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Smallville: Girl Going Crazy (FF,ff,anal,mc,drugs)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Martha Kent is a woman of extraordinary talent and courage. She is the
beloved wife of Jonathan Kent and adoptive mother of Clark Kent, the young
man who would one day become Superman. Many think of her as a stay-at-home
mom and homemaker. There's always more to people than meets the eye. Martha
Kent is no exception. Most people have at least two sides to themselves.
Here is a tale about Martha Kent's "other" side.

Genevieve Teague is a woman of many talents. She has come to Smallville
with her son Jason Teague in search of the Crystals of Power. The Crystals
belonged to Isabel the Witch, a powerful woman from the past. Isabel had
been destroyed by an ancester of the current Teague dynasty. Genevieve knew
the Crystals were in Smallville. She has witnessed many things since she
came to that small town. She knew that somewhere in this town lived an alien
being that masqueraded as human. A being of great power. This warrior from
another world was fated to become a champion of justice on Earth, provided
he could survive the onslaught of evil in Smallville. Genevieve thought this
alien hero was Clark Kent, but she couldn't prove it yet. She knew that
Isabel the Witch had come back and taken over the mind and body of her
descendant, the beautiful Lana Lang. Genevieve Teague knew that Isabel the
Witch and the Alien Hero had clashed recently. She wanted to get the Crystals
and use them to gain power for herself and her family. That's why she was in

For the past few hours, Genevieve Teague had been observing the Kent
farm. Today, she needed to find out what the Kents knew about the Crystals.
Genevieve had some talent with chemicals and drugs. She had waited for the
perfect opportunity to get to her foes. Clark Kent and his father, Jonathan
Kent were out of town. They were all the way in Metropolis, visiting
colleges. Genevieve knew that Martha Kent would be alone. Well, she was
kinda wrong about that. Martha Kent had a few guests. Some female friends
of the young Clark Kent. Genevieve observed their arrival at the Kent farm.
Lana Lang. Lois Lane. Chloe Sullivan. Genevieve had concocted a special drug
and unleashed it against the farm. It was an odorless gas meant to affect
the minds of people. They were supposed to render even the strongest-willed
people extremely malleable. Genevieve wanted to go in there, learn what
Martha Kent and her young female friends knew and then use another drug to
make them forget everything. That's what her plan was. Unfortunately, as
many bad men and bad women have learned, when dealing with any member of
the Kent family, luck tended to desert you if you wished them harm.

Martha Kent sat in her house. Her husband and son had recently left in the
truck to go to Metropolis. She was home alone. She was watching television
when she heard a knock on her door. She opened and found herself surprised.
Lana Lang, Lois Lane and Chloe Sullivan were at her doorstep. They were
hanging out together and thought they'd come by and say hi. Martha Kent was
pleasantly surprised. She led them to the living room and they sat down for
a chat. Martha couldn't take her eyes off them. These girls had really
changed. They were young women now. Very beautiful young women. Especially
Lana Lang. Hmm.

Sometimes, Martha Kent had a few stray sexual thoughts about members of her
own gender. She never told anyone about this, of course. Martha Kent loved
her husband Jonathan. She loved him with all her heart. She loved the life
they had together and the son they raised. She still had some latent bisexual
feelings that she hadn't explored since she met him. Back in college, Martha
Kent had a fling with one of her professors, Katherine Cornell.

Katherine Cornell was a married lady back then. She had a husband and three
kids. She was very much interested in Martha. She was the first woman Martha
Kent ever slept with. Back in those days, Martha Kent was young and naive.
Their fling didn't last long. Katherine ditched Martha after the first
semester. After that heartbreaking experience, Martha Clark met Jonathan
Kent. They fell in love. The rest was history. Martha couldn't believe that
just looking at those young ladies was making her feel funny.

