Smallville: Flash Tales (mf,preg)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Clark Kent lay in his bed. He was quite bored and had nothing to do. His
parents were out of town on one of their little trips. He was all by his
lonesome. Normal parents might feel uneasy about leaving their teenage son
in the house by himself for a week but Clark Kent wasn't a normal teenager.
He didn't have normal parents either. He had great parents. The young man
stared at the wall. He didn't see the blue wall itself. He could see right
through it, the beauty of X-ray vision. Clark Kent was a young man born with
exceptional powers.

He was the last surviving member of a human-like alien race known as the
Kryptonians. His Kryptonian name was Kal-El. When Kal-El's world died, his
biological parents sent him out on a spaceship. They sent the ship in the
stars. It landed on the planet Earth. It was found by Jonathan and Martha
Kent who raised Kal-El as their own and renamed him Clark Kent. Clark Kent
was a super-powered being, in spite of looking like a normal human. He had
super strength. He had super speed. He was invulnerable. He could fly. He
could see through solid matter. He could emit invisible blasts of fire from
his eyes and burn anything he wished to ash in a matter of moments. Clark
had all of those powers but he sometimes wished he didn't.

He felt quite alone. Being a super-powered guy had its perks but it also
had its downside. Clark Kent was forced to live with a secret. Most people
couldn't be trusted with his secret. The only people who knew were his
parents, and his best friends, Pete Ross and Chloe Sullivan. Other than
that, Clark Kent kept to himself. He was just a recent graduate of
Smallville high school headed to Kansas State University on a Academic
Scholarship next fall.

Summer was here and Clark Kent was bored, and alone. He was still lying in
bed when a red blur startled him. Clark Kent found himself staring into the
face of Bart Allen. The Fastest Kid On Earth.

"Hi, Clark." Bart said. "What's up?"

Clark looked at Bart. "Hey, buddy."

Bart grinned. "Man, I must have scared you shitless."

Clark got up. "Did not."

Bart Allen smiled mockingly. "Did too."

Clark laughed and shook his friend's hand. "How have you been?"

Clark took a good look at Bart Allen. Bart Allen stood five feet ten inches
tall, slim, with blond hair and pale blue eyes. He was a good-looking guy.
Unfortunately, he was also a pessimist and a prankster. When they first met,
Clark Kent and Bart Allen hadn't been friends. Bart had stolen Jonathan
Kent's wallet and then saved his life before taking off at the speed of
light. Clark Kent tracked him down to Metropolis but Bart proved to be too
fast to catch. He would return to Smallville and steal Lex Luthor's prized
painting. Clark would attempt to reason with the impatient and angst-ridden
Bart. Bart would try to mess him up with Kryptonite but in the end, Bart
ended up saving Clark's life and gaining a new lease on life. Since that
day, Clark hadn't heard of him. Bart had taken off at speeds not even Clark
could follow.

Clark Kent looked at his young friend. "What do you want to do?" He asked.

Bart smiled maliciously. "Let's chill."

With that, he took off. Clark groaned and took off after him. Bart ran out of
the farm and then started really speeding up, going from zero to two hundred
miles per hour in two seconds. Clark ran after him. Bart ran and Clark chased
him. They hit the highway and then headed to Metropolis. They got there ten
seconds after leaving the Kent farm. Bart and Clark stood inside a hotel

"What is this place?" Clark asked.

Bart looked at him. "My room for the weekend, feel free to share it." Clark
laughed. Bart was serious. Bart sat on the bed. "Come sit next to me." He

Clark hesitated, then joined Bart on the bed. Bart grabbed the remote and
clicked on the tv.

"We've got over a thousand channels, dude. MTV. TNT. The Hot Network.
Anything you want. Knock yourself out."

Clark smiled. He lay on the bed and relaxed. This bed was awfully comfy. He
closed his eyes. He had fun while chasing Bart. The kid had a way of getting
on his nerves but in the end, all usually went well.

