Smallville: Dark Future Part 1 (no sex)
by The Fan ([email protected])

The planet Krypton is destroyed in cataclysmic explosions. The millions of
technologically advanced humanoids that lived there die out. One family
sends out it's child on a spaceship to another world in hope that it will
live. The child is Kal El. The world in question is Earth.

Kal El arrives on Earth in the mid-1980s. He is found by Jonathan and
Martha Kent of Smallville, Kansas. They name the child Clark and raised
him as their own. Clark Kent develops super powers due to exposure to
Earth's yellow sun. He grows up an awkward teenager with the powers of
a god. He becomes Superman, a hero who helps people and defends the
earth from all possible enemies.

Suppose this bright future was somehow...altered.

In 2004, Clark Kent is eighteen years old. He is a senior at Smallville
High. He is trying to lead a normal life. His best friend Pete Ross knows
his secret and protects him. His other friends, Chloe Sullivan and Lana
Lang, the girl he loves don't know about his alien heritage. Neither does
Lex Luthor, the young multi-billionaire who is one of Clark's best friends.
Life is okay for Clark. He has fought natural disasters, unstable people
and the mutants who were genetically altered by the Kryptonite from his
long dead homeworld.

But the future is not so bright...

In late 2004, a terrorist organization known as The Purificators seize
control of the world's nuclear arsenal. The US government refuses to
negotiate with terrorists as usual. The Purificators unleash hell on
earth: 100,000 Nuclear warheads.

The world is forever changed. Billions die. Over sixty percent of the animal
population is gone and so are the plants. Earth has become a radioactive
wasteland. The survivors called this day the Day of Blood. One of the key
weapons used by The Purificators was Kryptonite. They unleashed a gas weapon
made of Kryptonite at the same time as the bombs went up. The Kryptonite did
not kill people. But it altered them at a genetic level. Millions of people
were altered, and they would pass those genetic changes to their offspring.
Mutants would be born and they would be the enemy of the Mundanes, the
ordinary humans in the times to come.

On the Day of Blood, Clark Kent was testing his powers. Just for fun, he
ran all the way from Kansas to Canada, in under 10 minutes. When the bombs
hit, he was caught in the blast. Clark Kent is not human, even though he
looks exactly like one. His body is protected by a micro-thin forcefield
which nothing can penetrate, not bullets, blades or flames. His body cannot
be crushed or burnt or stabbed. Also, the density of his molecular structure
enables him to move at amazing speeds, up to 1000 miles per hour. And his
speed would increase as he grew older. The same forcefield that shielded
his body from harm also could extend itself in a kinetic way and enable
him to perform great feats of strength. Plus he had a natural pyrokinetic
ability which was dormant in Kryptonians on Krypton but awakened in him
while on earth, explaining his Heat Vision. But even a superstrong,
invulnerable and almost indestructible humanoid could not withstand the
full power of 100 000 Nuclear bombs.

The blast sent Clark 10 miles above the ground and he fell into the great
white North, in a crevasse where he would remain, unconscious. The extreme
cold of that region placed his unconscious body in cryogenic suspension.
Had he been human, he would have died. But his body was not of this Earth
and he survived, frozen.

20 years later...


The world is still a dark and dreary place. Humans are fighting a war
against the mutants.

The mutants are everywhere. There are all types. Ferals. Mentats (mental
powers). Speedsters. Hulks. Bestials. Shapeshifters. Transformers. Energy
types. Flyers.

The human race is on the brink of extinction. The Mutants see themselves as
the new breed. They said that the Earth is not big enough for mutants and
humans. They declared war on humanity. The humans are led by two fierce
leaders, Lex "The Scourge" Luthor and Chloe Sullivan. They organized the
human resistance into something called the Legion.

Lex had been prepared for the Day of Blood more than twenty years ago. He
had saved helicopters, airplanes and loads of weapons and survival bunkers
in preparation of the dark times to come. He was a paranoid man. When the
Day of Blood came, he and his father hid in the bunkers. They invited their
friends Pete Ross, Chloe Sullivan and Lana Lang with them. Jon and Martha
Kent perished on the farm. No one knew what became of Clark.

