Smallville: Justice Part 1 (ff,Mff,oral,bmail,reluc)
by ErosTrek ([email protected])

Smallville Courthouse, Today

The Sheriff's deputy got to his feet as the door to the judge's office
opened. "All rise" he announced.

The people in the courtroom all stood as the judge sat in his chair and
shuffled through the papers he had before him. He looked sternly down at the
defendants and their attorney.

"I have reviewed all the evidence placed before me and I have reached a

The silence in the courtroom was broken only by the stifled sobs of one of
the defendants as the judge paused for dramatic effect.

"Miss Lana Lang" he glowered down at the petite brunette who looked back at
him defiantly with her beautiful, large eyes.

Lana risked a peek over her shoulder and saw that Clark Kent was smiling at
her. He gave her a thumbs up and she nodded, giving him a weak smile back,
though her legs trembled with fear.

"Miss Chloe Sullivan" the blonde looked up, sniffed and blinked as another
tear slid down her cheek, then looked back down at her feet.

"You have both been found guilty of consuming alcohol under the age of 21,
obscene acts in public and assaulting a police officer while resisting
arrest. Though these are all crimes punishable by jail time ..." he paused
and grinned evilly as Chloe's sobs got even louder "... I have decided to
be lenient on you since it is a first time offence and I shudder to think
what would happen to you in a penitentiary."

The judge shuffled more papers as the tension rose. Finally satisfied that
the defendants were properly intimidated he read the sentence.

"Lana Lang and Chloe Sullivan, I hereby sentence you each to 100 hours of
Community Service which an officer of this Court will assign to you. If you
do not follow his instructions to the letter or commit another crime during
those 100 hours, you shall be given three months jail time instead. Do you
understand me, young ladies?"

"Yes, your honor" Lana replied thanking her lucky stars that she'd just
avoided jail.

"Y-Yes .. your honor" Chloe mumbled, her pale cheeks blushing fiercely. What
shame to have been found guilty because of Lana's stupid dare!

"Good." The judge banged the gavel on his desk. "Case closed. Deputy, show
the defendants to my office."

"Your honor...?" the girl's attorney was puzzled by this unusual request,
"aren't the defendants free to leave?"

"Yes, just after I have had a little chat with them in private" he waved his
hand in a shooing motion at the attorney, "you know that I have been very
lenient with them. Don't make me change my mind."

"Of course, your honor" the attorney said quickly.

"What's going on?" Lana asked.

"I don't know, but just do as he says I guess. Go on now, the deputy's

Lana and Chloe followed the deputy to the judge's private office just behind
the courtroom and told them to be seated on the chairs before the large desk.
As they waited for the judge to arrive both of them recalled the incident
that had brought them here.

* * *

Talon, 3 weeks earlier

It had been a hot summer night and Lana had been cleaning up at the Talon
before shutting down. Chloe, Pete and Clark were sitting at a table drinking
cokes and munching on crisps as they talked.

Lana didn't know what came over her but she pulled out four beers from the
cooler and took them over to the table.

"On the house" she told the stunned teenagers. Finally Pete laughed and
grabbed one of the beer bottles and drained half of it in one go.

"Pete!" Chloe said, "we can't drink this stuff."

"Oh come on, don't spoil the fun. The place is empty, who is gonna see us?"

"Yeah, come on Chloe, drink up" Lana urged grinning.

Even Clark took a swig from his bottle, which finally convinced Chloe to do
the same.

"See that wasn't so hard" Lana said taking a long sip from hers. "Ah that's
so goood" she sighed as the cool beer slid down her throat, refreshing her
after a hard evening's work at the busy Talon.

Soon the four bottles were empty and Lana offered everyone another round,
then another. Each time Chloe held back only to be convinced by her friends,
especially Lana, to drink up.

After the fifth bottle Chloe and Lana both were more than a little tipsy.
Pete lay back in his chair, his eyes half closed.

Clark looked at the time. "Damn, it's late. I'd better get Pete home. See
you tomorrow, Lana, Chloe ..." He got up and dragged his half-asleep friend
out of the Talon. Out of sight of the two girls he gathered Pete in his arms
and put on a burst of superspeed, travelling so fast that he was practically
a blur.

