Smallville: Just As I Am (mf)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Filenes, Metropolis, KS.

Clark Kent stood alone, in the middle of a Mall. He was a tall youth,
standing six feet two inches tall, lean but muscular, with black hair and
pale blue eyes. He was a good-looking youth on the verge of adulthood. He
was so much more than that.

Once, on a distant planet called Krypton, a human-like species evolved. They
looked like earth humans of the caucasian variety, but they were not. The
humanoids of Krypton were far smarter than those of Earth. Also, they were
older. They lived in a very cold world under a bright red sun. They had been
changed by their environment. Radically changed. They changed at a genetic
level. They became energy-based as opposed to merely organic. The Kryptonians
were still flesh and blood but they also could draw power from a source of
abundant energy. Any power source of solar origin would do, as long as it was
not a Red Sun. The Kryptonians had an amazing civilization. At a time when
humans thought the wheel was a radical new discovery, the people of Krypton
had spaceships capable of traveling at many times the speed of light.

But one day, it would all end. A cataclysmic disaster caused the people of
Krypton to die. Their civilization died with them but not their species. A
Kryptonian named Jor-El and his wife Lara sent their newborn son Kal El out
into a spaceship. They sent the spaceship to the distant planet Earth where
beings similar to those of Krypton had evolved.

The spaceship traveled many millions of miles in space. Finally, it landed on
the planet Earth. The spaceship fell in the continent of North America, more
specifically the state of Kansas. It was found by Jonathan and Martha Kent,
a couple of farmers in the town of Smallville. They rescued the alien child,
adopted him and named him Clark Kent.

Clark Kent grew up to be a youth with special powers. Being a Kryptonian
exposed to an abundant energy source such as the earth's yellow sun caused
him to develop super powers. He could run at amazing speeds. So fast that
the naked eye could not follow him. He had an awesome physical strength. He
was strong enough to uproot trees, smash cars or move huge boulders that a
hundred men couldn't budge. He was also invulnerable. Clark Kent's body
couldn't be crushed, burned, pierced or destroyed in any way, shape or form.
He was almost invincible. Clark Kent also had other powers. He could see
right through any solid matter except lead. An ability called X-ray vision.
Also, he could set things on fire by emitting an invisible wave of energy
from his eyes. Pyrokinesis. He preferred to call it Heat Vision.

Clark Kent was raised by his parents to be a good guy. He often used his
powers to help people. This made him enemies. When the spaceship came,
thousands of tiny meteorites, fragments of the dead planet Krypton fell
with it. These fragments were called Kryptonite. They had an
energy-draining effect on Kryptonian lifeforms but on Earth humans, they
caused genetic mutation. Many, many people from Smallville had been exposed
to the Kryptonite and they mutated, gaining extraordinary super powers as
time went by. Clark had faced many "Meteor freaks."

These people were next to unstoppable and he had to use his powers to stop
them. Having super powers caused Clark Kent to feel isolated from the rest
of humanity. Because of his secret, he couldn't let himself get close to
anyone. He told his best friend Pete Ross his secret and Pete was cool with
it. He covered up for Clark when the moment called for it and they became
closer than ever. Clark may have super powers but he was also a human being
in every aspect that mattered even though, genetically speaking, he was as
close to a human as a human is to an insect.

He had fallen in love with a beautiful girl named Lana Lang a few years
back but things hadn't worked out, largely because of Clark's secrets and
circumstances. Clark Kent was also friends with a girl named Chloe Sullivan.

Clark Kent had made the effort to be friends with Lex Luthor, a young
multi-billionaire he met a couple of years back. Lex Luthor was secretive
and ruthless but he genuinely liked Clark.

Clark looked at Alicia Baker. She was a girl met not long ago. She was tall
and rather cute, with long blond hair and pale blue eyes. She was a sexy
girl. Also, not exactly an ordinary person. Alicia Baker had special powers
of her own. She could Teleport - travel anywhere she wanted to be at the
speed of thought. They had former a bond shortly after they met. Clark had
seen her at school but never thought she was anything other than a pretty
gal until they took an elevator together.

The Elevator went out of control and Clark was forced to use his super powers
in front of her to save them both. In that moment, everything changed for the
both of them. Alicia had never seen such a display of power. She always
thought Clark Kent was a cute guy but never would have figured he was like
her, one of those people with powers. She held onto him and teleported them
out of the elevator before the authorities could come. The next day when she
saw him at school, they talked. She was very cool. Clark was excited about
meeting her. He told his parents about her and they had some misgivings. But
all parents want their son to be happy and Clark Kent was happy to be around
Alicia Baker.

"Hello, Alicia." he said.

Alicia looked at him and smiled. "Hi, Clark."

He offered her a handshake and Alicia rushed into his arms and gave him a
kiss. Clark hesitated, then kissed her back. He and Alicia had been going out
for a couple of months. Alicia looked at Clark. She had gotten to know him a
lot since they met. He was a nice guy. Kind of shy but really cute and nice.
A rare combo. Plus, he had powers. She did too. She loved surprising him.
Clark looked at her and smiled.