After the Day of Blood, amid the ruins, the surviving humans discovered
some of them had been altered by the Kryptonite. They were mutants with
extraordinary powers. Humanity rejected the mutants. The Mutants rallied
behind one man, Eric Summers. Eric Summers was the kid at Smallville High
who'd gotten Clark Kent's powers, once. He'd also stolen them when Clark
came to rescue Lex from the hospital.

When Clark took his powers from Eric Summers for the final time, a little
bit of Clark's DNA got on Eric Summers. Clark's alien DNA began to alter
Eric Summers's body. It took a long time but eventually he mutated into a
half human, half Kryptonian hybrid. The Earth's yellow sun acted on Eric
Summers and he developed strange powers. He was not pure Kryptonian, but
he still got powers. His physical strength was increased greatly. He could
lift up to 100 times his own weight. He could move at incredible speeds,
oh, nowhere near the speed of light, which the full grown Clark would have
achieved but still great. He could run 100 miles per hour. He inherited the
invulnerability of Clark Kent. He did not have heat vision, x-ray vision or
super hearing. He also was immune to Kryptonite, which Clark would never be.

Eric Summers met other genetically mutated humans. He met Victor O'Shea, a
kid from Smallville High who had the ability to generate and control fire.
O'Shea was a Firestarter. Then, there was Amanda Talbot, a geeky girl with
the ability to generate electricity. She dubbed herself Blue Sapphire.
Summers had begun calling himself the Omni. They formed the Triad. The
Triad was the one thing most mutants rallied behind in the war against

Summers led the Mutants across the globe in a war. They controlled most of
North America. The remnants of Kansas, Massachusetts and Texas were the only
places where humans still ruled. The men and women of the Legion, led by
Chloe Sullivan and Lex Luthor, fought the onslaught of the Mutants.


The sun rose over Canada. For once, the dark clouds of radiation which hung
in the sky moved. Sunlight poured in over the vast landscape. It went all
the way to the Northern territories. The light struck a crystallized river.
It touched the river's occupant. The human form that had been frozen there
for decades. The light touched the body of the last son of Krypton, the boy
once known as Clark Kent. The alien body cells reacted to the yellow sun.
They came back to life. The heart beat again. Brain activity was restored.
Power came back to the body...slowly. Still, Clark Kent's body had been
frozen for far too long.

The power returned to it, but only zero point one percent of it. Enough to
keep him walking and breathing and thinking, but the remainder of his
fascinating powers were gone. Super strength. Super speed. Invulnerability.
Super hearing. Heat vision. X-ray vision. No more super powers. Possibly

Clark Kent fought his way out of the frozen river. He found himself all
alone in a devastated world. "God," he said. "what is this?"

A lawless wilderness where there can be no peace. A world where anyone can
be an enemy. No cops. No hospitals. No courts. No mediators. No lawyers. No
doctors. You are on your own. All alone in the night.

A darkness covered most of the continent of North America. And probably the
rest of the world. Clark walked out of there. The first thing he tried to do
was use his powers, then he found out he no longer had them. "Fuck, what
happened?" he wondered out loud.

He walked for a long time and all around him he saw images of desolation and
destruction. It seemed a scorched Earth thing went in Canada and probably the
rest of the world, but he noticed that it was old. Decades old. He checked
his reflection on the mirror of a broken down car that was rusty. A long time
had gone by. Even though more than twenty years had gone by, Clark Kent still
looked like he was eighteen years old. His Kryptonian makeup enabled him to
survive the blast of the nuclear warheads and the fallout. It also kept him
alive for twenty years. But without the yellow sun, his powers were drained.
Clark suspected his powers might come back someday, but right now he was more
or less human. He estimated the year to be 2024 A.D.

