Smallville: Dark Future Part 2 (MF,MMF,voy,slash)
by The Fan ([email protected])

They were saved.

The Patrol was saved by the timely intervention of the Legion's Prime
Patrol. Everyone knew who the Prime Patrolmen were. The elite team under
the leadership of one of the Resistance's top leaders, Chloe Sullivan
herself. Clark couldn't believe it. Chloe! After all these years...

He hadn't seen her in such a long time. He watched at the Prime Patrol
guickly sweeped the area. They destroyed the HKs and, going into town,
rounded up all the mutants and held them all inside a containment grid.
Clark marveled at the grid. It was a magnificent blue force field. He
also noticed some of the others were gathered around a large fire,
mingling with the elite soldiers. Loren was talking to Chloe and a squad
of officers. The others were relaxing and treating the wounded.

"Nice, huh ?" said Rachel, standing next to him.

"Yeah, totally sci-fi, huh?" said Clark.

Rachel looked at him. "You are a weird one, Kent."

He smiled at her. She was so happy. They had gotten reinforcements.
Apparently, they were misinformed. The Patrol had stumbled upon a massive
gathering of HKs and mutants. The Mutant High Command wanted to conquer the
remnants of this state. The Legion couldn't allow it. Rachel explained that
it had to be pretty important for Chloe Sullivan herself to get involved in
it. According to Rachel, Chloe was, along with Lex Luthor and a guy named
Pete Ross one of the leaders of the Human Resistance. Clark couldn't believe
it. His childhood friends, Freedom fighters!!!

He and Rachel watched the mutants in the containment grid. Some were pretty
powerful. A model-like girl with phasing (walking through walls) powers tried
to slip through the force field and suffered a terrible burn. A guy with
electrical abilities tried to disable the field but was repelled by it. A
very strong mutant dude who looked like a black rapper lifted a car and tried
to slam it against the field. He succeeded only in getting the vehicle

"Take that, mutant scum!" said Rachel.

Clark looked at her. He had to admit she was very pretty, even with her spiky
black hair, harsh tomboy veneer and attitude. But she was so full of hate...
"Don't you think we should treat those mutants fairly?" he asked.

Rachel looked at him like he was an alien. He was. "I hope you're joking,
Clark, those freaks got your friend John killed and many of us, for that
matter. They deserve to be shot, every last one of them freaks."

Clark silently nodded. He couldn't help but feel responsible. If he hadn't
come to Earth decades ago, the humans would never have had contact with the
highly mutagenic Kryptonite and mutated into super-powered beings. He knew
it wasn't his fault. He hadn't asked to be born on Krypton, but
was partly his fault. All of this. He was in turmoil inside.

Rachel sensed it. She surprised him by being somewhat understanding. She
touched his cheek. "You're a good guy, Clark. Don't waste your sympathies on
mutant freaks like those."

Clark nodded. "I know, I know," he said. His gaze lost focus and for a
moment he was back in Smallville, back in 2004. Why did he have to take
this cross-country trip, anyway?

"Something bothering you, Clark?" said Rachel.

"Nope," he said quickly.

Rachel grinned. "Liar." Clark smiled. Rachel came and slapped him on the
shoulder, in a guy-like fashion. He slapped her on the shoulder too, or
tried to. But all he ended up doing was shoving her back. "You wanna fight,
huh?" Rachel said, playfully.

"I don't fight girls," Clark smiled.

Rachel grinned maliciously. "I do."

She charged him. He moved quickly, he was stronger but she had more fighting
experience. She kicked his legs out from under him. He fell. She landed right
on top of him. "Surrender, Clark !" she said, with a wide grin.

"Never," Clark said. He moved quickly, and this time he was on top of her.
"Ah-Ha!" he said. He looked into her face. "Now who's got who?"

"Got you right where I want ya, Clark," she said.

He gazed into her smiling, wild and beautiful face. "Oh, yeah, where is
that?" he teased.

"Right on top of me," she said. She put her arms around him and forced his
head down to her face. She kissed him. Clark kissed her back.