Chloe Sullivan looked at Martha Kent. This was the mother of Clark Kent, the
boy she loved. Chloe Sullivan coverly checked Martha out. Martha Kent was a
seriously hot mama. Chloe Sullivan liked boys but she sometimes felt curious
about girls. She sometimes had fantasies about Martha Kent. This was weird
because she fantasized about Clark Kent, too. Talk about weird. Being in love
with a boy and also attracted to his mother. Damn! Chloe was so busy looking
at Martha that she didn't notice that she was being watched.

Lana Lang looked at Chloe. Chloe was so beautiful. Lana Lang liked her. She
had always liked Chloe. Once, Lana Lang liked a guy named Whitney. Then,
she fell in love with the cute, heart-warming and sensitive yet sometimes
unreliable Clark Kent. Clark Kent, the mysterious heartbreaker. After these
fiascos with the guys, Lana Lang started hanging out with Tina Greer. Tina
Greer was a closet lesbian. She was also in love with Lana. Lana liked Tina.
They became friends and one night, they crossed the line and became lovers.
Lana Lang slept with Tina Greer. It was the most mind-blowing experience of
her life. Tina Greer was a beautiful and sexually aggressive chick.
Everything Lana wanted to be.

Unfortunately, Tina was controlling. Plus, she had shape-shifting abilities.
She freaked Lana out. When Lana ended their relationship, Tina went crazy.
She threatened to tell everyone that Lana Lang, the picture perfect
cheerleader was a dyke. Just like her. Lana was scared. She feared the social
condemnation that would follow if people found out she was sleeping with

Smallville wasn't like most places in America. Some people thought lesbians
and bisexual girls were cool. Smallville's folks were very traditional and
extremely homophobic. Women who slept with women wouldn't be tolerated any
more than men who slept with men. Lana Lang didn't want to be forced to
endure such shame and torment. She asked Clark Kent to protect her from Tina
Greer. Tina Greer ended up dead. Lana Lang was free.

She discovered that her feelings for women weren't going away. She had
fallen in love with Chloe. Chloe, the sexy blonde chick who was madly in
love...with Clark! Lana decided to invite Chloe to go for a ride this
morning just so they could spend some time together. Unfortunately,
Chloe's cousin, the sexy-but-annoying Lois Lane was tagging along, playing
the role of cock-blocker, ruining any plans Lana Lang had of making a move
on Chloe Sullivan. Life was just friggin' great!

Lana Lang was so busy staring at Chloe that she didn't notice Lois Lane
staring at...her. Lois Lane looked at Lana Lang with undisguised lust. Lois
Lane was a girl with a secret. She slept with members of both sexes. And
liked it! She was seriously attracted to Clark Kent but he was too busy
moping over Lana and saving random people to notice. Lois noticed that Lana
was quite hot. If she couldn't have some dick, why not get some pussy?

Since Lana was single, Lois considered her to be fair game. Lois Lane had
seduced many women and men in her time. Almost every "straight" girl was a
little bit "curious". Heck, many supposedly "straight" men were very curious
about other men. Lois Lane once dated a guy named Stephen Vollmer in
Massachusetts. He was a tall, big and handsome black guy who also happened
to be a switch-hitter. He had a BIG dick!

Anyway, back on topic. Lois Lane would do just about anything right now to
get some of Lana's hot stuff...yeah.

The four women were in the house, making chit-chat, unaware of what was
transpiring outside. Genevieve Teague unleashed her mind-altering gas and it
took effect immediately...

Once she had released the gas, Genevieve Teague counted to two hundred, then
she cautiously approached the Kent farm. She knocked on the door, and was
greeted by Martha Kent. Martha Kent looked at Genevieve, and smiled. "Hey,
sexy." she said. "What brings you here?"

Genevieve couldn't believe what she was hearing. Martha Kent should have been
turned into an obedient pawn right about now, just staring at her with wide
eyes filled with...something ressembling lust. Genevieve wondered if the
mind-altering drug hadn't worked. She decided to try a test. "Tell me your
secrets." she ordered Martha.

