Smallville: Erotic Holiday Stories (mf)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Metropolis, USA.
2299 A.D.

Kal-El of Krypton stood at Metropolis Cemetery, where the Grave of Chloe
Sullivan was. The whole world knew of Superman the many great things he had
done for humanity. No one knew of Chloe Sullivan. No one remembered her.
Well, no one except the man who now stood at her tombstone. The man sat
there, remembering what once was. It had been a long time since he thought
about these things, yet they were never far from his mind.

Anyone looking at him in that moment would have seen a tall, good-looking man
in his early thirties. He wore a black leather jacket over a red shirt, blue
jeans and boots. Although he appeared young, the man who softly whistled in
the night air was quite old. Kal-El was several hundred years old.
Kryptonians aged very slowly when they lived under a Yellow Sun. Kal-El had
no idea how long he would live under Earth's sun but his lifespan was now
measured in tens of thousands of years, not mere decades like the other
mortals who lived on the planet. The Last Son of Krypton had outlived
everyone he once knew.

He remembered all that once was, though. He remembered growing up in
Smallvillle, Kansas. He remembered Jonathan and Martha Kent, his parents. He
remembered Lex Luthor, his one-time friend and lifelong rival. Pete Ross, his
best friend. Lana Lang, his first love. He also remembered other people who
had meant a lot to him. Bart Allen, the free-spirited teenager who grew up to
be the Flash, the fastest being in the universe. He remembered Arthur Curry,
the Aquaman. He remembered the sometimes annoying yet unforgettable Lois
Lane, the woman he almost married. He remembered his days at Metropolis
University, where he met professor Milton Fine, who turned out to be the
super-powered sentient Kryptonian robotic entity known as Brainiac. He
remembered the first time he met other survivors from the planet Krypton, the
male known as Nam-Ek and the female known as Aethyr. They had been hellbent
on conquering the planet Earth and he'd been forced to imprison them inside
the Phantom Zone.

He remembered it all....

Most of all, he remembered the woman who meant so much to him. Chloe
Sullivan. He remembered their friendship while they were teenagers in
Smallville. He remembered taking her to the prom. He remembered the time
when she'd discovered that he was an alien, and the lengths she had gone
to in order to protect him. She was a unique woman. The one he ended up
marrying. Chloe Sullivan had been there for him for a long time before
he fell in love with her. Of course, she'd been in love with him forever.
Kal-El smiled when he remembered those days when he still called himself
Clark Kent. He remembered he and Chloe's first Christmas as a couple....

294 Years Before...

Clark Kent soared through the heavens above Metropolis. He flew through the
skies, wearing a red jacket over a blue shirt and gray jeans. He hadn't
planned on staying in the city that long. It was December 23, 2005 and the
young man wanted to make it home in time. He didn't want to think about what
could happen at the farm when he wasn't there. His sense of responsibility
was that strong. He'd been busy with finals lately. Journalism was a lot
tougher major than he thought it would be...

Clark Kent had been all set for returning to Smallville that day. His parents
were currently in New York, visiting Martha Kent's sister and her kids. Clark
would be alone in Smallville. This would be his first Christmas alone. He was
done with his finals but something kept him. Bart Allen had shown up on
campus. Clark Kent hadn't seen "brat" Allen since the kid left Smallville,
running faster than even Clark could follow. Bart came to ask Clark for help.
Apparently, two flying super-beings were wreaking havoc in Los Angeles. The
LAPD and the U.S. Army were powerless to stop them. Clark had a sinking
suspicion he knew who those beings were. When Bart described them, he knew.
Somehow, the Kryptonian female known as Aethyr and her lover, Nam-Ek had
escaped from the inter-dimensional maze known as the Phantom Zone....

Clark Kent and Bart Allen went to Los Angeles as fast as they could. Bart
beat Clark by ten seconds. When they arrived there, they found that Beverly
Hills was in ruins. Nam-Ek had grabbed a ten-ton truck and hurled it at an
LAPD squad car, trapping two police officers underneath. Clark Kent rushed
to the scene and lifted the truck from the squad car, freeing the cops from
it. Aethyr was carrying cars and their passengers hundreds of feet into the
air and dropping them from that altitude. Killing them. Clark saw her, and
watching the massacre she was causing angered him. He triggered one of his
Kryptonian powers, Heat Vision, and blasted her out of the sky.

Aethyr howled in pain as a blast of super-hot energy slammed into her. She
fell from the sky like a stone. A mile away, Nam-Ek saw her fall. He rushed
to her aid, but he was intercepted by Bart Allen, who could move faster than
any Kryptonian. The young Flash struck at the dark-skinned Kryptonian male a
hundred times with his hands and feet. Although the Flash was faster, Nam-Ek
was invulnerable. He caught Bart in his grip, and hurled the young Speedster
a hundred feet into the air. Bart kicked his legs in circular motion at high
speed in the air, creating a whirlwind which he rode down until his feet
safely touched the ground. Clark Kent blasted Aethyr with more Heat Vision
beams but this time, the female Kryptonian was ready. She grabbed a car and
hurled it at Clark. Clark caught the oncoming vehicle and hurled it right
back at its sender, knocking Aethyr off her feet. Now that she was down,
Clark went after Nam-Ek.