With the boys gone, Lana turned to look at the blonde girl and a naughty grin
crossed her face. She reached out and stroked Chloe's cheek with her hand.
"Have I ever told you how cute you are?"

Chloe giggled and blushed, though her cheeks were already red from the
effects of the alcohol. "No you haven't" she finally said, then added, "You
are so beautiful, Lana, no wonder Clark prefers you over me."

"Oh forget about Clark" Lana's eyes flashed angrily as she took another swig
from her sixth beer bottle, "Clark, Clark, Clark, it's always about Clark.
Why can't it be about us, you and me, Lana and Chloe."

Chloe hiccuped, her foggy mind trying to register what Lana was talking
about. Lana and Chloe. Lana and Chloe. That seemed to echo in her mind,
repeating over and over.

"Lana ...I..."

"Ssssshh" Lana said her hand moving down from Chloe's cheek, along her neck
and onto her shoulders where her fingers began to toy with the thin strap of
Chloe's top.

Chloe's green eyes grew very wide as Lana pulled down the strap over her
shoulder. She was too shocked to speak as Lana turned to her other shoulder
and that strap was pulled down too. Her light top fell to her waist, exposing
her bra-less, grapefruit-sized breasts and Chloe gasped as Lana touched her

"Hey they're bigger than mine" the half-drunk brunette said almost as if she
were annoyed by this fact.

"Really?" Chloe said as she swayed slightly in the chair, her blurry vision
barely able to keep Lana's face in focus as the girl pulled her tube top up
and off her chest.

"See? I'm flat. Well not exactly flat ..." she giggled "... but my tits
aren't as big as your tits ... see?" Lana leaned forward until the two girl's
breasts were touching, stiff nipples poking at each other. Their beer-laced
breaths fell on each others cheeks but it didn't bother them. Instead Lana
moved her face closer to Chloe's until their lips were almost touching.

Chloe made as if to push back but Lana put an arm around her neck to stop
her. Their lips touched. Then Lana was kissing Chloe deeply, slipping her
tongue into the surprised blonde's mouth who automatically responded in
kind. They continued to hug each other, hands around each other's bare
torsos as they kissed for several long minutes, the beer and the mid-summer
night's heat combining to turn on the two normally hetero girl's lesbian

"Ohhh Lana ..." Chloe finally said as Lana paused for breath. Lana's eyes
twinkled and she giggled as an even naughtier thought crossed her alcohol
fogged mind.

"Chloe .. " she began as she tweaked the blonde's swollen nipples, eliciting
a sigh from the girl with every touch ".. I bet you're still a virgin ...?"

"W-What ..?"

"I bet you've never been fucked."

"N-no. I'm not .. I have .. well ..." Chloe was very flustered. She didn't
usually talk about such things with other people, and no she wasn't a virgin.
She'd had sex with a boy a couple of years ago, but it had barely lasted a
minute and she hadn't enjoyed it. But she wasn't going to give Lana all the

Lana picked up one of the empty beer bottles from the table. "If you're not
a virgin, then you can take this up your pussy easily."

Chloe gasped. She probably hadn't heard Lana right. The alcohol must be
affecting her hearing too besides her vision.

"Up my .. w-what are you talking about ..?"

"I want you to stick this into your pussy. I want you to imagine that it's
Clark's big cock pushing into your sopping wet cunt."

Chloe had never heard Lana talk in such a dirty manner. It would have been
shocking had it not been for the alcohol clouding her mind. She giggled.

"Great! Come on, let's get your panties off."

The beer had finally washed away any inhibitions either girl may have had.
Chloe hiked her knee length skirt up around her waist and sat down again,
raising her legs as Lana helped pull her pink panties off her.

"Ok, now spread your legs real wide. It may hurt at first, but then it will
be great. I know, I've tried it" Lana giggled again loudly as she remembered
her various attempts at creating and using home-made dildos - from cucumbers
to broom handles.

"Please go slowly, Lana" Chloe whispered as she felt the cold glass of the
beer bottle touch her pussy lips.

"Don't move now" Lana said as she spread Chloe's lips with her fingers and
pressed the bottle, neck first, into her vagina.

