Smallville: Darkseid Invades The Earth Part 1 (MF,MFF,anal,fist,voy)
by The Fan ([email protected])


Darkseid, the Dark God who ruled the Planet Apokolips looked at the planet
Earth through a special high-tech camera via the Boom Tube. The Dark Lord
looked at the denizens of Earth. A primitive race of anthropomorphic beings
limited in intelligence, power and lifespan. They were a level five
civilization. The people of Apokolips were a level twenty civilization. The
highest level ever.

He looked at his minion Desaad, a tall, twisted humaniform from a strange
world. Desaad was a very powerful man. He was immortal, and endowed with
super strength and speed as well as some levels of invulnerability. What
made him unique was his spectacular cruelty and utter devotion to his master,
the evil Dark Lord known as Darkseid. Darkseid had many dark servants. Among
them were the Female Furies, a team of professional warriors trained by a
nefarious immortal woman known as Granny Goodness. Darkseid ruled a vast
empire. The people of Apokolips weren't human, though they looked exactly
like humans. Apokoliptians were sentient humanoids endowed with superhuman
strength and speed. Also, they had a lifespan of over a thousand years. Yet
millions of these people were enslaved by Darkseid.

They worshiped the Dark Lord and tirelessly worked in the Mines of Armagetto
to retrieve precious metals which the Dark Lord's Corporation of Engineers
used to make spaceships and powerful weapons. Darkseid wanted to rule the
universe. He was an immortal overlord with god-like powers but he couldn't do
it alone. He needed an army. To that end, he create a Legion of Parademons.
The Parademons were genetically engineered super-soldiers created
specifically to fight against Darkseid's most powerful enemies. These
creatures were completely ruthless yet utterly loyal to their Master.

The only civilization in the universe with the power to oppose Darkseid and
his Legions of Parademons were the New Gods. The New Gods were a race of
immortals which inhabited the planet New Genesis. These technologically
advanced super-powered beings were generally peaceful yet saw it as their
duty to oppose Darkseid. Their power was awesome and rivaled that of the
Dark Gods, Darkseid's fellow immortals from the planet Apokolips. For
thousands of years, Darkseid's Parademon troops fought against the Warriors
of New Genesis. Until a stalemate was reached. Darkseid decided to focus his
attention upon the planet Earth, source of the elusive Anti-Life Equation, a
deadly force which would empower the Dark Lord and give him the power to
dominate the universe.

The Dark Lord sent one of his most powerful minions to probe the defenses of
the planet Earth in preparation for an invasion force. It was only a matter
of time until Legions of Parademons stormed the planet and conquered it in
Darkseid's name...


Clark Kent lay on the grass next to his love, Raya of Krypton. The young
woman looked at him adoringly. It had been a few months since Clark Kent and
Raya opposed Baern, the super-powered alien menace whom Jor-El once banished
to the eternal prison known as the Phantom Zone. Those past few months had
been fantastic for Clark Kent. He had found love with a woman who was just
like him: Kryptonian. Raya was like him in many other ways. She was tall,
beautiful and rather heroic. Heck, she saved his life twice.

Raya looked at Clark Kent, the man she loved. How he looked like his father
Jor-El. He was something else. The Last Son of Krypton. Raised on Earth by
primitive human beings, yet he still turned out alright. They had lain on
the grass all day, talking and spending time together.

Clark Kent looked at Raya's lovely form. Damn, he could never get enough of
her. Raya noticed the spark of lust mixed with love in his eyes, smiled and
kissed him. He embraced her, and they rolled around on the hay, playfully
wrestling. Raya got on top of Clark, and pulled her shirt off. Clark smiled,
taking in the sight of her. Raya looked even more beautiful while naked. She
was simply sex on legs. Curvy, beautiful, wondrous. His hands reached for
her chest, and he gently stroked her breasts.