Martha grinned mischievously. "I'll show you mine if you show me yours."

Genevieve stared at her. "What?" she said.

Martha grabbed her and pulled her inside.

Martha Kent looked at Genevieve Teague. She could tell that Genevieve was
fascinated by her. Martha smiled and deliberately touched Genevieve's face.
"So pretty." she said.

"Thank you." Genevieve said hesitantly.

Martha could tell that Genevieve wanted her. She took Genevieve's face in her
hands and kissed her. Genevieve was surprised by the kiss, but kissed Martha
back. Then, she broke the kiss and pushed Martha away. "What's wrong?" Martha

"I shouldn't do this." Genevieve said.

"Why not?" Martha asked.

"I'm not like that." Genevieve said.

"Yeah, right." Martha said. "I know you want me just as bad as I want you."
She took Genevieve's hands in hers. "Stop lying to yourself, babe."

Genevieve stared at Martha with open fascination. Martha slowly unbuttoned
her shirt and unzipped her pants, revealing her sexy, toned body. Martha's
eyes never left Genevieve's. Martha knew that Genevieve wanted her. Quite
badly, in fact. Martha once more stepped forward and pulled Genevieve into
her arms. She kissed her, again. This time, the kiss was longer and deeper.
Genevieve was starting to go with the flow...

Martha Kent led Genevieve Teague into the house. While walking, she passed
Lois, Lana and Chloe. The three young women seemed to be in a hurry to
leave. They bade Martha farewell. Genevieve followed her. Vaguely, the woman
remembered that she had come here for a purpose. What purpose? She stared at
Martha's sexy butt. Hmm. What? Oh, yeah. Get some...from Martha? No! Get Martha. Info about...the Crystals...yes, the Crystals...
what Crystals...the power Crystals...who cares about the Crystals...get some

Martha Kent led Genevieve to her bedroom. She didn't know what came over her.
Martha had always lusted after women but in her twenty years of marriage, she
hadn't indulged her same-sex longings even once. Now, she felt liberated. She
peeked through a window and saw the three young woman getting into the car.
Lois smiled at Chloe and Lana. They smiled at her. Martha smiled as well,
keeping Genevieve close. It seemed they all had the same thing going on, they
were "girl crazy". Martha had always suspected all three of them of being
bisexual but now, it looked like she was right. Why was she feeling so bold?
It was as if something in the air just acted on her mind and body, unleashing
her sexual desires and making her unusually aggressive sexually. She wanted
some ass. She didn't ask...she demanded...and took! She was gonna TAKE
Genevieve Teague for the ride of her life!

Martha Kent sat Genevieve Teague on the bed and slowly undressed before her.
Genevieve watched Martha, mesmerized. All thoughts of her mission were gone
now. She couldn't care less about the Crystals. She was focused on the woman
who stood before her. Martha Kent had a seriously hot body. Genevieve Teague
was no stranger to the embrace of a woman, contrarily to what she appeared
to be. She looked at Martha, smiled and rose to her feet. She walked toward
Martha and grabbed her. Martha blinked, thinking she had lost control of her
seduction. Genevieve then kissed her. Martha kissed her back. She drew Martha
down to the bed.

Neither woman had experienced feminine passion in so long. Their desire for
each other was quite intense. Genevieve Teague and Martha Kent kissed and
caressed each other. Genevieve's well-toned body pressed against Martha's
sexy form. She kissed Martha's neck, then took her right breast in her hand,
gently caressing it. Martha moaned. Genevieve's hand slipped between her
thighs and began to play with her pussy. Sleek fingers penetrated her pussy,
plunging into her forbidden depths and causing her to moan in pleasure.