"Ohhhh god" Chloe moaned as the bottle went in for about an inch before
stopping. Lana twisted it around slowly but it wouldn't go further. She
pulled it out of the blonde's cunt and brought it to her lips. Lana spat
on the bottle's neck and licked it up and down to spread the saliva in
an almost funny imitation of a blowjob. Chloe watched her in awe. Then
Lana positioned it again against Chloe's spread flesh and pushed. This
time it slid in smoothly, with very little resistance.

"Aggggghhhhh .. stop .. that .. that hurts ..." Chloe gasped as the bottle
went in for the whole three inches of its neck and Lana continued to push
in the wider part.

Lana stopped for a moment, pulling the bottle back out slightly and Chloe's
cries subsided.

"Come on, you can take more than that" Lana urged as the scent of Chloe's
pussy juices reached her nostrils, turning her on even more.

"I-I.. I don't know ..."

"Sure you can" and with that Lana once again pushed the beer bottle and
this time Chloe's vaginal muscles stretched to allow the thicker part of
the bottle in.

"Aiiiiieeeeeeeee .. oh yeah, oh yeah .. oh god, fuck yeah" Chloe's whole
body shuddered as Lana fucked her rythmically using the bottle as some
insane dildo. The blonde's legs were spread as wide as they would go and
thick drops of cunt juice dripped onto the floor and coated Lana's hands
as Chloe lubricated heavily. Her head was tossing right and left, her
eyes closed, her short hair flying about and sticking to her sweat coated
face. She was panting heavily in between cries of painful pleasure as
ecstasy coursed through her.

Lana was crouched on the floor between Chloe's legs her hands covered in
Chloe's wetness as she pumped the bottle in and out of her friend
mercilessly. Without slowing down, she freed her right hand and continued
ramming the bottle in with her left. She proceeded to undo the buttons of
her tight jeans until she was able to slide her right hand down between
her legs, below the hem of her panties and press her fingers into her own
aroused cunt. Oh yes, that felt so good! She continued to play with herself
until she felt herself about to come and knew that her continuing actions
with the bottle were about to push Chloe over the edge too.

"Yesssssss!" she cried out as she rubbed her hard clit one final time and
she came, thoroughly wetting her panties and the crotch of her tight jeans.
Chloe screamed in unison with her and humped her hips against the bottle and
Lana's hand wildly, as she had an orgasm that she would remember for years
to come.


Lana gasped and fell to the floor on her cute little ass as the voice
shouted from behind her. Chloe was out of it, her breath coming in deep,
ragged gasps.

At 2 am in the morning, the Talon was normally closed, so a cop on patrol
had stopped to investigate when he saw the lights still on. Thinking that
thieves had broken into the place, the sight he saw when he entered the
premises, gun drawn, was too amazing for words. Two girls, a blonde
completely naked on a chair, while the brunette topless and crouching
between the other girl's legs were moaning and panting in complete ecstasy.
As the cop got closer he could see that there was something in the blonde's
dripping pussy.

"What the hell's going on here!?"

"Officer, I can explain everything ..." Lana began only to be interrupted by
Chloe's startled squawk.

"I think it can't come out" she said in a puzzled voice as she looked down
between her legs and tugged on the base of the bottle, otherwise completely
inserted up her vagina.

"Holy shit" the cop exclaimed as he realised what the girls had been doing.
He pressed the talk button on the cb radio he had attached to his shirt.
"Dispatch, this is Patrol 3, I need backup at the Talon ... and a team of
paramedics too."

Lana, still in only her jeans, sidled towards the door. Her only thought was
to get as far away from here as possible before dying from embarrassment.

"Hey, you, stop!" the cop shouted after her as she stepped out into the

She didn't make it far. In her intoxicated state she stumbled over her own
feet and fell to the sidewalk. The cop grabbed her arm and pulled her up.

"Owwwww, let me go you son of a bitch" she shouted.

"Miss, don't struggle or I'll have to cuff you ... ooooooof" the cop fell to
his knees, his hands clasping at his groin as Lana kicked him squarely in the
nuts. She staggered on down the road only to fall down again because her
unbuttoned jeans had slid down her legs as she ran exposing her panties with
a dark, wet stain at her crotch. Lana began to laugh hysterically as another
patrol car rolled up just feet away from her.