Soon, he was erect against her. They were rolling on the ground amid the dead
leaves and moaning. They lay, naked against each other. Rachel's hand touched
Clark's cock. He moaned in pleasure and she brought him to, um, maximum
hardness. He looked at her body. Slim, fit and cute. Her skin was pale, her
body tomboyish yet killer. Her short black hair framed her face nicely. He
kissed her back. She kissed him with great passion, her tongue wandering in
his mouth. He lay there, and soon she was licking his cock and sucking it.

They did a classic 69. He ate her pussy and she sucked his cock. Clark felt
a rush in his loins and warned her. She drank his cum, not spilling a single
drop. Then, he entered her. Rachel gasped as he entered her. He went in
slowly, making sure she was enjoying it. She welcome him. He fucked her,
hard. He went in hard and deep, and she squeezed him. He licked her small
breasts. The taste of slick sweat on both of them was intoxicating. They went
like this for several minutes, then Clark came inside her. He gasped as he
came. He remained inside her, still hard.

Spent, he rested his head on her chest. Rachel kissed his forehead. They
remained like this, in each other's arms. Clark smiled at her. He didn't say
anything. Nothing needed to be said. It was one of those moments.

By morning, Clark noticed she was gone. They had spent the night by a cozy
fire. When he saw her, she acted like nothing happened. They were back to
being friends. Clark suspected something like this would happen. He didn't
mind, really. It was just sex. He went to see Chloe. He was in for a big
surprise. He expected to see his childhood friend.

Instead he saw a battle-scarred, embittered woman. Chloe had been married
briefly to a man named Marty Harrison. It had resulted in a child, Donovan
Sullivan Harrison. Chloe's husband and son were staying in Victoria Falls
when one day, 10,000 HKs fell upon the city and exterminated the 200,000
or so humans who called it their home. Chloe had lost a part of herself
that day. She had become the Fearless Leader of the Resistance and the
Master of the Legion. Also, she did not recognize him. When he told her
his name, she said she knew a Clark once but he was long dead. Clark wanted
to tell her the truth but he couldn't do it without exposing his secret.
His powers were returning, albeit very slowly and he didn't know how she
or any human was going to take in the fact that he was an alien. He asked
her about Pete and she told him Commander Ross was in charge of a branch
of the Resistance that fought the Mutants and HKs in South America.

Once again, Clark Kent was all alone. Oh, he had Volpe and Loren and on
occasion Rachel. They had sex many times. He and Rachel basically satisfied
each other's needs. They cared about each other... a lot. They had sex
regularly. But they weren't a couple.

Weird. He recalled one time when he witnessed one of her "affairs." He had
just regained his x-ray vision and had spotted Rachel sneak off into the
woods with two boys. They were Leonard and William. Clark watched with
interest as Rachel kissed first Leonard then William. Soon, all three were
undressed. Rachel was sucking Leonard's cock while Leonard himself was
sucking off William. Then William got on all fours and spread his ass cheeks,
welcoming Leonard's hard cock. It was all a bunch of panting and moaning.
Rachel got really freaky. She took Leonard's cock in her mouth while William
fucked her pussy. Then Leonard fucked her ass, going in hard and deep,
thrusting to her bowels while William fucked her pussy. Clark found the whole
scene disturbingly arousing. The tryst went on until both boys had their
cocks sucked, their asses fucked and had taken turns fucking Rachel's pussy
and her ass.

Clark had other things to focus on rather than sex. With his powers
returning, he proved himself as a fighter, even though he hid his abilities.
He soon got promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. This meant working side by
side with Loren, something he did not mind at all. Unlike Rachel the
sex-craving vixen, Loren was always professional. A hard-driven, courageous
young woman. She cared about the Patrolmen under her command. They did many
missions together.

They went to Los Angeles, a Mutant stronghold to steal a weapon prototype.
They also went all the way to Kansas on missions. Clark Kent grew to respect
and trust this woman. They became friends. He wasn't sure if he wanted a
relationship with her, though. The Resistance was a very tolerant place and
both male and female bisexuality were common. He had not seen Loren with any
lovers. Oh, many guys and more than a few girls came onto her but she always
pushed them away.

