Smallville: Bisexual Youth (mmf,anal,slash,drugs)
by The Fan ([email protected])

One night, Clark Kent was staying at home, hanging by himself. His parents
were gone for the weekend. He was extremely bored, and decided to call some
friends and invite them over. He called his best friends, Chloe Sullivan and
Pete Ross. They were two of his favorite people in the world. Also, they
knew his secret and were okay with it. Clark Kent loved them both.

Clark decided to freshen up to greet his guests. He went into the bathroom
and brushed his teeth. He then showered, scrubbing every inch of his hot body
with soap. He let the warm water fall on his skin and rinse away the soap. He
stepped out of the shower and dried himself up. He went to his room and
picked some clothes. He picked a red T-shirt and blue jeans. He went back
into his room, combed his hair and then took some peppermint, which he popped
into his mouth. He went back downstairs and rushed into the kitchen. He
rapidly made a delicious meal, which was easy, considering the fact that he
was faster than a speeding bullet. He quickly got everything ready, then went
to the living room. He put a movie in the VCR. It was "Point Break" with that
surfer dude Patrick S., one of his all-time favorite actors.

Clark was watching the movie when he heard a knock on his door. He went and
opened the door. He was greeted by the smiling faces of Pete Ross and Chloe
Sullivan. He looked at them. Pete was a tall black kid with a handsome face
and athletic build. He was the first person outside of the Kent family whom
Clark told his secret to. He was also one of the people Clark Kent loved.
Next to Pete stood a cute and slender girl with blonde hair and pale blue
eyes. Her name was Chloe Sullivan. One of Clark's best pals. She knew his
secret as well. Clark embraced them and led them into the kitchen, where
dinner was ready. Chloe smiled at him, after looking at what he had made for

"Oh, Clark." she said. "You shouldn't have." She walked up to him and kissed
him. "Thanks."

Clark kissed her back. "You're welcome." he said.

Pete looked at Clark and Chloe. He knew that Clark and Chloe liked each
other. The problem was that Pete liked Clark, too. Pete Ross had a secret,
too. He was a secretly bisexual and madly in love with Clark. Unfortunately,
Clark appeared to be straight as an arrow. He sighed and ate his dinner.
Chloe Sullivan looked at Clark. He was so handsome. She had been in love
with him for so long. Unfortunately, he did not see her that way. She would
do anything for him. She was a trustworthy person.

Chloe's best friend Pete was bi and she was cool with it. She also knew that
he liked Clark. Neither of them could be happy, it seemed. Both of them
wanted Clark, but Clark did not seem to want anyone. The truth was that Clark
Kent was a bit of a loner. They finished dinner and went to the living room.
They started watching the movie. Chloe excused herself and went to the
bathroom. While she was away, Pete stared at Clark. Clark was so handsome. He
looked good enough to eat. Pete Ross stared at the boy he loved as Clark was
riveted on the movie and let his imagination run wild. If only he could get
with Clark. Clark, the most beautiful boy in all the world. Chloe stepped out
of the bathroom and went back toward the kitchen. While she was walking, she
accidentally bumped into a door, which was actually the Kent's wine cellar.
She looked at them. She found a nice bottle of red wine and took it, smiling
to herself. This evening could certainly use some spicing up. She went back
to the living room. She found Clark Kent and Pete Ross watching the movie.
"Hey, guys." she said. "How about some wine?" She looked at Clark. "Have you
ever had some of that?" she asked.

"No." Clark said. "We can't drink that."

Chloe smiled. "Oh, come on, Clark." She said. "Be a little adventurous."

Pete looked at Clark. "Yeah, man. A little wine won't kill you."

Clark looked at Chloe, then Pete. What's the worse that could happen? He
asked himself. "Let's do it." He told them.

Chloe grinned even wider, while Pete smirked.

Clark Kent watched Chloe as she poured some wine into his cup. She also gave
some to Pete and poured some (a lot!) for herself. She proposed a toast. "To
friends!" she said.

"To friends!" Clark and Pete intoned. "Yeah!"

All three of them gulped down their wine. None of them knew that this was no
ordinary wine. This wine had been made from plants from Smallville, a town
whose soil was bombarded by radioactive meteorites. Ordinarily, red wine
could render someone drunk pretty quickly. Mixed with radioactive meteorite,
the wine they drank made them extremely uninhibited...and horny!

Chloe finished drinking her wine. She looked at Clark, then at Pete. She
felt...funny. They were so hot! She was spending an evening with two hot guys
and neither of them was hers! Damn it! She sat closer to Clark on the couch.
She looked into his eyes. "Hey, sexy." She said.

Clark looked at her. "What are you doing?" he asked.

She could tell he was uncomfortable. Chloe didn't care. She loved this boy,
whether he realized it or not. "Touching you." Chloe said.

Clark flinched when her hand moved toward the inside of his thigh. Clark
turned, and noticed that Pete was suddenly sitting next to him as well, and
touching him. Clark didn't know what was happening but his friends were
acting weird! "Pete, what are you doing?" Clark asked.

