Smallville owned by DC comics and Warner's. Many names for characters are
actual names for other DC characters; Oracle, Changeling, Hawkgirl, Aquagirl,
Sorceress are all DC characters, but are used on different people in this
story. Parody, not to be taken seriously. All sex is cons. and will be by
close to, or legal teens, 16-18.

Some chapters NC 17 for f/f sex, cons bdsm, orgy, incest (cousins)

What if things had been only slightly different? What if their was a Tara
Kent, an Alexis Luthor, an Amanda Curry? What if Tara and her cousin Kara
had both been in the ship? If only slight changes to powers and people had
occurred? Could such an Elseworld exist?

Smallville: Justice League Of Smallville - Prologue
by Tyval ([email protected])

How strange a thing is fate. How so minor changes can affect the outcome
of important events. How small things can happen and be so different. What if
certain individuals had not been born? What if this person or that had been
born a different gender? What if some had slightly different abilities?

Some say it all started with the Kawatche legend of Naman. Others say it
began with the burning of the witch Isobel. Another change was when Lillian
Luthor unexpectedly had a daughter, Alexis, when her sonargrams had predicted
a boy despite not having a definate shot. Others say that everything changed
on the planet Krypton when Jor-El and Lara had a daughter instead of a son.

Jor-El, Krypton's greatest scientest, loved by the people, a member of the
ruling 'Science Council', the man who stopped the evil General Zod from
destroying the planet. Jor-El was the only one who noticed the build up of
Krypton's core. The planet was doomed, but the people could have been saved;
if they had listened to him. Instead, Jor-El was laughed at and mocked. Only
his brother Zor-El believed him.

Without the backing of the 'Science Council' the 2 brothers had resources
and time to only build one small ship. One small ship to hold 2 small little
girls. Tara and her year younger cousin Kara. Their mothers cried and prayed
that they would be found by someone who would love them. Jor-El had met the
Kents on a trip to the small planet Earth years before. He was trying to
steer the ship where those good people lived. It wouldn't be perfect without
an adult controlling the ship though.

"Protect your cousin Tara," Jor-El lovingly said, kissing her forehead,
"Always stay together."

Lara and Alura gave the girls big hugs and kisses. They tried to be brave.
They had no fear for their own lives, they had accepted their fate. Again
they prayed only for someone to love them as the hatch closed. Jor-El had
hidden equipment in the Kawatche caves years before that could help them
when they were older.

Only days later Krypton exploded.

* * *

Smallville, Kansas:

Jonathan and Martha Kent were on their way home after picking up some
supplies in town. Martha's head was in the clouds after talking to little
Lana Lang. Martha wanted a child so bad, but couldn't have one. Lana had
been so cute in her little 'fairy princess' outfit that she loved.

"It doesn't take a genuis to figure out what you are thinking," Jonathan

"Oh Jonathan," Martha smiled at him, "I would give anything to have a child
of my own. A boy, a girl, it wouldn't matter."

"It's alright sweetheart," Jonathan hugged her.

A few miles away billionaire Lillian Luthor, recently widowed, and her
daughter Alexis had landed in a private helecopter at the Ross 'Cream Corn'
factory. Lillian had turned out to be a better businesswoman than anyone had
thought, and since she wasn't evil, like her husband had secretly been, the
LexCorp profits were skyrocketing.

Before his untimely death Lionals plan had been to build a waste treatment
and fertalizer plant. Lillian wanted no part of that, but her contract was
just as controversial. The government wanted a minimal security women's
prison. Lillian had plans of her own.

Because of her husband's mental abuse of her she wanted nothing to do with
men. Her plan was to staff the prison with beautiful lesbian guards and fill
it with pretty lesbian criminals. She would then make another fortune selling
lesbian porn and none of the women would ever want to be released. With
Amazon D.N.A. purchaed from Themyscira the women could spend hundreds of
years in prison for minor offences.

She couldn't tell Mr. Ross that of course. A women's prison was a tough
enough sell. In another world a 10 year old boy with an abusive father might
have wandered off and been affected by the meteor shower that would hit
moments later. Here, a young girl with a loving mother ran into a younger
boy, Pete Ross, and they played hide and go seek safely inside the main

The devastation was just as bad in any world. Dozens, including Lana's
parents and Mr. Ross were killed, dozens more injured, the radiation of the
green meteorites would change many children who would later develop fantastic
and mysterious powers. Except for a hair color change from red to blonde,
Alexis was unscathed in this world. Lillian seduced Mrs. Ross in her office.
Telling her she could be warden Mrs. Ross agreed to sell.

Jonathan Kent was an excellent driver and avoided several meteor strikes
during the 10 minutes of hell that seemed to go on for hours. Finally one
came too close flipping the truck over. Fortunately both were buckled in
and except for a couple of minor cuts and bruises were relatively unhurt.

"Martha, are you okay," Jonathan asked.

"I, I think so," Martha said, "What was that?"

"Some kind of freak meteor shower," Jonathan said getting out of his seat

It wasn't easy doing it upside down, but Jonathan got out of the truck and
then helped Martha out. Except for some dings the truck itself was hardly
damaged. Jonathan was checkng Martha, making sure she was okay when Martha
saw them.

From out of the smoke, 2 naked little girls holding hands. The blonde haired
girl perhaps a year younger than the dark haired girl. The younger girl was
shy, holding her head down. Martha was already taken by them.

"Jonathan," Martha whispered, getting his attention.

Martha knealt down so as not to scare them. The genuine concern in her face
eased their minds. They cautiously advanced.

"Are you hurt?" Martha asked, "Are you lost? What are your names?"

