Smallville: Caesar Visits Smallville (Mf,mc)
by Constantine ([email protected])

Caesar Constantine smiled, his family had moved out of Smallville when he was
10, shortly after the meteor shower.

One had almost hit him, they'd moved to Keystone City.

When Caesar was 16 he learned that the meteor shower had given him
special…abilities. He could control peoples minds, make them do what he

He also had other abilities, he had enhanced endurance, and other... sexually
related abilities. He'd done almost every good-looking girl in his high

After high school he used his powers to make quite a few rich men & women
donate money to his own account. He was at least as rich as the Waynes or the
Luthors, but he wasn't nearly as famous... but that was a good thing.

Publicity wouldn't mix well with his interests. He had decided to visit
Smallville again, he knew that the meteors where the source of his powers, so
he was going to go back and get as many of the things as he could find.

He'd decided to check up on Smallville via the web and discovered someone
else agreed with his theory about the rocks and powers... and evidently MANY
more people had gained powers... the high school newspaper editor. Chloe
Sullivan, had a similar theory about the rocks.

Caesar walked into the school with a sense of nostalgia, it had been
Smallville Elementary when he left, and it had been remodeled, but was still
very nostalgic.

He asked a couple of students and got directions to the newsroom.

He walked in and saw a very good-looking blond typing.

"Chloe Sullivan I presume?"

Chloe looked up, she didn't know who he was, but he was good looking, dark
brown medium length hair, and well built. He wore a totally black suit, with
no tie. And dark shades over his eyes.

She smiled, "Yes, and you are?"

"Caesar Constantine. I read some of your columns online I like your meteor

Chloe grimaced a little and shrugged. "And you traveled to Smallville just to
tell me that?"

"To offer proof actually. I lived here until I was 10. My family moved after
the meteor shower. I was nearly hit by one. I was gifted with certain
abilities afterwards."

"And I should think you're not nuts because?"

He smiled and removed his shades, his eyes glowed a little, a kind of
'computer green'.

"That's just the physical portion. I have quite a few abilities I can only
credit to non-terran forces."

He paused.

"I recently bought a large house... a few miles from the Luthor estate here.
If you'd like you can come to my home, I'll give you a demonstration of some
of my abilities."

She paused "Well, even if I wanted to, I don't drive and..."

"I'll send a chauffeur and one of my limos."

"One of? If you're that rich how come I never heard of you?"

"There are lots of millionaires my lady, most just don't seek the spotlight
like some do. I prefer anonymity."

Chloe shrugged.

"Sure, send it around 6:30 OK?"

"Of course."

Caesar smiled and exited.

* * *


Caesar had gone to meet Mr. Hamilton and gotten a few of the meteor fragments
from him.

A suitcase full infact, he figured it'd be best to keep a personal collection
of the things, and he'd keep an eye on Hamilton's research.

He'd also be staying in Smallville for a while, keeping an eye out for other
people with powers. He didn't really care THAT much about other powered
beings, but better to make sure none of them hunted him down or anything. And
besides maybe having a few superpowered allies wouldn't hurt.

He heard a knock at the door, Chloe of course.

He smiled, he was going to enjoy giving her a demonstration of his powers.

He let her in, took her coat and showed her to his gym.

Without her coat she was clad in a nicely fitting purple shirt, and purple
skirt that went down to her knees, with black boots that came up to just blow
her dress.

He decided he'd start off showing her a few phsyical powers and then...
demonstrate more.

He took off his shirt, Chloe couldn't hide a little smile, he wasn't a
bodybuilder type but he reminded her of more lean muscled guys, like Bruce

He got under a barbell and picked it up, pushing it for a few reps.

Chloe sat just out of his field of vision as he did the reps, she smiled
again... the guy was attractive, and apparently smart. She felt a little
tingle between her legs, and mentally cursed herself for getting turned on.

"How much is that?" Chloe asked after about 10 reps.

"500 pounds." He answered, as though it was nothing.

"You're kidding."

He set the weight back down into its slot, he let her count the weights and
do the math herself. It was 500.

Chloe felt herself getting wet, good looking and strong.

She cursed herself again, she was a journalist, no getting horny during a

"Can you do more than that?"

"Most I've bothered with is 750. I can run a mile in 5 minutes, and not be
tired at the end of it. I guess one would call it enhanced stamina or

Chloe immediately thought of the sexual applications of that, and cursed
herself again.

Caesar smiled, she was already horny as hell and he hadn't even bothered to
use his powers yet.

He noticed her shirt was up a little, revealing the base of her spine, he ran
his hand along it, she almost melted, then realized herself and jerked her
shirt down.