"I've always wanted you." Pete said, then he kissed a very shocked Clark

When Pete kissed Clark, there was still some wine on his lips. Not a lot.
Just enough Kryptonite-laced wine to seriously affect the Kryptonian Boy's
mind and body, and most specifically, hormones. When they broke the kiss,
Clark felt...funny. He wasn't scared anymore. He looked into Pete's face.
He had been kissed by a wasn't scary, just...interesting.

When Chloe pulled his face toward hers and kissed him, he got really into it.
He wanted to have sex with them both. A handsome male and a beautiful female.
That was all there was to it. He would indulge his desires, and that would be

"You want me." Chloe said. It wasn't a question.

"You want me." Pete Ross said firmly.

Clark looked at them both with suddenly red eyes. "I want you both." he said.

Clark sat back on the couch and watched as Pete Ross and Chloe Sullivan
undressed before him. They were both so beautiful. Their naked bodies pressed
against him. He felt…aroused. He was almost mad with desire. He kissed Pete
and gently stroked his hair while Chloe took him into her mouth. Chloe sucked
on Clark's cock. She licked his balls and sucked on his tool, running her
tongue up and down on it. She had wanted to do this for so long. She
deep-throated him.

Clark and Pete continued the kisses. Clark enjoyed kissing Pete. He wished
he had done that a long time ago. Pete broke the kiss, softly stroked Clark's
cheek, then bent down and joined Chloe's efforts to suck his cock. Clark
looked at them both as they sucked his cock. They were so sexy. It wasn't
long before he came. They drank his cum and licked his cock and balls until
they were clean. He told them that he wanted to watch them fuck. They happily

Clark watched as Chloe got on her hands and knees. Pete positioned himself
behind her. He placed his hands on her hips and thrust into her, penetrating
her pussy from behind. Chloe grunted as Pete fucked her. He slammed his cock
into her. She pushed back against him, driving him deeper into her. She
moaned and made sexy grunting noises as he fucked her, hard and fast.

Clark stroked himself as he watched Pete Ross fuck Chloe. He watched them go
at it for some time before he called them back to him. Pete Ross looked at
Clark's big dick. He took Clark into his mouth and sucked him until he was
rock-hard. Once he was done, he looked at Clark. It was pretty clear what he
wanted. Pete Ross got on all fours and spread his ass wide open, waiting for
Clark. Clark grinned and positioned himself behind Pete. He rubbed his cock
against Pete's asshole. Pete urged him to stick it in. Clark pushed his cock
into Pete's asshole, penetrating him. He put his hands on Pete's hips and
thrust into him. Pete grimaced when he felt Clark's thick cock enter his anal
cavity. Clark slammed into him, driving his cock hard and deep.

Chloe watched the guys go at it, masturbating furiously. She watched as Clark
fucked Pete, hard. That hard cock slamming into that tight ass was something
to behold. It wasn't long before she came, so excited was she from watching
them go at it. Pete came, cum splattering all over his chest. Clark came
inside Pete, causing the black guy to howl in pleasure. Clark pulled out of
Pete and stroked himself. He sighed.

Chloe looked at Clark. She was so turned on from watching two hunky bi guys
go at it that she wanted to give up her own rear for taboo anal action. She
looked at Clark and said, point-blank. "Fuck me in the ass."

Clark Kent smiled. "Everybody loves anal."

Pete smiled and watched them. "Got that right." He said.

Chloe Sullivan once more got on her hands and knees. Clark Kent positioned
himself behind her. He looked at her spread ass. It looked very tempting.
Clark placed his hands on her hips and then pressed his cock against her
asshole. Her pink little hole looked tight. Clark pushed his cock into her.
Chloe gasped when Clark's thick cock went into her asshole. She gritted her
teeth. He went deeper inside her, slowly but surely. She felt his thick cock
invading her anal cavity. He started moving inside her, back and forth. He
established a good rhythm, and started to fuck her. He shoved his prick
deep into her asshole. She actually felt some pain, which was followed by
pleasure. He started to fuck her, hard. His thrusts were deep and hard. It
felt weird to have something so big inside her tight ass.

At first, it was uncomfortable but later, it felt...right. Almost pleasant.
She urged him to fuck her harder, and screamed her lungs out as he slammed
his dick into her asshole. Always harder. Always faster. She felt her anal
walls tighten around him, clenching. She heard him grunt, and instinctively
knew what was coming. He came inside her. At the same time, she experienced
an orgasm, so excited was she by the feeling of his hard cock inside her.
She screamed at the top of her lungs. He pulled out of her. She lay on the
floor, feeling abased but alive. What a feeling!

A little while later, the three friends sat naked in the living room,
watching the end of the movie. Just in time to see the bad guy get away at
sea after the good guy saved his lady. Hmm.

"Well, that was interesting." Clark said. "I'm going to shower."

Pete grinned. "Wait for me, stud." He smiled at Clark.

"An encore, huh?" Clark nodded.

"Uh-um." Came a voice from the living room. The two boys turned and looked at
Chloe. She smiled and got up. "Not without me, you're not." She said.

The guys laughed and all three of them went into the showers, where the fun
started all over again.

The end.


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