Clark liked hanging out with her. She was funny, also direct and honest. She
could also be all business-like sometimes. Once, they had an operation in
Nicaragua. The MHC or Mutant High Command sent 200 HKs to destroy a village
of about three thousand people. The Resistance sent fifty fighters, not
including Clark and Loren. Clark was confident in battles these days. With
his x-ray and heat vision back, he was pretty much unstoppable. He also had
his super hearing, so no enemy, human, machine or mutant could sneak up on
him. But his key powers were still dormant. No invulnerabilty, super speed
or super strength. That's why he wore body armor and carried a big plasma

"How many are we expecting?" he asked Loren.

"A couple hundred." He asked what was the plan and she told him. She would
take half their forces and lead them to the HKs while he would evacuate. He
did not like this. But she was the boss. "Ok, boss lady," he said in his
best Steve Harvey voice.

She grinned. "Be careful, Clark."

He smiled too. "I will." They looked at each other. He could tell she wanted
to say more, but couldn't bring herself to do it. He saved her the trouble.
"Burn some HKs, boss lady." he said, as he walked out.

Clark went to the village. He warned the villagers and had them gather their
essential belongings and be ready to evacuate. Based on the Intel they had
received, the HKs were nearby. He was helping a latin girl of perhaps sixteen
lift a bag of food when a Patrol scout came from the forest. Clark recognized
Patrolman Steve Schanke. "What is it?" he asked.

"The HKs. There's more of them than we expected." said Steve.

"Where's captain Loren?" said Clark.

"She said she is gonna hold the HKs back as long as she can, she said to
run." said Schanke.

Clark felt like someone had dropped a bag of bricks on his chest. He knew
Loren. She would never back down. He called corporal Sara Dyler, a tall lean
woman with a scar on her face. "Lead the village people to the Rendezvous
point," he said.

"Where are you going, lieutenant?" asked Dyler. Clark glared at her. Shaking
her head, Dyler said, "Love birds." When she looked up, Clark was no longer

Clark had taken off at full speed. He had just noticed his speed had come
back. He had to get Loren, and quick. If something happened to her...

* * *

Loren ducked behind a tree as the HKs came at her. The Patrol members were
getting killed out there. They were dealing with a new kind of HK. These HK
were man-sized killing machines. They were made of steel, powered by the
green Meteorite and carried High-Intensity Guns or HIGs. They were easier
to kill but not by much. They were also quick and agile. Machines built to
run long distance. And shoot while doing so. She blasted an HK that popped
up twenty feet to her left. "Fall back!" she ordered to her men. They did.

All around her, the Patrol members were retreating as dozens of HKs were
emerging from the woods. They blasted the trees with uncanny accuracy, so the
humans would not have any place to hide. They were smart. It looked like this
was going to be her last fight. Too many damn machines. She couldn't believe
she wouldn't see Clark again... her best friend... the only guy in ages she
had come to like... even if she couldn't admit it to herself. Well, well. She
was gonna take down as many as those HKs down with her as possible.

* * *

Clark ran.

His keen hearing picked up the sounds of battle. They were five miles away.
He sped, and arrived there. What he saw amazed him. The men and women of the
Patrol under Loren's command were retreating and it seemed like a hell of a
lot more than a hundred HKs were upon them. They didn't stand a chance...

Clark got ready. He focused deep within and summoned the Kryptonian deep
inside. His ancesters had survived on a world long dead, where the red sun
killed instead of nourished and the gravity was monstrous. Earth was tame
by comparison. Clark Kent, child of Jonathan and Martha of Kansas was
scared of a lot of things. Kal El, his "ideal" and "pure" self was scared
of nothing. He controlled his speed and ran, moving far faster than the
eye could see. He tore into the Machines, destroying as many as he could.
He tore them to pieces, then burned their remains.