* * *

Smallville Courthouse, Today

After leaving the two girls waiting for more than fifteen minutes, the Judge
walked into his office, satisfied that the youngsters were visibly nervous
after their ordeal. He smiled to himself. He'd teach these two young sluts a

Sitting behind his desk he took his time putting his spectacles on and
pretended to look down at some papers as Lana and Chloe simmered. Finally he
cleared his throat and looked at them from over the rims of his spectacles.

"Young ladies, as I told you already, the sentence I handed out to you could
have been much more severe, but to see such pretty young things like you end
up in jail would really break my heart. Though you might think otherwise, I
am not a monster."

He paused for a moment as he looked down at the two frightened girls,
lingering for a moment on Lana's eyes. She had the prettiest eyes he'd
ever seen on a woman.

"You are probably thinking right now, 'What are we doing still here? Why
hasn't the Judge let us go back home to our families?' ...."

His fist slammed down on the wooden desk with a bang making Lana and Chloe
leap out of their chairs.

".... because you are going to start your 100 hours of Community Service
right here! You will obey my commands and if you refuse I will commute the
sentence into a year's jail time" he emphasised each of his words by slamming
his fist down upon the desk.

"W-what do you want us to do?" Lana finally found her voice.

"I want you both to blow me" he said with a wicked smile on his face.

Lana and Chloe were stunned speechless, not sure if they had heard right.

As it finally dawned on the the two young women exactly what the judge
wanted, he had gotten up from behind his desk and walked around to where the
girls sat, standing between them putting a hand on their shoulders, caressing

"T-Th-This is abuse of power" Chloe stammered, "I'll expose you for the
monster you are in the Torch, you .. you ..."

The judge had pulled up his black toga. He was naked underneath having
already removed his underpants in the men's room on the way to his office.
He'd been planning what to do with these two young bitches all morning as
the court debate had gone on. As the deviant sexual acts that they'd
engaged in were recounted in excruciating detail by each of the witnesses -
the cops first on the scene, the team of paramedics, the nurses at the
hospital who'd spent hours lubing Chloe's pussy with KY jelly before the
bottle decided to pop out - it had given the sixty year old judge a massive
erection, the first one he'd managed in several months. He wasn't going to
miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity.

"Shut up missy and stick this in your mouth" he slapped his gnarled, thickly
veined cock against Chloe's cheek and she was shocked into silence.

"Come on, I don't have all day, I have a couple more cases to decide, so
start sucking ..." he pointed to the papers on his desk "... or I'll just
change that sentence and call the deputy to take you to jail and lock you
both away ... ohhhh ..."

The judge's words were interrupted when Lana decided that it would be better
to do as the judge wished and formed her mouth into an O, closed her eyes,
and let the thick cock slide into her mouth.

"Oh yeah, that's it bitch, suck it, suck it harder" he urged, then grabbed
the sides of Lana's head with both hands and forced his cock deeper down her
throat while bucking his hips. Lana bravely let him skullfuck her but she
soon was having difficulty breathing. She tried to push the judge away but
he didn't stop, savagely violating her mouth.

Chloe was stunned out of her wits as this extreme blowjob went on before
her. Unlike her last sexual encounter with Lana, she wasn't drunk, so she
just couldn't believe how a judge, a representative of the law for heaven's
sakes, could be doing this. She remained rooted to her chair, her eyes wide
open until she saw that her friend needed help as she was waving her arms
about frantically. She realised there was only one thing to do and though
her conscience was telling her to just make a run for the door and call for
help, she knew she had to come Lana's aid right now or she'd suffocate.
Chloe leaned forward and squeamishly stuck her tongue out until the very
tip was touching the judge's balls as they flopped against Lana's chin.
When nothing happened, she licked the ball sac again ... and again .. then
teabagged it .. sucking it into her mouth and swirling her tongue over the
harsh, old skin.

