Smallville: Discoveries Part 2 (mf)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Clark Kent sat in his Physics class. He was very bored. He was in the class
with twenty five other students. The young man was looking out of the window
and watched what was happening outside the classroom. His X-ray vision
enabled him to see things that ordinary humans couldn't see. Clark Kent
didn't see the people in the parking lot or the cars.

What he was looking for wasn't there. Clark Kent missed Pete Ross terribly.
It wasn't long ago that they became lovers. Clark had finally admitted to
himself that he was bisexual. Amazingly, so was his longtime best friend
Pete. All Clark wanted was an end to the loneliness he felt. He was the last
member of the Kryptonian race. He was an alien with super powers living among
humanity. Clark Kent had to live with a terrible secret. He was not human. He
feared that his townspeople might consider him a freak if they found out. He
didn't think that anyone could accept him just the way he was. Clark Kent
wasn't just a freak. He was the only one of his kind. There were other
super-powered people out there but Clark Kent was a genuine alien from outer
space. He was not human at all. He had never been human. Sometimes, that fact
alone scared him.

Clark looked at the people around him. Men and women leading their lives and
doing their thing. He was so different. He would never fit in. He thought
that he was doomed to a life of loneliness. Clark Kent had to struggle with
questions that ordinary humans didn't have to. If he was not human, did he
have a soul? Could he ever find someone to love and make love to that special
someone? What would happen when he died? Could he die? He wasn't sure. He was
invulnerable. Fire. Bullets. Cars. Blades. None of those things could hurt
him. He could run at super speed. He had seemingly limitless physical
strength. He could see through solid matter and shoot blasts of fire out of
his eyes. He was definitely not human. Maybe he couldn't die. How could he
die? If he remained away from the green Kryptonite, he just might live
forever. Clark Kent was not thrilled at the prospect of living forever.

He would outlive everyone he loved and find himself alone. Like a lonely and
forgotten god. A life of loneliness and emptiness. Clark Kent did not want
that. He had almost given up on love... until he hooked up with Pete Ross.
Pete Ross was his longtime best friend. They had recently become lovers.
Clark Kent had always known that he was bisexual. He just didn't think he
would ever have sex with anyone, period. Anyone he hooked up with would have
to be comfortable with the fact that he wasn't human. Clark had a hard time
imagining anyone accept him. Pete surprised him. Clark was so happy. At last,
he had found someone. His parents were gone for a week when he and Pete first
hooked up. Now, Pete was out of town and Clark was going nuts. He missed Pete
a lot. He wanted to hold him and make love to him. Daily masturbation seemed
boring to Clark after he had made passionate love with Pete. Pete was a
spectacular lover. Great body. And the dick of death. Clark couldn't get by
without him.

Clark did not notice that he was being looked at. The person looking at him
was none other than one of his best friends, Chloe Sullivan. Chloe was a
petite blonde girl with blue eyes. She was best friends with Pete Ross and
Clark Kent. Chloe had always had a thing for Clark Kent. She loved the young
man. Recently, much had been revealed to her. Clark Kent was an alien with
super powers. Wow! She had been shocked. The boy she loved was out of this
world. Literally! He could do so many things. He had super strength, super
speed and God knew how many other powers. Chloe Sullivan had surprised Clark
Kent - and herself - by being completely accepting. She loved Clark Kent that
much. She was willing to accept him for who and what he was. He had been
surprised. She knew what he thought. He thought that if he told her, she
might reveal his secret to the world. Chloe would never do that. She would
never do anything to Clark Kent. She only wanted him to be hers. He was the
cutest boy she knew and a great guy who liked helping people. He was a good
person. He had a cute butt. He liked her... though not to the extent that she
wanted him to. She could only hope that one day he would feel the same way
about her.

The bell rang and Clark Kent was the first one out of the door. Chloe
Sullivan hurried after him. She caught him in the hallway. "Hey, Clark." she

Clark looked at her and smiled. "Hey, Chloe." he said.

Chloe stared at his handsome face. It was so easy to get lost in those eyes
of his. God, she wanted him. She had to say something to him. Anything. She
asked him about classes. Everything was fine. He was one of the best students
at the school. She asked him how things were at home. He frowned. His parents
were still lovey-dovey with each other after their trip. He was sick of it.
Chloe laughed. She asked him what he was doing for the weekend and he told
her that he was free. Chloe smiled. Just what she wanted to hear! She told
him that she sucked at Trigonometry ( a total lie !) and needed his help to
prepare for a midterm. Ever the helpful gentleman, Clark told her that he
would come by to help her.

