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Smallville: Alternities (mf)
by The Fan

The alien spacecraft flies through space. It carries inside the last member
of a species that ruled a distant world. The spaceship travels the milky way.
It flies through the Sol system. It crash lands on Earth, in the 1980s. The
alien child is found and raised by Martha and Jonathan Kent of Smallville.

Or is he?

What if the spaceship had taken a detour through time and space?

It crash lands in Metropolis.

The spaceship is found by Henry Wylton and his wife Jennifer Kentley. They
are quite taken with the alien boy and adopt him. They name him Clark Kentley
Wylton, of Metropolis...

12 years have passed...

Clark is a teenager in the big city. His father is a cop and Clark grows up
with a strong liking of law enforcement. He is a football player for the high
school of Medland, Metropolis. The boy is over six feet tall, black haired
and very handsome. He is beautiful to look at.

His father Henry is very proud.

He trains Clark every day. Clark can now bench press thirty times his own
weight and run at mach three speed. He is invulnerable to anything. He can
also set things afire with a glance and see through solid objects.

It was a late afternoon...

Clark led the Medland Hawks in a victory over the Central city Flashes.
The young hero goes home, worshipped by the town. He is the best athlete
at Medland. An outstanding young man with the mind of a genius.

He walks through the crowd and receives congrats and cheers here and there.
He looks at the hundreds of fans and sees his parents. He waves at them. Only
they know his secret. That Clark Kentley Wylton is not of this world. He
looks here and there and sees a pretty girl.

He approaches her. She is tall, slim, with long black hair and dark eyes. Her
skin is bronze. Her name is Vicki, a greek chick from school. Also, a band
player slash volleyball player. He looks at her. She has a great body. "Hi,"
he says.

"Hello, CK," she says.

Vicki and Clark are not strangers. They have been pals a long time. Vicki
Londros knows Clark Kentley Wylton has super powers. She has known since they
were twelve. She was cool with it. Clark loved her for that.

They hugged.

"Great game today, Clark."

"Thanks," he said. He looks at her pretty face. So serious.

"Hey," she said. "You overdid it a little bit."

"What?" Clark asks innocently. "I only did my best."

She smiles. "CK, you and I both know you did not do your best."

He smiles at that. He looks at her, his eyes glowing with that incredible
glow. She looks at him. She knows what is going on. Since they were kids
Clark loved playing hide and seek. A game he still liked as a teen. Or
rather superhuman teen.

"You've got 4 minutes, girlie," Clark says. He covers his eyes.

"Oh shit," Viki says. She begins to run. Her athletic body runs as fast as
humanly possible. She runs through the bleachers which are now deserted into
the metropolitan night. There were lots of places to hide but how do you hide
from a superhuman athlete?

She sees the Warehouse. It is 346 feet away. She sprints for it. In record
time she reaches it but is out of breath.

She enters the place. It is dark. Very. She pants. "Good thing, Clark's not
here," she says. She senses a presence behind her. She turns. Surprise. It
is him.

Clark Kentley Wylton of Metropolis.

He stood there, smiling that dazzling smile of his...

"Oh, no fair," she says. "You got like light speed, Clark!"

He smiles. "Not quite light speed but getting there," he says.

She looks at him. He looks at her. Clark just stares. He looks at her sweaty
body. She looked hot. That lean, smooth and toned body, that hair and face,
those eyes, those full tits and that perfect, round butt... "Oh god," he

He suddenly collapses.

Vicki gasped. Clark had dropped like a stone. She knelt by his side. He was
shivering, his yes closed. "Clark, oh clark." She touches his cheek. He is
not moving. She checks his pulse. He's barely breathing. "Oh no," she says.
"Please, god, don't let him die." She couldn't understand how he could have
simply fallen like that. Clark was strong and fast and god-like in every
way, he could not simply fall. She knew this. Maybe it's the game, she

'He did rough up these guys, that's a lot of energy output,' she thinks.
'Maybe Clark was exhausted. Or ... no she couldn't think that.' "Clark, she
says. "Come back to me. Don't you die, Clark, if I never told you I'd never
forgive myself..."

She quietly sobbed.

"Uh," came Clark's voice weakly. She leaned over him.

"You're alive!"

"Well, yeah," he said. He looked at her surprised face and smiled. "What were
you gonna tell me?"

"Oh, Clark..."

She was angry. And amused. Clark had played her for a fool. As always.
He did the same thing to Peterson Rossfield, his fellow player, and Chloe
Sulliman, his other pal.

She playfully hit him... with all she got. Clark barely felt it. He was
incapable of being hurt. In any way. He smiled and dodged her next blow.
And the next.

He was still smiling when she simply threw her whole weight on him. He was
surprised to find himself pinned down. "I win," she says. She crowed proudly.

"But of course," Clark says. "Cause I let ya."

She looked at him and read something there. A need. One not unlike her own.
"Vicki," he began. She held fast onto him.

"What, clark?"

"I've been having...feelings lately... about you."

Vicki couldn't believe it. She loved Clark for years long before learning
he was an alien from space. She watched him date the most awesome chicks at
school. She could never have him. She was always his best buddy. The one he
patted on the back and played games with. Not the one he kissed or went out
with...ever. Clark had feeling for her! He felt for her!