"Goddamn bitch!" the judge cried as he pulled his cock out of Lana's mouth
"you almost made me cum!" he said looking down at Chloe. She looked down at
the floor in total embarrassment and he put his hand under her chin to make
her look up at him. "It was an amazing thing you did though" he put his hand
around his cock and lifted it up until it lay up across her mouth, nose and
between her eyes, "go on, do it again, start licking from the top until you
reach my balls."

Chloe obeyed, tasting a salty mixture of pre-cum and Lana's saliva on the
bottom of the exposed glans. She'd never done anything as naughty as this
before, though she'd seen it done on a porno tape she and Lana had once
watched together. At the time she'd been disgusted by such an act, even
though Lana had assured her that she'd done it and it had been nice, Chloe
hadn't believed her. However, now that she was doing it herself somehow it
didn't feel so bad, though when she thought about it she'd have prefered
doing this to Clark Kent instead of this lecherous old judge.

Lana panted as she caught her breath and watched with a mixture of disgust
and excitement as Chloe licked down the length of the man's cock and then
sucked each of his balls into her mouth. She realised that with her
intervention, Chloe had saved her from choking to death.

Enjoying the feel of the blonde's mouth on his stiff rod, the judge reached
down and fumbled with the top buttons on Lana's blouse. When they didn't come
undone quickly enough he tugged at the thin material and ripped the top three
buttons off. Grunting with satisfaction, he slid his hand down her now open
top and pawed at her breasts, squeezing them through her bra. The judge
grunted again as Chloe's wet tongue flicked at a particularly sensitive spot
on his penis as he pulled the cups of Lana's bra down.

"Hey" Lana gasped as he fondled her nipples and then tugged at each of the
stiff little things hard. He ignored her yelps of pain and continued to
roll them between his thick fingers, excited by the feel of her small, pert
breasts beneath his hands.

Lana suddenly realised that the judge wasn't only going for a quick blowjob
but would end up raping them too and in a flash of inspiration she knew that
there was only one way to stop him ....

She leaned forward again placing her cheek against Chloe's, surprising her
friend for a moment. The judge too was surprised, most pleasantly though. He
looked down at the two upturned pretty faces.

"Oh so you two kids are enjoying this aren't you? I knew you both were such
sluts. So what are you waiting for? Why have you stopped at all? Go on, go
on ..." he urged, putting a hand on both the girl's heads as Chloe continued
to swirl her tongue around his glans and Lana nibbled and licked her way up
and down the exposed side of the penis, the part not in Chloe's mouth. Her
red lips brushed against Chloe's lips at times as she suckled noisily at the
fat member and as the judge looked down at this intensely erotic sight of two
beautiful, young women blowing him at the same time, the veins on his temples
began to pulse and his face grew a bright red as he tried not to cum so
quickly, but he couldn't ...

... he grabbed a bunch of Chloe's blonde hair and tugged it so hard that it
brought tears to her eyes and she opened her mouth wide to cry out in pain
but all she managed was a cut-off squeak as the judge blew what seemed like
half a gallon of thick, white semen straight down her throat. She swallowed
some of it involuntarily and let the rest bubble obscenely out of her mouth
and drip down her chin.

Lana had continued to work on the judge's cock after he had cum, sliding her
tongue over his extra-sensitive head, eagerly licking up all the cum that
still dribbled out. When the source of the goodness had run dry she turned
to Chloe and kissed the still shocked girl on her lips, making sure that her
tongue collected the semen that covered her lower face. As she licked her
friend clean, the judge came back to his senses after his best orgasm in the
past ten years and watched with interest as the two girls lips and tongues
intertwined very intimately.

Suddenly feeling acutely embarrassed by what she and Chloe were doing, Lana
moved away from her friend, a thin streamer of cum and saliva still clinging
between their lips like a fine spiderweb. Chloe grinned and wiped it away
with her hand.

"Thanks, Lana" she whispered.

"That was good, I really enjoyed it" Lana said.

"I'm glad you both did."

The girls jumped. In their sudden lesbian passion they had forgotten about
the judge and the reason why they were here.

"I have to say that for amateurs, that blowjob was as good as one given by a
$500 callgirl, and I have had quite a few of those, truth be told..." he had
a faraway look as if remembering past good times, "... anyway, for that
reason I have decided that these few minutes shall be considered as one hour
of Community Service to be deducted from your 100 hours. Your parole officer
shall be notified in due course."

