Smallville: Both Ways (mf,mm,m-mast)
by Haitian King

The Kent Farm

Clark Kent looked at Ryan. He remembered when he first met the boy. Ryan had
come to Smallville. He was a stray. A young boy with Telepathic powers that
he could not fully control. Ryan was also mixed up with the wrong people.
His step-parents wanted to use him in their schemes. A telepath could read
people's minds and find out their innermost secrets. Clark Kent had saved
him. He found out about Ryan's powers. Ryan found out that Clark Kent had
super powers of his own. They became friends, after a fashion. Ryan left
Smallville. His stepparents got what they deserved. Ryan left.

Now, he was back. Clark Kent looked at the young boy. He was lean and
dark-haired, with extraordinarily expressive dark eyes. He had a look of
innocence about him. Clark liked him... like a brother. Clark's parents
were gone for the weekend. They didn't know Ryan was here. Clark didn't
think they would mind. He didn't want to disturb them. He figured it would
be okay if Ryan stayed at the Kent farm for a couple of days.

"Thanks, Clark." said Ryan.

With that, the boy unpacked his bags. Clark showed him to a room. Ryan
immediately took off his shirt. Clark Kent looked at him. Ryan...
shirtless... nice.

"Clark?" asked Ryan.

Clark looked at him. "Yeah?" he said.

"You okay?" Clark nodded.

Ryan looked at him. "Are you sure?"

Clark nodded again and quickly excused himself out of the room. Clark Kent
left the room feeling disturbed. Ryan had looked nice. Really nice. Nothing
wrong with that. The problem was that Clark Kent was turned on by Ryan...
no, couldn't be. Clark Kent knew himself. He wasn't like that... He was
perfectly straight. He loved Lana. He loved Lana Lang, the most wonderful
girl in the world. She was cute, and nice, and smart, and incredible. His
parents loved her. She was cool.

He went to the kitchen and busied himself making dinner. He was done in five
minutes thanks to his super speed. He called Ryan... and the boy came down.
He was fully dressed. He looked... nice.

"Hey, Clark." said Ryan. "What's for dinner?"

Clark grinned. "Omelette, hot dogs, coffee, milk, buttered bread."

Ryan smiled. "Yummy." he said.

The two boys sat at the table and ate. Ryan looked at Clark. For some reason,
Clark wouldn't meet his eyes. Ryan smiled. He read Clark Kent's mind, and was
surprised by what he found. Clark Kent was sexually attracted to both males
and females. He was probably bisexual, but deeply in denial about it. Ryan
smiled. He always thought of Clark Kent as perfect. So handsome and fine and
all. Nice to know he had some flaws. Ryan decided to play a little bit.

"Is it me or is it warm in here?" Ryan asked. He took off his shirt.

Clark Kent looked at him, with interest in those eyes of his. "It's not
warm." said Clark.

"Oh." said Ryan.

Clark avoided looking at him. Couldn't. Sneek a peek. Tried not to sneak
another peek. Failed. Looked at Ryan with lust. Felt guilty. Aroused. Guilty.
Aroused. Guilty. Aroused and guilty. Nice ! Wow ! Ryan couldn't believe what
was going on inside Clark's head. The young man was trying desperately to
deny what he was feeling. Ryan thought it was amusing. Very amusing. Clark
excused himself from the table, saying he had to go to the bathroom. Ryan
smiled. He watched Clark Kent go. The boy looked so damn good! Ryan felt his
cock stir in his pants. Hmm. Clark was so hot! Ryan went back to his room
and lay on the bed. He started to jerk off.