Raya smiled. After all this time, Clark's touch was still tentative. She
loved that about him. He was one of the most powerful beings in the universe,
with god-like abilities, yet he was still very much a young man with a young
man's needs, strengths, and vulnerabilities. She took his hands and firmly
placed them on her breasts, then she unbuttoned his shirt. He was a very sexy
young man. So fine-looking and masculine. The kind of lad who made her heart
skip a beat every time she looked at him.

Slowly, lovingly, they undressed each other. Clark rolled on top of Raya, and
she wrapped her arms around him. She told him to take her. And take her he
did. He thrust into her and she held him tighter, welcoming him inside her.
She felt his hard cock inside her, exploring her gentle folks, and cried out
in pleasure. Clark grimaced as they made love, feeling her flesh tightening
around him. She urged him to go harder and faster. Clark thrust into her,
feeling her tender flesh yield to him. This felt so damn good. He couldn't
get enough of it. Raya undulated underneath him, craving more of him inside

They changed positions, with Raya on top of Clark, riding him for all he was
worth. He thrust into her, burying his cock deep inside her. Raya gasped in
pleasure and cried out his name as he took her harder and faster, just the
way she liked it. They continued to make love like this until he came, and
she did as well, the orgasmic wave snatching both of their bodies in its
throes until it subsided, leaving them breathless. Clark looked at Raya,
shocked. Raya winked at him and kissed him. Yeah, she had it like that.

Clark Kent and Raya spent the day together. They spent most days together
these days. Running around the world, and sometimes flying. They explored
every place. There was so much to see and do. Clark loved showing Raya the
most beautiful places on the planet Earth. There was so much he wanted to
tell her. Raya was an eager learner, in more ways than one. They had made
love over nearly every surface of the Kent farm, getting caught by his
mother Martha Kent and her new boyfriend Lionel Luthor more than once.
Well, the older couple smiled and maintained tactful silence over the two
paramours indiscretions. Martha for one was glad to see her son happy.

Clark and Raya were in the Niagara Falls when suddenly, both of them heard
the frequency of the House of El. They looked at each other. What was
happening now ? They rushed back to the Fortress of Solitude. The Avatar of
Jor-El was waiting for them.

"What's going on?" Clark asked.

"Why have we been summoned?" Raya seconded.

The Avatar of Jor-El told them. "A dark force is coming to Earth," he said.

Clark grunted. "More Phantom Zoners."

Raya nodded sympathetically. "I will help you battle them, my love."

The Avatar continued. "This dark force doesn't come from Krypton, or the
Phantom Zone. It comes from Apokolips."

At the word Apokolips, Raya went pale. "No, it cannot be!" she said.

Clark looked at her. "What is Apokolips?"

Raya looked at him sadly. "Hell."

* * *

A short while later, Clark Kent and Raya left the Fortress of Solitude.
Clark was feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the information he had received.
According to the Avatar of Jor-El, there was an evil alien empire whose
armies were coming to Earth. They may very well spell doom for all humanity.
And how was your day?

"We can stop them, can't we?" Clark asked Raya. "We stopped Baern last time."

Raya shook her head.

"Baern was an alien parasite, and he acted alone. What we're up against is an
entire civilization of aliens with technology far more advanced than Earth.
They're coming here to conquer, and I doubt the humans can stop them."

Clark grimaced. He wouldn't simply accept defeat. "We must fight them."

Raya nodded. "I'm by your side, always." She took his hand in hers, clasping

Clark smiled. "I thank you for this, but we can't do this alone. We're going
to need help."


Bart Allen raced through the Mall, moving too fast for the human eye to
follow. While running, he helped himself to five grand in cash, courtesy of
some friendly 'donors'.

Once he had collected his dough, the young super thief stood in a
corner, counting the cash. He smiled. In that moment, he looked like any
good-looking, blonde-haired, blue-eyed young American male. Yet he wasn't.
He was actually The Flash, the fastest being in the universe. The Lord of
Speed. Faster than even Clark Kent, the Protector of Smallville.

Unfortunately for Bart, he wasn't alone. A hand clamped down on his shoulder,
and in spite of his speed, the young super thief couldn't move. The hand
belonged to a tall, good-looking African-American male in a police officer's
uniform. Officer Victor Stone looked at Bart Allen.