He wondered about his parents, Jon and Martha. If they were still alive,
which was doubtful, they were probably in their sixties. He thought about
Pete and Chloe and Lana....had they survived the blast? What about Lex
Luthor? He felt saddened that his friends and family might not be alive.
He had to find out.


Clark Kent traveled for sixty miles before he encountered a human being. He
survived by eating roots and killing little animals that he could find. The
first humans he encountered were a bunch of strange-looking people clad in
blue combat suits. There were about twenty of them, a few of them were women.
They carried guns.

"Who the fuck are you, pal?" said a tall girl with fiery red hair and bad

"I am Clark Kent, of Kansas." said Clark.

The redhead looked at him, grinned but kept her gun trained on him. "Clark
or whoever you are, you ain't in Kansas anymore!"

The rest of them laughed like it was the greatest joke in the world. Clark
just stared. "Who are you people?" he said.

"Who wants to know, bub?" asked a short, hairy little man with black hair
and dark skin.

"I am just a traveler," said Clark. "I'm trying to get back to Kansas."

The short man grinned. "Yeah, right. For all I know, you could be one of
those damn mutie freaks."

Clark grimaced. "What?"

The short guy just glared. The redhead leader looked at Clark. "Mutants,
scum of the universe, y'know?"

Clark thought about this. The only mutants he knew of were in Smallville.
Had to be in Smallville. He was all the way in Canada... He wanted to get
away from these people but he had no choice. "Where are you headed and
just who are you?" he said.

We are Legion Patrol Alpha Gamma 1240 G11, said the redhead. "My name is
Loren, captain of this outfit, who are you, Clark?"

Clark eyed her coolly. "I am Clark," he said. "Just a guy on his way home."

Loren looked at him. "Where are you coming from, Clark?" she said.

Clark knew she wouldn't believe him but he had to try. "From a frozen river
60 miles back east where I was asleep for a long time."

Loren grinned maliciously. "You're right, I don't believe you."

Clark sighed.

"Me neither," added the gruff little man.

"Shut up, Volpe," said Loren.

"Yes, captain," said Volpe.

One of the uniformed women, this one a slender brunette with a crew cut
said, "We should scan him, just to be sure, Cap."

Loren looked at Clark. Her finger tightened on the trigger. "My thoughts
exactly, Melanie."

Melanie approached Clark cautiously and produced a small mechanical device.
The device bathed Clark's body with an eerie blue light. "Non-Mutant," said
Melanie as the light remained blue.

Clark noticed the device had a red setting. "What's red stand for?" said

"Mutant scum," said Loren.

"Cool," said Clark. He wasn't a mutant, duh. He was not even human. Although,
now he wasn't so sure. He had no powers of any kind. Still, once an alien,
always an alien, huh?

"Alright, Clark. I guess you're human. Want to tell me where you were going
again?" she said.

"Kansas," said Clark. "Can I tag along with you until the next shelter?"

Laughter rippled through the troop of armed men and women. "Shelter? Good
one, kid!"

One of the troopers, a slender girl with short spiky black hair grinned at

"If you can repair equipment and keep up with the rest of us, I guess you
can stay." said Loren. Loren followed Clark's eyes to the short haired girl.
"Leave him alone, Rachel."

Rachel grinned. Clark shuddered.

* * *

Three months went by. Clark Kent spent a lot of time with the Alpha Gamma
Patrol. He got to know them. Loren was a cool leader. Rachel was what he
would have labeled a sex-craving junkie any day of the week. She chased the
boys and the girls and never liked getting no for an answer. The hairy, mean
little man was Volpe. He was suspicious of Clark and never cut him any slack.
Clark was no big fan of his. The one member of the Troop Clark liked was
John. John was a big tall kid, maybe nineteen years old. He had black hair
and blue eyes. John was friendly. He had grown up in rural New Hampshire and
that zone hadn't been taken over by the mutants until a few years earlier.
He treasured his home, even in post apocalyptic 21st century America.