Nam-Ek struck Clark Kent with his fist. Dazed, Clark flew back. Nam-Ek struck
him again and again. Each earth-shattering blow was weakening Clark Kent.
The young Kryptonian flew away, then charged Nam-Ek. He body-slammed the
dark-skinned Kryptonian in mid-air. Nam-Ek screamed in agony and doubled
over. Clark Kent grabbed him and threw him into the skies. Aethyr flew after
her lover, and caught him before he could slam into a large building. Clark
Kent rushed toward them, but Bart Allen beat him to it. The young Flash
rushed at the Kryptonian couple as they touched the ground. Clark watched.
Even though Bart was super-fast, he couldn't take them on. They were stronger
than him and damn near indestructible. Then he saw what Bart had in his hand.
The young Flash held a gun. Clark scanned the gun with his X-Ray vision, and
saw that there were emerald bullets inside. Kryptonite! Clark watched as Bart
fired. Aethyr and Nam-Ek didn't even bother dodging the bullets. They'd been
shot before and bullets couldn't kill them. They didn't know that these
weren't ordinary bullets.

Clark watched as Bart Allen riddled Aethyr and Nam-Ek with bullets. The two
Kryptonians were shocked as they felt sharp pain in their bodies instead of
feeling the bullets bounce off them. They screamed in pain and went down.
Bart Allen shot them again and again until they lay still. Clark Kent sped
toward him. He stood next to Bart. The young Flash looked at him. Clark
didn't know what to say. He knew that there was no other way to stop two
rampaging Kryptonians but he didn't feel good about watching them die. Bart
Allen told Clark that he did what he had to do, then he sped away. Clark
Kent stayed behind to help the LAPD and the Fire Department rescue the
victims of Aethyr and Nam-Ek. When he was done, it was nightfall. He had to
return to Smallville...


Clark Kent flew back to his hometown. When he got back to the Kent Farm, he
sighed. This Christmas was gonna be tough without his parents. He walked
through the front door, and got the surprise of a lifetime....

Before him, clad in red bra and panties, wearing a red Santa's hat, was Chloe
Sullivan. "Surprise, Clark! "she said.

Clark gasped. "Chloe!" He stood there, shocked. He hadn't expected her to be
in his house, and especially not dressed like this. His ex-girlfriend Lana
Lang had gone to Europe to be a supermodel. Clark had been depressed but
Chloe had been there for him. A few weeks ago, he and Chloe shared a kiss in
the Caves. He discovered that he had feelings for her and they started going
out. Boyfriend and girlfriend. He still wouldn't have expected....this.

Chloe stood a few feet away from him, her hands on her sexy hips. "So, do you
like your surprise?" She asked.

"Yeah," Clark said.

Chloe grinned. This was the boy she loved. Her Clark. The one she would do
anything for. "Kiss me then."

Clark Kent pulled Chloe Sullivan into his arms and kissed her. They held each
other like this for a long time.

"Miss me?" Chloe said.

"Oh, yeah." Clark agreed.

She took his hand and led him to the living room. He could smell something
terrific. He looked at the garnished table.

"You made all this?" He asked.

"Yeah," said Chloe. She smiled. "There's a lot you don't know about me."

Clark looked past her, at the sweet-smelling turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy
and wine on the table. He looked at the basket of breads. "Wow," he said.

Chloe grinned. "You like it?"

Clark looked at her and he was amazed. Chloe was a wonderful woman. "I'm
hungry," he said.

"Help yourself, stud." Chloe replied.

Clark grinned. "Not hungry for food, Chloe. Hungry for you."

Chloe looked at him. "In that case, come to bed."

Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan rushed into Clark's bedroom and hurriedly
undressed each other. They stood almost naked, and faced each other. Chloe
looked at Clark. He was so beautiful. She'd wanted him for so long. "God, I
want you," Clark said.

Chloe could feel her heart thundering in her chest. The moment she had waited
so long for had finally come. "I love you, Clark." she said.

"Love you too, Chloe," Clark said.

They fell on the bed. He kissed her. She kissed him. Their naked forms
entwined. They kissed. Embraced. They began to make love to each other. He
entered her. She welcomed his manhood inside her female body. He thrust. She
met his thrusts with passionate thrusts of her own. She felt him deep inside
her. Finally, they were one. Just like she'd always wanted. They went at it
tenderly, then picked up the pace. Harder and faster. They made love.
Passionately. Intensely. They fucked. Hard. Fast. Finally, he came inside
her. Filled her with his essence. Their passionate screams of pleasure filled
the air.

Clark Kent lay on his bed, in Chloe's arms. The young man slept with a smile
on his face. The young lady who lay next to him did not sleep. She looked at
him. Her joy was extreme. How could it not be ? She had just made love to the
boy she loved, and he actually loved her back ! After all these years of
waiting, frustrated and alone, she finally got to have the man of her dreams.
He was with her. Hers and no one else's. Gently, she kissed his forehead.

"Sleep well, Clark, my love." she said. "We've got the rest of our lives to
spend with each other."

Metropolis, USA.
2299 A.D.

Kal-El smiled. After all this time, he still remembered. Chloe Sullivan
really did give him the rest of her life. They got married right out of
college and moved into an apartment together in Metropolis. They lived
together until Chloe was forty years old. That's when she died. She wasn't
sick. There was no foul play. She simply went to sleep, and did not wake
up. After Chloe's death, all of Clark Kent's ties with the human world
were gone. All the people he cared about were gone. He had known a lot of
happiness while Chloe was in his life. When she died, Clark Kent of
Smallville died as well. Kal-El of Krypton remained. Kal-El left the
planet Earth and went on a journey to explore the cosmos. He saw countless
wonders. Sometimes, he would return to Earth. He would always visit the
site of Chloe Sullivan's grave, next to his parents. The Last Son of
Krypton looked up from his dear wife's tombstone and looked up at the
rising sun. He smiled. And flew away.

The End


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