"You're coming with me, thief," he said.

Bart Allen smiled. "Why, officer? What did I do?"

Victor Stone shook his head. "You stole people's money."

Bart flinched. "No way, man. Nobody sees me when I'm doing my thing."

Victor smiled. He had observed the young super thief in the mall. Bart Allen
moved too fast for the human eye to follow. But Victor Stone didn't have
human eyes. He had bionic eyes. He was the half-human, half-machine hero
known as The Cyborg. These days, he worked as a police officer and used his
abilities surreptitiously to aid law enforcement.

"I'm not like everyone else, and neither are you," Victor Stone said.

Bart Allen grunted. Damn, why was every super-powered guy and gal acting like
that small-town Boy Scout, Clark Kent?

"You want to take me into custody?" Bart said. "I don't think so."

With that, he took off. The Cyborg watched as the Flash took off. Even though
he had superhuman strength, speed and was in many ways invulnerable, Victor
knew he could never keep up with the Flash. His bionic eyes followed the
young super thief, though. Bart left the Mall and ran to the Port, near the
boats. Dashing at super speed, the Cyborg took off after him. Bart was fast
but even he couldn't walk on water...

* * *

Arthur Curry walked through the Port. The U.S. Navy Academy at Central City
was nearby. He walked through the Port, breathing in the salty smell of the
sea. He loved being near boats. Anyone looking at him would have seen a tall,
blond-haired, blue-eyed athlete in a Navy uniform. He was actually a lot more
than he appeared. He was the super-strong, super-fast, amphibious superhero
known as the Aqua-Man. These days, he was training with the Navy to become a
U.S. Navy Seal. After his last brush with the law, as well as industrialist
villain Lex Luthor, he decided that the structured life of a Navy Man was
right for him.

Arthur Curry was simply walking through the Port, nodding to his fellow Navy
men and women he saw walking by. He also checked out a hot babe who reminded
him of Lois Lane. Imagine how surprised he was when he saw a red-clad youth
running through the Port, and suddenly stopping short. Being amphibious gave
Arthur Curry almost supernatural vision. So he saw what others normally
wouldn't see. A young man in a red jacket and gray jeans moving at
supernatural speed.

"What the heck?" Arthur said.

He watched as the young man snatched a man's backpack and a woman's purse and
took off, in less time than it took to blink. Arthur frowned. Super-powered
brat or not, he didn't like thieves. He was going to get this guy. Right now.

Bart Allen stood in the middle of the Port, looking at the boats. He had
already taken the cash from the man's backpack and the woman's purse, and
discarded both. He was five hundred bucks richer. Not bad for a day's work.
Oh, yeah. Houdini had nothing on him. He couldn't believe that this black
man had caught him at the Mall but whatever. He didn't care. After meeting
Clark Kent, he really shouldn't be surprised to meet other super powered
guys. But why did they all have to be boy scouts?

He was about to turn around when he bumped into a tall, beefy-looking blond
man in a Navy uniform.

"Hand over the money you stole," the man demanded.

"Screw you!" Bart said.

Arthur Curry caught Bart Allen in a vise-like grip. Bart tried to squirm but
the super-strong Navy man wouldn't let go. At this precise moment, Victor
Stone showed up.

"Oh, man!" Bart said. "Could this day get any worse?"

Navy Seal-in-training Arthur Curry looked at Officer Victor Stone as he
arrived in hot pursuit of Bart Allen, super thief.

"We meet again," Victor Stone said. "What did you steal this time?"

Arthur Curry smiled. "Officer, I saw him stealing from a lady's purse and a
gentleman's backpack."

Bart blinked in surprise. "What? You can see me too?" He grunted. "What is
this, a boy scout convention?"

At this precise moment, a tall, good-looking young man wearing a red
shirt and blue jeans appeared, seemingly out of nowhere. Moving with the
stalwartness of a redwood, he approached Victor Stone, Arthur Curry and
Bart Allen.

All three of them turned to look at him and explained. "Clark Kent?"