Bart sat next to Clark. He looked at the young man who lay next to him. Clark
looked so beautiful. Bart smiled. He wished he had Clark's black hair. The
dude had the looks of a Greek god. Bart wished he looked like that. He wished
he could be more like Clark. No, he wished he could be Clark. Clark had a
family that loved him. Clark was a respected member of the Smallville
community. Bart Allen was a runaway. He stole money for a living. Super
powers or not, he wasn't half the man that Clark Kent was. Bart Allen admired
Clark, in more ways than one. Ever since Bart broke up with his girlfriend
Diane, he felt a bit off. He felt lonely these days. That's why he went to
Smallville to visit Clark Kent. Bart Allen relaxed and lay on the bed. He
remembered how he met Diana Prince, Princess of the Amazon Nation...

Bart Allen left Smallville a few months ago. He was glad to have met Clark.
The dude was cool, even thoug he was a major boy scout. Bart decided he
liked him. Like he promised Clark, he went around the world looking for
super-powered men and women. He met a few. Some were okay. Others were scary.
Bart Allen met Peter Parker, a guy with spider-like powers in New York City.
Peter Parker was the costumed superhero known as Spiderman. Bart went to the
Bronx and met Peyton Westlake, the half-mad, face-less, master of disguise
known as the DarkMan. Peter Parker a.k.a Spiderman was a nice guy. He
reminded Bart of Clark. Peyton Westlake was a scary maniac. Bart left the
Bronx in a haste and went to Westchester. That's where he met a middle-aged
bald man who could read minds. The man called himself Charles Xavier and he
was the founder of Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters. Bart was given a
tour of the place. It turns out that the School was a training facility for
young mutants. Bart hung out with the X-Men, Xavier's top students, for
awhile. He liked hanging out with Logan, the rough-and-tough macho man with
the metal claws who called himself Wolverine. He also liked Jean Grey, the
sexy redhead who could move objects with her mind. Unfortunately, Jean Grey
liked Scott Summer, a pretty-faced dumb-ass with optic blasts coming out of
his eyes. Bart didn't stick with the X-Men too long. He would have liked to
stay but sensed that their destinies were too different. He went to Atlanta
and hung out with a guy named Thor. Thor was a tall, beefy blond guy with
the powers of super strength and flight. He also had a mean-looking hammer.
Thor thought himself the reincarnation of a long-dead Germanic Thunder God.
Talk about loony. After seeing him in action, Bart was beginning to believe
him. Thor hung out with a superhero team called the Avengers. Bart hung with
them a little bit but he didn't like Quicksilver, a guy who thought he could
outrun Bart Allen himself!!!

Bart was beginning to tire of meeting super-powered types who wanted him to
join their teams. He wasn't exactly the kind of guy who went for that sort
of thing. For fun, he decided to run on water. He'd never tried it before
running into Clark Kent in Metropolis. He ran on the sea and found himself
someplace he never thought he would be. He found himself on the mythical
Island of Themyscira, Home of the legendary Amazon Nation. Basically, Bart
found himself on an island full of female warriors. There were no men on the
island. Bart laughed when he found that out. He was brought before the Queen
of the Amazons, the beautiful but bitchy Hyppolita. The Amazons were under
the impression that Bart Allen was a Greek God. They thought he was Hermes,
the Greek God of Speed and Commerce. Being a natural bad boy, Bart went along
with the game. He pretended to be the messenger of Hera, Queen of the Gods.
He was treated as an honored guest and had some fun, until he met Diana
Prince, daughter of Hyppolita and the greatest warrior among the Amazons.
Bart was smitten the moment he met her. Diana Prince stood six feet tall,
athletic, with long black hair and pale blue eyes. Her skin was light bronze.
She wore a crimson robe that made her look so sexy. Bart Allen had fallen in
lust with a beautiful woman of immortal birth. Unfortunately, she had been
raised in an island full of women and didn't know the ways of men. Bart Allen
was glad to teach her.