Lana and Chloe stood up and made as if to leave.

"Not so fast, young ladies, I haven't said I am quite finished with you."

Lana's heart sank. She'd thought that after having cum, the judge would let
them leave, but she must have miscalculated because now he was motioning the
two of them back towards his desk.

"Go on, jump up and have a seat" he was telling them.

"B-but ... " Chloe whimpered as Lana and she sat on the edge of the high
wooden desk. She turned to look at Lana, "isn't it over? What else does he
want from us?"

Lana shrugged. She had a pretty good idea what was coming and indeed her
fears were confirmed when the judge put his hands up Chloe's long skirt and
began to paw at her thighs while drawing her skirt up higher. He had a crazed
look on his face, with spittle flecking his lips as he literally drooled at
the two young women sitting before him.

"Take your jeans off" he ordered Lana who had no choice but to obey. She
undid her belt and tugged the jeans down until they fell to the floor. In
the meantime, the judge had pulled Chloe's skirt up around her waist,
exposing her white panties covered with little flower prints. They weren't
very sexy panties, certainly not a g-string, just a young girl's normal
panties, yet the judge was almost cackling with glee and his erection was
rock hard again as he looked between the blonde's legs.

Lana was wearing tinier panties than Chloe's, a very sexy design made of
black lace and which barely covered her pubic mound yet the judge had only
just glanced at her. For a moment she scowled and almost felt jealous, but
only for a moment. She probably should consider herself lucky that the
judge seemed to be more attracted to Chloe than her, though she did feel a
bit sorry for her friend.

"Oh your panties are so cute, my fifteen year old daughter has some that
are the same as yours, and I bet you have the same scent as she does" he
bent lower until his face was in Chloe's crotch and sniffed loudly as
Chloe looked down in amazement and was close to freaking out. Lana found
her hand and held it tightly, and Chloe glanced at her. Lana winked at
her and nodded reassuringly, as if to say, whatever he does I'm here with
you. Chloe relaxed slightly and nodded back as the judge continued to
mumble under his breath as he breathed Chloe's scent in deeply and she
could feel his hot breath on her inner thighs. It was obvious to Lana now
that the judge was a total pervert. Probably spied on his daughter in the
bathroom and stole her used underwear from the laundry basket to sniff at
it - maybe even jerkoff in it. She snorted in contempt, then regretted
making a noise. The judge turned his attention to her.

He slid a hand up her bare thigh and over her panties. His rough fingers
groped her roughly through the crotch of her panties, moments before he
slid the flimsy bit of material aside and felt up her wet slit directly.
Lana bit on her lower lip as the judge roughly pushed and poked at her
opening, pulling aside her fleshy lips and drilling his index finger deep
into her hole. She did let out a gasp of pleasure when his roving hand
brushed across her stiffening clit, but the judge didn't even notice. His
groping was only a half hearted attempt to keep one hand busy. Indeed his
head had turned back to between Chloe's legs and his other hand was
exploring the front of her panties as he clutched at her groin.

Slowly, almost delicately, he peeled her panties down. For a moment he
stopped stroking Lana's pussy and used both hands to pull Chloe's panties
off completely. He raised the underwear to his face and inhaled deeply,
then sighed contentedly as Chloe's aroma washed into his nostrils.

Chloe nervously looked back and forth between Lana and the judge with a
look of shock on her face as the he discarded her panties and turned his
attention back to between her legs, examining her genital area, from her
small patch of tan colored pubic hair down to her pink anus.

"So this is were you ..." he looked up at Lana and smiled "... inserted
that bottle. It looks so small and tight ... so virginal ..." he touched
Chloe's slit and stroked the outer lips gently until they began to spread
of their own accord.

"Y-Your honor ... please ... don't ..." Chloe whispered, though she had to
work hard to stifle a moan that was about to leave her lips as the judge's
fingers brushed through her soft, peachy pubic hair and slid over the hood
of her clit. He repeated the stroking movement several times until the
sheath drew back as the clitoris swelled and rose up.