Chloe smiled and waved him bye. Clark stood there, watching her go. Chloe was
a very pretty girl, he realized. Why didn't she have a boyfriend? Clark once
more thought about Pete and grimaced. He hoped that Pete was missing him as
much as he did. He wished Pete would come back to Smallville. Pete was
currently in Florida. So far away from Kansas. Clark had to resist the urge
to run all the way to Miami at super speed. It might take him a few minutes
to get there. The only being faster than Clark Kent on planet Earth was that
kid Bart Allen. A snot-nosed, lovable brat who could run at the speed of
light. Clark first met him in Metropolis. Bart Allen was a thief. A cute
thief. Clark Kent missed him. Too bad Bart was strictly hetero. Hmm. Clark
rushed home and went to his room. He tried really hard to ignore the sound
of Jonathan and Martha Kent making love in their bedroom. Clark sighed. It
looked like everyone was getting some except for him.

Clark Kent felt bored still. He decided to go for a run. He took off at full
speed. In the blink of an eye, he left Smallville. He ran the sixty miles
that separated Smallville from Metropolis in two seconds. He left the state
of Kansas altogether in one minute. He ran from place to place. He pushed
himself to the limit. He raced atop Mount Rushmore, then sat on top of the
John Hancock Building and finally raced to the Blue Ridge mountains. That was
in North America. He went to the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. He swam in the
Gulf Stream and crossed the Atlantic. He ran in the Sahara and finally blazed
across Siberia by bounding over to Europe. Distance meant nothing to him at
all. When he pushed himself just a little, he could cover several thousand
miles in just a few minutes. He didn't know what his limit was. He went to
Greece and carved his name in the rocks of Mount Olympus. He went to Britain
and tossed pebbles inside Buckingham Palace. He raced in the banks of the
Hudson river. He went from continent to continent... all of this in half an

Clark Kent came back to Smallville. It was raining. He found himself not
exactly in a hurry to go home. He went to the Talon and saw Lana Lang on
a date with Jason Teague. He sighed. Lex Luthor was going out with Diana
Prince, a tall brunette who carried herself like a princess. Everyone was
doing their thing. It was okay for them. Clark was bored and he hated
being around lovebirds. He thought about doing something different. He
went to Chloe's house. He knocked on the door. Chloe's father was working
in Metropolis. She was home alone. That's why Clark Kent chanced showing
up there so late in the afternoon. Clark finished knocking and waited for
Chloe. Surely enough, she showed up at the door. She looked like a girl
interrupted. She wore a sleeveless black shirt, red shorts and her blonde
hair was tucked under a blue baseball cap. She looked cute, in a tomboyish
kind of way.

"Hi, Chloe." said Clark.

"Hey." she said, looking at him. "This is a surprise."

Clark smiled. "Can I come in, please?"

Chloe smiled. "Sure."

She stepped aside and let him come in. Clark stepped inside the Sullivan
household. Chloe led him into the living room. Clark was wet. Chloe took his
jacket and hung it up. He sat on the couch. Chloe had been watching tv. There
was a good Science Fiction movie on. Something about a giant snake hunting
down humans inside a massive complex. That guy from Ripley's starred in it.

"What brings you here?" Chloe asked. She was surprised to find Clark Kent at
her door.

"I just thought we could hang." Clark said.

He looked at Chloe. He had missed her. He wanted to talk to someone about
his relationship with Pete Ross but he didn't dare. Not even his parents knew
that he and Pete were secret lovers. Clark Kent kept that to himself. He had
seen enough homophobia at school. He didn't want to be treated like that.

Clark wondered what Chloe would think if she found out that he was bisexual.
She might not take the news very well. He knew that she liked her. He liked
her as well. He also liked Lana Lang, or used to. He felt torn inside. He
liked boys and he liked girls. He couldn't deal with it. He had made
passionate love with Pete but still found himself lusting after girls at
school. Damn! Chloe sat on the couch next to Clark. She was surprised by her
friend's visit but not exactly unhappy about it. She liked spending time with
Clark. He seemed conflicted tonight and she wanted to know why.

"What troubles you?" Chloe asked.

Clark Kent looked at her. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you." he said
sadly. Chloe offered him a brave smile. "I am different." he said. "I don't
want to be but I was born that way and I can't change."

Chloe looked at him. What was really bugging him? The fact that he was an
alien? She decided to reassure him. "Clark, I can handle anything you throw
at me." she said.