"Tara," the dark haird one pointed at herself.

"Kara," the blond shyly said doing the same.

"Are you sisters?" Marha asked, "Where are your parents?"

"Cousins," Tara said, "Alone. Mommy, Daddy, Heaven."

"Oh my God," Jonathan said, "Martha, we've got to call the police."

"And what?" Marha said, "Have them put in homes or an orphanage?"

"But Martha," Jonathan knew that look in her eye, "We can't keep them. Even
if we could, two of them?"

Tears were forming in Kara's eyes, she clung to Tara. Jonathan and Martha
both felt their hearts break.

"Must stay together," Tara tried to comfort the younger girl, "Must protect
Kara. Please. Together."

"You poor babies," Martha hugged them tightly.

Jonathan smiled, he knew when he was whipped. They were so cute and innocent.
After tears and hugs, Jonathan wrapped the girls in his shirts as he tried to
figure out how to get his truck over. The little girls then surprised them.
Tara in front, Kara in back they picked the truck up like a toy with their
tiny hands and set it rightside up.

"Jonathan," Martha said, "I don't think we found them, I think they found

It didn't take long to find the small space ship. It reacted to Jonathan's
D.N.A. The sad images of Jor-El, Lara, Zor-El and Alura appeared in a

"If you are seeing this then you are Jonathan Kent," Jor-El said, "I have
studied the history of your family and all the Kents have been the peak of
morality and goodness. Our planet is doomed, and so we send our most precious
gift, the last 2 daughters of Krypton. This vessel carries our daughters Tara
and Kara from the now dead planet Kyrpton. I beg of you to treat them as you
would your own children, for you shall see the treaure they will be for your

"They sacrificed everything for them," Martha said, she had seen the faces of
the 2 mothers," They would not have done this had there been any choice."

In the chaos after the meteor shower, and with help from Jonathan's best
friend, a state congressman, it had been easy forging documents and legal
papers. There were many orphans, 2 more didn't even register. Lana went to
live with her Aunt Nell, an attractive woman who ran the local flower shop.
Martha suspected that Nell was gay, but had no proof.

Tara and Kara were adopted as sisters, but told their friends the truth. The
girls quicky formed a circle of friends; Lana Lang, Chloe Sullivan, Alicia
Baker, Tina Greer, Kyla Willowbrook who was a Kawatche Indian, Whitney Lee,
an Asian girl, Courtney Cox, and Chloe's cousins Lois and Lucy Lane when they
visited. Pete Ross was about the only boy they knew. In fact, despite a mini
baby boom, male births in Smallville went down to 1 in 10 over the next 10

Lillian sent Alexis to private all girls schools that she had learned turned
all their students into lesbians. By age 12 Alexis was a hardcore lipstick
lesbian. In Smallville the girls had frequent sleepovers at Nell's house.
Martha had been right about her. By age 10 they were watching lesbian bdsm
movies. Nell taught them everything although she never touched them herself.

When Tara was 18 and Kara 17, Jonathan succumbed to a hear attack. He had
been the best father the girls could have had. By this time Tara and Kara
had super speed, super strength, heat vision, x-ray vision, lvl. 10
invulnerability that they could turn off during sleepovers and all girl
parties, and super hearing. Due to the meteorites Tina Greer could shape
shift, Alicia could teleport, the always smart Chloe was now a super genuis
and had a psychokineitic abiity. Kyla's power had nothing to do with the
meteorites. On some worlds she could become a wolf, but on this world she
had some strength, grew hawkwings and could fly.

Lana gained vast magical powers in a unique way. She found an old book in
Nell's attic. It was the spellbook of the evil witch Isobel. Suddenly knowing
the arcane language Lana uttered a spell. A tattoo appeared on her back as
the witch tried to possess her. But Lana was stronger willed and as knowledge
flooded her mind recited a counter spell. The tattoo was gone, the witch
detroyed, and Lana retained all the magic.

Then a new girl came to town. Her name was Amanda Curry. It didn't take her
long to find the lesbian scene in town. When she discovered most of the girls
had powers she revieled her aquatic powers to them. Fate then dealt another
hand. Arisia, the Green Lantern of the space sector was ordered by the
Guardian's to form a fighting force on Earth, since it was the only planet
in the sector with criminals.

Ironiclly Arisia found the first candidate in Gotham City. Barbara Gordon,
while she had no real powers was a super athlete and detective. Her father,
Commisioner Gordon and her mother had been gunned down in front of her by a
crook named Joe Chill when she was 10. She was taken in by the kindy Dr.
Tomas Wayne whose own sickly son Brice had also recently died. In another
bizzare twist, the Wayne's were also murdered in front of her by Joe Chill.

The athletic Barbara trained and studied becomming one of the greatet
detectives and fighters on Earth. Arisia and Barbara appeared before the
others. They all loved the idea. Lois could get them the latest in military
hardware. Lillian and Alexis had moved to Smallville when Lillian and Marta
became lovers. With the combined Luthor and Wayne billions behind them they
formed the Justice League of Smallville!!

Tara Kent: Supergirl

Kara Kent: Power Girl

Lana Lang: Sorceress

Chloe Sullivan: Oracle

Alicia Baker: Gateway

Tina Greer: Changeling

Kyla Willowbrook: Hawkgirl

Amanda Curry: Aquagirl

Barbara Gordon: Batgirl

Arisia: Green Lantern

Lois called herself Arsenal, Whitney and Courney called themselves the
Cheerleaders, Alexis and Lucy couldn't make up their minds.

But for every force of good there has to be arch enemies. In this case,
female villains.

End of Prologue


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