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Date: 07/29/2005

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Mind control, strong language, male/female sex, female/female sex

Categories: Het, slash, bi

Pairing: Clark/Chole/Lana

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Other Notes: This AU story is a birthday gift to Allison Mack, who was born
on July 29th, 1982.

Summary: After having heard that her best friend has suddenly moved away,
Chole goes to her friend's old house and discovers the reason why.

Dedication: Happy Birthday to Allison Mack! -- ATK 2005

Smallville: Conquest
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

You know, even though it had gone through a brief meteorite storm and the
arrival of a baby boy on the Kent's doorstep, all everyday life is realitivly
calm within the small Kansas town of Smallville.

Only the little baby boy that both Jonathan and Martha Kent had adopted and
named Clark is actually the soon-to-be Man of Steel known as Superman and
those meteorites that had hit the town were actually fragments of Clark's
destroyed home planet of Krypton, which are not only deadly to Clark, but
were able to give some of the town's residents extraordinary powers.

Case-in-point: It was on July 29th that one of the many young students at
Smallville High School named Chole Sullivan had decided to join her friends
at the local ice cream parlor for a little cool-down from the summertime
heat, only to listen to one of the girls at the table next to her asking,
"So, have you guys heard about what happened to Rachel Thorne?"

"No, Sally. We didn't," answered one of the other girls with a look of
concern on her face. "What did happen to her?"

"That's what I'm asking you guys," answered Sally, while she was scratching
the back of her head. "I had gone over to her house to see if she was alright
after that little incident with Holly and her boyfriend, only to discover a
for sale sign in front of the house, which means that her family has moved
themselves to another town."

"Well, could you blame them? I mean, with all of the weird stuff that has
been happening around here, it was bound to happen," said another one of
Sally's friends, just before a curious Chole had excused herself, left the
ice cream parlor and headed straight for the house of her best friend, Rachel
Thorne to find out why she had suddenly move away.

Just then, as soon as she had arrived at the house and discovered that there
actually was a for sale sign in front of it, Chole had taken a deep breath,
walked over to the back door and tried to open it, only to discover that it
was locked and cause her to try to pick the lock.

Then, after she had successfully picked the lock and opened the door, Chole
had stepped into the empty house and started looking around for any signs of
a clue to the whole mystery.

Then suddenly, after she had gone upstairs and into Rachel's old bedroom, a
sudden green glow was able to catch Chole's curious eye, causing her to walk
over to an air vent, remove the cover and discover a green glowing rock
pendent inside the vent.

"Well, hello there. What are you doing in there?" asked Chole, just before
she had taken the pendent out of the vent, placed it around her neck and went
into the bathroom to admire it in the mirror.

But then suddenly, the glowing green gem had started to glow brighter and a
wave of green energy has zapped itself all over Chole's body, causing her to
have no other choice, but to drop down to the floor and become unconscious.

Meanwhile, back at the ice cream parlor, two of Chole's best friends, Clark
Kent and Lana Lang had walked into the place in order to meet Chole for some
ice cream, only to have one of her other friends tell them that Chole had
overheard a group of girls gossiping about her best friend suddenly moving
out of town wth no reason as to why.

That has caused both Clark and Lana to go over to the Thorne house to see if
Chole was all right, only to find that the back door has been opened.

"Chole, it's me and Clark!Are you in here?" Lana had called out to Chole,
after she and Clark had stepped into the house and started looking around.
"We just want to see if you're okay! Could you please tell us where you are?"

And then, after they had gotten not one single hint of a response, both Clark
and Lana had agreed to split up and search the different sections of the
house for their friend, causing Lana to start searching the downstairs sction
of the house, while Clark starts searching the upstairs.

Anyway, after he had walked up the stairs and started looking for Chole,
Clark had suddenly heard the sound of someone moaning in pain and discovered
that the sound was coming from the bathroom.

And after he had walked into the bathroom and discovered that Chole was
laying on the floor with her hand on her forehead, a concerned Clark had
rolled her over to see if she was okay, only to make the shocking discovery
that she has a Kryptonite pendent around her neck.

