Smallville: Discoveries Part 1 (mm,inter)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Clark Kent looked at his best friend Pete Ross. The young men smiled at each
other. They were presently in Clark Kent's bedroom in the Kent farm. Clark
Kent's parents were far away on a visit to New England. Clark and Pete had
the place all to themselves.

Clark Kent's parents trusted him with the house because he was a young man
with a great sense of responsibility. They were proud of their son and he
was a great young man who could be trusted. Clark Kent was every bit worthy
of that trust. He had promised them that he would not have any parties. He
fully intended to keep that promise. Clark Kent had decided to call Pete
and invite him over. Since they had not been alone together in some time
now and the house was deserted, there was only one thing that those two
healthy youngsters had in mind. Sex. They wanted to do it. Pete Ross was
madly in love with Clark Kent. Had been for a long time. For him, Clark was
unattainable. Pete had become ecstatic when he found out that Clark Kent
wanted him just as badly.

There was no one Clark trusted in the world more than Pete. They had been
friends for a long time. They had known each other forever. They kept no
secrets from each other. Pete Ross knew that Clark Kent was an alien from
the planet Krypton. He also knew that Clark Kent had super powers. The two
of them had complete trust in each other. Clark Kent loved Pete Ross like
a brother. Even if they were not related by blood. They were always there
for each other. Is it any surprise that at some point, they became more
than friends? They became lovers. They were just two young men who happened
to be in love with each other. Clark Kent always considered himself straight,
but he went over to the other side when he discovered that his feelings for
Pete ran a little deeper than he imagined. He turned bisexual. Pete Ross had
always been sexually attracted to men and to a lesser extent, to women. He
was bisexual as well. He had always wanted Clark Kent but thought he could
never have him because he thought Clark Kent was straight. Well, Clark Kent
proved to his buddy that he might be mostly straight but he was definitely
not narrow.

Pete looked at Clark. Clark grinned. Pete had been waiting to be alone with
Clark for a long time. There had been so many obstacles in their way. Clark
Kent had struggled with his bisexuality for a long time. He told Pete that
he discovered himself in high school, back when he fell in love with Lana
Lang... and developed a crush on a physics teacher named Paul Rubins. Clark
did not want to accept that about himself. He was already an alien with super
powers. He did not want to add bisexuality to the list of things that made
him different. Sometimes, Clark wondered which thing society would disapprove
of the most, his alien origins or his bisexuality? Pete had come to Clark's
rescue just in time. Clark Kent had spent a long time by himself. He did not
want the world to know his secrets. He did not want to get hurt. He did not
think anyone could accept him the way he was. For those reasons, Clark Kent
became celibate. He had never had sex with anyone at all before he hooked up
with Pete Ross.

They were on the bed. Pete leaned over and gently kissed Clark Kent on the
lips. Clark Kent kissed him back. Pete Ross caressed his body gently,
awakening Clark Kent's senses. He began undressing him slowly. Clark was a
little bit scared but quite eager. He had never had sex before and couldn't
wait to do it. He was excited as hell. He looked at Pete. Pete had a really
sexy body. He looked so damn hot. Clark Kent wanted him so badly. Pete
looked at Clark Kent's sexy body and gazed at Clark Kent's huge cock. He had
to taste him. He knelt before Clark Kent and took him into his mouth. Pete
Ross sucked on Clark Kent's cpock. Clark had never gotten a blowjob before.
Pete sucked his cock and licked his balls. Clark moaned in pleasure. Pete
continued what he was doing until Clark came. Pete drank his cum and then
held Clark in his arms. The two of them looked at each other and grinned.
Clark Kent told Pete that he was ready for the main event.

Clark Kent lay on the bed. Pete Ross climbed on top of him. Pete Ross pushed
his cock against Clark's puckered asshole. Clark grunted when he felt Pete's
cock enter his asshole. Pete gripped Clark's hips with both hands and thrust
into him. His cock sank deep inside the other boy's ass. Pete began to pump
his cock inside Clark's ass. Clark moaned out loud and his body shook under
the force of Pete's thrusts. Pete started to really give it to him, thrusting
his tool hard and fast into Clark's welcoming, tight asshole. Pete grunted
and continued to drill his cock into Clark. Clark grimaced and began to
stroke his own cock. Pete slammed into him. Hard and fast. Clark urged him to
fuck him harder and faster and Pete obliged. He thrust as hard as he could.
As soon as he reached bottom, he pulled back almost all the way out, only to
plunge his cock right back inside Clark's ass. Clark welcomed the anal
onslaught. He loved having a big cock up his ass. Pete grunted and shouted
that he was about to cum. Clark reached out and pinched Pete's nipples. At
that moment, Pete cried out and came, his cock spitting up hot cum deep
inside Clark Kent's asshole. Clark screamed in pleasure as his lover's warm
seed filled him up.

Pete Ross pulled out of Clark Kent. Clark groaned. Pete lay against him.
Both of them were catching their breath. Pete kissed Clark on the lips. Clark
smiled. Wow ! He said. Pete grinned. He pulled a blanket over both of their
bodies. Clark Kent was just beginning to discover the joys of sex and Pete
Ross was glad to teach him. Clark Kent fell asleep in Pete Ross's arms. Pete
looked at his young lover as he slept. Clark Kent looked so beautiful. Pete
knew right then and there that there was no one he loved so much. He wanted
to be with Clark and only Clark. He hoped that they would be together
forever. He went to sleep with a smile on his face.

The End


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