Clark Kent smiled and greeted his longtime friends. "Gentlemen, we need to


Lashina, leader of Lord Darkseid's Female Furies paced around the Training
Ground of Armagetto Academy. The young alien woman had nothing to do. Desaad,
Darkseid's trusted adviser, had told her to ready herself for battle. They
would head to the planet Earth soon. Anticipation was seriously killing her.

Out of the darkness came Steppenwolf, Darkseid's uncle and military leader.
Steppenwolf was a tall, lean and muscular Dark God. Like Darkseid, he was
immortal but lacked the Dark Lord's destructive elemental powers. He was a
lesser God. And Lashina's lover.

"How are you doing, my sweet?" Steppenwolf asked.

Lashina grimaced. "Anticipation is killing me. What's a gal to do?"

Steppenwolf smiled naughtily. Lashina grinned. She knew what he had in mind.
Discreetly, they snuck off to her chambers. Once there, she disrobed and he
looked at her hungrily, like the ancient predator that was his namesake.

"Like what you see?" Lashina asked.

Steppenwolf nodded, and pulled her to him. He kissed her. She playfully
struggled against him. Roaring, he threw her down. Lashina laughed and
struck him with her fabled energy whip. Steppenwolf caught the whip and
wrapped it around her neck, taking her down. He ripped her clothes off.
Lashina struggled, until he placed her on all fours. She stopped
struggling, and they began to fuck.

Steppenwolf spread Lashina's butt cheeks wide open, and pressed his cock
against her butthole. With a swift thrust, he entered her. Lashina gasped
when she felt the dark lord's cock in her ass. Gripping her by the hips,
Steppenwolf began to fuck her. He loved the feel of a tight ass around his
cock. He fucked her, hard and fast. Lashina loved the feel of a hard cock
in her tight ass. She pushed back against him, driving him deeper into her.
He fucked her hard, just the way she liked it. She screamed obscenities as
he fucked her. Finally, he came, filling her ass with his seed. Lashina
howled in pleasure.

A short while later, they put their clothes back on. "Thanks for the chase,"
he told her. Lashina growled. "Thanks for the rapture."

Elsewhere on the Planet Apokolips...

Kalibak, the bestial dark god who was the son of Darkseid also found it
difficult to sleep on the nightly eve of battle. He paced around the Fortress
of Darkseid, restless. His nocturnal pacing was noticed by none other than a
member of the Female Furies, the large alien female known as Stompa.

Stompa looked at Kalibak, the most infamous of Darkseid's Raging Sons. He
was a tall, hulking brute with dark hair, gray skin and dark eyes. Although
super-powered and immortal, he was constantly frustrated. He wanted to
impress his dark father but Darkseid considered Kalibak to be nothing more
than a brute with no intellect. He didn't bother with him anymore, except
for menial tasks.

Stompa had always felt some attraction to Kalibak. They were a lot alike. At
six foot seven and three hundred pounds, Stompa was a big woman. Curvy and
pretty, she was not most people's ideal of a great beauty and thus quite
often, she was alone. This super-strong, immortal dame put her frustration
out on the people she fought. That's why she was one of the toughest gals
among the Female Furies. Yet this woman still had needs, after all.

Needs that made her walk up to Kalibak. Kalibak noticed Stompa walking up to
him. He looked at the big woman. What did she want? They had faced off in
battle before. He was a god and she was a mere immortal. He had won but still
respected her brutality. She'd make a fine wife someday. Stompa smiled at
Kalibak. He hesitated. Did she come seeking revenge?

Stompa asked him to spar. Kalibak gladly agreed. They wrestled and boxed for
some time. Each of them was titanic in size and strength. Stompa and Kalibak
got a good workout, and sweated a lot. They sat down to rest. Stompa took
her shirt off, and Kalibak's eyes went wide when he saw her curvy, feminine
figure. Yeah, the big woman was hot. Stompa smiled at him, and gestured for
him to come closer.

