Smallville: Divided We Fall Part 1 (mf)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Kal El stood atop a building. He looked at the vast starfield below that was
the city of Metropolis. The city was big. Kal El saw everything that went on
in the city. He was its supreme master.

Kal El looked at Kara. The beautiful blonde woman looked ravishing as always.
She had always been at his side. He recalled how, many years ago she had come
to the town of Smallville to liberate him. Back in those days, Kal El still
went by his human name of Clark Kent. He still lived with his adoptive
parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent. Kara came to the town and changed Clark
Kent's life forever. Kara was the super-powered agent used by Jor-El to put
his son Kal El on the right path. Clark Kent would have been content to live
the life of an ordinary man among the billions of humanity on planet Earth.
Jor-El knew that his son was meant for greater things.

That's why Jor-El used Kryptonian technology to transform a human girl named
Lindsey Harrison into the super-powered Krypto-human hybrid known as Kara
Zor-El. Kara Zor-El changed Clark Kent's life forever. She used Red
Kryptonite to turn him into Kal El, permanently. Kara Zor-El had many powers.
She could move at super speed. She was invulnerable. She could generate
massive amounts of pyrokinetic energy. She could also fly. Clark Kent had
always been hesitant to explore his Kryptonian heritage. He had superhuman
strength, super speed and invulnerability. He could also generate pyrokinetic
energy which shot out of his eyes in the form of optic beams. Heat vision.
His eyes could see through any solid surface except lead. Clark Kent had all
of these powers but his reluctance to fully explore his heritage resulted in
him being unable to fly. When Kara permanently changed him into Kal El, all
that changed.

Kal El had the confidence and ambition that Clark Kent lacked. Kal El was
ruthless and merciless. He respected nothing and had no allegiance to anyone
or anything. He saw the men and women of the world as sheep, ripe for
conquest. He was like a lion in the land of sheep. Like a god among men.
Humanity was easy prey for the might of a true Kryptonian. Kal El decided to
conquer the world. He left Smallville, flying out of the small town that some
part of him that was now gone once called home. Kal El descended like a
merciless predator upon the human race.

The nations of the world watched a young man endowed with amazing powers
soar through the heavens. He fought like no other. He defeated armies. He
singlehandedly defeated the U.S. Army and the Navy. His powers were far
beyond what they were used to facing. Kal El conquered the entire world by
himself in a single day. He flew around the world at the speed of light.
No airplane or man-made machine could match that feat.

At the end of the year 2004, Kal El of Krypton declared himself the Sovereign
of the Earth. Supreme authority over all things on the planet. No one could
oppose him. Kal El ruled the world from the hovering city of New Krypton. New
Krypton was a massive technological complex created by the Kryptonian
technology hidden inside the Kawatche Caves using raw materials harvested
from Earth. The Kryptonian technology had been activated the moment Kal El
began his conquest of the planet Earth.

Kal El ruled over the entire world. There was no earthly force that could
oppose him. He had his trusted Kara Zor-El by his side. Kara proved to be a
great help to Kal El. She was completely devoted to him and utterly loyal.
Kal El had to rule a world full of people who could not be trusted. The men
and women of the world were mostly a bunch of lying, stealing, treacherous,
backstabbing misfits. A selfish and cowardly lot. Humanity had its issues.
The men and women of the world did not get along with each other. There were
many issues to deal with. Kal El had his stuff to deal with. He was the
Sovereign of the Earth but humanity had begun to disgust him.

Sometimes, even a supreme ruler needed to get away.

Kal El took Kara into his arms. They kissed passionately. They hovered in the
air, facing each other. She came closer to him. They soared in the heavens.
She raced ahead of him and he was in hot pursuit. She flew fast. He flew
faster. Laughing, they chased each other across the skies. He caught up with
her and seized her into his arms. They dived toward the ground. Slammed hard
into the rocky floor of the San Fernando valley.

Kara lay underneath Kal El. She looked up at him. He was eager to conquer and
take. That's what he was. He was a conqueror and she wanted to be conquered.
She let him know how bad she wanted him. He took her right then and there.
Her naked body pressed against his. Her breasts pressed against his hairy
chest. Their bodies entwined. His cock slid inside her pussy. He thrust into
her. She gasped. Though they had made love countless times, it still felt
wondrous and different each time. Kryptonian males and females were highly
sexual beings. Kal El was ramming his cock inside her and she embraced his
masculine form as he made love to her. Hard and fast. They went at it for
hours before he came inside her and they simultaneously reached nirvana.
Their screams of pleasure echoed across the valley. Kal El and Kara Zor-El
lay on the floor of the valley. They were embraced, enjoying each other's
company. At long last, Kal El was at peace.