Genevieve knew what she was doing. Martha was in thrall of her. She placed
soft kisses all over Martha's body, tracing a path down to her groin. She
brought her face between Martha's legs. She breathed in the other woman's
aroma. Martha Kent smelled wonderful. Genevieve just had to taste her. She
gently spread Martha's pussy lips, and licked. She licked Martha's pussy,
and her tongue circled around Martha's clit. She teased it with her fingers
and her tongue, looking up a bit to see the effect on Martha Kent.

Martha Kent was moaning, her eyes closed, her strong hands gripping the
sheets with all her might. Genevieve continued to eat her out, probing deeper
into Martha's pussy with her tongue and fingers. She caressed Martha's sexy
bottom as she ate her out. One of Genevieve's sleek fingers found their way
into Martha's back door. Genevieve watched as her lover's eyes snapped open
and she gasped. Genevieve smiled and continued to finger-fuck Martha's pussy
with one hand and probe her ass with the other. She changed tactics and
plunged three fingers into Martha's snatch while licking her asshole.

Genevieve Teague's tongue entered Martha's back door, and licked, sucked, and
teased. Martha Kent had never been rimmed like this before. Occasionally, she
spiced up her lovemaking with her hubby by allowing his dick to enter the
forbidden zone (her back door!) but having someone's tongue up there, so
slick, agile and wonderful, now that was a new experience.

Genevieve continued to thrill Martha's body with her expert lovemaking,
intensifying both the vaginal and anal penetration, and Martha screamed in
pleasure. She screamed at the top of her lungs. Genevieve knew what was
happening. She could hear it in Martha's voice, see it in her eyes and body
language. Martha Kent was having an orgasm. She was in heaven, and Genevieve
had brought her there.

A little while later, Martha Kent lay peacefully resting in Genevieve's arms.
"That was amazing." said Martha.

Genevieve grinned. "Honey, you ain't seen nothing yet."


Chloe Sullivan drove the car. All of a sudden, she couldn't stop thinking
about sex. It got her so hyper that she felt like she was gonna pass out.
They returned to her place. Lana looked at Chloe, suddenly worried and
asking many questions. Lois watched. She inwardly cringing. Why was Lana
ignoring her and paying attention to Chloe?

Once they got to the house, Lois went to her room and took some pills. She
gave them to Chloe, saying they would make her feel better. Chloe took them,
and within a few minutes, she was asleep, leaving Lois Lane with Lana Lang.

Lana Lang sat on the couch. She sat there, looking so vulnerable. She really
liked Chloe but didn't know if Chloe would ever return her affections. Lois
Lane watched her. Damn, Lana was sexy! Lois just had to get some of that. She
sat next to Lana, offering advice and comfort, but really just looking for an
excuse to grab her. She soon got it when Lana started crying. Lois sat closer
and gently held her. "What's bothering you?" she asked.

Lana looked at Lois Lane, the girl who held her. Lois Lane had saved her life
once, from a living-metal assassin. She felt safe around Lois. Lois, the tall
and sexy tomboy from the city. Could Lana trust her? Lana Lang was very
scared at the moment but she decided to be honest. "I have a confession to
make." she said meekly.

Lois stared at her. A confession from the princess of the heartland? This
ought to be good!

"I'm bisexual." said Lana.

Lois Lane couldn't believe her ears. This was a dream come true. Lana Lang?
Bisexual? Wow! Lana Lang stared at Lois Lane. She couldn't believe that she
had just confessed her biggest secret to some straight chick from the city.
What would happen if Lois Lane told people? What did Lois think of her now?
"Oh." said Lois.

Lana stared at her. She was ready to bolt if Lois let loose a tirade of
homophobic slurs at her just for being different.

"Me too." said Lois.

Lana's jaw was flapping in the breeze. "WHAT?" She asked.

Lois Lane smiled that million-dollar smile of hers. "Lana Lang, I am

Lana only gaped at her. "Really?"

Lois Lane laughed. "Yeah, bisexual." she said. "Surely you know what it
means. I'm bi. I make it with boys and girls." She stood to her full height,
back straight and eyes stern. Just like the military man who raised her.