They led hard lives. They ate gruel for food and rationed everything. Clark
noticed that almost all of them were slim, except for John. There were times
when Clark really missed having his powers. But never more than that one

They were in a small town. There were a few thousand humans there, and a
hundred mutants. The mutants wore bright red uniforms with a gold insigna.
They had hi-tech weapons. Of course, some did not need weapons. Loren
decided that a member of the troop would infiltrate the town, learn about
the mutants and bring back intel so she could decide on a plan of action.
They sent John. Clark protested but they all agreed.

They waited in the woods near town for three days. John went into town
disguised as a drifter. He did not come back. Everyone was silent.

"Where the fuck is he?" said Rachel.

"Doing his job, girl," said Volpe. The rough little man tried to reassure
everyone. No one was fooled.

"Maybe we should send in someone else?" said Clark. He was talking to Loren.
He looked at her. So spry and slim yet so powerful. He had seen her in action
and knew she was an awesome fighter.

They had ran into Kryptonite-powered robots created by the Mutant High
Command. These robots were called Eradicators. They hunted down any and all
humans born without the mutant gene. Clark had seen Eradicators and knew they
were something to fear.

"I am not sending anyone else in," said Loren. "This is over. We should move

Clark couldn't believe she was seriously considering abandoning John, leaving
him behind. He saw in her eyes that she was not happy about it either. Many
in the troop were unhappy. Clark agreed with them. He also understood that
sometimes a leader had to make tough calls. That didn't mean he would leave
John behind. The kid was the only friend he made since his "awakening." He
was about to go on a lenghty debate with her when suddenly, they heard

Clark heard something. "Something's coming!" he said.

Volpe glared at him.

"Can't hear nothing," said Rachel.

Clark couldn't believe it either but he knew that sound. "Machines," he said.
He didn't even have time to move when suddenly they were upon them.

The Hunter-Killers. Nine-foot tall humanoid mechanical devices made of a
superstrong alloy and powered by Kryptonite. The inexhaustible power source.

"HKs!" someone shouted.

Clark glared at them. He could hear so well. His super hearing was back. But
what good would it be in a fire fight?

"Everybody, run!" Loren shouted.

The Patrol scattered as the mechanical creations of the Mutant Overlord came
upon them. The HKs fired left and right. Clark ducked, and gasped when he saw
a young Patrol member known as Jenna open fire on an HK. The machine whirled
around and blasted her with his cannon.

"Jenna, NO!!!" Rachel shouted.

The Patrol was on the run. Clark picked up a wounded guy named Tobias and ran
with him. He ran. All around him there was fire. The Patrol was returning
fire upon the machines. Several HKs were destroyed, but Clark also heard the
death cries of several fallen humans. He tried to ignore it, couldn't.

Suddenly, he saw an HK come right on top of him. He lay Tobias on the ground.
He knew he didn't stand a chance but he aimed the gun at the machine. He
fired. The plasma blast took off the HK's head and damaged it quite badly but
it continued to fire blindly. Clark suddenly saw a flash of something.

It all happened in slow-motion. Three Patrol members shooting a gathered
bunch of HKs. The soon-to-be fallen headless HK continuing to fire in a wide
arc. It was about to shoot the three gunmen. Clark reacted in pure instinct.
He gazed at the machine, and it simply exploded. Next, he gazed at the
approaching HKs and blasted them one by one with his Heat Vision. Smiling,
he tried to run, only to discover that he had not yet recovered his super
speed. He glared at the body of Tobias and picked up the unconscious young
man. Tobias was still heavy. So, no super strength. He noticed small
blisters on his arm, from when he fired gun at the HK. He did not have his
invulnerability back, either. But he could fight!

Using his gun and his heat vision, he destroyed several more HKs. One of
them suddenly popped up behind him and aimed its cannon, ready to fire.
Clark gasped. He whirled around, knowing he would soon be dead. He saw the
HK get blasted into a million pieces, and wondered who was his savior. He
turned around to see a slender blonde woman in her forties with a big gun.

"Watch your back, junior," she said.

Clark gasped. "C---Ch--Chloe?"

To be Continued...


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