Bart Allen remembered how fascinated Diana had been with him. She was such
an innocent girl. So pretty. None of the women on the island had seen a man
in centuries. Most of them were lesbians. Diana Prince was still a virgin
when he met her. They became friends. The Amazons were blessed by Olympus.
Eternally young and healthy. After Diana got to know Bart and fell in love
with him, she confessed that she didn't want to spend eternity without
knowing a man's touch. Bart Allen was glad to oblige. One night, Diana
Prince snuck into his chambers on the Temple of Zeus. Bart Allen came out of
the shower naked and found the naked young Amazon on his bed.

"I want you." She said.

"I know." Bart smiled.

He embraced her. They kissed passionately. He gently kissed her lips and
caressed her face, her neck and her back. He gently massaged her. He licked
her breasts and sucked on them. He kissed a path down from her chest to her
groin. She gasped when he buried his face between her legs and started to
eat her out. His tongue slipped inside her, followed by his nimble fingers.
He licked her pussy and fingered her. He tasted her wetness. She cried out
in pleasure. An orgasm shook her whole body. Bart Allen held her in his arms
until the feeling subsided. She rested in his arms. She looked at him with
eyes full of wonder. She took his erect manhood in her hand.

"Put it in me." She said.

Bart smiled. He positioned her so that she lay on her back with a pillow
underneath her. His hard cock pressed against her pelvis. He looked at her.
She nodded. He entered her in one swift thrust. Diana gasped when she felt
his cock enter her. He pumped his cock inside her. He fucked her, slow and
steady at first and when she begged him for more, he fucked her harder and
faster. They fucked and sucked the night away until their bodies got too
tired and they fell asleep.

The next morning, when Diana Prince woke up, Bart Allen served her breakfast
in his bed. Often, Bart would leave his lovers right after the act but this
time was different. He really cared for her. Later in the day, they went
horseback riding. He took her on his back and ran all over the world with
her. He showed her places where she'd never been. The Island of the Amazons
was hidden from the normal world by the magic of the Gods. Bart Allen's
super-speed powers enabled him to break through the inter-dimensional barrier
created by the Olympian Gods to prevent the Amazons from leaving their world.
Diana Prince was smitten with Bart. Bart Allen loved her. He'd never been in
love before. He really cared about her. Everyday they ate together, played
together and went to the beach or the river. He loved watching her engage in
wrestling matches against the other girls and come out on top. Bart clapped
louder than anyone present at the matches. He loved this woman. She was a
champion! Bart Allen was weighed down by a secret, though. He wondered what
Diana would say if she found out that he wasn't a deity. What would she think
if she figured out that he was a fraud ? He wasn't one of the eternal Gods of
Mount Olympus. He wasn't even an immortal. He was just a regular guy who got
transformed into a super-speedster by a freak accident on a stormy night.
Bart longed to tell his beloved those secrets but unfortunately, he lacked
the courage. Like all secrets, his would come out sooner or later.

And it did. The Amazons were beginning to get suspicious of Bart Allen. He
had super powers but they sensed that he wasn't an immortal. He was a mutated
human, not a magical being. Hyppolita was visited by the Greek God of War,
Ares. Ares came to the Island in his black chariot pulled by black dogs the
size of elephants. Ares was an imposing figure. He was seven feet tall,
black-haired and green-eyed. He wore a black and red armor. He was one of
the sons of Zeus, King of the Gods. Ares was returning from a battle with
Hercules and Iolaus, two of the greatest heroes of the ancient world. Ares
had beaten Hercules unconscious and sent his body down to the Underworld.
Zeus would not permit Ares to kill Hercules, who was his son as well as a
demigod but Ares locked Hercules anyway. It would be a long time before the
still-living Hercules freed himself from the Underworld. The Amazons rejoiced
at the news of the defeat of Hercules. The Strongman, as they called him had
once defeated an Amazon champion, the legendary Moctod in combat. The Amazons
welcomed Ares. Ares spotted Bart Allen and immediately denounced him as a
fraud. "This isn't Hermes, ladies. This is a mutated mortal!"