"Aaaaghhh yessss" Chloe gasped through gritted teeth as the judge brushed
her exposed and highly sensitive clit. "Oh god fucccckk yesss" she said
louder as the judge ran his tongue up her slit, starting from her anal
opening right up between her now swollen outer lips and over her clit,
making an electric tingle run up her spine as she arched her back and
pushed her crotch into his face while spreading her legs as wide as they
would go.

Lana squeezed her hand tighter, but Chloe didn't even notice. As the judge
continued to lick at her cunt, his stiff tongue sliding wetly up and down
her slit and sometimes dipping into her now wide open hole, she had
forgotten about her previous reluctance and embarrassment. She wanted these
new sensations she was feeling to go on forever. This was even better than
when Lana had fucked her with that bottle ... "Ohhhh yeaahhhh" she screamed
loudly as the judge used his tongue as a tiny dildo and drilled it deeply
into her vagina five, six times after another.

Beside her, Lana was watching in amazement as Chloe seemed to be enjoying
the judge's tongue fuck. Lana was certainly finding it quite a turn-on
herself as she listened to Chloe's cries and sighs and the wet, slurping
sounds coming from between her legs. It was a pity that the guy had
forgotten about her. Well she'd have to do something about that.

She shook the judge's shoulder, "Hey, your honor, give me a hand here"

"Huh?" he looked up, his lips glistening with Chloe's juices, a somewhat
stunned look on his face. "Oh ..." was all he managed to say as the brunette
vixen grabbed his arm and guided his fingers between her legs where he could
feel the girl's warmth and wetness. He grinned at her and returned to Chloe's
steaming cunt but now, his fingers were busy too as he slid three of them at
a time into Lana's love tunnel with increasing vigor and speed until she was
moaning just as loudly as her blonde friend.

The flow of Chloe's pussy juices had increased considerably and there was
a dark stain spreading on the judge's hardwood desk as he continued to
penetrate her delicious tasting cunt with his tongue so hard that his tongue
ached. His probing fingers tired of playing with her over-excited clitoris
and they moved lower and lower. For a moment he considered fingering her
like he was doing Lana but that would mean pulling out his tongue, oh well,
there was something else he could do with his fingers.

"Oh my god, ohhhhhhh fuckkkkk AAAAAAAAAGHHHHH" Chloe screamed as she bucked
her hips so hard that she almost broke the judge's nose as it was still
buried in her sopping wet cunt. The intense orgasm that the girl experienced
surprised the man. He had drawn little circles with his index finger around
her anal sphincter teasing it until it opened slightly, then with his little
finger he had penetrated the dark, inviting hole for about an inch. The
violation of her virgin asshole made Chloe Sullivan cum like she had never
cum before, wave after wave of sexual ecstasy rippling through her body
until she was totally worn out and flopped back onto the desk, scattering
the piles of legal papers.

Next to her, Lana, still being fingered by the judge, rubbed vigorously at
her clit and cunt lips with the palm of her hand until she too came much to
the judge's satisfaction as he looked down at the two sexually exhausted
young women lying on his desk while he rubbed his semi-hard penis with his
pussy juice coated hands.

* * *

When the girls finally woke up from their orgasm induced daze, the judge had
worn his toga again and was looking at them sternly from behind his desk as
they silently got dressed, their faces burning with shame for having acted so
sluttily and wantonly given in to the judge's perverted desires.

"You have done well. Both of you, but especially you my dear Miss Sullivan"
he beamed happily at Chloe. "Consider this to be another hour removed from
your sentence. You may go now."

Chloe and Lana rushed for the door but before they had left the judge spoke

"Don't forget you have another 98 hours to do" he told them sternly, then
his lips turned up into an evil grin "you might wish to consider visiting
me again over the coming days to .... shall we say, do some very personal
Community Service ..."

Lana and Chloe looked at the judge, then at each other ... then without
saying a word they left the office leaving the judge wondering whether the
two young, beautiful, sex-crazed yet innocent looking girls would be back.
He'd have to have a word with their parole officer and have him give them
the hardest possible community service that would convince them it would
be easier and far quicker to serve their sentence right here, in his office!


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