"Shall we?" he asked.

"Sure." she said, taking his hand. They walked around the Mall and checked
out stores. Macy's. Radioshack. "So, how was the week?" Alicia asked.

"Good," Clark said.

They walked around the Mall. They went to the Food Court and sat down to eat.
They talked about school and stuff. Alicia said, "Clark, what's on your

He looked at her. "Nothing." he said.

Alicia Baker knew her guy well. She knew that something was bothering Clark
and it was bugging him. She had learned a lot about him since they started
hanging out. His real name was Kal El and, as impossible as it may seem, he
was the last survivor of the planet Krypton. He had god-like super powers.
He was also a guy under a lot of stress.

"It's the dreams." he said finally.

Alicia had learned that Clark was having dreams about his alien heritage.
Those dreams took a lot out of him. They seemed to drain him. She touched his
hand gently. "It's okay, Clark." she said.

Clark hesitated. He talked to her about dreams he had of ancient Krypton,
the world he came from. He told her of his dreams of the society of the
Kryptonians. Mostly, he told her how alone he felt on planet Earth.

"You're not alone, Clark." she said, "You've got me."

Clark looked at her.

Alicia smiled. "What are friends for?" she asked with a grin.

They got up to leave.

"Wanna take the subway to Smallville?" he asked.

Alicia held his hand and smiled. "Why do that when we could just go to your
place right now?"

One moment, they were in the biggest Mall in Metropolis and the next they
were in a bedroom. Clark found himself standing in the middle of a bedroom.
His very own. "We're in Smallville?" he asked incredulously.

"Yep." she said. "The wonders of being a girl with Teleportation abilities."
She looked at him.

"Want a tour of the place?" he asked.

Alicia would have usually agreed but she was spent after hanging out at the
Mall with her best friend. As for Clark, he sat on his bed and reached for a
book that was there. "How to Create the Boy of Your Dreams by Kristen Kemp."
He looked at the book, grinned and looked at Alicia. She had come to his room
earlier, when he was not there, Teleporting there just to see his place. She
had been reading the book and left it there. Alicia had turned many shades of
red. She couldn't let Clark know she liked him. She reached for the book.

Lightning-fast, he had gotten up and was holding it in the air, away from
her. Indignated, she reached for it. "Gimme." she said.

"Nah," said Clark.

He continued holding the book away from her. She suddenly jumped on him,
using her momentum to drive him down. Clark may be super-strong, fast and
almost indestructible but he could and did get caught by surprise. He fell
on the floor, dragged down by Alicia. Alicia Baker landed heavily on top of
Clark Kent.

"Whoa." he said. "This is awkward."

He looked up at Alicia, smiling nervously. Alicia looked at him. She was so
close to Clark. He was so...gorgeous. That face...those eyes...those sexy
lips. She reached out tentatively and stroked his face gently.

Alicia looked into Clark's eyes and he looked into her hers, seeing that
her eyes practically begged him to kiss her. She embraced him. "I love you,
Clark." Alicia Baker blurted out.

Clark looked at her. "And I love you back." he said.

With that, he put his arms around her in an affectionate way. She kissed him
full and deep and began caressing him. Clark's supersensitive skin felt every
touch and he moaned in pleasure. She caressed his neck and gently massaged
his shoulders while kissing him. Clark felt her body against his. He felt her
hands on his chest. She was unbuttoning his shirt. He undid her blouse. They
went to bed. Alicia feasted her eyes on Clark's fine body. He looked...good.

Clark looked at Alicia. She was slender but cute. Her face was beautiful,
her waist slim and her butt nice and round. Her pits were perky and for the
moment erect. He kissed her and she returned his kiss with passion. She
kissed his flat stomach and made her way down to his crotch. Clark hesitated,
looking at her with wide eyes. "I've never done this before." he muttered.

"I know." she said.

She reassured him that everything was gonna be okay. "I'll take care of you."
she said.

A moment later she was taking Clark's cock into her mouth. He looked at her
as she took his cock into her mouth and sucked it. Clark sat down and tried
to relax as Alicia Baker worked on him. He was tense and nervous as hell.
His body was feeling things it had never felt before. Sensations that were
complely alien to him. It didn't take long for him to cum and he did so,
blowing his load all over her beautiful face.

He pulled her into his arms and drew her into the bed. She straddled him and
began to ride him like a cowboy riding a bucking bronco. He held her by the
waist and thrust his cock into her pussy. Alicia put her arms around Clark
and bounced up and down on his cock, feeling his hard tool tear up into her
flesh. She grunted as Clark fucked her and locked lips with him. He kissed
her breasts and suckled on her tits as she rode him. They fucked like this
for several minutes until Alicia felt something building up inside her. Clark
felt an all too familiar rush in his loins and came, sending a jet of cum
deep inside her. Alicia came at the same moment, and her orgasm sent her into
nirvana as she screamed her ecstacy at the top of her lungs. Clark just held
onto her as the sensations rode her body and she lay against him, spent.

"How was that?" Alicia asked Clark.

Clark kissed her on the lips. "Great."