Luckily enough, Clark was able to summon enough strength to pull the pendent
off of Chole's neck and toss it through an open window and as far away from
him as he was able to throw it.

But then, while he was catching his breath from that Kryptonite scare, Clark
had suddenly felt someone's hand on his shoulder, causing him to turn quickly
around and discover a smiling Chole placing her hands all over Clark's chest
and asking, "What's the matter, Clark? Why are you being so shy? Are you
afraid that you might break me?Don't you want me to be your latest conquest?"

And then, just as he was about to give her an answer, Clark has gazed upon
Chole's glowing green eyes, causing him to allow her to control his mind and
answer, "Yes, Chole. I do want to fuck you."

Meanwhile, after a concerned Lana has looked all over the downstairs section
and found no signs of Chole, Lana had started walking up the stairs, only
to have her listen to the sounds of both a male and female having hot,
passionate sex with each other.

That has caused a confused Lana to follow the sounds to their source, which
happens to be the bathroom, only to have her make the shocking discovery of
both Clark and Chole touching each other's nude bodies.

And then, while she was trying to figure out what was going on, a smiling
Chole has turned her head towards a stunned Lana, walked over to her confused
friend, placed her hand on Lana's cheek and asked, "Are you okay, Lana? Do
you like what you had seen so far?Do you wish to join us?"

And just as she was about to answer those questions, Lana had suddenly gazed
upon Chole's glowing green eyes, causing her to allow Chole to control her
mind as well and answer, "Yes, Chole. I do want to join you. I do want you to
fuck me."

Then, after Lana had removed all of her clothes and gave Chole a deep,
passionate kiss on the lips, Chole has placed Lana on the floor and started
licking all over her nude body -- all the way down to her hot, wet pussy and
carressing her firm breasts, while Clark was pumping his stiff cock in and
out of Chole's asshole.

"Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss! That's it! Do it, Chole!" said Lana, after she has
placed her hands on Chole's bare shoulders. "Touch me! Touch me there! Suck
my wet pussy dry! Aaaahhhh!"

And then, at that exact moment, Chole has suddenly realized that even though
she and her friends were all under the influence of the Kryptonite pendent,
she was experiencing something that she had never experienced with any of her
Smallville High classmates before, for she was experiencing pure and untamed
erotica... and enjoying every minute of it.

Just then, after Clark has placed his stiff cock inside Lana's cunt and
started licking on Chole's snatch, Lana has started sucking on Chole's tits,
causing a sexually-energized Chole to place her hands on Lana's bare back

And then, after they had started moving harder and faster and their
lovemaking has reached its final college entry exam, Chole and her
mind-controlled newfound bi-sexual lovers had came and collapsed due
to exhaustion.

But then, after they were all finally able to catch their breath and Clark
and Lana had snuggled-up to each other and fell asleep with their naked arms
in a lover's embrace, a sudden wave of regret has caused Chole to look at her
reflection in the mirror and realize that she had done something bad to her
two good friends and must get herself awa from them before things go from bad
to worse.

Just then, after the effects of Chole's mind-control had fnally worn-off and
Clark and Lana had woken-up from their little nap, they were both shocked to
discover that they were both bare-ass naked and Chole was no longer in the

But just as they were about to try to figure out what had happened to them,
Lana had discovered a note tapped on the bathroom mirror, which said, "Dear
Clark and Lana -- By now, you might be hating my guts for what I had done to
you... and that's understandable. You see, as soon as I had discovered that
I had possibly gained my powers from the glowing green pendent that I was
wearing, I was like a kid in a candy store and I was unable to stop myself.
But then, after we've had our little experience together, I had suddenly
realized that I had actually turned you into a pair of mindless zombies...
and I really want to say that I'm sorry for doing that. As for why I'm not
there anymore, I had finally decided to do what my best friend, Rachel Thorne
had done and get myself as far away from Smalville, before things go from bad
to worse. I hope that you guys would find it in your hearts to forgive me...
and I do wish the both of you would be able to have a full, rich life. --
Your friend, Chole. "

And after they had read the note and realized that what had happend to them
had actually happened, the only thing that both Clark and Lana had done was
look at each other for a minute or two and give each a big friendly hug.



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