Smallville: I Will Remember You (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

The sun rose over the city of Metropolis. Chloe Sullivan Kent lay in bed next
to her husband, Clark Kent. She smiled as she looked at his handsome mug,
fast asleep. Ten years ago today, they crossed the line between friend and
lover. It was a decision neither of them ever regretted.

Brainiac, the Kryptonian artificial intelligence originally created by
General Zod had finally achieved his goal of finding a host body for his
master. Brainiac took Lex Luthor and used Kryptonian science to transform
him into a Krypto-human hybrid with super powers. The perfect Host for the
consciousness of General Zod, the greatest criminal mind in the history of
Krypton. Clark Kent once defeated the Kryptonian male Nam-Ek and his lover
Aethyr, both of whom were Disciples of General Zod. Now, they were confined
to the Phantom Zone but Zod was free, in Lex Luthorís newly super-powered

Zod's first deed when he arrived on Earth via a special portal was to send
Clark Kent, the biological son of his ancient enemy Jor-El into the very
prison his father created. Clark Kent found himself inside the Phantom Zone,
surrounded by the Kryptonian criminals his father imprisoned there, eons ago,
back when the planet Krypton still existed. While Clark Kent was locked up
inside the inter-dimensional prison created by his father, Zod ruled the

General Zod planned to transform the planet Earth into a new Krypton, now
that nothing stood in his way. He had already begun to gather an army of
followers. He freed his disciples Nam-Ek and Aethyr from the Phantom Zone.
His devoted followers were only too happy to be reunited with their master.
Zod planned to use Lana Lang, (the woman who loved his Host body's original
owner, billionaire businessman Lex Luthor) to produce an heir.

Clark Kent received aid from a Kryptonian female named Raya inside the
Phantom Zone. She helped him escape from the others, and he returned to the
planet Earth. Clark Kent, aided by Chloe Sullivan and Lana Lang, along with
future Justice League members Arthur Curry, the astonishing Aquaman, and
Bart Allen, also known as Flash, was able to overcome the threat of the
Kryptonians. Once more, the planet Earth was safe thanks to its intrepid
defenders and their leader, Superman.

That night, Clark Kent went home with Chloe. After tonight, he finally saw
what had been in front of him for ages. Chloe, the beautiful and devoted
friend who had been by his side through thick and thin since he was young.
That night was theirs. Clark Kent looked at Chloe. They smiled at each
other. The past few months had been hell for him. Locked away from those
he loved inside an inter-dimensional prison, tortured by his father's
ancient enemies. Remnants of a long-dead civilization. Led by a dark force
from Krypton. Clark endured a nightmare, not knowing if he would ever see
home again.

The past few months had been hell for Chloe too. Staying in Metropolis,
looking for Clark Kent. Finding the city, and indeed the world, run by
General Zod, a super-powered Kryptonian overlord inhabiting the body of
handsome sociopath and billionaire businessman Lex Luthor. General Zod
ruled the world. Nothing could oppose him. His followers, Nam-Ek and
Aethyr were extremely powerful. They were superhumanly strong, they
could fly faster than airplanes and they were invulnerable. Zod was
deadly. Yet somehow, they defeated him and now, Clark was back... with

Clark kissed Chloe, and she wrapped her arms around him. He looked at her
and she looked at him. He was the man she loved. And at last he realized
that he loved her too. It had been worth it to go through hell and back.
Gently, they embraced. Fell on the bed. Clark held Chloe in his arms. Gosh,
she was beautiful. She undressed hastily, showing him her sexy, naked body.
He caressed her perky breasts, slim waist and round, firm buttocks. There
was so much he wanted to say. Chloe silenced him with a kiss. Now wasn't
the time for words. She had wanted this for so long. Now was the time for

Chloe ran her hands all over Clark's muscular, athletic and deeply masculine
form. He was so rugged and so beautiful at the same time. How she'd dreamed
of touching him all those years. To see him, to kiss him, to touch him, all
the things she longed to do before she died. She licked him from head to toe,
and he moaned under her touch. She kissed a path from his lips to his neck,
and finally to his groin. When she found his cock, long and thick and erect,
uncircumcised, she grinned and licked it. Clark gasped. Winking, Chloe took
him into her mouth. Clark Kent gripped the bed sheets, and groaned.

Chloe looked at Clark, whose eyes were closed as she sucked him. She
continued what she was doing, sucking and licking, until he came. When he
did, she drank every drop of his special nectar, every droplet of his being.
Clark shouted in sheer pleasure, a sound which could be heard across the
city. Chloe smiled. Yeah, she had it like that. A few moments later, she was
straddling him. He placed his hands on her hips and entered her. Chloe gasped
when she felt Clark's thick cock enter her. At last, they were one. They made
love like this. He was thrusting into her passionately while she screamed and
rode him for all she was worth, like a cowgirl at a rodeo. Hours later, they
lay in each other's arms, spent.

Chloe looked at Clark. They smiled at each other. If tonight was any
indication of the rest of their lives, then they were lucky to have found
each other indeed. So it was that Clark Kent, the Last Son of Krypton found
his bride, an Earthwoman named Chloe Sullivan. He was no longer alone, and
come what may, they would always have each other.

The End


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