The Amazons rose up in rage against Bart Allen. The Speedster decided that it
was time to leave. Unfortunately, he couldn't leave without Diana. Diana was
present when the God of War denounced him.

"You lied to me, for months!" Diana cried out.

Bart looked at the pained expression on the beautiful face of the girl he
loved. "I wanted to tell you," he said. "I'm sorry."

Diana wouldn't even look at him.

The Amazons moved to apprehend Bart. He was distracted, busy looking at the
crestfallen Diana Prince. Ares decided to end it once and for all. He hurled
an energy ball at Bart. Bart didn't see it coming. Diana Prince did. Bravely,
the Amazon princess leapt before the boy she loved and shielded him with her
body. The divine energy ball struck her instead. She fell, dead. Bart Allen
cried out and grasped his beloved's body in his arms. He looked at Ares.

"You evil bastard!" He yelled. "You killed her!"

Ares shrugged. He didn't care. He readied another energy ball to kill Bart.
Bart didn't care anymore. Diana Prince was dead. Because of him. He didn't
want to live anymore. The God of War got ready to kill the Fastest Being In
the Universe. He never got the chance. The Amazons attacked him. As a God,
Ares was immensely powerful. He hurled fireball after fireball at the
Amazons, killing many of them. The Amazons had eternal youth and health
granted by the Olympians. They would never grow old or get sick but they
could still be killed. As Bart clutched Diana's body in his arms, many
Amazons died at the hands of the God of War. Bart stared at the evil God.
He couldn't allow this to happen. Not to Diana's people. Bart Allen summoned
the incredible powers he'd been cursed with since the freak lightning
accident. He moved faster than ever before. He moved so fast that he was
out of synch with space and time. He moved so fast that he created a portal
through space and time. A portal that appeared right behind Ares. The God
of War didn't notice the portal. The energies unleashed by Bart were
swirling. Bart leapt at Ares and pushed him into the portal. They vanished
from the Island of the Amazons...

When Bart woke up, he was on the beach near the sea. He knew where he was.
Or, specifically, when he was. Somehow, he had traveled back in time. He was
back to that final hour before he began the trip that would take him to the
Island. He looked at the sea. He knew that beyond the horizon was the
mythical and invisible Island of the Amazons. He knew what he had to do. He
felt like running. He felt like going beyond the limits. He didn't. He knew
that if he ran on the water, he'd get to the island and meet Diana. He'd
fall for her. She would fall for him. Their forbidden love would bring about
disaster for the Amazon people and the Olympian Gods. Bart Allen made the
hardest decision he ever had to make. He chose not to go to the island where
he knew he would find true love. He chose to remain on the mainland. He would
never meet Diana. She would never fall for him. Ares would never kill her.
The Amazon Nation would be safe from the wrath of the War God. Bart Allen
thought about Diana Prince. He saw her smiling face in his mind. He smiled.
Somewhere out there, she was alive and well.

Bart Allen was snapped out of his reverie by Clark Kent. Clark Kent had
gotten up from the bed and looked at him. "Wanna go for a quick run?" He

"Where to?" Bart asked, stretching as he got up from the bed.

"Any place you want to go."

Bart Allen smiled. "Really..."

A flash of red and he was gone, leaving Clark Kent standing there, dazed.
Clark ran out of the room, down into the hotel and into the street. He saw
Bart miles away, on the city limits. Bart knew Clark could see and hear him
well across the distance.

"Hey, slow poke." Bart laughed. "Try to keep up." He smirked. "See you in

Clark watched as Bart Allen ran at super speed. At this rate, he'd be in
Atlanta in minutes. Clark Kent looked up at the sky. He smiled. With that,
he took off into the air. He flew high into the sky, until he was miles
above the city. He could see Bart Allen running on the road. Bart saw him

"Hey, no fair!" He cried out.

Clark laughed and flew even faster. "Hey, Bart." He grinned. "Try to keep

The End


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