Clark grinned. "I'm not sure about that one, Chloe." he said.

Chloe licked her lips. "Come on, boy." she said. "You know you can trust me."
She almost added that she'd die before she let anything happen to him.
"What's your big secret?" Chloe asked. "You are an alien? That's cool." Clark
smiled. She paused. "Bisexual?"

Clark's eyes widened in shock. His mouth formed a shocked little "O." Chloe
stared at him.

"I got it right, didn't I?" Chloe asked, looking him in the eyes. Clark
looked at her.

"Yeah, Chloe." he said. "I'm bisexual."

Chloe swallowed hard. "And do you have a boyfriend?" she asked.

Clark shook his head. "Nope." he said.

Chloe frowned. "Do you have a girlfriend?"

Clark shook his head. "I'm afraid I don't have much experience." he told her

"Oh." said Chloe. She looked at Clark. He seemed tense.

"Now you know." he said.

Chloe was taking it all in. The gorgeous boy she loved liked both men and
women. He also didn't have any sexual experience to speak of. Chloe herself
had plenty of experience. She'd been with a lot of guys. A lot. She looked
at Clark... hungrily. "So, that's your big secret ?" she asked.

He nodded.

"Wanna know mine?" Chloe asked.

Clark hesitated. She took his hand. Chloe grinned and told him the words that
she had always wanted to tell him.

"I want you, Clark." Chloe said. "I don't care if you're bi, or related to
E.T. or if you started flying around in tights tomorrow."

Clark looked at her. Wow. He was surprised to discover that he had a friend
who accepted him no matter what. Chloe grinned at him.

"Oh, Chloe." he said.

He clasped her in his arms. Chloe sighed. She wanted to hold him forever.
Clark held her face in his hands. Chloe looked into his handsome visage. His
face was conflicted with raw emotion.

"Chloe...." he said. "Oh, Chloe."

Chloe touched his face. "Kiss me." she said. He hesitated for only the
briefest moment, then he kissed her.

Chloe put her arms around Clark. She drew him down with her on the couch.
Her arms touched him affectionately. They kissed passionately until they had
to come up for air. "I want you so bad." Chloe whispered.

Clark was surprised to find his body responding to her. He felt himself
harden against her. "I want you too." he told her.

They fell off the couch and onto the carpeted floor. They rolled around for
a few moments. Chloe found herself on top of Clark. Clark looked up at her.
Chloe looked so damn hot ! She was a sexy tomboy who straddled him. He
reached up and helped her remove her shirt. She didn't wear anything
underneath. He stripped her of her clothes. She did the same for him. They
tentatively touched each other's bodies. He looked so beautiful to her. She
wanted him so badly. He looked at her. She had a sexy body. He wanted to
take her, possess her and make her his.

Clark Kent looked at Chloe Sullivan. The girl looked so beautiful. She smiled
at him. "Take me." she said.

Her sexy ass pressed against his groin. Clark put his hands on her hips. He
watched her apply some lube between her butt cheeks. Chloe reached behind her
and grasped his cock in one hand. With the other hand, she spread her butt
cheeks as far as they would go. Her pink little asshole was exposed. Clark
felt his cock harden as she rubbed it against her anal entry. Chloe was
offering him her ass. She begged to be taken. Clark pressed his cock against
her asshole, and entered her with one firm thrust. Chloe gasped when she felt
Clark's cock inside her. She had rarely been fucked in the ass. His cock was
huge inside her lubricated asshole. She gritted her teeth. Clark pushed his
cock inside her. She pushed back against him. He thrust into her. He went in
slowly at first, then picked up speed. Clark had never been inside anyone
before. Chloe's ass felt so warm and tight around his cock. So wonderful. He
fucked her like this for a long time. She screamed. She cussed. He thrust. He
pulled out. He thrust back in again. She screamed. He came. She screamed.
Collapsed. He caught her. Pulled out. They lay on the foor. Spent.

Chloe Sullivan lay on the carpeted floor next to Clark Kent. She lay on her
back, her ass feeling sore from the fucking it had just endured. She was
recuperating. Clark lay next to her. She looked at him.

"How was it?" she asked.

He kissed her. "Great." he told her.

Chloe grinned. "For a former virgin, you took to fucking quite well."

Clark smiled. He picked her up and raced up the stairs with her. In the blink
of an eye, they were in her bedroom. "Ready for more?" he asked.

Chloe smiled. "I thought you'd never ask."

Clark reached for the light switch and turned it off. This was the beginning
of a very passionate night for both of them.

The End


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