Lana couldn't believe it. Lois Lane her? She never would have
guessed. She always thought that Lois was straight. Wow!

"I hope we understand each other." Lois said.

"Totally." Lana said.

Lois grinned and leaned closer, until her face was inches from Lana's. "Then
you won't mind if I do this." Lois said. The next instant, she kissed Lana.
Lana was very much surprised by Lois's kiss. It was a long one.

"Wow." said Lana, after coming up for air.

"Did you like it?" Lois asked.

"Totally." said Lana. She looked at Lois. The girl was so damn sexy. Lana
wanted her. All thoughts of Chloe were gone now. Lois could see in Lana's
eyes that Lana wanted her.

"Follow me." Lois said.

"Yes, ma'am." Lana said, laughing.

They went into Lois Lane's bedroom. Once there, the two of them couldn't wait
anymore. Lois Lane practically ripped Lana Lang's clothes off. Soon, the two
girls stood naked before each other. They explored each other's bodies. Lana
kissed Lois and fondled her breasts. She slid her hand between Lois's thighs,
surprising the city girl with her expertise. She made Lois lie down flat on
her back with her legs spread. She breathed in the city girl's aroma. Sweet
and compelling.

Lana spread her pussy lips and started to get a lick. She fingered Lois's
pussy and ate her out. Lana's agile tongue parted Lois's gentle folds and
teased her pussy. She fingered Lois and lapped at her cunt. Lois was writhing
on the bed, moaning in pleasure. Once Lana got her going, nothing could stop
her. Lana's expert pussy-eating soon brought Lois to a shuddering orgasm. She
screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Wow." Lois said. She grabbed Lana and kissed her. She was amazed at the
small country girl. She didn't know Lana could do this. Lana gave Lois her
I-told-you-so grin. Lois grinned. She was gonna show Lana something. First,
she had to go get the right tool...

Lois Lane fastened the strap-on dildo around her waist and set it in place.
She checked herself out in the mirror. She looked so damn sexy!

"Come on, Lois." Lana urged.

"Alright, I'm coming." Lois grunted. She turned around and looked at Lana,
who waited for her. Lana Lang looked pretty inviting. She was on her hands
and knees. Face down and ass up. Her sexy, heart-shaped ass was sticking
into the air. Lois licked her lips and caressed Lana's ass. So sexy!

"Fuck me!" Lana begged.

Lois looked at Lana's beautiful face. Lois wanted to fuck the shit out of
Lana but she wanted to make the bitch beg first. She rubbed the dildo against
Lana's bottom, teasing her. "How badly do you want it?" Lois asked.

"Real bad." Lana begged.

"Give it to me!" Lois grinned. Why keep such a pretty lady waiting? She
spread Lana's sexy ass cheeks wide apart and rubbed the dildo against Lana's
puckered asshole. Slowly, she eased the dildo inside Lana. Lana grimaced when
she felt the dildo enter her. Lois held her by the hips and thrust into her.
Lois looked at Lana's sexy ass as she slammed the dildo into her forbidden
depths. Lois loved to take her lovers that way. She listened to Lana's
screams of pleasure as they fucked. She pumped the dildo into Lana's rear,
hard and fast. They went at it like this for a long time until Lana came.
She screamed at the top of her lungs. Lois withdrew from her. Lana lay on
the bed, her small body heaving and covered with sweat. Lois looked at her.
"How was it?" she asked.

"Great." Lana said.

The two young women lay there, recuperating after a long session of sex. Lois
looked at Lana. She never would have suspected that Lana had such passion in
her. You just never knew about people. Lois wanted her again but Lana said
she needed to sleep. Lana enjoyed sex with Lois but it was Chloe she loved.
Sleeping with the bad-ass tomboy from the city was fun but it wasn' t what
her heart wanted. She couldn't help it. The heart wants what the heart wants.
Nothing anyone can do about it.

The End


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