Kalibak stood a foot away from Stompa. The big woman pulled him into a tight
embrace and kissed him. Kalibak felt a spark of lust, and gladly indulged.
Females weren't often fond of him. They found him too strong and brutish for
their taste. Stompa was also strong and brutish, and undersexed. They made
quite a match.

Kalibak kissed Stompa, and they rolled around on the hard floor, naked and
free. Stompa looked at Kalibak's naked body. He was big and muscular. Feral
and beautiful in his own way. Kalibak looked at Stompa. The big woman was
seriously hot. With her thick body, large breasts and big, bubble butt, she
was something else. He felt his twenty-inch cock harden at the sight of her.
Stompa gasped when she saw the size of his member. She licked her lips. The
big girl definitely wanted some of that.

Stompa climbed on top of Kalibak, straddling him. He placed his huge hands on
her wide, thick hips and thrust into her. She gasped when she felt his thick
manhood in her pussy. Hard and fast, he began to fuck her. Stompa rode him
for all he was worth, loving the feel of his super-sized cock in her pussy.
Stompa screamed as Kalibak gave her the fuck of the century. Her screams of
pleasure attracted the attention of fellow Female Fury Mad Harriet. The
sadistic alien woman known as Mad Harriet heard Stompa's screams. At first,
she thought the big woman was fighting once more, but this was not the case.

Mad Harriet hid in the shadows and watched as Stompa and Kalibak romped away
Man, she had never seen anything like this. A big man was fucking a big
woman. It was disturbing and erotic at the same time. She watched, fingering
her wet pussy as they did their thing. At some point, Kalibak placed Stompa
on all fours and spread her plump butt cheeks wide open. He shoved his huge
cock into the big woman's tight asshole, and Stompa screamed loud enough to
wake the dead.

Mad Harriet watched as Kalibak sodomized Stompa. Man, this was hot. She
decided to join in on the fun. Kalibak and Stompa watched her, and looked at
each other. They didn't mind. The more the merrier. Mad Harriet joined in on
the fun. While Kalibak buried his thick cock up Stompa's asshole, Mad Harriet
fingered his asshole and licked her fingers. Nice. After fingering for some
time, she slid two fingers up his ass. Kalibak almost protested but noticed
that the more Mad Harriet probed him digitally, the harder his cock got. He
continued to fuck Stompa, loving the sound of a big woman screaming as she
got fucked in the ass.

Mad Harriet watched as Kalibak came inside Stompa's ass, and pulled out.
Harriet cackled with glee. The big woman's asshole was dilated. A gaping
hole. Yummy. Mad Harriet drank the cum leaking out of Stompa's asshole and
fisted her. Kalibak looked at Harriet. The alien woman was a perverted
bitch. He wanted to fuck her. He grabbed Harriet, shoved her on all fours
and spread her ass cheeks wide open. He thrust into her, and began fucking
her tight ass like there was no tomorrow. Mad Harriet gasped when she felt
Kalibak's twenty-inch cock up her buns. It was thicker than any cock she'd
ever felt. She loved it. This alien witch was addicted to pain, after all.

While Kalibak fucked her, and drove her fists into Stompa's holes. One fist
was in the big woman's pussy, and the other was buried in the big woman's
ass. Mad Harriet fucked her, and Stompa screamed like a woman possessed.
They went at it like this for some time, until Kalibak came inside Harriet,
flooding the crazed woman's ass with his seed. At the same time, Stompa
screamed as she nearly passed out from the orgasm brought on by Mad Harriet's
double-fisting action. All three of them lay exhausted on the floor. Spent.


Clark Kent stood in the middle of the Kent family Barn, looking into his
friends' faces as he explained to them the situation.

"Dude, I still can't believe you're an alien!" Bart said.

Victor Stone/Cyborg shot him a look. "Why? Better than being a petty thief
if you ask me."

Arthur Curry/Aqua-Man nodded, and exchanged dap with Victor. "You said it,

Just then, a tall, blond-haired, blue-eyed young man in a green shirt and
pants walked in. Oliver Queen, CEO of Queen Enterprises, and also the masked
vigilante known as the Green Arrow.

