her juices had gathered along with his cum at her opening.

She lifted her fingers out of the water; much of there combined cum still
upon them, and slowly slid the fingers into her waiting mouth.

Her lips closed about her digits and her cheeks pulled in as she sucked her
fingers clean, savouring the taste of herself and her unknown lover.

He watched her again and his cock returned to full stiffness. He decided he
wanted more satisfaction from her and so took hold of her wrist pulling it
away from her mouth.

Her face beneath the blindfold changed, she didn't understand, what could he
want now.

He pulled her hand into the water and guided it to his erection.

As the tips of her fingers brushed against the sensitive underside of his
cock she understood what he wanted. She felt her way around his cock wrapping
her fingers tightly around it before beginning to rhythmically pump his cock.

He was soon nearing his second orgasm but he didn't want it to happen this

He reached up and pushed his fingers into the hair on the top of her head
and then grasped hold of her skull. He slowly but powerfully forced her head
into the water thrusting up his hips so that his cock would meet her lips on
their way down.

She tried to fight as he pushed her head into the water thinking she might
be drowned while she gave him a blowjob.

She need not have feared however as shortly after her lips tightened around
his throbbing shaft he blew his load against the back of her mouth and
released his hold on her head.

She gasped for breath, as her face broke clear of the surface of the water,
the cum he had fired into her mouth almost choking her.

As she coughed and spluttered, fighting for breath, she clawed at the
blindfold and removed it from her face although her eyes remained closed in
the coughing fit.

He pulled himself from beneath her sending her head back against the rim of
the bath knocking her unconscious. Leaving her he quickly searched for the
clothes he had removed and although they were invisible he remembered more
or less where he had left each piece and soon had all of them.

He then ran to the door not waiting to dress and began to turn the lock.

* * *

Clark had entered the building downstairs and hearing Victoria's head hit
against the bathtub he sped up the stairs at full speed and along the

Jeff turned the handle and pulled the door just as Clark was about to push
it open. The pair collided and Jeff was sent backwards into a mirror, which
shatters upon the floor. He soon gets up and heads past Clark towards the

Clark not seeing who or what he could have collided with used his x-ray
vision to scan the room and was just in time to glimpse Jeff as he sped out
of the door.

Clark is just about to chase after the invisible intruder when he remembers
the noise he heard and looks up to see Victoria's limp arm hanging from the

He rushes up to the bath and is momentarily fazed by the sight of Victoria's
naked body. After an initial pause he lifts her submerged body from the water
and lays her on the floor, covering her with her robe.

Coming round she could not admit what had just happened especially not to
Lex's best friend and so said nothing.

"You're going to be okay!" Clark smiled...


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