He thought about Clark Kent... the incredibly handsome son of Jonathan and
Martha Kent. He pictured Clark Kent naked. Yeah, that's it. Clark Kent...
naked. Tall and muscular. Hard-looking. In Ryan's fantasy, Clark Kent came
to him. A macho guy and a horny one at that. All ready to get off. He made
Ryan get on his knees and stuffed the boy's mouth with his cock. Ryan
sucked on Clark Kent's cock. He licked the shaft and sucked at the balls.
He licked them until Clark Kent came. The macho version of Clark Kent in
Ryan's fantasy shoved Ryan on the floor where the boy landed on all fours
and shoved his cock into the boy's ass. Ryan jacked off thinking about
Clark's cock plowing into his ass. Hmm. Clark Kent fucking him real deep,
so deep that he felt scared. Hard ass-pumping. Clark Kent thrusting his
cock balls-deep into Ryan's tight ass. Ryan jerking off his own cock and
pushing back, proving that he could be a very energetic bottom. Finally,
Clark Kent cumming, sending his cum deep inside Ryan's ass. Ryan jerked
off his cock to those highly erotic thoughts. He soon came in the palm of
his hand. He licked the cum. Hmm. Salty.

Ryan lay in bed, thinking about Clark. Somehow, he would figure out a way
to get into that boy's pants. Men like Clark were too fine not to screw. It
would be like refusing a piece of chocolate. You just didn't do that, in
Ryan's point of view. Yeah, like that. Ryan put his pants back on and rushed
down the stairs, maybe he would tempt Clark into a bedroom brawl after all...
he saw Clark Kent. Hmm. Clark Kent was looking so fine. He wore a red shirt,
blue jeans and boots. Total stud !!!! Ryan approached him.

"Hi, Clark." said Ryan.

Clark looked at Ryan. Ryan was about to say something when he heard a female
voice. He saw that it was Lana Lang. The brunette chick that Clark Kent had a
thing for. "Hi, Lana." Ryan said flatly.

"Hey, Ryan." said Lana. "How are you doing?"

Ryan forced a smile. "Great, you?"

Lana smiled at him. Ryan hated her. That chick was all smiles.

"Clark and I are going on a date." said Lana.

Ryan gasped. He must have heard wrong... Clark Kent was dating this chick?
NOOOO!!! "Where are you going ?" Ryan asked Clark.

Clark looked at Ryan. "We're just gonna hang out." he said.

Lana held Clark's hand. "Well, we gotta go." she said. She smiled at Ryan.
"It was nice to see you again." she said.

Lana Lang and Clark Kent left the Kent farm. Ryan was alone... again. He was
seething with rage. How dare that bitch touch his man? She had another thing
coming. Shit!!! Ryan thought it would be easy to convert a bicurious Clark
Kent to the other side but he hadn't counted on such competition... hmm. He
would have to change his plans. Obviously, he would have to get rid of Lana
Lang, one way or another. Yeah. Then Clark Kent would be his... forever.

He sat down on a chair... all he needed was an infallible plan.

The Lang Domain

They drove in Lana's car. Lana Lang drove to her house. Clark Kent was
surprised. He was thinking about Ryan. The mere thought of the boy made Clark
Kent hard. Clark was beginning to wonder if he might be gay or bisexual. No.
No way! He loved Lana. So, what if he occasionally thought about other guys
in a sexual manner? He stil considered himself to be straight. Still... why
did Ryan had to be so cute? He was so absorbed in his thoughts that he didn't
notice that they were at Lana Lang's house.

"I have to show you something." Lana Lang said. She led him to her room.

Clark Kent looked at Lana Lang. She looked so beautiful. So wonderful. She
stood there and smiled at him. He went to her. He held her face in his hands.
She smiled at him. He still thought she was the most wonderful girl in the
world. Gently, he kissed her. He put his arms around her and held her close.
She whispered something in his ear. He hesitated. She looked at him with
those eyes of hers and he could not refuse her. He followed her as she led
him deeper into the house. She took him to her room.