"Hey, Clark," Oliver said. "I came as soon as I could. I was in town with
Lois, you know how she is."

Arthur Curry cocked an eyebrow. "Excuse me, did you just say you were with
Lois, as in Lois Lane?"

Bart Allen/Flash looked at Arthur and smirked. "Dude's been moving in on your
main squeeze, man. He's got your girl."

Arthur shot Bart a look that would silence a mountain lion. Bart shrugged.
"Whatever, man."

Clark cleared his throat. "Oliver Queen, meet Victor Stone, Bart Allen and
Arthur Curry, they're all friends of mine."

Arthur Curry looked Oliver Queen up and down. "Yeah, dude. We're the Junior
Lifeguard Association."

Bart Allen grinned. "Man, if I'm going to hang out with you people, it's not
going to be under such a corny name."

Arthur Curry raised his eyebrows. "Excuse me?"

Bart laughed. "Junior Lifeguard Association sounds way too corny, man."

Arthur bristled. "Well, I came up with the title and it's not up for

Bart smirked. "You're not my king, Mr. Big Shot. We're all Americans here.
We should vote on this."

Oliver Queen laughed. "When Clark told me he was forming a league to fight
for justice, I was impressed. Now I'm not so convinced."

Bart Allen suddenly appeared right in front of Oliver. "Queenie, you're a
bloody genius."

Oliver Queen looked at Clark Kent, then back at Arthur Curry and Victor Stone
before zeroing in on Bart Allen.

"Did you just call me a 'queen'?"

Bart grimaced. "No sir. I just thought of a new title for us." He paused.
"How about the Justice League of America? Water Boy here gets to keep the
initials and we're all happy."

Clark shook his head. "Guys, we have business to discuss."

At that precise moment, Raya walked in, wearing a black shirt and jeans. She
walked up to Clark, kissed him, and smiled at his friends. "Good evening,
gentlemen," she said.

Bart Allen smiled. "Hi, there. Glad to meet you. I'm the fastest man alive."

Raya looked at him, then smiled. "Clark told me about you. You must be Bart
Allen. The kid who runs too fast for his own good." She nodded gravely. "I am
Raya of Krypton."

Bart Allen grimaced, crestfallen. "Whatever, lady."

Victor smirked, and exchanged dap with Arthur Curry. "Oh, man. That's cold."

Victor and Arthur made their introductions, as did Oliver Queen. Raya looked
at the assembled group of multi-talented young men. They were quite young,
but indispensable since they were the would-be defenders of the planet Earth.

"I am pleased to meet you all," Raya said. "Including you, Bart."

Bart shrugged. "Whatever. So, are we going to kick some alien butt or you
guys are going to chit chat all day? I've got stuff to do."

Victor Stone nodded. "Yeah, you've got places to rob."

Arthur added. "And people to con."

Bart shot them a defying glare. "Whatever, I don't need this. I'm way too
cool to hang out with you losers. Clark, count me out of this boy scout

With that, the fastest man in the universe took off.

"Bart!" Clark said.

Bart Allen was gone. Clark Kent looked at his fellow Justice League members.

"Let's get started," he said.

Raya nodded, and produced the teleportation device. A light emanated from it,
and surrounded all of the assembled super heroes. In a flash, it transported
them inside the Phantom Zone, where their heroic journey as Earth's defenders
would finally begin.


Darkseid sat on his throne, in his dark fortress. Standing before him were
members of his military elite. Steppenwolf, Leader of the Parademon Armies.
Lashina, leader of the Female Furies. Desaad, Director of the Spies and
Infiltrators Network. Kalibak, the Brute of Armagetto. Stompa, the mighty
Female Fury. And one hundred thousand Myrmidons, the Elite of the genetically
engineered super soldiers known as the Parademons.

"Go!" Steppenwolf said, bowing low before Darkseid.

With that, all of them vanished through a Boom Tube. The age-old
teleportation device took them to Earth, where their spaceships waited in
orbit. They were going to conquer this world, in the name of Lord Darkseid.

To be concluded...


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