He decided to have some fun.

"My other power is that I can make people tell the truth, even if they don't
want to."

"Yeah right, you ever ask a politician anything?"

He laughed.

"Ok, then what do you feel right now."

"Horny," Chloe answered without thinking, and she cursed herself again.

"Well, we can solve that." Caesar smiled and ran one hand through Chloe's
hair pulling her head closer and giving her a deep kiss.

Chloe felt herself melting into the kiss, it was fantastic.

She forced herself to push him back a little.

"Look, you're like older and I... I"

"Am horny anyway?"

"Oh yeah," She cursed herself again.

Caesar looked her in the eye.

"In most cultures age wouldn't matter. And besides, no one else has to know.
I can give you bliss beyond your imagination. Enjoy it."

He kissed her again, slipping his hand under her shirt and massageing her
left breast.

Chloe was immensely turned on, she kissed him back and pulled back a little.

"Where's the bedroom?"

Caesar smiled and picked her up, he walked her to it and jokingly threw her
on the bed.

He had planned on having to manipulate her mind a lot, but all he had done so
far was lower her inhibitions a little bit.

He climbed on the bed and she shoved him over, climbing on top, she took off
her shirt, revealing her braless breasts.

They weren't huge but they where very nice and perky, her nipples where
already hard.

Caesar reached up and gently massaged her right breast while he sucked gently
on her left nipple, Chloe felt herself shudder with pleasure.

Chloe reached down and undid her skirt.

Caesar smiled at her nice body, and she undid his pants and threw them & his
underwear across the room.

She smiled and stood up.

He got up and yanked down her panties.

He shoved her back on the bed and lifted her thighs over his shoulders.

He gently licked the outside of her pussy, and Chloe shuddered with pleasure
again, he slipped his tongue inside and Chloe was in heaven, she felt him
gently lick across her clit and she felt herself cum, she bucked her hips
into his face and moaned loudly as she came.

Caesar stood up, Chloe couldn't help but notice his size, and it was at least
9 inches long and at least as thick her wrist.

Caesar crawled back onto bed and let her climb on top.

She slowly slid her wet pussy over his cock, she was VERY tight. She grunted
as she forced herself lower onto his cock, he grabbed her hips and pulled her
down, she managed to get 7 inches in.

Caesar began picking her up and down on his cock, she had to be one of the
tightest girls he had ever had.

Chloe was loving it herself, moaning loudly and tossing her head back, she
moved herself forward a little, placing her hands on his shoulders to
support herself, she slid a little farther down his cock, 8 inches.

She could feel him stretching her pussy, he pulled down her hips again, she
felt herself take in the last of his cock, it felt like he was filling ever
last bit of her.

Caesar kept pulling her up and down on his cock, first only pulling out an
inch or so at a time.

She was loving it, moaning, she started bucking more, sliding up so just the
head was in her and then shoving back down.

She finally yelped out "Ohhhh God... I'm Cummmmming!!!"

Caesar felt her already tight pussy tighten even more around his cock, it
felt so good it almost hurt, she yelled as she came "Ahhhh YESSSSSSS!" he
felt her sweet juices on his shaft.

He started pulling her up and down faster and faster, Chloe could barely tell
where one orgasm ended and another began.

He rolled her over so she was on bottom, he rammed himself in & out harder &
faster than any normal men could.

"Ohhh, Gaawwwwwwd" Chloe screamed.

"Here it comes Chloe." Caesar said, slamming himself into her as deep as he

Chloe felt him come inside her, and it triggered another orgasm, her biggest

The wave of pleasure rolling all over her body, she almost passed out.

He pulled out and she felt his jizz landing on her stomach and chest.

She couldn’t tell why but she wanted to taste it. She quickly moved down and
got a blast to her chin, she wrapped her lips around it and his cum filled
her mouth, it tasted fantastic to her, she gulped it down.

She'd gulped down atleast 2 mouthfuls before he stopped cumming.

He walked her to the shower and had her there again before he walked her back
out to the car, he smiled.

"Chloe, I think you're reason enough to stay in Smallville for a while.

"Mmmm, I hope so, I want that again, and again, and again."

He smiled "You'll get it…of course next time I'll have to introduce you to
some other pleasures. And who was that cute brunette I saw you talking to
before I left the school?"

"Her? Lana... Lana Lang."

"Next time, bring her I think I'll introduce you to the threesome."

Chloe smiled 'Hmm, sounds like fun."

She gave him a deep kiss and stepped into the car.

Caesar was going to enjoy Smallville.


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