This marked the twenty fifth year of the Ascent of Kal El as the Sovereign of
the Earth. Kal El and Kara Zor-El were benefactors of Kryptonian DNA living
under a Yellow Sun. They were more than superhumans. They were impervious to
harm. They did not need to eat or drink. They did not grow old or get sick.
Under the golden sun of the Earth's solar system, they had the potential to
live forever

Not everyone on the planet Earth was happy with two super-powered aliens
ruling the world. There was a revolution underway. The revolution was headed
by none other than Pete Ross and his wife, Chloe Sullivan. They were the
leaders of the E.L.A. or Earth Liberation Army. The E.L.A. were freedom
fighters fighting against the forces allied with the Kryptonian dictator
known as Kal El. Kal El had destroyed the town of Smallville along with
everyone in it just to prove a point to the world. He had killed his parents,
along with Lana Lang, the girl he once loved. Kal El did not fear the E.L.A.
He did not even bother with them. He had bigger fish to fry. Kal El was
looking for something called the Anti Life Equation, which was hidden
somewhere inside the Earth. The Anti Life Equation was something that the
Kryptonian machine told him about once ago. The source of all power.

The E.L.A. infiltrated the stronghold of Kal El. They came in wielding
advanced weapons and Green and Orange Kryptonite. The Kryptonite weakened Kal
El. Just as the leader of the Earth Liberation Army prepared to kill him,
something happened. The Green Kryptonite cleansed Kal El's body of the Red
Kryptonite that turned him into a malevolent and ruthless fiend. The Kal El
persona vanished along with the last of the Red Kryptonite. Something odd
happened alright. Kal El's body split into two physically identical bodies.
Two whole yet separate entities arose from the remains of Kal El. One was the
violent and destructive primal side. The other was the intellectual side.
Something unlike either Clark Kent or Kal El, yet a little bit of both.

The primal side called himself Ma-El, the Dark One. He looked exactly like
Kal El. He was completely without morals or rules. All he understood was
the instinct to kill. The Dark One used his powers to destroy the complex
that Kal El once called home and killed most of the humans inside it. Ma-El
wanted to destroy the entire human race. His hatred for the humans was
all-consuming. The other one called himself Tor-El, the Gentle One. Tor-El
was completely intellectual and utterly above the baser side of his nature.
Kal El of Krypton was gone. Out of his remains, two superbeings with
different personalities and abilities rose.

Ma-El had the ability to become pure flame. He could fly at amazing speeds.
He could also manipulate matter and energy through his will alone. He was
destructive and malevolent and vowed to scorch the entire world. He took off
into the heavens, bearing bad tidings for the men and women of the Earth.
Tor-El was completely different. He was highly intelligent but also gentle
and well-meaning. He was above pettiness, unlike Ma-El. Those two superbeings
were the heirs of Kal El.

The world learned that Kal El had died. Or so they thought. Ma-El showed
up on the floating city of New Krypton. He had a meeting with Kara Zor-El.
Kara was surprised. Ma-El looked exactly like Kal El. Still, there was a
pronounced difference between them. Kal El wanted to rule the world. He
wanted to restore Krytonian culture on Earth. Ma-El wanted wanton and
gratuitous violence and mayhem everywhere he went. He did not care for
conquest. All he wanted was death and destruction. He had all the knowledge
of Kal El inside his mind. Kara Zor-El bravely opposed Ma-El but the Dark
One was too strong even for her. He overpowered her and used Green Kryptonite
to render her powerless. He placed her inside a sarcophagus and teleported
it at the heart of the sun. Kara Zor-El was no more. Ma-El decided to figure
out the Anti Life Equation and use its power to destroy the human species.

The Earth Liberation Army had captured Tor-El. Rather, the mysterious being
had allowed himself to be taken. Tor-El was something else. He looked exactly
like Ma-El and thus exactly like Kal El and his alter ego, Clark Kent. His
abilities were different, of course. He could fly. He was invulnerable. Like
Ma-El, he was immune to all varieties of Kryptonite. He had the ability to
read minds. He could teleport anywhere at will. The E.L.A. had taken him
inside a top secret underground complex. The alien peacefully complied with
everything that they asked. They wanted to know so many things.

There was a lot that Tor-El wanted to tell them. He wanted to tell them that
at some point in their lives, all Kryptonians underwent a psychological and
mental Schism. A division of self. It was a rite of passage. Eventually, all
of the divided selves would either merge or die out until only one remained.
The last remaining self would inherit the abilities of all the others and
emerge as a being of awesome power and intellect worthy of joining the
collective of Krypton.

Of course, the humans would not understand the process and would probably
try to stop it if they could do. Tor-El would tell them nothing. Already two
halves of the Last Son of Krypton had been killed off. Clark Kent and Kal El.
Tor-El knew that the foolish Ma-El would burn out his energy and die out,
leaving him Tor-El as the last surviving "self". Tor-El would inherit all of
the powers and abilities of the quadruple being that was the Son of Jor-El
and Lara. He would be supreme and free to leave the warren that humanity
called home.


Until then, he would sit tight and play along with the humans. They were so
primitive that they could not tell that he was up to something. Inferior
intelligence as well as physical ability was mankind's weakness. Tor-El
promised himself that when the Schism was over, he would travel to better
worlds and acquire the necessary knowledge and power to restore Krypton on
a better place.

To be continued


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