Loren's eyes widened as around her, the machines began to fall. Something
was happening to them. Something she couldn't see was wrecking them. She
didn't know what it was but wasn't the kind of gal who would look a gift
horse on the mouth so she shot them and, rallying her troops, began a
steady concentrated fire upon the machines. Within minutes, there wasn't
a single machine left standing in the forest. "Yeah!" Loren cried.

Standing next to her, a baseball cap-wearing boy named Darin cried, "Yippee!"

The troops regrouped. Once they stopped patting each other in the back, they
began to pick up the wounded and examine the damage.

Clark saw this and hid in the forest. He could see and hear everything
perfectly. He saw Loren pick up a piece of an HK that he recalled he
twisted around and broke like a toy.

"Now, I know none of us did that," she said.

Paul, a tall black man standing next to her said, "Whatever it is, I thank
God. We are saved."

Loren raised an eyebrow. "Yeah, but by...what?"

Clark considered his options. If he came out of the forest right now, it
would look suspicious. He had come close to Loren a thousand times as he
fought the HKs using his super powers. But he wasn't sure if he wanted her
to know exactly who and what he was. How would she react ?

He sped back to the village. He saw a small group of Troopers had organized
and were coming to the rescue of those in the forest. They were led by Dyler.
Clark went to her, assumed command and led them through the woods. Soon,
they were there with Loren and her half of the troops. Loren's half of the
troops were victorious but they had suffered over sixty percent casualties.
When Clark saw Loren, he immediately went to her. "You're safe," he said.

She came to him and gave him a hug. "Oh, Clark." she said. He gave her a
brief kiss, and she returned his kiss, though it surprised her.

Corporal Sara Dyler smiled. "It's about time, you two," she said.

Clark grinned nervously. Loren blushed. Then she turned and looked at him.
"Oh, Clark. You should have seen it, something just broke them all to

Clark tried to act surprised. "Maybe it was a malfunction of some kind in
the machines," he offered.

Loren shook her head. "No malfunction there, man. Something fucked up those
machines, except that I don't know what it was."

Clark shrugged. She looked at him suspiciously. "Oh, come on, Loren. You
don't think I did this, do you?"

She smiled, and he saw a bit of mischief in her eyes. "Yeah, Clark. You...
with powers? Yeah, right!" She laughed and both Dyler and Schanke joined her.

"Yeah, right," said Schanke. "Lieutenant Kent with powers? Next he'll start
flying around in tights!!!"

They all laughed.

Clark didn't. If they only knew...

* * *

Later on, they gathered the villagers and relocated them. Then the Resistance
sent two massive Carriers to pick up the Patrol's remaining members.

Lieutenant Clark Kent and captain Loren shared a pad in the Carrier. It was
a 20-hour flight from South America to their next destination. They found
some means of killing time. Clark and Loren had been relieved to see each
other. Clark told her how worried he was about her and she confessed to
caring about him more than she let on. He held her in his arms and they
ended up making love in the Carrier pad.

Clark was very tender in his first time with Loren, and she was patient with
him. He kissed her and fondled her breasts. She kissed him and licked her way
from his mouth to his chest to his cock. He gasped as she took him in her
mouth. She worked him until he came. Then she lay on her back and welcomed
him as he entered her, gently. So very gently. He was hammering her pussy
and she hugged him tighlty, reveling in the pleasures they created for each
other. She was riding his cock. They sucked and fucked each other until they
lay exhausted in each other's arms.

Rank didn't matter to them, nor did the war of humans against machines and
mutants. They had each other. Clark looked at his new lover as she slept.
When she wasn't barking orders or yelling or acting tougher than she really
felt, she was quite sweet-looking. He knew someday he would have to tell
her he was an alien if their relationship would last. He draped a wool cover
over her body and went to the window of the Carrier. He looked outside, and
saw a flock of birds flying by. He envied them. Somehow, he knew that
someday, and someday soon, flying would be something he would do very
easily. What a feat that would be !

He sipped on his coffee and watched the birds, listening to Loren snoring
and the gentle hum of the Carrier's engines.

The End


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