They lay in bed next to each other. They were both tired. Clark slept on the
bed with one arm around Alicia. She did not sleep. Instead, she looked at her
sleeping lover. He looked so beautiful in his sleep. It was amazing how much
she loved this boy. She rested her head on Clark's chest and fell asleep not
long after. She smiled to herself when she heard the hyper-accelerated beat
of his Kryptonian heart. Hmmm.

* * *

Jonathan and Martha Kent had been in Metropolis. They had dinner there and
were coming home early from their weekend away. They expected to surprise
Clark. They called but there seemed to be nobody home. Nobody at all.

"Anybody home?" Martha called out.

"Clark?" said Jonathan. They walked over to Clark's room.

Alicia Baker was woken up by the noise. She had been sleeping and now woke
up, naked, in Clark's bed. She shook him up. "Clark." she said. "I think your
parents are downstairs."

Clark woke up with a start. "What?" he said. "Oh shit."

He looked for his clothes and found his pants. He pulled them on. He was
looking for his shirt. She found Clark's shirt. He was looking for it,
looking under the bed. She was looking for her clothes as well when she
saw Clark, bare-chested. He looked...good. So good she felt a familiar
sensation of heat building up in her body, a faint trace of arousal
followed by a wetness between her legs. Alicia thanked God for glasses,
allowing her to see Clark's great body. Clark pulled his shirt on. He saw
Alicia fumbling around for her clothes. God, what a sight! She was naked,
on her hands and knees and facing away from him. He felt himself get hard.
Again. Alicia found her clothes and put them on. Hastily.

"Let's go see them." Clark said.

They went downstairs.

"Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Kent." Alicia Baker said.

"Hello." said Martha. She was surprised to see her son's friend with him,
home alone, at this hour.

"Hi, mom. Hi, pops." Clark said meekly.

Jonathan Kent looked at his son. Clark's shirt was tucked in but his zipper
was undone. Also, his shirt had three buttons unbutttoned. "Your fly's open,
Clark." he said.

Martha looked at Alicia. Alicia Baker smiled nervously. There was no doubt
whatsoever as to what had been going on between the two of them.

"We were just hanging out." Clark said sheepishly.

"Reading a book." said Alicia.

Martha Kent raised her eyebrows and Jonathan crossed his arms over his chest.

"Well, bye." said Alicia. She kissed Clark on the lips. He gasped. And
smiled. Alicia nodded to the Kents. "Good night, folks."

The next moment, she had vanished, disappearing in a flash of green light.

"Nice girl." said Jonathan.

Clark smiled. "You got no idea."

His mom looked at him sternly and he looked away. "We need to talk." His
parents said as one.

An hour later, after a long talk, Clark Kent was in his room. He lay on the
bed. He couln't believe how lucky he was. He had made love to a beautiful
girl who loved him. She knew he had powers and had some powers of her own.
They had a bond. She was hot as hell and one of his best pals. Things were
looking up. He hit the lights and looked for that book of hers. He didn't
find the book but instead found a pair of Alicia Baker's panties. He grinned.
Life was good.

The next day, he called Alicia. "How's my girl doing?" he asked.

Alicia laughed. "Great."

He asked her if he could take her to a movie. "Mean Girls is playing." he

"Nah, I'd rather see Troy." said Alicia.

They talked about the ups and downs of the two movies. This nonstop arguing
made Clark laugh. Alicia laughed as well. "I guess I'll see you later." he
said. He waited for her to answer.

"Love you." she said.

"And I love you back," Clark said. He meant it.

At the other end of the line, Alicia felt her heart grow bigger in her chest.
"I'll see you there, Clark." she said, with emotion in her voice.

Clark went and got ready for their big date. They were going to see a movie.
It was going to be their debut as a couple. Clark got dressed and wore a
black silk shirt with matching black pants and black loafers. He checked
himself in the mirror and knew he looked good. Jonathan was out of town and
only Martha Kent and Clark remained on the farm.

"You really like this girl, huh?" Martha asked. She had seen Clark smiling
ever since he met Alicia Baker and she seemed to be all he talked about. He
didn't mention Lana, Pete or Chloe anymore.

"I like her." Clark said. "We have a bond."

Martha smiled. Still, she had to ask him something. "What about Lana?" she

Clark looked at her, irritated. "I used to like Lana, mom. But she could
never accept me." He paused. "Alicia and I are alike and she loves me and
accepts me just as I am."

His mom looked at him. "As long as you're happy." She said.

Clark sped to the Dairy Queen, a few miles from the Kent farm. He saw Alicia.
She smiled when she saw him, walked over and gave him a soft kiss on the
lips. He took her small hand into his. "Let's go." he said. He looked at her
and saw how great she looked in a one-piece dress.

"How do I look, Clark ?"

They walked into Cecil's Diner, a fancy restaurant. Clark knew the owner and
had personally saved him from a thug once. Clark looked at Alicia. "You look
drop dead gorgeous, Miss Baker."

She smiled and squeezed his hand. Looking into his face, she faked being
serious. "That's a very good answer, Mr. Kent."

The End


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