"Anyway," he said. "I've always liked you, Vicki, I wanted you but I was
afraid you wouldn't want me... because I am not human," he said. He looked
at her, his face filled with emotion. "You were kind enough to befriend me
even though I am some kind of freak from space, I didn't want to lose that."

"Oh Clark... I never saw you as a freak, I always cared about you."

"But we can never be together," he said grimly.

"I understand. Thanks for being my friend."

He was about to rise when she pinned him with all her might. Before he could
do anything she locked their lips together in a passionate kiss...

Clark felt Vicki's arms enlace him. She pressed her body against his.
Slowly and gently they pulled each other's clothes off. They were soon
naked together. Clark looked at her. Over the years he peeked at her...
sometimes but had never completely seen her. She was beautiful. She
broke the kiss.

"Clark," she said. "I want you."

He felt his cock stiffen. It rose to attention, growing to reach its max of
ten inches. Vicki looked at it hungrily. "Wow," she said. She reached out
tentavely and held his manhood in her hand. It was like a steel rod. "Clark,
you're big."

Clark blushed. She couldn't believe it. Clark K. Wylton blushing. She had
joined a sports team just for him. She had seen him carry trucks and run
faster than...anything. But Clark had never blushed. "I..." he began.

"It's okay, CK, you can tell me."

"Ok," he said. "I've never done this before."

"Wow!" Clark's face flushed deep red with embarrassment.

"You mean to tell me you've never done it?"

He looked away. "Nope."

She smiled. She'd seen him date a string of girls. Yet here he was, a virgin,
the pride of the town.

She made him relax and sit down then she went to work on his cock. She
caressed it with her hand then began pumping it. She took the head then
swallowed almost the whole thing, using her mouth to give him a nice one.

Clark panted. His hand grabbed her head. "Do it to me," he said. "Suck me!"

He began to shake all over. Clark had experienced a thousand sensations. He
could do anything. But he's never felt anything like this. This was better
than having powers, this was heaven. He looked at Vicki. Slowly she worked
him, making it last. The torture was sweet and evil. She sucked his cock
until he ... well. Clark knew the things a human could feel. He never thought
he'd feel them. He felt something in him snap and unleashed his cum in
Vicki's mouth. "Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!" he screamed.

He shuddered and lay on his back.

Vicki looked at him. Her face was stained with his cum. "Wow," he said.

She smiled.

Next she made him lie down while she straddled him. He began fucking her. The
feel of her cunt was unlike anything he had imagined. This felt great. It was
so tight. He made Vicki squeal as she jumped up and down on his super hard
cock. He was finally brought off. He and vicki lay next to each other.

She was tired. Clark wasn't. He kissed her. He went to he pussy and as she
instructed began licking and poking and prodding. He was slowly discovering
a new world. Sex. He watched as vicki screamed in delight. Her juices flowed
freely from her cunt. He plowed her with his dick afterwards. The night went
on like this...

They sucked and fucked each other's brains out. Vicki sucked Clark's dick
dry, which almost made the superboy pass out so great was his pleasure, he
returned the favor by doing something taboo.

They went home. Her folks were out of town.

She took him to her room. She felt so excited to have Clark there, as a

She went on her hands and knees and ordered him to do her. He positioned
himself at the entrance of her pussy but she took his cock and aimed it at
the entrance of her anus. It was tiny and pink. "Oh, Vicki," he said. He
looked at her. "I can't do this."

She looked at him with real love in her eye. "Clark, I love you. I want you.
I saved my ass for you. Please, take it and make me yours forever."

Not even he could resist such an invite and he slowly drove his prick into
her ass. He entered inch by inch. Her anal walls clamped on his cock but he
went in. He heard her moan and actually gasp. "Oh," he said, thinking he
hurt her.

She held his hand and kissed it. "Fuck me, Clark."

He did. He plowed into her asshole and began to mercilessly tear it wide
open. She received it. Her ass moved in synch with his superstrong dick and
clenched it. He went in and out with a nice long rhythm. He eased her ass
with some aloe cream and continued to fuck her...Greek style. 'Damn,' Clark
thought. 'It's like she's born with the cock in the butt.'

Vicki felt him before he felt himself. She readied herself...and her ass for
the oncoming onslaught. The viselike pressure on his cock brought him off and
the superboy released his cum in her tight asshole. "Aaaaaaaaggghhhhhhh!!!!!"
she screamed.

Clark felt her body spasm and throb with pleasure as he flooded her asshole
with his semen.

"Oh, Clark," she said. "This is the best."

A little while later they lay next to each other. They were two friends

"So, how was your first time, Clark?" she said.

"Awesome," Clark said. "You were so good, Vickster." He kissed her on the
cheek. "You're the best." He drifted off to sleep.

Vicki sat in bed watching her superhuman lover sleep. He was so handsome, so
sweet yet at the same time the world's strongest being. She often wandered
what it would be like to have Clark Kentley Wylton love her as a man loves a
woman. Now she knew. It was fantastic. She would screw him again and again.
She knew his secrets. She knew his desire. She would control him and make him
hers. His abilities and his handsome bod would be hers. He would be her

She drifted off to sleep, embracing Clark's sleeping form.

They had to rest. Next week the Medland Hawks were going against the
Smallville crows led by a certain Whitney. Clark would need to rest. He
would win as always and she would be at his side.

Not the End


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