They started kissing. The kissing led to them undressing each other.
Caressing each other's lean naked bodies. The sight of Lana Lang naked
aroused Clark. Lana looked at the handsome naked young man who stood
before her and loved the effect that she was having on him. He caressed
her breasts and sucked on them. She closed her eyes and moaned. Clark's
hand slipped between her thighs and he started to finger her. She
grunted when she felt his fingers penetrate her wet pussy. He kissed
her and caressed her breasts while fingering her. She was so hot and wet.
He continued what he was doing until she cried out in sheer pleasure. He
knew that he had made her come. She looked at him, amazed. Dizzy with

Clark made her lie down on the bed and parted her legs. He started to lick
her pussy and finger her. She gripped his head as he ate her out. She had
never been feasted on like this. Clark Kent licked her pussy and sucked out
her juices, fingering and licking and sucking her until she was raw. For
the second time, she cried out in pleasure. She came again, amazingly. The
orgasm was so intense that Clark Kent had to hold her in his arms. She was
losing control. Once she calmed down, she looked at him strangely. Lana
Lang was ready to return the favor.

She knelt before him and took his cock into her mouth. She started to suck
on his cock like a lollipop. She licked his balls and sucked on his cock.
She caressed his dick with her tongue and licked the sensitive sides of his
cock head. Clark Kent closed his eyes and tried to enjoy what she was doing
to him. Soon he came. He couldn't help himself. He erupted all over her
face. Lana Lang normally did not allow this on herself but this was Clark,
the boy she loved.

She licked the cum off his cock and balls and sucked him off until he was
dry. She sucked his cock until it was hard again then, without giving him
time to recover, she climbed on top of him. Clark was a bit surprised. She
looked right into her eyes. She begged to be taken. He took her. His hard
cock slid inside her pussy. He placed his hands on her hips. Lana Lang
began to bounce up and down on Clark Kent's cock. He thrust into her. She
went down, wincing as his cock penetrated her and went even deeper than
before. She couldn't have enough of his cock.

He thrust into her, fucking her, hard. She screamed in pleasure as she was
fucked. Clark Kent held onto her firmly and slammed his cock deep inside her,
taking the pussy. Lana Lang wailed like a banshee as he thrust impossibly
deep inside her. The sensation was both painful and pleasurable. She rode on
him like a cowboy on a horse. Clark grunted as he fucked her. He felt a
certain feeling build up in his loins and knew that he was about to cum.
Between thrusts and groans, he warned Lana. She grunted and said she didn't
give a damn. He came, shooting his load deep inside her. Lana shrieked as
Clark Kent's hot seed filled her pussy. Clark Kent roared like a beast as he
thrust into her and came.

After they were done, Clark Kent slept in Lana Lang's arms. Lana looked at
the handsome young man she had just made love to. She couldn't believe how
passionate and perfect it had been for her. She smiled. Wow. She loved this
boy. Gently, she caressed his cheek. He moved in his sleep. She came closer
and kissed him on the lips. Clark Kent was just the most beautiful boy. She
could imagine herself wanting him around her... forever.

Clark Kent dreamt some very strange dreams. He was in a house... somewhere.
He was torn between two people. One of them was Lana... and the other was...
Ryan. The young man woke up screaming. "No!!!" he said.

His screaming startled Lana. "Are you okay?" she said.

He looked around, disoriented. He was deeply frightened. Lana Lang put her
arms around him. "Are you alright?" she asked.

Clark Kent looked at her. Should he tell her that he felt some level of
attraction for men? That he was attracted to both women and men... that he
might be bisexual? Would she understand? He looked at her. Why tell her? He
loved her. He had been in love with her for a long time. Now, they were
finally together. They had just made love to one another. Who cares if he
still thought/dreamed/fantasized about men? He was NEVER gonna act on those
thoughts/dreamss/fantasies. Never! Not even with a young man as beautiful
as Ryan, believe that!

"Yeah, I'm okay." Clark said. He took Lana's hands in his. "I love you,
Lana." he told her.

Lana smiled. "I love you too, Clark!" she said.

He smiled. "You keep me from darkness." he told her.

"I am your shining star?" she asked, smiling.

"You could say that." he said.

Lana Lang hugged Clark with all her might. Clark Kent felt her little heart
beating against his. He felt her little body full of love for him. It was
strange. He was the most powerful being in the universe and yet... he only
felt safe in the arms of a mortal woman who had no idea who or what he was.
Amazing. Simply amazing. He kissed her. Went to sleep.

The End


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